Arizona Presidential Primary Ballot Includes Matt Welch, But Not Jon Huntsman


Vote for Douchey!

Do you know how easy it is to get on the ballot in Arizona? So easy that a candidate "merely had to fill out and submit a simple nomination form." So easy that there are 23 names on the GOP primary ballot. So easy that one of those names is Matt Welch. It's true; right there at #19.

And still Jon Huntsman didn't get on the ballot. That's because the secretary of state (who is an Arizona co-chair of the Romney campaign, go figure!) ruled that the simple nomination form did not have a properly notarized signature. Huntsman is challenging, but it's equally likely that Huntsman's campaign is about to take a dirt-nap. 

As for that Welch character, if nominated I will not serve, because I am not now and have never been a Republican. No seriously, it's some dude from Tucson with a P.O. Box. Go get 'em, Matt Welch!