Drug War

The Obama Administration Financed the Murder of 28 Mexicans a Day in 2011


According to Mexico's attorney general, the 2011 death toll for Mexico's drug war was 12,903 people. According to The Brownsville Herald, 10,200 of those deaths were homicides. Counting just the homicides, that comes out to 27.9 people a day. Let's just say 28. Or to think about it another way: An entire classroom of people every day. An entire bus full of people every day. Five-and-a-half passenger cars. Four-and-a-half nuclear families. Fourteen bicycles built for two. Twenty-eight moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews. Shot, blown up, burned, decapitated, tortured, and/or stacked like firewood by their neighbors, their government, and their business competitors at the behest of, and with bullets and guns sold/given directly to them, by the United States Government. Every. Single. Day

Marijuana, on the other hand, killed exactly zero people in 2011.

CORRECTION: Those numbers are only for the first nine months of 2011; January through September. That comes out to 37.7 homicides a day. 


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  1. Oh fuck. Reason is now anti-gun.

    Guns don’t kill people!

    1. Mexicans kill people!*


      *other Mexicans

  2. that headline is radio-worthy agiprop.

    1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I bet you wouldn’t mind if it said BOOSH, though.

  3. I’m not talking about Fast and Furious. I’m talking about the hundreds of millions of dollars the U.S. has spent to arm Mexican law enforcement agents to wage war on their own people.

    1. Don’t feed the trolls.

    2. I guess we didn’t understand the message because it was hidden inside the hysterical hyperbole.

      1. Riggs is rapidly closing in on Worst Ever territory. I am within inches of calling for WEIGAL’S! return.


    3. For deaths from “the hundreds of millions of dollars the U.S. has spent to arm Mexican law enforcement agents”, I think we need the number killed by Mexican law enforcement, not the drug gangs.

      The body count by the cartels can be attributed to the feds facilitating money laundering, gun running, cocaine transport, and, of course, the WOD generally.

      1. The guns sent to law enforcement don’t stay with law enforcement. The law enforcers don’t even stay with law enforcement. (Zetas are largely former cops/military.)

        1. you mean there’s no such thing as a disinterested military? nobody tell the nationbuilders!

  4. Well, that’s 28 of them every day that won’t cross the border illegally and TAKE OUR JERBS!1!

    So, to the anti-immigrant crowd is this a bug or a feature?

  5. I suppose if we are going to engage in this kind of “blame through attenuation”, then I guess we can say Mike Riggs financed these murders too.

    This post is a complete failure.

    1. How? If you give someone money and guns to kill people you are subsidizing those deaths. Of course, I blame all drug warriors and not just the particular flavor currently sitting in the WH.

      1. If you give someone money and guns to kill people you are subsidizing those deaths.

        The money was given to the Mexican government to fight drugs. It is true that the Drug War –> Big Drug Profits –> Cartel Activity –> Leads to increased murder. But saying that this is a “subsidy” to murder means YOU, yes, YOU, as an American taxpayer, are morally responsible for those murders, too. I don’t buy that shit.

        1. Yeah, for Riggs to say “marijuana killed no one, but anti-drug funding did” was especially ridiculous because his argument could just as easily attribute the 28 deaths of nuns, special needs pony-herders, and cookie-baking grandmas to the gangs that distribute marijuana.

    2. Except Riggs didn’t really have choice in where his tax money is spent. The government does. Also, Riggs doesn’t get to set the drug policy of the country. The government does. Other than that, great rebuttal.

      1. Fine then. Today, I bought a cup of coffee from my local convenience store (by choice!) I know it’s not fair trade, so I suppose you morally indict me for the starvation death of poverty-stricken Colombian coffee growers?

        Same logic.

        1. So, your coffee shop threatens to imprison you should you cease to purchase coffee, and also continues charging you for coffee for ten years, should you choose to expatriate?

  6. You’re failing to see the genius of Obama’s plan. By turning Mexico into a war torn shit hole, fleeing Mexicans become refugees and get to come to the U.S. seeking asylum from the brutality of Mexico’s ruling party, the cartels. Don’t you see? It’s all for the greater good.

  7. Can you be a little more blunt? I think I’m missing something in all the subtlety there Riggs.

    1. blunt? oh, I get it! lol

  8. Send lawyers, guns and money and re-elect the man.

  9. The worst thing about posts like this is the general theme that all the dead people were just going about their business without bothering anyone when all the sudden the government showed up and killed them because of pot or something.

    Yes, I get the whole “drug war” is bad thing and don’t really disagree. However, posts like this seem to betray reality with pollyanna.

    1. All those people were SOCMOB (Standing On Corner, Minding (their) Own Business). Don’t you ever talk to the lower classes?

  10. On January 11, 2012, Reason financed the murder of reason.

  11. “Let’s just say 28. Or to think about it another way: An entire classroom of people every day.”

    The solution, as always, is to reduce class sizes.

    1. lol^win!!!

  12. Marijuana, on the other hand, killed exactly zero people in 2011.

    Oh come on.

    There has to have been at least one ponytailed sweat factory in a parachute-sized “Han Shot First” t-shirt who suddenly had the GREATEST IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF FUCK YEAH, paused his Kodomo no Jikan marathon, dipped a hundred deep fried bacon-wrapped Cadbury eggs in peanut butter and rainbow sprinkles, racked them up on his counter in an on/off pattern that spells “SMOKE WEED ERRDAY” to other fat dorks, uploaded a picture of it to Reddit, then wedged them all in his windpipe.

  13. dipped a hundred deep fried bacon-wrapped Cadbury eggs in peanut butter and rainbow sprinkles

    The fact that I can’t buy these at any convenience store is a market failure.

    I demand a subsidy!

  14. Well, I liked it, Riggs. So there’s that.

  15. The U.S. drug policy is the problem. Make all drugs legal! That will take the crime out of the mix. Some people will take the drugs and kill themselves. Is that any different than it is now? Remember, fewer people used alcohol after prohitition than during prohibition!

  16. Wow, you sure twisted a lot of panties with this one, Riggs.

    Nice work.

    1. That’s why I always go commando when I read H&R.

      1. how do you keep your nutpunch-cup in place then?

        1. Staples?

          1. Office Depot?

            1. office MAX! Now, go suck Ron Paul’s cock!

  17. And remember, children; ending the drug war tomorrow won’t immediately cause all crime everywhere to cease, so fuck it. Besides, it’s not like we’ll get our Fourth Amendment protections back.

  18. Always remember Riggs: Hyperbole in the defense of Liberty is no vice.

    1. The pro-WOD team never hesitates to use hyperbole. All’s fair in war, right?

      1. kinda sad, that.

        reminds me of NORML. NORML has a noble cause but they engage in hyperbole, if not outright chicanery when presenting their case sometimes.

        fighting pro-WOD chicanery with anti-WOD chicanery leaves me all meh

  19. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:

    If the US Government had deliberately set out to destabilize Latin America, it could not have done so more effectively than its current “War on Drugs.”

    1. i dunno, Aresen. if you really want to destabilize South America, my money’s on a CIA-backed coup. nothing brews animosity better than a foreign-imposed puppet with a death squad.

      1. With the WoD, you get an ongoing, armed insurrection that never ends.

        Every coup is a one-off.

  20. [sigh]
    Rev. Blue Moon covers it, but this one should embarrass anyone who opposes the drug war.

    1) US buyers of the products that the cartels sell are providing a more direct subsidy to these activities, and even then I don’t think you can draw a neat line.

    2) While an overdose death count for MJ is zero, I bet there are a couple of “under the influence” accidents that could be attributed to MJ in the US last year. (even if the paramedics saved the Cadbury Egg man – koo koo cachoo).

    1. while (2) is true, iirc DUI marijuana is “safer” than DUI alcohol.

      it’s a cliche, but it’s also true that alcohol tends to enhance recklessness, etc. that tends to significantly increase chance of fatality vs. injury, etc.

      iow, marijuana and alcohol both impair driving

      but when you get the guy doing 100 in a 35, it is almost always alcohol not MJ that enhanced him into a reckless machine

      DUI is wrong, no matter what the drug (and note that up to a certain quantity, cocaine IMPROVES driving), but MJ is LESS of a concern than alcohol vis a vis DUI

  21. Since I don’t believe that buying guns kills people, I have to call bullshit on this post.

    Sure, our government has no business arming, or attempting to arm, Mexican law enforcement. Our government has no business preventing people from buying or selling drugs, for that matter. But buying guns doesn’t kill anybody.

    Want somebody to blame? Blame Mexican law enforcement, and blame the gangsters who likely committed most of the murders, if law enforcement and gangsters are not one and the same down in Mexico. Blame the people who actually pull the triggers.

    Neither guns nor money kill people. Nobody, America included, is telling Mexicans to shoot each other. AFAIC this is just another “these poor suffering urchins are murdering their own people it must be America’s fault” blamefest.

    1. yea, it is kind of paternalistic and exactly the type of argument reasonoids would attack IF NOT for the metanarrative that they like
      and even given that, plenty here who are hella anti-WOD are still attacking the reasoning behind the article, let alone the ridiculous article title

      i mean you would see the EXACT same thing from anti-gunners about gun buyers etc. financing murder

      note also, Riggs is flat out wrong in that he conflates MURDER with Homicide

      the stats are for HOMICIDES not MURDER

      MURDER is a (special kind of) unlawful killing

      HOMICIDE is merely a killing (by another)

      iow, murders are a subset of homicides.

      so, he’s flat out wrong on that

      if there are X thousand gun homicides in a jurisdiction, there are X-Y murders, where Y is the # that are justifiable etc.

      considering the craptastic nature of mexican corruption etc. we will never know what percentage WERE justified (not even close) but clearly some WERE

  22. On to another topic:

    Michelle is not an angry black woman, bitches!


    1. She should be.

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