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Reason Writers on TV: Matt Welch Talks New Hampshire, "Vulture Capitalism," and Ron Paul on The Real News Network


On Wednesday, Jan. 11, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch discussed the New Hampshire primary, the misfired attacks on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital record, and the significance of Ron Paul's second-place showing with Raw Story Executive Editor Megan Carpentier and host Paul Jay of The Real News Network. Around 20 minutes:


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  1. A progressive can’t even agree to shut down foreign military bases? Somethings never change.

  2. WTF? Matt Welch without glasses is like Gillespie without his jacket. It just don’t work!

  3. @Mr. Welch avoid the term “educational campaign” pls matt.. we’re running to win.. and those of us volunteering for him aren’t doing this because it’s an “educational campaign”.. it brings down morale. like you said, just a couple months ago, nobody would have predicted paul finish above 20% in the first two states.

    since no one knows what future beholds, avoid using those terms that makes “your opponent” think you’re not serious. yes–keep in mind we have actual oppositions who constantly like to paint us as ‘not being serious’ ever since we were 3%, 7%, 10%, 20%.. it doesn’t matter what you feel the main goal of this campaign is and what can come out of it, the last thing we need is having our alleged allies giving ammo to those that want to paint us as “being in just for a good time”

    there’s a reason why katherine mangu received a huge blow-back when she said paul couldn’t win, based on him polling barely above double digit in IA at the time. seriously, be careful of what you say.. i can’t stress this enough–we’re fighting an actual war. there are people literally shooting at us just a few yards ahead.

    1. so my point is.. do -not- feed them ammo.

    2. i don’t want to suggest a journalist shouldn’t say what’s on his mind.. but i’m just saying that this is a label the establishment opposition has been trying to slap paul with for a while–that he is not serious. i am in no way implying there should be some kind of speech control, but please at least take this into consideration next time, before you describe paul as just running “an educational campaign”, things of that sort that might suggest him and his supporters as not serious.

      and you probably know without me reminding, just from following paul on the campaign trail, but we’re pretty damn serious about winning this.

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