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Ron Paul Supporters Clash With Fans of Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Outside GOP Debate


Jacksonville, Fla.—Ron Paul may not be mounting much of a preisdential campaign in Florida but that didn't stop his supporters from making the most visible showing outside of tonight's debate at the Univeristy of North Florida. More than an hour before the hall started filling up over 200 Paul backers were marching around the campus and making noise from the beds of pickup trucks. Support for the other major candidates was mostly absent, which left a void that fringe candidates and pranksters were more than happy to fill. 

The most notable was the Florida-based Koran-burning pastor turned presidential candidate Terry Jones, who preached his hard-right message surrounded by a dozen supporters in white t-shirts. Meanwhile, members of the Occupy Wall Street movement ran around in Guy Fawkes masks mic-checking and doing whatever else it is that they do now that their camps are mostly gone. Snarky college kids entertained themselves by carrying signs for Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.

Mix these four groups of people together and this is what you get:

Several campus police officers descended on the scene after the debate itself began, although nothing beyond people yelling incoherently at one another appeared to happen. It also turned out that some of the Paul supporters were not big fans of the Jones crew's zombie-like chanting. 

Oh, and Paul supporters were hawking these shirts

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  1. Boring. Need a few fistfights.

    1. I read your comment as: Boxing. Need a few fistfights?

      Given this, your actual comment was disappointing.

    2. I punched out a guy at a rally once. It took the Secret Service (plain clothes) exactly 35 seconds to drag my ass backwards (by the throat) a hundred yards. Then they kicked me out. No arrest.

  2. Serious!

  3. Wait. They were holding signs that read “Ban Sharia” but they were also chanting and holding signs that read “Ban Same-Sex Marriage”. Since same-sex marriage is against Sharia law, if they banned same-sex marriage they would actually be implementing a piece of Sharia Law.


    1. they sure are against the implementation of Sharia law, but will enact their own warped version of Leviticus Law as the drop of a hat.

    2. You need to spend another semester in Logic 101.

      1. No, no, he’s right. And I bet that’s not the only issue that they agree with sharia on, either.

        1. Religious fundamentalist are often SO much alike, no matter what the religion. They even agree that the OTHER fundamentalists are Satan’s spawn and a place in Hell is reserved for them.

  4. I felt really sorry for the 2(?) kids I saw in the video.

    It’s always painful to see some kid getting his mind programmed this way. I remember Jim Gilles (Brother Jim) coming to my campus once with his seven year old son tagging along to hand out literature and that had the same effect on me.

    Though to be fair, it’s probably no different than a seven year old occupying or even ‘revolutioning’ for Ron Paul.

    1. Actually, lots and lots of kids deprogram themselves quite easily from this when they become “rebellious” teens. You will find no finer collection of hellions than your average preacher’s kids. I am one example; I know many others. Think Sam Kinison.

      1. Preachers’ daughters, for example, are the bestest.

        1. My wife: case in point.

          Even myself, though not a preacher’s daughter, a home schooled ultra-right Tshirt-tucker-without-a-belt.

          Deprogramming is easy, once the switch has been flipped.

          1. My concern is that a lot of children who have been programmed simply move over to the other extreme during their rebellious phase. Too often the ability to critically think has been suppressed or warped for far too long. It’s like those college kids who went from radically conservative to radically liberal after their political science 101 class. They say they had their eyes opened, but really, they simply were impressed with their ‘new’father figure and swallow their bilge whole without ever taking the time to say to themselves:

            ‘Hey is what this guy saying fucking stupid?’

            1. “It’s like those college kids who went from radically conservative to radically liberal after their political science 101 class. ”

              ^ This. Seriously this. I think the name of mine if you asked my professor was actually “Fuck George Bush 101”. It was interesting to see all of the brainless converts over the course of a semester. Interesting or scary, not sure which one.

              I also don’t think he enjoyed it when I wrote literally every paper on the joys of being an anarchist.

              1. I had an English Lit class in college whose name was “Fuck Ronald Reagan 101”. Apparently Ben Jonson was not a fan of the Great Communicator.

        2. Preachers’ daughters, for example, are the bestest.

          [Drifts off into fond reverie of first girlfriend.]

  5. This is just the loneliest Reason thread ever.

  6. Chant leader: What do we want?
    Protesters: Unfair!
    Chant leader: When do we want it?
    Protesters: Change!

    1. I think you distilled the progressive platform to its very essence fist.

  7. That venue (UNF) is within five minutes of where I live, so I really have no exuse for not witnessing it firsthand.

    1. And I was kicking myself for not driving up for the circus from St Augustine!

      1. And I was kicking myself for not driving up for the circus from St Augustine!

        I’ll be down there this weekend, as has become my norm.

        As to the debate, there’s been so many of them, and I’m so sick of them, that I have to confess I didn’t even know it was happening.

  8. Wait until this is covered by picked up by cable news: Ron Paul’s supports demonstrate alongside Terry Jones!

    1. Wait until this is covered by picked up by cable news: Ron Paul’s supports demonstrate alongside Terry Jones!

      Covered by or picked up by – make up your damn mind!

      On a serious note, with a little creative editing and splicing, and perhaps a little CGI, they could have made it appear that the Ron Paul supporters were the Terry Jones supporters. It would’ve helped their narrative that RP is a fringe candidate.

  9. One of the Paul supporter girls needed to flash the Terry Jones supporters.

    1. Good advice regardless of who’s involved or the situation.

  10. Where was Dondero?

  11. lol, they are all bought and paid for, corrupt as the day is long.

  12. Why do they want to deport all eagles?

    Is that an anti-Colbert swipe?

  13. Got to love that freedom of speech
    watch the movie redstate! all i need to say! ron paul 2012

  14. And just when you thought that the void Fred Phelps leaves won’t be filled when he exits this miserable world….

  15. Having witnessed this first hand, Terry Jone’s group decided they’d march through where I was picnicking on the green (the area where they were demonstrating, which was, just an hour or so before, deserted), and instead of going around us, they figured they’d walk on us. Needless to say the fat one in front with the megaphone (0:30 in the second video), literally stepped right on my food, got knocked off his feet. The funny part is there were multiple officers nearby, who didn’t do a thing when the group started to trample my stuff or when I knocked the guy back into his supporters. Ron Paul supporters outnumbered everyone there, at least outside of the debate in the theater.

  16. The Paultards are only fit for the Paul Dick Sucking Contest.

  17. Spelling error in the first line? Seriously?

  18. See a Ron Paul supporter question Terry Jones concerning Ron Paul.

  19. damn ignorant ppl. Sharia is not an adjective. its a noun. it means. “LAW”
    Ban law?
    or just ban law if its written in Arabic?

  20. See, thats exactly what I am talking about dude.

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