S.C. Early Signals: Gingrich in First (or Second); Paul in Second (or Third); Where's Newt's Freddie Contract?


Mitt Romney or a double does laundry in a picture tweeted by "Tagg" Romney.

Palmetto state voters are giving Newt Gingrich a new lease on life, according to this exit-poll tease that I would view with a grain of salt. 

That same poll is showing a Ron Paul surge to second place.

Gallup, on the other hand, has Mitt Romney at 31 percent, Gingrich at 23 percent, Ron Paul at 14 percent and Rick Santorum at 12 percent. (Smaller percentages divided among erstwhile candidates.) 

Gingrich has been demagoguing Romney's history as a private capital manager with a class-war attack so Marxist and idiotic that it drove Peter Suderman to write history's most cringe-inducing headline. Romney hits back by demanding to know how much money Gingrich sucked out of the taxpayers as court historian to the failed, Depression-causing GSE Freddie Mac. Romney tells Politico: 

I'd like to see what the report was that he provided to Freddie Mac. I'd like to see what he advised. He said he was an historian and just provided historical information, then he said he told them what they were doing was somehow not going to work. I'd like to see the report. He also said that he was one of the authors of the Reagan revolution economically and created these jobs. Now that we've looked at the Reagan diaries and seen he's mentioned only once and in a way where Reagan said he was wrong, I'd like to see what he actually told Freddie Mac. Don't ya think we ought to see it? This is a big issue. We've got Washington insider talking about Freddie Mac, let's see what his report was to Freddie Mac, what he said to them, what advice he gave them.

South Carolina has eight electoral votes. Counting every caucus/primary so far, we're still talking about states with a total of 19 out of 538 electoral votes. Yet in the pseudo-science of electoral probability, this has already been enough to cut the GOP candidate field by half. 

NEXT: Ron Paul on the Crest of South Carolina

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  1. Linking to that no-name blog makes you look dumb.

    1. The Page Rank:

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      My fashion blog has a Pagerank of “3”.

      1. I have sites with 0 PR that do six figure$. I have always found pagerank worthless, except for selling links- which most people don’t do anymore, at least not as openly.

    2. They just want Paul supporters to click while searching the internet for early results.

      More importantly, does or does Romney not look like he has never actually opened a soap package and poured it into a washing machine, and is fascinated to see if this will actually work?

      1. The Household Chores sub-routines are still in beta.

        1. Can’t they just crib them from the maid on The Jetsons?

          Romney looks very uncomfortable in jeans. Hey Mittens, tucking your shirt into jeans just makes you look like a dork, kind of like Bingo, but without the fixed-gear bike.

          1. Is he even wearing a belt in that picture?

            1. I think so. The belt buckle is a copy of the Pearl of Great Price.

      2. Some folks see racism when they want to. For others, elitism.

    3. I was surprised to say the least.

  2. uppercase “S” in state nicknames

    1. He’s talking about voters that are in a the state of being a palmetto, which is 68.5% of South Carolina’s registered Republicans.

      True story.

  3. Yet in the pseudo-science of electoral probability, this has already been enough to cut the GOP candidate field by half.

    You’re longing for Bachmann, Perry, and Huntsman?

    1. No, I think he’s just pointing out the ridiculousness of a primary that puts a few random states in charge of “narrowing the field” while those of us in actually significant states in the general (like PA) are not given an equal opportunity to decide.

      1. At least Florida will give us a sneak peek at how NY and NJ will vote.

    2. I dunno, there’s something to be said about the comedy factor that would arise from a Perry or Cain presidency.

      1. I dunno. After Iraq, Yemen (drones), Afghanistan, Pakistan (more drones), Libya, etc. war just isn’t as funny as it used to be.

        1. wait . . . it just got funny again.

    3. Everybody misses Herman Cain.

      1. Stephen Colbert?

    4. I still think Bachmann was the second* best choice.

      * GJ on issues alone but he wasn’t running a serious campaign.

      1. Any reason? I mean, she did make up a decent amount of stuff (like Iran explicitly threatening us with a nuke).

        …or is my sarcasmometer broken today?

        1. Bachmann as a congressman wasn’t bad. Bachmann as a candidate was batshit crazy.

          1. I want to make love to you woman. Down by the fire!

        2. She is an actual limited government conservative. Not in Ron Paul or Justin Amash territory but more so than Reason-faves Jeff Flake and Butch Otter. Ron Paul likely picked up a decent chunk of her “base”.

    5. Quantum mechanics is not pseudo-science!

  4. I think I’ll take those exit polls with a heart stopping ton of salt. Pre polling averages are off but not 50% off. I see Paul coming in at 17-19% and santorum in the 14-17% range, with newt in the high 30s and romney in the high 20s.

    1. Cell phones. Everyone forgets cell phones!

      And the youth vote!

  5. I don’t understand how the race still has Santorum in it.

    1. It’s very, very difficult to get Santorum out of something that it’s gotten into. Even Tide with bleach alternative won’t do it.

      1. Think of all the dollar bills that must have Santorum on them….

      2. With a bottle brush?

        1. Hey sage, you should mix ammonia and bleach in the toilet to use with that bottle brush. It’ll work way better that way. Make sure you put your head over the toilet, too.

          1. Aw you say the sweetest things.

            1. hazmat cleaning crews aren’t just for meth labs. they can get the santorum out, too

              i recommend bio clean inc.

              1. Santorum should be nuked from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure…..

    2. Every race has a little santorum in it. You never get rid of it/him entirely.

      1. [commence sarcasm]

        Senator Santorum has at least done something useful…his opponents have alerted the public to the sanitary, totally non-gross nature of anal sodomy. This in turn will promote support for gay rights.

        [end sarcasm]

        1. How about a Santorum moratorium?

    3. Since politics consists of assholes fucking each other, you will always find santorum, sometimes in copious amounts.

  6. FUCK NEWT GINGRICH…..I hope he has a massive heart attack. That fat fuck

    1. Should he be lucky enough to capture the nomination, can Newt Gingrich count on your vote for president?

      1. Dunno. Will someone be holding a gun to my head?

        1. Dunno. Will someone be holding a gun to my head?

          Somebody just might. Newt has almost reached this level of desperation.

          1. …and then the fat bastard goes and wins SC!

          2. I’ll take the bullet.

        2. Dunno. Will someone be holding a gun to my head?

          If not before he’s elected, certainly afterward.

      2. Should he be lucky enough to capture the nomination, can Newt Gingrich count on your vote for president?

        And in addition to being a fat tub-o-guts he’s a SOPA endorsing censorius fat tub-o-guts!

        So no…he shant be receiving any support from me.…..11756.html

    2. When he walked on stage at the last debate it looked like he was pregnant with twins.

    3. FUCK NEWT GINGRICH…..I hope he has a massive heart attack. That fat fuck

      I’m fish and I endorse this message!

      1. Nice to meet you fish.

        1. *sleeps with these guys*

          1. That should inspire a song or two.

    4. Wikipedia describes Newt like this:
      “an aquatic amphibian…metamorphose through three distinct developmental life stages…characterised by a frog-like body with four equal sized limbs and a distinct tail…[has] the ability to regenerate limbs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts, intestines, and upper and lower jaws… After handling, proper hand-washing techniques should be followed due to the risk from the toxins they produce and bacteria they carry, such as salmonella.”

  7. More than a grain of salt, in my opinion. But if Romney finishes third, behind Paul — who campaigned little in S.C. — it would be devastating for him.

    1. Tagg is getting a beating.

  8. I see no reason not to trust that blogspot polling site. Exit polling isn’t rocket science and it isn’t as if only major media outlets can do it. Ron Paul in second!

    1. Exit poling had Paul winning Iowa too. I think his result will be much lower but I still see him beating santorum, knocking that dimwit out of the race.

  9. What if Ron Paul is like the Emperor in Star Wars, unassuming and soft spoken. Everyone thinks he is “libertarian leaning” and when he gets elected, he turns on us!!!

    1. Right. Cut out the waiting and just vote for Sith Gingrich.

      1. The Dark Side has higher standards than to suffer a sith Gingrich.

        1. I already miss Perry the Candidate

          1. Me too.

    2. Then we’re fucked anyway, because everyone else is open about the same intention you’re worried about Paul having surreptitiously.

      1. Doesn’t matter. The public service bureaucracy will do exactly what I tell them to do even if my presidency is exiled to Chicago next year.

  10. I wonder is Saturday voting means that the youth vote comes out.

    1. I just saw a graphic that said only 7% of the voters were under 30. So I guess they didn’t.

  11. I almost always “get” New Yorker cartoons. But this one? I’m lost. Help me!…..16#slide=8

    1. Perhaps it’s a statement that youth of all species are radicals. Or something.

    2. I get it. That’s quite funny.

      No, I’m not telling.

      1. Anything to do with the Androcles and the Lion story?

  12. “Ouch, last,” what?

    1. Paul came in last. That’s what.

      Unless you count Cain or something.

      1. Where are you seeing this? Has the whole thing been tallied up already or something? I thought returns were supposed to start coming in about 8 minutes ago…

      2. Last = fourth, which isn’t bad considering how poorly S & G have done previously.

        Where are you getting this, though?

        1. It’s based on exit polls. Fox already called it for Gingrich which is no surprise.

      3. South Carolina Primary
        January 21, 2012
        0.0% reporting (0/2136)

    2. That’s where Paul is in the exit polls. Fuck SC and republicans.

      1. South Carolina. Not a bastion of liberty?

  13. Why are 53% of people deciding on their vote in the past few days? What the hell is wrong with them? Clearly you don’t care about the candidates so don’t vote.

    1. I agree. WTF do people wait for?

      “Oh, it’s possible somebody will screw up royally at the end, and then I can cross him off my list.”

  14. Class war & entitlement, two of the most overused/misconstrued words in our political discourse, besides fascist and hitler, but looking at who it’s coming from is really no surprise. I guess this is better than timmy’s usual manly targets, teachers and those in financial trouble. Sorry tim, you are not entitled to have everything serve your probusiness discourse, people do have different opinions. There’s nothing wrong with examining Romney’s actions in the private sector, especially since they are a center piece of his campaign. People have the right to know what kind of business man or manager he was, and if they want that type of person as president. Some people didn’t like his decisions, get over it. The problem is that the collectivist on here assume that those who have lost their jobs and homes are being rightly punished. Looking to scape goat large sections of the population despite fact, opinion, or a concretely established timeline are the actions of a collectivist, congrats tim et al.

    1. Congradulations, you are a moron.

      Nobody here says the unemployed deserve their condition.

      Rather, the most popular position is that government attempts to prop up the economy and to keep extending unemployment benefits indefinitely are chocking the economy and preventing a recovery.

      The reason most of us who are irritated at the focus on Romney’s private sector experiences are so irritated is that he has a political record that is unexamined that is quite damning.

      I’ll tell you this. Based on the voting patterns I see, the vast majority of Americans deserve the ass fucking they are about to get when the Federal Govt has to jack up interest rates to get the loans it needs to keep operating.

    2. The real reason watching Gingrich talk about Bain is disgusting is because eleven months ago Gingrich would have foamed at the mouth denouncing any Democrat who had anything bad to say about venture capital or private equity.

      Gingrich has decided it’s OK to bitch about private equity firms NOW because he needs to use that rhetoric as a weapon NOW. A year ago he would never have countenanced it; in another context he would never have countenanced it. That makes Gingrich scum and anyone standing by Gingrich on this issue scum.

  15. Bwahahahaha! The power of exclusion is still ours!

  16. Looks like its ok with evangelicals to have mistresses and be an asshole.

    1. But he asked for forgiveness!

  17. Finally. 7:15 and 1% reporting at CNN. Virtual tie.

  18. CBS is calling Newcular with him behind and 1% of votes in. What the hell?

    And if the people of S. Carolina vote Titties and Santorum over Paul I don’t want to ever hear any “That tyrant Lincoln…” bullshit again.

    1. It just shows that Lincoln did a number on the that they are such subservient prols for the establishment now.

      CNN just can’t wait until they can stop treating Paul as a serious candidate. With 3% in, they are now not even including his results!

      1. msn showing:
        NG 41%
        MR 27%
        RS 17%
        RP 13%

        1. This Union is fucked.

  19. Thanks for posting.

  20. Why would Obama want to run against the man who helped balance budgets, paid down debt, lowered taxes, helped put policy in place for a booming economy whcih created jobs jobs jobs and is capable of motivating the base etc…

    You know because:

    Why would Obama want to run against a flip flopper from MA when he himself is polling under 50% and most especially since it didn’t work out so well for Bush. 😉

    Why would Obama want to run against Romney whom he can easily paint as a 1%er and Wall St’s boy toy who hides his money offshore and made a fortune as a corporate raider. Surely in this political environment that’s a big mistake because people just love those CEOs who cash out credit give themselves raises then bankrupt the companies, send jobs to China and such. People love and reelect Governors who impose fees on the blind and try to impose them on the mentally challenged. Its a sure loser for Obama.

    No way, not in this economic and political environment. Obama would be a fool to wish for someone whom he can say my O-Care was based on your R-Care and some of your people even helped us write it.

    Nope, No way Obama wants to run against Mittens who doesn’t defend himself or conservatism very well. Nope, not in a million years does Obama want to run against Mittens.

    Seriously, think about it. Why would Obama want to run against a guy who doesn’t motivate the base of the Republican party.

    And of course we all know Newt’s affairs will take him down like they did Bill Clinton in 1992. Bill would have been POTUS if it weren’t for them flings. And Newt actually marrying the women is far worse than Clinton dumping them right after he had his fun.


    It sure would be fun seeing Obama diss Clinton and his legacy to try and make the point against Newt that budgets weren’t balanced, debt wasn’t paid down etc… Do you think that will PO the Clintonites who are already POed Obama played the race card on (of all people) the Clintons last election. Quite the conundrum for Obama if Newt is the nominee. What else does Obama have other than personal attacks that people aren’t going to care about?

    Oh wait! The people that worked with him hate him blah blah blah.

    Newt passed the only conservative entitlement reform in our lifetime. Why would I trust what the people who ran him out of town on trumped up BS charges say ie Romney is the guy? Those people doubled the debt in his absence while they grew the size and scope of government more than any since LBJ. Those people left the GOP brand so tainted that Republicans were basically unelectable in 2006 and 2008 and we got Nancy, Harry, Obama another 5 trillion in debt piled onto our children and Obamacare as a result.

    The fact the establishment GOPers call themselves ‘conservative’ is a joke because conservatism begins with and ends without fiscal sanity. The fact they call Newt immoral because of his personal business which does not affect my children is laughable because piling 10 trillion onto the backs of my children is far more immorally irresponsible and reprehensible than anything Newt ever did in his private life.

    We know why the establishment wants the flip flopping milquetoast mush that is Romney and its because they can push him around and its quite the contrary with Newt.

    The American people don’t want business as usual, we want big reform in DC and Newt can deliver it and knows how to twist arms to get it done. Romney’s executive experience will frustrate him more than it helps him because he can’t order pols around like his subordinates at Bane and he won’t have line item veto like he did as governor. We don’t need another Harvard know-it-all who knows nothing about how to operate in DC in the WH.

    Romney motivates the base even less than McCain and will lose or at best it will be too close to comfort and the last thing the country needs is another Gore vs Bush type debacle ending up in the courts.

    Imagine the conundrum for Obama attacking Newt’s record as Speaker he’d be attacking Clinton too ie balanced budgets, paying down debt, jobs jobs jobs etc… I wonder if the Clintonites have forgiven Obama after Obama played the race care on the Clintons last election.

  21. Ron Paul and his supporters are like those morons who went around saying the world was going to end last year and after it didn’t no one cared and they faded into obscurity. When America eventually recovers from the recession completely and we don’t go bankrupt and the UN doesn’t control the USD then people will laugh and say “Remember that idiot Ron Paul? lol Those fucking people were crazy”

  22. But those people didn’t have any rational basis for their beliefs, so I fail to see how Ron Paul and his supporters, wrong or right, are like them. But, if you’re right, it will be a great day for QE boosters. It will prove that if we spend far beyond our means or have crises brought on by bubbles bursting, we can simply tap at the financial keyboard and prosperity will return with no change to our behavior necessary. Indeed, there will be nothing we can’t do, for free!

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