Arizona Presidential Primary Ballot Includes Matt Welch, But Not Jon Huntsman


Do you know how easy it is to get on the ballot in Arizona? So easy that a candidate "merely had to fill out and submit a simple nomination form." So easy that there are 23 names on the GOP primary ballot. So easy that one of those names is Matt Welch. It's true; right there at #19.

And still Jon Huntsman didn't get on the ballot. That's because the secretary of state (who is an Arizona co-chair of the Romney campaign, go figure!) ruled that the simple nomination form did not have a properly notarized signature. Huntsman is challenging, but it's equally likely that Huntsman's campaign is about to take a dirt-nap. 

As for that Welch character, if nominated I will not serve, because I am not now and have never been a Republican. No seriously, it's some dude from Tucson with a P.O. Box. Go get 'em, Matt Welch!