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Florida Jeep Owners for Ron Paul


St. Augustine, Fla.—With early voting underway here polling places are buzzing with activity. I stopped by the St. Augustine Beach City Hall, one of the five St. John's County early voting stations, to talk to voters as they were leaving the polls on Friday. In the hour I spent there I counted six votes for Mitt Romney, four each for Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, and two for Rick Santorum. One gentleman, Lance Thate, arrived at the polling place in a bitchin' Jeep with a large Gadsden flying off of it. Active in the Tea Party movement and local real estate, Thate, 75, said he was voting for Ron Paul even though he has "argued against him for five years" with his son. Oh, and he isn't much of a Marco Rubio fan.

Suzi Woods of St. Augustine, meanwhile, was more supportive of Mitt Romney, particularly due to his performance in Thursday's debate. 

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  1. Lance probably represents a good portion of Ron Paul voters in these primaries, ones who don’t like but are willing to swallow Paul’s foreign policy – a policy so alien to anything they’re used to – in order to get the changes to government and its domestic spending habits that he offers. Future candidates should take heed.

    On a personal note, Garret Quinn has a New England accent that I find highly offensive and an assault to journalism. But I can’t stop listening to it.

    1. He basically echoed all of my sentiments on the matter. RP would not still be in the race if a Mitch Daniels or Mark Sanford were in the race actually being at least semi-serious about government reduction.

      1. Considering open marriages arent an issue, no reason that Sanford didnt run.

        1. Oh snap that’s a good point! He must be going nuts everytime Gingrich’s ‘adventures’ come up.

        2. Oh, I bet you’d here about his – hypocrisy is very versatile ya know.

    2. there are a lot of Lances out there. I can live with an 80% rule — if I agree with a candidate on 80% of things, I can usually overlook the other 20%. The conservative media, in particular, has made Paul’s 20% seem enough to disqualify him on its own. BUT, his message regarding that 80% is pretty damn convincing and, as a bonus, he is saying what he has always said.

    3. I like how he says argued “ahhhh-gued”. Say more stuff, Garrett.

  2. OT, but fun headline:…..f=politics

    1. Warren is running for U.S. Senate on the principle of income equality, which she said Thursday is a defining issue in the 2012 elections.

      The article didn’t mention her party, but if that’s her platform I’m assuming it’s the Communist Party.

  3. Florida Jeep Owners for Ron Paul

    A whole datum point. Whoa there Reason! Slow Down. Drink.

    1. I was told that if you have a jeep in Florida you were one of those homersexuals. Perhaps it is just in Ft. Lauderdale where I was told that.

  4. Rp may not win but things are changing. Last night I overheard an aggie family in college station (parents and two college students) talking about voting for Ron Paul despite the father’s reservations about his “dangerous foreign policy.” Four years ago you would have never heard that in the home of the core and Rick Perry the yell leader.

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    1. That’s all the fucking photos? That kindof teasing is just plain wrong.

  6. Oh, and he isn’t much of a Marco Rubio fan.

    He didn’t say he didn’t like Rubio, he just said Rubio wasn’t qualified.

  7. Regarding the recent posts about redevelopment and “smart growth”:

    There is a huge push by communitarians in the SF Bay Area to promote a plan called “One Bay Area”, which is based on several ridiculous assumptions, such as 1)two million more people will move to the Bay Area in the next 20 years; 2)there will be massive job growth in the Bay Area in the next 20 years; and 3)internal combustion engine autos will still be the predominant form of transportation in 2040, and thus we need to get everyone into public transportation.

    Their proposal to deal with this is to force small, affluent suburbs to “urbanize” by putting in high-density housing in their downtowns (much of it subsidized low-income housing, of course). The agencies leading this say the moves are “voluntary” but they will deny road maintenance and other transportation funds to the cities that do not comply.

    For example, the little town of Orinda, population 17,000, lies in the east side of the Oakland/Berkeley Hills. The average house value is >$1M, all on “semi-rural”, wooded lots, on windy, hillside roads. There is a very small and quaint downtown of about 8 blocks in about the only flat area of town, where there is a train station and freeway access. Because these make the little town a “transportation hub,” the agencies are demanding 700 housing units be placed in this area or funding will be withheld. This basically means the town’s General Plan of nothing above two stories will need to be thrown out to allow five-story buildings, and the entire little downtown with its hardware store, pharmacy and local shops/restaurants will need to be bulldozed so that high-density, stack-and-pack condos can be built.

    Market forces be damned! There is no evidence that these changes are needed — or that anyone who wants to live in dense apartments wants to be in the midst of a sleepy bedroom community twenty miles from the action of San Francisco (where there are plenty of available apartments, anyway.)But the push is very strong and very reminiscent of five-year central planning. And there is a lot of self-congratulation that these changes will bring “social justice” to these communities.

    Meanwhile, the fact that the vast majority of local residents do not want this is meaningless. Local control of communites would just get in the way!…

    1. San Francisco, America’s Red China.

      1. I live in “Red China” and used to live in San Francisco in the 1950s. Probably closer to the truth is that China is in many ways the way San Francisco was in the 1950s while San Francisco is in many ways much like China during the same decade.

  8. Question: there is a phenomena where those people who benefit in a bug way in the consequences of a situation are the ones who care enough to spend time and money trying to affect the situation, while those who are injured by a situaion but only to small degree have no incentive to affect change.

    in other words when a small group benefits in a big way and a large group is hurt in a dispersed way, the small group controls the issue.

    What is is this called? I know it’s sometimes called regulatory capture, but I think that’s just when the issue of regulation comes up. I remember hearing a more generalised term for the phenomenon.

    Help me H&R Kenobi…

    1. Concentrated benefits – dispersed costs.

  9. Paul should get these into an ad.

    Mitt Romney in 1994 “The Blind Trust Is An Age Old Ruse.”

    Romney Explains Foreclosure Investments: They ‘were in a blind trust’

    1. Not so sure. Of course it shows Mittens fliping again, but suppose it stirs up more of that rancid anti-investor sentiment?

      1. Not to mention that he flat out lied about those investments being held in a blind trust.

  10. Lexus owners for farting in jars.

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  12. First you ignore Ron Paul, then you marginalize him. The media can’t make up our minds. Just stick to writing what you are told by the Reuters news agency you get all your propaganda from. You know the one, it’s run by the same family that owns the largest central bank in the world that Paul wants desperately to audit.

  13. lol, why bother. They are ALL the same. Tell you what you want to hear to get your votes then slap you in the face once elected!

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