L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Punches Special Needs Woman in the Face


Two L.A. County Sheriff's deputies tried to remove a woman with special needs from a public bus. When she refused, one of the deputies clocked her in the face. NBC has the video, which was taken on a cell phone by another passenger. The deputies attempted to confiscate the video, but the passenger said no. Upon his refusal, one of the deputies asked the passenger if he had any outstanding warrants. 

According to NBC, "A sheriff's department spokesman told NBCLA over the phone the department would not comment on this case and would not look at the videotape, but the spokesman said the department does investigate all use of force claims." 

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  1. Jermaine Green is my favorite person today.

    1. Mine, too.

    2. Jermaine Green wins the day.

      America, take a lesson.

    3. It’s shit like this that makes me question my libertarian bona fides, when I start to suspect we might actually be freer after a military coup.

      Oh, and +1. Thank you for your service, Mr. Green. And I’m talking about your service as a cinematographer and volunteer detective, uncovering and documenting evidence of crimes.

  2. I’m sure the deputy was following proper proceedures for punching a special needs woman.

  3. Special Needs? “Needing a punch to the face” is kinda special, right?

    1. Nothing special about needing a punch to the face. Most citizens do. I’ve got yours right here as a matter of fact.

      Stop resisting!

      1. fuck you you piece of shit

    2. She needed a “special” punch to the face. Requires lots of training at the academy.

  4. A cop’s order has the force of law. She got what was coming to her.

    1. There have been so many of these videos, and nothing happens…no investigations, no prosecutions, no firings….
      I really wonder if the Rodney King incidnet were to happen today, with the same video, what the consequences would be?
      Would anything happen?
      Only if there is a riot???
      In some respects, it seems like all these videos are actually desensitizing people to the brutality.

    2. Idiotic statement. By your logic, the moment you refuse to do what a cop says, he has the lawful right to assault you. You need a refresher course on the law.

      1. I don’t think Brooks needs a refresher. Your sarcometer might, though.

      2. Since no prosecutor will press charges against a cop who assaults you the moment you refuse to do what he says, he might as well have a lawful right to do so.

    3. Unless an officer is trying to arrest someone, they cannot just approach them and start to order them around. An officer does NOT have the right to punch someone in the face because they are frustrated or angry that a person has cursed at them. Apparently you want to live in a police state. I don’t.

  5. Wow notice the wildly incompetent effort to sweep this under the rug.

  6. the department does investigate dismiss all use of force claims


  7. I like that the pigs “refuse to look at the video” as if that’s going to make it go away – tantamount to a child hiding from their parents by pulling a blanket over their heads.

    1. Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, imo.

    2. I like that the pigs “refuse to look at the video”

      That’s what “investigate” means.

    3. Interesting. The cop wanted to confiscate the video. Now they refuse to look at it.

      I am confuse.

      1. He probably wanted to dispose of it. I’d like the fucker to come try this shit in a southern North Carolina pool bar when everybody’s half drunk.

        1. I frequent pool halls in central NC and would love to see that too. 30 drunk southerners wouldn’t take that too lightly. Would be a great time though.

          1. In my neck of Caroline a state trooper broke a guy’s jaw while he was handcuffed to the troopers vehicle. He called the trooper the ‘n’ word, but that was only after an initial assault where the trooper slapped him several times. Troper got away with at the court house but they still had to send him to the other side of the state to live and work after getting ran off the road a few times.

            1. revenge is a dish best served in a four wheeler with over sized 128′ mags.

              1. 128 feet? How the hell does that suspension work?

            2. Yeah, around here the cops are sensible. If someone gets their jaw broken because he slapped someone the cop says “Well, guess you shouldn’t have slapped him huh boy?”

              1. What quadrant of NC do you live in?

                1. Hillsboroogh/Durham area.

                  It’s amazing that for a district that’s so overwhelmingly liberal I find so many people that I generally agree with.

            3. Up in New England some state trooper kicked a handcuffed women in the face. She was sitting down and he got her with a roundhouse.

              1. It’s no longer a surprise that people seek positions of power that allow them to abuse such power. I’m really grateful that the area I happen to live in seems to have a mostly good police force intent on upholding the law and not abusing their power.

                Obvious irony would include the Duke Lacrosse incident, however.

    4. “would not comment on this case and would not look at the videotape”

      The LA PD also said that their policy is not too look through telescopes, as it is well known that they are the “devil’s glass.”
      The LA PD also said they do not pay any attention to the pointy heads at NASA, and that it is obvious that the earth is flat. They also stated that the “magic boxes” that can paint multiple pictures of deputies are of Satan, and they wickedly destort reality – obviously, the witch woman was attacking a small, helpless, virgin deputy….

  8. The video at the link has been taken down. I am sure the sheriff’s department had nothing to do with that.

    1. “We SAID we’re not looking at the video, and since we don’t know how to close our web browsers at the station, you have to remove the video from your site per FCC regulations.”

    2. Maybe something about evidence, John? Publicizing this could make it “difficult” to find an impartial jury.

      1. I am sure they would be so concerned about such if it were a video of a non cop committing a crime.

        1. I doubt it. Cops don’t care much about crimes that have victims unless they make the paper. Now if it was video of someone using illegal drugs or arranging flowers without a license they’d be all over that shit.

          1. I was being sarcastic.

        2. Wrong. A cop was attacked in Baltimore just last week and it was recorded by someone. Police spokesman was all over the media encouraging people to view the video to see what these brave officers face each day.

      2. The prosecutor refusing to press charges also could make it difficult to find an impartial jury.

  9. anyone think to back it up? the internet never forgets.

      1. someone download it, now. before YT caves.

        1. Done. I’ve also made two copies — one on a DVD-R, and one on my external hard drive.

          Los Angeles mother-fucking County ain’t got shit on the digital era.

          1. Good job.

            The Revolution will not be televised.

            It will be livestreamed…with tweets.

            1. From 1985


              The revolution will be televised, by Tupelo Chain Sex.

          2. Los Angeles mother-fucking County ain’t got shit on the digital era.

            “In other news, the LAPD has teamed with the MPAA and the RIAA to combat the unlawful distribution of Copyrighted LEO images.”

            1. Best thing Mr Greene could have done (in addition to what he did) and what anyone should do in this situation is – besides NOT giving the officer his private property – is to immediately send the video he took to five of his friends email addresses, in order to essentially remove all reason for the officer to confiscate his phone…

      2. I can’t see the video reason posted on my iPad. If I click on your link and watch the YouTube version will it fill me with rage and ruin my day?

        1. Pretty much, yes.

  10. “to punish and enslave” has replaced “to protect and serve”

    1. I have a Transformers jacket with the police logo on it shaped like a decepticon, that says, “To Punish and Enslave” at the bottom.

      Most people think it’s just fiction. Some of us know better.

      1. Barricade says it.

        1. well, to be accurate, his paint job does.

  11. This is rare.
    This rarely happens.

    Trust me.


    1. Procedures were followed.


      1. Use of Force Continuum
        False equivalencies!!@#~~

  12. The woman appears to say something before being punched… I can’t really tell from the video, but it appears to be some sort of environmental indignity or a threat of microaggression. Force is justified for both.

    1. threat of microaggression

      Nice. “You’re thinking of giving me a funny look!”

      1. She made him uncomfortable and not accepted.

        1. We call that being ‘othered.’

          1. I thought that describes what happens when a wight snacks on you and turns you into a walker.

        2. He was totally othered. I don’t see that he had a choice.

        3. She invalidated his authority.

          1. As soon as agents of the state transgress the limits of their conditional, limited authority, they invalidate its legitimacy. By all rights, she would have justified in ripping his face off his skull.

            1. *been justified

      2. Give em time, that will be an excuse.

        “I’m trained to recognize micro-expressions, and I saw micro-agression in her micro-expression”

        1. Her micro-aggression made his little micro-dick feel even more micro. Naturally, he had to strike her.

        2. “I’m a fat fuck with an inflated salary, so I eat lots of food, and I was having gas, and it was about to blow! I simply HAD to cover it up by starting a fight with that woman there. What the fuck are you, civilians, heartless or something?”

      3. Contempt of cop!

  13. Recording cops should be mandatory. I’d be happy to have video surveillance on me 24/7.
    Except when it makes us look bad.


  14. This is why cops hate videos. It makes them do their jobs. It is hard to drag some belligerent disabled person off of a bus. The easy thing to do is just beat the shit out of her. A monkey can do that. But it is hard to do it with the minimum force required. But that is what they are paid to do. Cameras catch all of the times cops get lazy and just brutalize someone rather than doing their job.

    1. Unfortunately, they aren’t required to use ‘minimum force’. They are to use whatever force they deem necessary to protect themselves. Being mostly pussies, that means just about everything is frightening.

      1. Not exactly. They have to respond with proportionate force to what they are confronted with. You can’t punch someone in the face for calling you a name or pushing you.

        1. Fair enough… but ‘pushing’ a cop is assault and will likely get you more than a punch to the face.

          1. Hence, pulling away or trying to escape a baton whack or tazer prong is “assault” on a police officer.

      2. “Excessive” uses of force are found to be justified because if they weren’t then a cop might second guess himself.
        God forbid a cop gave a moment of thought before resorting to violence.

        1. It basically makes cops useless. How the fuck can safety be of higher priority than the fucking REASON their positions, their jobs, exist? It’s like firemen that stand outside watching a house burn down because they could be injured or die.

          1. The reason their jobs exist is to keep people in line and bring in revenue for the state. If people know that backtalk to a cop will result in a fist in the face, they might stay in line.

        2. What are you talking about? It’s can’t be excessive, the cop was using the force!

    2. The cameras may catch some, but not all of these incidents and as most of these readers know, the Armed State takes issue with the truth when it does not show the Armed State in a favorable light. That this made it out to us is an increasingly rare occurance. http://www.copwatch.org/

      1. Is that like attackwatch?

  15. the woman obviously [INCENTIVIZED] the officer into unethical & illegal conduct.

    1. …by having such a punchable face.

      1. and working that mouth. incentives – how do it work

        1. Right. Because the proper response to an otherwise apparently harmless woman with a mental problem who calls you names is to deck her in the cakehole.

          1. fightin words cause fights. duh

            1. If you and I are standing on a bus, and I say “drop dead fuckface!” and you punch me in the chompers, you get arrested for assault and battery. You do not released by saying “he called me a bad name.”

              I also file a civil suit and most likely win, because “fighting words” or not, someone calling you a name or cursing at you does not grant you license to commit assault and battery.

              Cops are (and should be) held to a higher standard. Part of the job involves people calling them names and cursing at them. As public “servants” and agents of the government, they can’t go around decking people merely for stupid words that spewed out of the person’s mouth.

  16. I would have loved to have seen that cop try to forcibly confiscate that video from Mr. Green.

    1. I wish I were President. Mr. Green would be getting a Medal of Freedom.

      1. Hell, I say give him that cop’s badge. Mr. Green would obviously do a better job at protecting the citizens.

      2. If i were President, I’d give him my Nobel Peace Prize.

  17. It used to be possible for private citizens to criminally prosecute police officers. In 1991, the California Supreme Court held that there is no such thing as crimes against an individual. All crimes are crimes against the state and therefore victims have no say whatsoever in the prosecution of their assailant.

    Time to restore our right to press charges.

    1. “In 1991, the California…”

      California. There’s your clue. New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Delaware. You can LITERALLY stop reading when somebody says “in California, …”, or “in Maryland, …”, because you already know it’s going to be fucked up beyond belief.

    2. So anyone can decide to press charges against anyone else. Who pays for it? How do we make sure it’s not used for harrassment?

      1. Not many states have it. IIRC, the states that allow it proceed like a civil trial.

        In Kansas, a group of citizens can initiate grnad jury proceedings by filling out a petition or something similar. A pro-life group used this to investigate abortionists who may have aborted fetuses after viability (which is illegal there). Pro-choice groups called it harassment, but YMMV.

  18. Did the officer go to her house and shoot her dog too? Because that’s proper procedure. If he failed to do that he’s in for a reprimand.

    1. Im pretty sure hes not going to go to all that trouble. He just shot the next dog he saw.

      1. It was an uncastrated chihuahua, and its balls were bigger than his. His manhood was beyond challanged, so he HAD to shoot the dog. How come you people don’t GET that?!

  19. thank you Jermaine Green for being there.

  20. Someone or several people at the sheriff’s department need to be charged with obstruction of justice for refusing to review the video. As long as obstruction of justice is being considered a real crime, and the cunts use the charge to mean what they want it to mean.

    1. As Charles Nichols said, there are only crimes against the state. Since police are agents of the state, it is technically impossible for them to commit crimes while on duty. How can the state commit a crime against itself? Can’t be done.

      1. so nixon WAS innocent !

      2. A good authoritarian state would want a way to deal with its own agents when they make the state look bad. The enforcers were able to commit a crime against the state because they abandoned their proper duties.

      3. You think you kid. That was the the theory behind a lot of evil that has occurred. The people are the state. The people cannot commit a crime against themselves. Therefore the state cannot commit a crime. Just that thinking was behind the French Revolution and its evil children communism and fascism.

        1. John, the state is nothing more than a Committee of the Top 1%.

          1. And when it is replaced by “the people”?

            1. that’s called “mob rule”

    2. Uh, no. Their PR flack refused to (re)view the video in response to a request for comment from the press. Douche move, but understandable.

      Trust me, they’ll be reviewing this over and over and over again until they can come up with some semi-plausible reason for the cops to have done this.

      But the only public acknowledgement of this will be when they’re testilying.

      1. She flinched when he was spitting in her face, so clearly her next move was to preform a round house kick to his roid shrunk balls.

  21. The pig who throws the punch is a doughy little fuck, isn’t he?

    1. And the other officer is a female? Really?

      1. 60/40 chance of the other being female… they both have bitch tits and three chins, no other distinguishing features are seen.

          1. Looks more like Chris to me.

      2. I would say they both partake of steroids and the all you can eat buffet down to the Sizzler.

  22. maybe his taser was busted.
    you don’t have all the facts.


    1. This didn’t justify the use of a taser, which CAN be lethal.

      The real question is why he aggressively approached a person who was lawfully on the bus and ordered her to get off.

      There is obviously some history between them.

  23. Who hasn’t wanted to punch a special needs woman in the face at some point? I feel the urge to punch several everytime I walk past a television that’s showing “The View”

    1. Punching Joy Beher, while certainly understandable, is still a crime. It is not her fault she was born an Aspy with an 80 IQ.

      1. I think you may be giving Joy Behar more credit than she deserves wrt IQ.

      2. It is not her fault she was born an Aspy with an 80 IQ.

        I had to Google ‘Aspy’. After I did, I LOL’d.

      3. Aspies have average to above normal IQs. It’s a high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Behar isn’t even regular autistic, she’s just borderline retarded. Calling her an aspie is more insulting to us than it is to her.

  24. He should have shot her. That way he’d have gotten a paid vacation and a medal. Oh well.

    1. Don’t forget a raise.

      1. That comes with the medal.

  25. &%&!?!/*$&!?!&!

  26. I imagine the investigation goes something like this:

    Investigator “Did she deserve it?”
    Officer “Yep.”
    Investigator “Fair enough. Carry on.”

  27. I think it is great that we are getting more and more of these instances of police brutality and abuse on tape… We need to make sure that these criminals are punished though! It’s one thing to document the abuse, but the real work is making sure these men are fired and prosecuted. One great step would be to break the Police Union!

  28. an actual punch would’ve be less damaging than the elbow blow he gave her…

  29. “The problem in the past has been the man turning us against one another. We have been unable to see the truth, because we have fighting for ten square feet of ground, our turf, our little piece of turf. That’s crap, brothers! The turf is ours by right, because it’s our turn. All we have to do is keep up the general truce. We take over one borough at a time. Secure our territory… secure our turf… because it’s all our turf!”
    – from ‘The Warriors’

    Intergroup aggression is any behavior intended to harm another person because he or she is a member of an out-group, the behavior being viewed by its targets as undesirable. Intergroup aggression is a by-product of in-group bias, in that if the beliefs of the in-group are challenged, or the in-group feels threatened, then they will express aggression toward the out-group.

    1. I once heard that movie described as “West Side Story for straight people.”

      1. That is so awesome, I am going to take a sharpie and write that down in with the other reviews/critics statements on the back of my dvd cover for that movie.

      2. I don’t know about that. Some of the gangs the Warriors encountered were seriously gay. The guys in yankees uniforms? Seriously? And what about the guys in the roller skates?

        1. Guys in roller skates = fags

          Always and forever.

          1. Guys in roller skates = fags

            Clearly someone here hasn’t seen Xanadu.


        2. Yeah, but they beat those guys up. So, gay-bashing. Not gay.

  30. This officer should be arrested and brought before a judge to be tried for assault by a jury of his peers. Why does this seem so unlikely today? It seems the police are totally out of control across the nation and an embarrassment to the oath they swore. Every public official should be accountable for their actions.

    1. This cop has no peers. Everyone else in this country is better than him.

    2. The cops are just skipping straight to the “jury of his peers” bit. His peers, which is to say a bunch of other cops, will take a look at this and tell us why it isn’t a problem.

    3. … tried for assault by a jury of his peers.

      Yeah, but where are they going to find twelve violent criminals who like to punch mentally handicapped women?

      P.S. – It’s not assault; it’s battery.

  31. “You have to strike preemptively. The last thing in the world you want is for them to think they are in some way your equal.”

  32. Let’s recognize Mr. Green for what he is: a hero, not only for serving, but for his actions. And it’s sad that this is all it takes to become a “hero” these days. Most people would have been intimidated by the police to hand over the video and that thug would keep abusing his powers without reprecussion. By taping this and refusing to comply with the request to hand over the video, Green did something a lot of people these days wouldn’t do. Now, hopefully, that cop is done for or at least will be less likely to abuse his powers.

    1. Green had balls. Takes a lot of balls to tell a cop no.

  33. Don’t you people get it? This cop was trying to protect everyone else on the bus. That’s why he didn’t empty a canister of pepper spray in her face.

    1. That would imply that the cop had actually read the instructions on the pepper spray. C’mon.

  34. “Your honor, the chain of custody on that video was broken. We wanted to keep it as evidence, but that request was refused. Now, there’s no telling how much it has been doctored. You cannot allow it in evidence.”

  35. Yet another example of the brutality of the capitalist system. The police are nothing more than the bodyguard of the Top 1%.

    Russia 1912:


    America 2012:



    1. You know, the whole OWS “VPS” thing seems to be operating under the misconception that this website is a “virtual public space”.

      Its not. It would be nice of the squirrelz would act accordingly.

      1. Don’t feed her, dude. She’s fat enough as is.

        1. Hey, as long as they can keep us from posting pictures and blink tags . . . .

        2. This jurisdiction doesn’t recognize Adeverse Possession.

        3. Can’t have adverse possession when the owner allows you to use the space by permission, because permission can be revoked at any time.

          1. Whoa, look at the big brain on Barely Suppressed.

            1. One of the few things I remember from the bar exam.

      2. I’m still confused by the image about Russia where the rich are being oppressed by the army.

    2. You would think the corporate guy would have enough money to have a chair that let his legs touch the ground. Or at least hire an orphan or a black guy to be his ottoman.

      And where’s his monocle?

  36. Punched in the face by a cop is so overdone; a golden shower is their new thing.

    1. Maybe they thought she had been attacked by jellyfish?

      1. hmm, I wonder if they received a “I gave today” sticker for their donation?

    2. I’m more inclined to believe the passed out drunk pissed on herself.

  37. It must be tough making the NYPD look good by comparison.

    1. If you thought ‘the Giulani’ was bad, wait ’til you get ‘the Bloomberg’.

  38. Jermaine Green needs to watch his back, the LASD is a very rough outfit. Worse than the LAPD, which is saying something. Sorry state of affairs.

    1. If the “civilians” out there had any spines, it would be the cop who needs to watch his back. Maybe if a few of these fuckers got caught out alone by some “public-spirited citizens” and pistol whipped with their own pieces, it might send a message.

  39. Man, what is it with these California cops? What a bunch of out of control, loose cannon maniacs.

  40. What does her being “special needs” or whatever the euphemism of the week is, have to do with anything, by the way? Am I not allowed to forcibly remove a retard from my property if he or she refuses to go?

    1. You might be, the police can’t punch her out and drag her off.

    2. And yeah some people are harder to deal with than others. That is why we pay cops and train them in these kinds of things. If we just want her punched and drug off, we would get Steve Smith to do it for free.

      1. Are cops trained for this? Because I don’t see much talking from cops, just a lot of weapons and more cops with weapons sitting on people.

    3. I’ve seen cops take hundreds of protesters away from a sit-in without throwing a single punch. It can happen.

      1. It totally can. It is just hard. It is hard to be a cop. It is hard to deal with deranged, drunk or disabled and belligerent people fairly. But that is what we pay cops to do. Any idiot can just beat the shit out of them.

    4. Am I not allowed to forcibly remove a retard from my property if he or she refuses to go?

      Last I checked, the bus is *public* property.

      Secondly, her condition is totally relevant. Let’s say her mental age is at 8 or 9. Would you say the same thing if he punched a big eight-year-old in the face? Of course you wouldn’t. Public servants need to treat the vulnerable with much greater care than they do a “normal” citizen. That’s the whole everfuckingpoint of having police officers — to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I sure as shit don’t need them.

      1. We are all vulnerable when it comes to dealing with public servants.

    5. …it’s only relevent because those with ‘special needs’ often have hulk-like tard strength…. punch first, make up a justification later.

  41. The fat pigs blood sugar was dipping and he was irritable. If only he’d had an extra donut…

  42. That is so wrong. What she really needed a good pepper-spraying to the face, and everyone else on the bus too, just to make a point.

  43. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the police officers”

  44. Anybody know the history behind this? They knew her name. I can gather she wasn’t supposed to be there for some reason, or was supposed to be someplace else. I also figure something besides what occurred on the bus culminated in that blow.

    1. Someone wanted their stroller full of pillows back?

  45. He comes to me and says you can be under arrest if you don’t give me that video,” Green said.

    This part just makes me want to say, “Fuck! Fuck fuck fuckity FUCK!”

    I can arrest you if you don’t hand over that cell phone that you just used to video what I did in a public place?

    Uh, no, you can’t, you fucker.

    1. Green has fucking balls. Yeah, he is not supposed to arrest you. But he can do it if he wants. And being arrested is a serious pain in the ass even if you are later vindicated. That Green stood his ground is a testament to his character. Bravo.

    2. I’m surprised the cop didn’t just grab the phone and smash it.

      1. …thought the same thing.

        1. It’s easy to punch a special needs woman…probably won’t hit back…Mr. Green is probably a little tougher to say the least

  46. I remember one time I stopped aghast as a bunch of cops broke up an outdoor jam session by smashing instruments and smashing their players’ faces into the side of their van until the white door was red with blood.
    A cop ran over to me and told me he’d put me in jail for loitering if I didn’t turn around and walk away.
    If I had a camera I doubt he would have made any threats. Judging by what his buddies were doing he likely would have smashed it, punched me in the face, and walked away with a smug smile of satisfaction.

    1. squirrels. that was a reply to BSR.

  47. one of the deputies asked the passenger if he had any outstanding warrants.

    How the fuck would he know?

    1. I cant count the times a cop has stopped me on the street and asked me that. When they didn’t like the answer they would demand ID. When no warrants came up they would demand I submit to a search. When I refused they would let me know they’ve got they’re watching me and do the same thing the next time they saw me.
      And people wonder why I think police work attracts scumbags.

      1. I cant count the times a cop has stopped me on the street and asked me that. When they didn’t like the answer they would demand ID. When no warrants came up they would demand I submit to a search. When I refused they would let me know they’ve got they’re watching me and do the same thing the next time they saw me.
        And people wonder why I think police work attracts scumbags.

        You can’t count the times?
        I am very skeptical of that claim.
        I can count the number of times I have had to interact with a cop directly (one on one) in my entire half century on the planet…(it does take both hands, but I wouldn’t need to put down my coffee).

      2. I can count the times that (or something similar) has happen to me. Seven.

      3. Your first mistake was giving him ID.

  48. Oh what’s that popular phrase we hear all the time from our friends at Homeland Security…

    See something, say something!!!

  49. I don’t know if anyone has linked to this on H&R somewhere already, but:

    Austin police arrested a West Point grad former Army Ranger on New Years Eve for talking pictures of them using excessive force on a woman.

  50. get rid of the pigs, martial law…..

  51. He didnt punch her. He stepped in and struck her with the point of his elbow.

    This kind of blow allows more power to be delivered and prevents injury to the hand.

    This was not a blow intended to get compliance, it was intended to cause injury.

  52. im a former police officer and i got out when they started teaching us how to “get around the bill of rights” I stand 6-1 weigh about 260 these days and am a former competitive amateur fighter.. if there is a god in heaven I will run into this cop in a bar one day! lets see how he fares against a grown ass man not an mentally challenged woman with someone holding one arm…

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