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Watch the Half-Hour Attack Ad/Doc on Mitt Romney, "King of Bain"


Say what you will about the Romney boys, but they sure are handsome!

Rich people who like Newt Gingrich are making hate-documentaries about evil Mitt Romney, and you can watch a new one by clicking here.

I'm two minutes in, and ROFLMAO. "Romney took foreign seed money from Latin America"!!!! "He had a Harvard pedigree"!!!! There are few things in political life more telling, and clarifying, than watching modern Republican Party lifers not named Ron Paul gaze upon the target-rich environment that is Mitt Romney and decide it's his private sector behavior that's beyond the pale.

Please mention highlights in the comments. Nick Gillespie wrote about dumb attacks on the eminently attackable Romney earlier this week.

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  1. Class warfare! Go get him, Newt, you big government prick.

    1. Mr. Anderson, that is the sound of electability!

      1. My. Name. Is. NEWT!

  2. I don’t have any particular concerns about Romney’s private sector behavior but I think in a free market it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the behavior of individuals and businesses in the marketplace. It is not anti-free market to criticize how someone makes money. It only becomes so when you advocate using government force to stop them.

    1. Of course it’s anti-free market.

      Just because something should not be subject to coercion does not mean it ain’t stupid.

      1. Wait, are you agreeing or disagreeing?

        1. Disagreeing.

          not subject to coercion != acceptable

          1. Newts video may very well be stupid (I’m not going to watch it) but that doesn’t make it anti-free market unless he suggesting using coercion.

            Choosing to “buy American,” encouraging others to do so and speaking out against companies that “ship jobs overseas” is perfectly acceptable in a free market even though I find reasoning retarded (at least in the absolute, I choose to support Texan microbreweries most of the time for example).

            Just because you support legalizing drugs doesn’t mean you can’t criticize heroin use, etc.

          2. In fact I think it is the wrong message. When a progressive complains about corporations you should tell them to support companies that have business practices in line with their values.

            There have been large corporations that have been successful doing so and it is even more common at the local level. It is completely free market to only shop for food at farmer’s markets and criticize large agri businesses or to support mom and pop stores and protest Walmarts.

            These are not preferences that I would make but every one of us has preferences of varying strengths. In a free market you are free to follow those preferences and loudly express your negative preferences.

  3. Sending out an SOS
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    1. And, we have a winner.

    2. That wasn’t even on Synchronicity!

      Nice Alt, Matt. Nice.

  4. “Mitt Romney, how do you sleep at night?”

    On top of a pile of money, with many beautiful ladies.”

    1. An attack on Mormonism and polygamy from out of nowhere. Real classy.

      1. Sounds like a promotion.

    2. Seriously, a candidate with a sense of humor and an encyclopedic grasp of pop culture would fucking cruise to victory.

      Hell, if Willard would (could) say things like that, I’d probably vote for him.

      A really slick campaign would do an MST3K style thing with this ad, for the lulz.

  5. Who is going to watch a half-hour attack?

    Political ads are like porn; you get as much as you want from it in a few minutes; I’m still wondering if the pizza was any good

  6. Holy shit, I made it 45 seconds in. Maybe once the primaries are over Gingrich’s backers can sell the ad to the Obama campaign to recoup some of the money they pissed away on Newt.

    1. Or maybe Pearl Forrester will be interested in it for her experiments.

    2. Fist of Etiquette, so you aren’t even a minute man? 🙁

    3. Make no mistake, this is exactly what Obama is going to be saying. So they might as well get it out now.

      1. For the most part it’s fallen totally flat, too.

        I hope BO stakes his campaign on vilifying anyone who actually ran something in the private sector.

        1. In between fundraisers, of course.

        2. I think it will too. That is why I think Obama is doomed absent a third party candidate. No one gives a shit that Romney ran a venture capital firm. And of course when Obama runs as the man of the people, him and his Marie Antoinette wife and lifestyle become an issue.

  7. Horrible. Here is something more enjoyable and it even mentions currency devaluation.

    1. Holy axezun!

  8. I hate Romney and I could only watch 2 minutes & 40 seconds of this crap before I lost my erection.

  9. SPARTANBURG, S.C. ? Newt Gingrich signaled Wednesday that he believes his criticism of Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital is a mistake ? and that he’s created an impression that he was echoing Democratic rhetoric.

    More here.

    The Gingrich campaign is a mess. If he had any handlers I think they’d be jumping ship right now. Luckily it will never happen, but I can only assume the term most frequently used to describe a Gingrich Administration would be “disarray”.

    1. Theoretically, this is an “independent” SuperPAC’s ad. Although the Tits seemed to know a lot about it before it was released.

      And, Newk (can I call you Newk?), you didn’t create an impression that you were echoing Democratic rhetoric, you were using Democratic rhetoric.

      1. I apologize for creating an impression that I was echoing other commenters’ rhetoric.

    2. and that he’s created an impression that he was echoing Democratic rhetoric.

      “created an impression”? Indeed, a very true impression.

    3. This campaign has fizzled into meaninglessness. They all suck that much.

      I hope my vote for Ron Paul on Super Tuesday actually helps him is some miniscule way. (I’m in the He Can’t Win camp)

  10. There are salty tears throughout. My daughter approves this message.

    1. The funny thing about “Santorum” is the frothy lube and fecal matter meaning of the word will go on for generations. A hundred years from now people will hear “Santorum” and wonder, “Why on earth don’t they change their last name?” And probably most will. When is the last time you met someone with the last name Crapper?

      1. Ricky thought he was being so smart when he changed his last name from Cumfart, too.

      2. I refer to the frothy mix of lube and menses that results from heterosexual relations as “Dan Savage.” It hasn’t caught on yet, but I plan to keep at it until it does.

        1. I hope you plan to live forever then.

        2. That was a terrible attempt.

        3. You’re doing it wrong.

  11. In a political ad, having music turn ominous while the video goes to black and white, dark clouds rolling in, is the equivalent of “it was a dark and stormy night”.

    1. IOW, it’s too subtle for the American public?

  12. I liked it so much up there Dad. That’s why my ass exploded on your windshield.

    Who let the dogs out, indeed!

  13. I love that the video makes a point to NOT go into the details of why the “victim” companies were being sold in the first place.

  14. Why does Romney hate white people?

  15. So Romney bought dying companies, stripped them of whatever value they had left, and then buried them? Isn’t that pretty much the market clearing out inferior competition? I fail to see the problem with his behavior.

  16. So if Romney had met the right hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold he might have saved the company with a Navy contract and rescued his popularity?

  17. “A group of corporate raiders, led by Mitt Romney, more ruthless than Wall Street.”

    1. Wait, if corporations are bad, isn’t raiding and looting them the act of a noble bandit, like Robin Hood or a particularly dashing privateer?

      1. Either a) we’re through the looking glass, or b) Gingrich, at this point, is playing his part in some abstruse pro-Mitt strategy. I mean, he’s found a way to make libertarians defend mittens, anyway.

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