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MTV Knows What the Kids Like, Ron Paul and Slam Poetry


MTV, no longer exactly on the cutting edge of cool (we have Kurt Loder now, thank you very much!) still managed to notice that kids today kind of dig that Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) fellow, the one who is currently a tortoise amongst many surging hares in the race for the Republican primary.

Notes, poetry also appeals to some of these youthful freedom-lovers:

It was the site of the "Slam Free or Die" political poetry open mic that drew a number of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's supporters. And while the sentiment onstage was often dripping with elegantly worded sarcasm, the boots on the ground had plenty of sobering thoughts on the suddenly surging candidate who refuses to play by his party's staid rules.

Nearly a week after the Iowa caucus, Congressman Paul's rivals continue to take digs at one another in an attempt to win over traditional GOP voting blocs and prove their family values bona fides. Libertarian Paul's pull with younger voters, meanwhile, was inspiring the kind of enthusiasm that motivated his followers to drive in from as far as Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., to attend the slam and volunteer in the Granite State in the lead-up to Tuesday's primary.

A common theme among the Paul faithful who spoke to MTV News for the channel's ongoing Power of 12 series was a disappointment with the Obama administration and a feeling that the promises of change touted four years ago have not come to fruition as they expected.

There's a Students for Liberty board member sighting!

"I think there were a lot of disillusioned voters in '08 who thought Obama would be a good solution to the problems presented by Bush," said Pericles Niarchos, 26, who, like the several tables of Paul-ites in the bar, was firmly focused on the poetry rather than the nail-biting Steelers-Broncos NFL playoff game being shown on the bar's flat-screen TVs….

"Dr. Paul's message seems to be more about sincerity and that you should be free to determine your own future," said Niarchos. "A lot of young people today feel like they're growing up in a world where they're no longer free to determine their own future. They're living in a set amount of circumstances that are being defined by older generations who don't really understand what we're going through. What our perspective is on the world is, what we want and what our values are … in my whole lifetime I don't think the U.S. has been at peace for more than four years, and it's really refreshing to see someone who advocates that so thoroughly."

The rest, as well as a video clip and interview with Niarchos and others, here.

Reason on Ron Paul, including the latest from Brian Doherty, Garrett Quinn, and Michael Tracey, who are all reporting from the campaign trail.

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  1. Onetime I made a pair of flip-flops and had adventures in my house but my Dad was mad when he got home because they were frozen waffles instead.


  3. . . . the nail-biting Steelers-Broncos NFL playoff game being shown on the bar’s flat-screen TVs

    Didn’t see that one coming. If Denver was was able to air it out so effectively against the No. 1 pass defense in the league, then the Pats (with the No. 31 pass defense in the league) might wanna start retooling this week.

    1. If the Broncos get to the Super Bowl, Tebow ought to get some consideration for the MVP award.

      1. Fuck that, if Tebow goes to the Super Bowl I might stop drinking Sterno and attend church!

        Naw, I’m just joshing, football is stupid.

    2. If the Broncos beat the Patriots, I am officially going to shit my pants and I will start rooting for Tebow. That stupid ridiculous immediate overtime touchdown pass yesterday was too much, man. Game over, man. Game over.

      1. That stupid ridiculous immediate overtime touchdown pass yesterday was too much, man.

        Tebow might’ve thrown it, but Jesus gave it wings.

  4. What concerns me about this is that traditionally, when the young people like a candidate, he loses the primary.

    1. Obama.

  5. No way dude they are not gonna just sit back ands take that.

    1. Nice handle, Anon-bot.

    2. I have never clicked on these links. Are these supposed to be his regularly updated proxy things or something?

  6. very good? Thanks you very much !

  7. No way dude they are not gonna just sit back ands take that.

  8. If the Broncos get to the Super Bowl, Tebow ought to get some consideration for the MVP award.

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  10. Pericles? Seriously? There was an obnoxious little kid who incessantly kicked my seat on a xmas flight named Xerxes. Is this a thing now?

    1. I am Spartacus.

  11. WSJ’s Paul Gigot is on to something here:…..hirdBucket

    Why is Paul being so nice to a spineless opportunist like Romney?

    1. You SF’ed the link.


      1. The link works if you click on it. Automagically.

        1. That’s weird, didn’t work for me before, but now it does. I blame Reason.

          1. You would think that Mr. Gigot would know better than to refer to *Mr.* Paul. Why not call him “Dr. Paul” or, if you want to insult him, “Congressman Paul.”

            I suppose Gigot is some tie-dyed-T-shirt-wearing hippie who really doesn’t believe in titles, man – I mean, we’re all equal and everything, so let’s just call each other “Mr. Peace Sunshine” and “Mrs. Love-Everyone-Robinson.”

            1. Isn’t he “Chairman Paul” nowadays anyway?

            2. Call him candidate Paul. But what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

            3. Call him candidate Paul. But what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

          2. I blame the lack of it.

  12. What is the purpose of MTV at this point in time?

    They abandoned music 15 years ago to become the quasi-official network of Generation X, but now those folks are grown up. I can’t imagine the current generation is faithfully watching a creaky old TV network when they have so many other media choices.

    1. I thought genX gave up watching mtv 15 years ago.

      1. Depends on which part of the generation you’re talking about. The trailing end to which I belong were just entering their 20s then just in time for Dr Drew’s Love Line and Singled Out etc.

      2. Actually it was probably more like 20 years ago that they started closing the music tap. so you’ve got a point.

  13. Actually the MTV spin on this event was not accurate. You might want to do some of your own research and see that the event was not in support of Ron Paul at all!

  14. Through forces beyond my control, I wound up at an Obama fundraiser back in October ’08 in Chicago (Michelle Goldberg and I searched for the coatroom together). At this fundraiser were a couple of slam poetry performers. When it came time for them to, you know, slam some poetry, I was amused by the image of square old white people forcing themselves to like it. This was the moment I knew Obama would win. When you can attend a fundraiser for a politician and feel the faint awkwardness and good nature of different groups of people coming together to support him, you know the politician is going to win.

  15. Slam Poetry is very very very very very bad.

    That is all.

  16. Yeah, MTV’s version of events are a little different that what actually transpired:

    MTV completely misrepresents Slam Free or Die’s political poetry event, Vote or Die


  17. “As someone who has written and commented widely and generally sympathetically about Ron Paul, I’ve got to say that The New Republic article detailing tons of racist and homophobic comments from Paul newsletters is really stunning. As former reason intern Dan Koffler documents here, there is no shortage of truly odious material that is simply jaw-dropping.
    I don’t think that Ron Paul wrote this stuff but that really doesn’t matter–the newsletters carried his name after all–and his non-response to Dave Weigel below is unsatisfying on about a thousand different levels. It is hugely disappointing that he produced a cache of such garbage.”– Nick Gillespie

    “If Paul didn’t write those articles, who did? If he didn’t know what had appeared in his newsletter, when did he find out and how did he deal with it? If the candidate is vague on these points, it will only fuel suspicions that he held those beliefs after all (or that he was willing to stay silent despite his disagreements because the newsletters brought in some cash).”–Jesse Walker

    1. Welcome to 2008.

      No. One. Cares.

  18. I helped promote this event and also attended it. MTV News grossly misrepresented this event as some kind of Ron Paul event, which it most certainly was not. I have never seen such sloppy reporting in my life. The reporter and the film crew showed up nearly two hours late, talked to a handful of Ron Paul supporters who were there, and left. Out of the nearly 100 people at the event, there were maybe a half dozen Paul supporters. The rest were vehemently anti-GOP! We have demanded a retraction from MTV News but so far they have failed to comply.

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