War on Drugs

The Obama Administration Financed the Murder of 28 Mexicans a Day in 2011


According to Mexico's attorney general, the 2011 death toll for Mexico's drug war was 12,903 people. According to The Brownsville Herald, 10,200 of those deaths were homicides. Counting just the homicides, that comes out to 27.9 people a day. Let's just say 28. Or to think about it another way: An entire classroom of people every day. An entire bus full of people every day. Five-and-a-half passenger cars. Four-and-a-half nuclear families. Fourteen bicycles built for two. Twenty-eight moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews. Shot, blown up, burned, decapitated, tortured, and/or stacked like firewood by their neighbors, their government, and their business competitors at the behest of, and with bullets and guns sold/given directly to them, by the United States Government. Every. Single. Day

Marijuana, on the other hand, killed exactly zero people in 2011.

CORRECTION: Those numbers are only for the first nine months of 2011; January through September. That comes out to 37.7 homicides a day.