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Ron Paul on the Crest of South Carolina


The world seems to agree Newt Gingrich is poised to take that momentum of coming in fourth in Iowa and New Hampshire to the toppermost of the poppermost in South Carolina (his 10-point polling gain the past week in that state a mystery too hideous for me to want to contemplate), even as Gingrich is canceling appearances there from lack of attendance at the same location Paul draws 1,000.

We'll see today if Gingrich's miracle is real, and we'll find out at the end of the month if his generally underfunded campaign has the cash to capitalize on it (though he did get over $3 million in ad buys in the state from his Sheldon Adelson-funded SuperPAC).

But on the morn of the first day of the rest of campaign 2012, some Paul tidbits:

*Daily Paul documents what it sees as media attempts to more or less pretend Ron Paul wasn't at the last debate. (I watched various Fox analysts last night handicapping what might happen today, including predictions that the polling-fourth Santorum might come in second, that didn't mention Paul was in the race at all.)

*The official Paul campaign hasn't fought very hard for this state, only opening an official office there last week, with most on-the-ground efforts being coordinated, in typical Paul fan style, by the grassroots, Details on their efforts from Washington Examiner:

Everything about Charleston for Ron Paul is volunteer-led and donation-based. Donations from supporters pay for water, electricity, refreshments and campaign materials. Sometimes, members of the group receive leftover materials from official Paul offices in other states, but the majority of the yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, literature, Paul DVDs and pocket constitutions they pass out are purchased online from the official campaign store…..

Charleston for Ron Paul prefers the official Paul campaign to stay unaffiliated. And the Paul fans have done such an effective job of spreading the word about their organization that dozens of people were standing outside in line for signs last night, [Charleston for Ron Paul leader James] Tredmentozzi said. Mid afternoon today eight volunteers were at the office putting together yard signs and making Get Out The Vote Calls – the same number of volunteers who were making calls at Mitt Romney's official Charleston office today at approximately the same time.

Likewise, Charleston for Ron Paul's rogue status hasn't stopped it from getting access to resources necessary to run a competitive campaign here. Under Tredmentozzi's guidance, the group purchased voter lists and identified potential supporters and donors by pulling public FEC records of previous Paul donors in South Carolina.

"Who from Mitt Romney's campaign is doing that? Who from Rick Santorum's campaign is doing that? Who from Newt Gingrich's campaign is doing that? Nobody, yet [Ron Paul's] not getting the time of day," [activist Wilton] Elder said.

*At Slate, Dave Weigel reports that signs in public and bodies at rallies in South Carolina indicate Paul will not do nearly as well there as he did in Iowa and New Hampshire.

*CNN on Paul campaign strategy moving forward, where another big southern state, Florida, will also not get much official attention.

*Looking ahead, the campaign announces big ad buys in Minnesota and Nevada.

*ABC on Paul's Minnesota strategy:

Paul's campaign today announced a "substantial" purchase of airtime in the mostly ignored caucus state of Minnesota, the site of Paul's 2008 counter-convention as Sen. John McCain received the GOP nomination. The purchase is another installment in Paul's plan to seize caucus states where other candidates haven't campaigned, and it follows airtime purchases for four separate TV ads in Nevada, announced in October.

Paul has already spent money on direct mail in the caucus states of Nevada, Maine, Colorado, North Dakota and Washington, as well as Louisiana, ABC's Jonathan Karl reported this month.

The ad promotes Paul's rebel image as a slasher of government agencies who will stand up for his views, unlike other politicians, who wimp out "like little Shih Tzus."

The ad is slickly produced and, thanks to an electric-guitar soundtrack and a deep-voiced narrator, it sounds like a promo spot for classic-rock radio, or a TV commercial for a monster-truck rally. Government agencies explode-evaporate onscreen. The words "Later, bureaucrats. That's how Ron Paul rolls" are spoken.

Minnesota won't hold its caucuses until Feb. 7, after South Carolina, Florida and Nevada have voted. So why is Paul buying ads there already, when other candidates are laying groundwork in the earlier states?

Paul's is the only campaign that is overtly as concerned with delegates and long-term gains as it is with early-state wins and popular momentum. Like Barack Obama in 2008, Paul's strength lies in dedicated followers who know the rules and can organize at caucuses and the county, congressional-district, and state conventions where caucus states will select their delegates to the August Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

"Ours is the only campaign with the resources, organization and stamina to defeat establishment candidate Mitt Romney in a 50-state race," Campaign Manager Jesse Benton said.

Fresh off a $13-million quarter of fundraising, Benton might be right. As early states go, Paul's campaign is betting on Nevada, ABC's Jason Volack reported this week

*The Boston Globe on Paul's support from active-duty military.

*Jon Basil Utley in the American Conservative on how when it comes to Paul evangelicals love war more than they care about social conservatism.

*TV's right-wing talk show parody Stephen Colbert, who polls more favorably than all the candidates, tells Morning Joe (after a Rumplestiltskin and Herman Cain joke or two) he "really likes Ron Paul," for what it's worth:

Reason's Ron Paul archives. My forthcoming book, Ron Paul's Revolution.

NEXT: Salman in No Rush to Die….

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  1. What’s the point to Mika Brzezinski?

    1. [stares into space]

      1. Dad would hit me with the bad girl stick until I did my homework. I never did.

        1. [lurching back to the present]

          I’m eye candy!

    2. Last call. Drunk. Present.

    3. Mika is fuckable. What is the point of a Joe Scarborough?

      Seriously, if you’ve heard him once you know Joe forever. “Back in ’94 and the Contract with America we were the true conservatives, blah blah blah”. They did almost nothing other than $10 billion/yr welfare reform. For all that blather – that’s it.

      1. Listen to him now, shrike… he’s more like you, in the Team Blue camp.

        Not that that’s any fucking better.

    4. Likely the same point to Dave Weigel.

      How does someone with his history of fraud even find work anymore?

      1. Au contraire, journolist was the best thing that ever happened to him.

      2. It’s the elections! what other work is there but fraudulent?

  2. “On the crest of South Carolina” – a crest as in heraldry?

    A smiling Ron Paul head over a shield decorated with gold bars, pot leaves, and peace and dollar signs? Maybe some latin “Extremism defenderet libertatem non est vitium”

    1. Would you prefer “on the Colgate” or “on the Pepsodent” to “on the Crest”?

  3. It’s too hideous for me, too. Don’t presidential candidates have to take some kind of mental stability test or something? Gingrich’s history and demeanor scream “sociopathic egomaniac” to me, but then I’m not from South Carolina.

    1. South Carolina is one of those places where people try and “out-conservative” their neighbors. One can never want too many places to be bombed. There are no limits to the rights that can be removed so that we can be safe from the mooslims. One can NEVER be Christian enough. And it is not possible for an outsider to pander too low for them.

      1. Depends. There are those people here. There are also some die hard individualists. Not as many for sure.

      2. not really. SC is three states in one. No one confused Nikki Haley with the fire-breathing wing of hte GOP and DeMint is closer to Tea Party than the Boehner types. Some Bible-belt,to be sure, but plenty of military and retirees from other places, too, along with the Capital in the same town with a university, and academia always leans left regardless of location.

      3. ^^^This^^^

    2. “Don’t presidential candidates have to take some kind of mental stability test or something?”
      Sadly, no and the electrate doesn’t have to take an intelligence test either. And so here we are on a ride down the shitter.

      1. I think you pretty much have to be stupid and crazy to run in the first place.

    3. Gingrich’s history and demeanor scream “sociopathic egomaniac” to me, but then I’m not from South Carolina.

      Please strive for brevity. Why say “sociopathic egomaniac” when the more concise “politician” means the same thing?

      1. You might say Gingrich is a politician’s politician, is what you’re saying?

  4. The RP campaign learned its lesson from four years ago and let the grassroots do their things instead of sending an official campaign person to open up an office and then start telling everyone what they had to do. It saves them money for states they want to put more focus on organizing like the caucus states. That’s why they have offices open in Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada unlike the other candidates.

  5. Hate Carville, but can’t argue with this much……..index.html

    1. That people take Carville seriously, at all, yet scream at the top of their lungs that Ron Paul is a crackpot boggles the fucking mind.

      1. I feel the same way about Karl Rove.

        That guys is a fucking idiot and everyone acts like he’s some kind of sage.

      2. Exactly, which is why it is frightening that he has the analysis about how jacked up the Republican primaries are correct. Do Republicans and their operatives not see how excited the Dems must be to have this boil down to Romney/Gingrich/Santorum?
        (No, Paul doesn’t count…he doesn’t exist, remember…)

        1. boil down to … Santorum

          You seem to have distilled the situation quite nicely.

      3. He is so God damn ugly I had to fuck him in a cave.

        1. You use to be so cute too. Vitamin D deficiency from spending all that time with James? ’tis a shame, it looks like you could take on an Ice Age there, but not a Carville, I guess.

        2. Myyy prreeeecious….gollum.

  6. The rat fucker can go fuck himself.

    1. which rat-fucker?

      1. All of ’em, Katie!

  7. Daily Paul documents what it sees as media attempts to more or less pretend Ron Paul wasn’t at the last debate.

    At some point, the interwebs will kill that problem, right?

    I get almost all of my news online now, and it really doesn’t matter to me that one media outlet or another pretends Ron Paul doesn’t exist.

    I couldn’t usually bring myself to watch Fox News, but are they any better than the rest in regards to Ron Paul coverage?

    1. Not better at all. He’s not a neo-con. They’re not gonna support him.

      1. I wonder, however, how Fox News will react in the unlikely event of a Paul primary victory.

        What will they do? You know they aren’t going to openly campaign for Obama (though they’d almost surely rather see him in office again than see Paul win and blow up the Republican party). Will they push for a neocon to run as an independent with the express purpose of throwing the election to Obama?

        1. With this weak field on display, an ex Senator that lost his seat by an 18 point margin, an ex Speaker of the House that was ran out of town by his own people for corruption beyond the call of duty of an average poll not named Jim Wright, the GOP is already blown to pieces. Romney really is the best guy on paper, but he is so out of sink with the party’s base that you could make a better case for why Jerry Brown if he switched alliances and ran would be a better fit.

          That leads to the question of why it so weak. I believe TARP was that big of a schism. The GOP establishment is in such disarray as far as its own authority goes that they can’t control the process as smoothly as they had done so in the past.

          Note, that is not a negative in the long run.

          Also note, I don’t give a fuck if TARP ‘succeeded’. It did so in the sense the government picked winners and losers, and declared those picks a success in the market. It is like being able to give the horse you are betting on cocaine before the race. Hell yeah that is a success!

          1. His heart blew up ten minutes after the finish, but its a success!

      2. Remember Fox has Brit Hume.

    2. no, they are all equally bad with regard to Paul. But Fox doesn’t like Romney, either; not “conservative” enough. My guess is that neither party establishment is embracing Mitt because he does not owe either side anything. The duopoly hates him and Paul for that but uses different tactics in attacking each.

      1. My guess is that neither party establishment is embracing Mitt because he does not owe either side anything.

        He’s the from man for their financial masters.

        Romney would be a front running candidate in either party, with illustrates the problem.

    3. Low-information voters comprise a sizeable slice of the electorate, particularly in rural, more elderly states like SC.

      1. And Boston.

  8. Those were the first – and so far, only – sites which I have checked and they ALL are blacking out Dr. Paul. Spread this blatant bias! It is inexcusable, unethical, and impossible to ignore.

    If only they could find some new newsletters angle, Ron Paul would find himself being mentioned as 1/4TH OF THE REMAINING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES.

    1. I think as much as spreading some libertarian ideas, Ron Paul’s greatest gift may be the exposure of the biased media. My staunch Republican 24/7 Fox News watching father (and other Republican friends) have noticed. Many of them would never pull a lever for Paul, but they now understand that “fair and balanced” really means “what we want you to hear”. I think even non-Paul people are noticing.

      1. that’s good news todd

  9. This country would be a lot better if Stephen Colbert was president.

    1. Which one, the real person or the character?

      1. is there a diff?

          1. colbert is many things but he’s not an idiot.

            1. Which one, the real person or the character?

  10. I think palins opinion(shitty as it is) must carry weight in sc

    1. Palin’s statement has more to do with seeing the process continue than with actually supporting Newt. The untold story this week is Newt’s portrayal as some sort of sexual animal. Marriage A overlapped B, and B overlapped C. That usually only happens once. Are we sure Newt is not a bastard Kennedy child?

      1. That would explain a lot… Womanizer and statist

      2. How does a guy like that get the ‘tang? Henry Killinger was right about power in episode s2e7 of the Venture Brothers when he stated power is the ultimate aphrodesiac.

        1. Two words. Magic fingers.

          Oh, Speaker! You really shouldn’t be doing that, but you do it so well. Like no man I’ve ever had finger my pussy before. You can’t get it . .? It’s been years since you’ve had an erection? It doesn’t matter, just keep doing what you are doing and ravage me!

  11. That Newt Gingrich is likely to win in South Carolina due to evangelical support shows a sad degeneration of the moral turpitude of Evangelicals who for over two centuries were damn near pacifist.

    From the 1932 Southern Baptist Convention:

    That we oppose the continued large expenditure by the Government for military and naval equipment; that we oppose military training in the schools and colleges, whether denominational or state; and that we favor full and complete disarmament as rapidly as it can possibly be accomplished, except such armament as may be absolutely necessary for police duty within our own territory and on our borders. Moreover, we reaffirm our hearty approval of the international agreement to renounce war as a national policy and our gratitude at the growing conviction among Christians of the incompatibility of war with the ethical principles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The 1941 SBC on the eve of US involvement in World War II:

    That we declare our abhorrence of war and all its insanity and brutality. We are a peace-loving people and we know of no issues, national or international, which could not be settled in fairness and equity by the orderly processes of civilized society if only the leaders of the nations were willing to practice the principles of justice, truth, and righteousness. We sincerely believe that the rank and file of our denomination, even as the rank and file of our nation and the other nations as well, much prefer that all international disputes and conflicting interests be composed by the processes of peace rather than by the arbitrament of war.
    That with one accord we turn to Almighty God, through Christ his Son, in humble petition for the forgiveness of whatever measure of corporate guilt may be ours with regard to the present international conflict, and, that our nation, through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ may be so yielded to the Divine Plan, that we may be effectively used in helping to bring to the nations of the world a just and righteous peace.
    That we invite the membership of our churches and all Christian believers throughout the world, to pray daily at a given hour, both in public and in private places, to the end that such a “just and righteous peace” may be speedily achieved.

    My source:

    It didn’t stop with WWII, but continued well into the Vietnam conflict:

    After the escalation of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, peace resolutions were issued during the years from 1966 to 1973. And instead of putting out resolutions during the Vietnam years in appreciation of the president and the troops, support for conscientious objectors was reaffirmed. In 1969 a resolution was issued which stated that “those who for reasons of religious conviction are opposed to military service should be exempted from forced military conscription.” In 1972 the Southern Baptists acknowledged support for “both our youth who, as a matter of conscience, choose to participate in war and those who, as a matter of conscience, object to participation in war, extending them assistance in exercising their rights and privileges as permitted under law.”

    The Southern Baptists issued another peace resolution in 1974. In 1977 an anti-torture resolution was issued that condemned “any use of torture as a sin against God and a crime against humanity.” It was further affirmed that “torture demonstrates the very opposite of love and violates the will of God revealed in Jesus Christ.”

    By the first Gulf War, SBC had traded Jesus for the old Assyrian war god from wince he claimed paternity:

    That we the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, June 4-6, 1991, commend and salute the President of the United States as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the commanders in the field, and the men and women of every military rank for their preparedness and resolve, their commitment to duty and to country, their fortitude in the face of danger, and their overwhelming victory in Operation Desert Storm;
    That we especially honor those who died in the conflict for their ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom and that we offer our heartfelt sympathy and gratitude to their families;
    That we express reverent thanksgiving to Almighty God, the Judge of all nations, who is mightier than all armies and who alone is able to save, for His guidance, His mercy, and His blessing on our nation in Operation Desert Storm.

    In that history, BR – Before Reagan, the SBC was quick to reflect on the errors of our ways, as in this quote from the 1863 SBC shows, ‘[our] sins have deserved the terrible calamities that God has sent upon us.’ To remark on them today, or even state the Golden Rule in a debate will only get you booed by evangelicals.

    As Roslyn Carter may put it, they are backing Newt because he makes them feel comfortable with something inside that is actually worse than mere prejudice.

    1. sad degeneration of the moral turpitude of Evangelicals

      Should be: sad degeneration into moral turpitude by Evangelicals

      Meant to correct above, but lost my place and went to other things like correcting block quotes..

      1. Thanks, k. I learned something.

    2. Not being a religious scholar in any way, shape, or form, the abrupt turnaround certainly seems to point to Baptists hate Muslims.

      1. Newt’s surge is based on his attacks on the media and Obama He looks like he is ready to fight and Republican voters like that.They’re aware of the Nancy Pelosi global warming alliance and Freddie Mac lobbying (and of course Newt’s total lack of moral character) but credit him for the good times of the late 1990s.

        1. Plus there is the enemy of my enemies angle.

          The republican establishment coming out against Newt actually helps him and every politician that endorses Willard causes more voters to support Newt.

          The hatred for the political establishment is even greater now that it was two years ago when the TP dumped professional pols in the primaries.

        2. Plus there is the enemy of my enemies angle.

          The republican establishment coming out against Newt actually helps him and every politician that endorses Willard causes more voters to support Newt.

          The hatred for the political establishment is even greater now that it was two years ago when the TP dumped professional pols in the primaries.

        3. but credit him for the good times of the late 1990s.

          No love for Trent Lott and Bill Clinton, I suppose.

          1. And, no love for the real reason for the good times – the Internet boom. Something these politicians had nothing to do with (Al Gore excepted, of course).

            1. Yep, the net and the end of the cold war.

      2. Had to find something for them to fear. A constituancy that isnt afraid is too hard to control.

  12. I have been a long time conservative, i still count myself at least partially conservative, but what the Political Establishment is doing to RP, has pissed me off so bad that i’m ready to burn the GOP tent to the ground… I’m voting Ron Paul.

    1. Need a match?

  13. I am learning so much here. The great thing about this place is that nobody ever repeats himself.

    1. The subject matter for the articles is always fresh and new as well. Why just yesterday there was one on OWS and the tea party. You’ve probably never even heard of those things because they’re so far out in front of everyone else.

    2. I am learning so much here. The great thing about this place is that nobody ever repeats himself.

      1. I see what you did there.

        1. I don’t get it.

  14. How will the people of New Zion, Townville, Centerville, Gumlog, Due West, or Ninety Six vote?

    SC sure has some lame-ass town names.

    1. You forgot Mt. Pleasant, right next to Charleston. Our mountain is a hill that isn’t even noticeable. Seriously, the land is as flat as a piece of paper

      1. I lived in Mt. Pleasant for six months. Full of strip malls, apartment complexes, and cockroaches.

        1. I think you mean palmetto bugs

          1. Ah, yes. Forgot about that term. They were everywhere; our cat would hunt them at night and dismember them – never would eat them. We’d wake up in the morning and find legless bugs on the floor.

    2. you forgot blackville and denmark!

    3. There is a town called North, South Carolina. Very confusing when you are driving South on an unfamiliar 2-lane in the dark seeing signs with an arrow labeled “North”.

      1. not in SC, but there’s a nearby stretch of road where you’re going North and South at the same time. The signs read 94-North/517-South and vise versa. The first time I saw it I thought I was going nuts.

        1. MA would freak you out, then, because easily half of the roads in MA do that.

        2. Let me guess, you were actually heading west.

          1. I’d have to double check on googlemaps, but i think that stretch of road does run east/west.

    4. SC can’t beat Texas

      1. Sorry, Pennsylvania is the hands down winner for interesting town names: Bird in Hand, Intercourse, Big Beaver, Bareville, Blue Ball, and Reamstown, to name a few.

        1. You forgot Middlesex.

    5. I used to go to SC a few times a year on golf trips with fellow gambling addicts.

      They only sell liquor by a mini-bottle. Its really fucked up.

      I guess it regulates pour size.

  15. i’ll crest your south

  16. Maybe Dr. Paul should have asked his wife for an open marriage two days ago. He’d probably win SC by a landslide. Oh, I also read that Chuck Norris is endorsing Gingrich. He must have gotten kicked in the head by Bruce Lee one too many times 40 years ago.

    1. I hate Paul Krugman, but he was dead on when he said that Newt Gingrich must be what a stupid person thinks a smart person sounds like.

      Vters in SC just want to vote for soemone, anyone, that isn’t a creepy Mormon or a Muslim-lover like Paul. This includes a mixture of shit and semen or a pompous gasbag that pontificates like he’s an expert on anything.

      1. I don’t see Romney with 17 wives or the Muslim community flocking to Paul’s banner.

      2. I hate Paul Krugman, but he was dead on when he said that Newt Gingrich must be what a stupid person thinks a smart person sounds like.

        A Krugnuts is what smart people think a pretentious idiot sounds like.

        Vters in SC just want to vote for soemone, anyone, that isn’t a creepy Mormon or a Muslim-lover like Paul.

        People like Newt because he calls out the media bias and the establishment hates him. That formula would have worked for anyone this cycle.

    2. Chuck Norris doesn’t get kicked in the head; he forcefully headbutts his opponents’ feet to slowly burst open their callouses.

      1. Hey last cycle he endorsed Suckabee. And look how well that turned out.

        1. Like everything else about him, Chuck Norris’s endorsement is death to those who receive it.

          1. Here’s hoping.

            1. I respected Chuck Norris until he started hiding his gray.

  17. If he gets around 19% and beats Santorum I’ll call it a great success given the blatantly unfair media coverage and the fact that he didn’t really campaign hard in the state.

    I just want to see the next debate be between Romney, Gingrich, and Paul. Without Santorum wasting time and mucking things up we’ll see Paul create an even bigger contrast with Romney and Newt.

    1. Don’t worry, the cameras will be positioned so that RP is seen about once every ten minutes.

  18. I’m from SC, and I want to say 2 things. Firstly, voted for Ron Paul about an hour ago, yay. Secondly, SC gets a worse rap then it deserves. The state is basically divided into coast and inland. Inland is where you’ll find the hicks, yes, but the coast is closer to an eastern California (and yes, it comes with all the pot smoking idiots.[Not saying your an idiot because you smoke pot, but go to California some time and you’ll understand]). Thats like saying that because you’re from New York or New Jersey, you’re an asshole. Granted, I’ve never met a person from those states who wasn’t, but I have hope I’ll meet someone from there who’s actually decent one day.

    1. non-asshole(most days) transplant from NJ to SC. we exist.

    2. I used to be a truck driver and I’ve driven through all the lower 48 at one time or another. They all have their good and not-so-good qualities.

    3. New York is a very big and diverse state.

      1. So is Georgia. The Peach State is geographically bigger than NY and proportionately more diverse in population.

        1. I’m not talking about skin color.

    4. My best sex has been with Northern transplants, like my wife, for instance. Local girls would have very little to do with me. Lost my virginity to an exchange student from Amsterdam, and the next was with a Jew from Argentina who had lived a few blocks away most of her life but I met her in the tenth grade. So, I’m not that crazy about my own peeps, and others have been more hospitable and, uhm, obliging.

      1. I hear people from the NE have a finer appreciation for hoppy microbrews, and that people from the South have a finer appreciation for Jesus.

        1. Plenty of decent microbrews and vineyards in the area. I grow some grape myself, though not enough to squeeze more than two bottles worth a season. Also, if you don’t mind getting off the road a bit, you can even find pot farms and distilleries!

  19. Ron Paul is the only one who stands for anything. He leaves the campaign trail to vote against the debt ceiling because he cares more about principle than a few damn votes. I’m thankful for his honesty and consistency, agree with him or not. He’s got my vote even though I disagree with a few of his stances. At least I know he won’t go back on his word.…..ith-peace/

  20. I’ve been watching the official RP site ( and it seems he’s focused on getting delegates. He had a lot of appearances scheduled for Nevada, but I couldn’t find any for Florida (a winner-take-all state). Hope the strategy works.

    1. He has zero chance in FLA and there are only 50 delegates up for grabs, winner take all.

      1. What if he says he’ll storm cuba? he doesn’t have to mean it, just say it…

        Oh YEAH, that’s why this guy’s different and better, huh?!

      2. It is pathetic how the media feeds the insatiable desire for instant gratification. You would think they might have learned something about a campaign lasting the whole season last go’round with the Dems.

        The most ironic bit is that when this was all decided in the first 4 or 5 contests, they would spend several months bemoaning the lack of input from the rest of the country. What a pack of jackals – they deserve the dissolution into irrelevance they are experiencing.

        1. If only it would happen at a far faster pace.

  21. Think I’m going to brave the cold and go have a few cold ones and flirt with the young pretty barmaids for a bit. You guys have fun.

    1. Flirting with barmaids is like kissing a hooker. They’ll do it, but only because they’re getting paid more money.

      1. I have no problem at all with that relationship. I know whats up. They know whats up. No head games or confusion.

  22. All I’m hoping for is that when the polls close the media is able to call 1st for Gingrich – but can’t call 2nd because Romney and Paul are too close.

    Boy would everybody shit the bed if that happened.

    1. Won’t happen but it’s nice to dream. Gingrich sucking up enough santorum voters so that he’s dead allows Romney to focus on breaking gingrich and vice versa, making Paul look better in comparison.

  23. I still don’t get the Rumpelstiltskin joke and whether it was a slam or just supposed to be funny.

    1. It’s a shot at the media blackout on Paul. No one knows who he is, so you have to guess his name.

      1. I thought it was because to some he comes across as a weird looking gnomish character and when he gets animated he sort of seems like Rumpelstiltskin.

        Though your theory might be better than mine.

        1. I’d like to think that Colbert wouldn’t take a shot at Paul and them endorse him the next.

          But yeah, the alternative interpretation was that RP is playing a tune and luring all the young voters out of the village.

          1. That’s the pyed piper, not rumple. Rumple turned straw into gold in exchange for the first born, but lost because she guessed his name.

            1. But Rumplestiltskin PAID the piper, cause he had all the gold. And you know “he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

              So that’s the tie in…

            2. oh shit! I just got schooled on fairy tales.

    2. I think he was just saying something goofy about a trollish old fellow with a similar name — RonPaulstiltskin. Pretty consistent with the Colbert/Letterman comedy style.

  24. You guys REALLY should be watching the Science Channel “What the Ancients Knews”. It’s the one about the Chinese.

    Yeah, it’s a repeat, but they’re demonstrating the fucking MACHINE GUN CROSSBOW right now! How much fun would THAT be? I’ll tell you how much – LOTS.

    Have fun with the Team Red bullshit!

    PS Good luck to RP, fuck the rest of those Team Red shitstains, esp. Newcular Titties and Sanctimonioustorum.

    1. You can take my bamboo cannon from my cold, dead hands.

  25. PS To the thread at the top, I’d definitely hit Mika Brszzmsomethingkski

    1. She has a certain flinty quality that is like a mountain that needs to be conquered by a man who knows how to tame it.

      1. Given this some thought?

        1. I was trying talk Almanian into stalking her.

        2. She’s a little cold for my taste. The type that would never let you know she enjoyed it.

          1. Cold? Flinty?

            It’s anal then.

  26. We’ll see today if Gingrich’s miracle is real

    …and if Paul’s following extends beyond the states where he’s campaigned so often. In any case, we’ll see which asshole has a chance at the nomination and we’ll see whether the dispassionate Reason punditry is any more accurate than the conservative/MSM/establishment/PuffingtonHost junk …or whether it’s all just wishful babbling about events outside of anyone’s control.

    1. It’s all kinds of screwed up over there. This page has Gingrich “out,” although the portrait for Huntsman is greyed out without the label.

      1. ETA: Seems to be correct now.

    2. It says “3rd place” now. Are you sure that’s not a shopjob?

  27. Just when I thought searching Twitter for Ron Paul mentions wasn’t worth my time…

    paulapoundstone Paula Poundstone
    Ron Paul is so into cutting government he has pledged that if he is elected he will quit.

    1. Believe me, as a strategy it doesn’t work.

    2. Sad thing is, that’s Paula Poundstone’s best joke since the Reagan Administration.

      1. That is what it showed earlier in the day according to the DailyPaul. Since corrected. Funny how errors are made in one direction. They would not accidentally state Paul as the first place winner. Jobs might be on the line!

        1. I assume you’re responding to my post from the previous nest.

          1. Squirrels trying to keep us apart.

      2. Despite the fact that she’s a great go-to when you need to bust someone’s chops by calling them Paula Poundstone when they say something particularly unfunny, she should probably deserve some leeway for being in the first season of Home Movies.

  28. Violent video games are a scourge on the nation. I’ve recently discovered this Skyrim that the kids are playing, and the gore fest graphics destroy the very innocence in the hearts of our children. I link here so you can see for your self the crass imagery that mega media corporations sell to our children. Something has to be done!

  29. I’d be careful of reading too much into the yard sign count either pro or against. In a recent local election, the yard sign count was about 3 to 1 for the incumbent. The (one-issue, not too swift) challenger won the election 60 / 40.

    Take heed prognosticators!

  30. Fox is beginning their SC primary coverage. As they fade back from the set the blonde gals states that they are covering all the candidates HQs. There are three big screens with live shots from the HQs. I will give anyone on this sight three guesses which candidates HQ wasn’t included.

    1. mine? it’s more of a lair than an HQ

  31. Paul supporter sings Paul-themed “Rolling in the Deep” parody.

  32. The most comprehensive Iowa vote fraud article EVER written! Please help make it go TOTALLY viral! If you’re a true Ron Paul supporter, you’ll do everything you can to make this article go as viral as possible?as if your country depends on it!…..d-official

    OMG! A giant 200 page PDF book aimed at exposing Mitt Romney during the 2008 Presidential race, possibly made by the 2008 John McCain for President staff, has surfaced on the internet!…..e-surfaces

  33. Ron Paul and his supporters are like those morons who went around saying the world was going to end last year and after it didn’t no one cared and they faded into obscurity. When America eventually recovers from the recession completely and we don’t go bankrupt and the UN doesn’t control the USD then people will laugh and say “Remember that idiot Ron Paul? lol Those fucking people were crazy”

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