Baptists and Bootleggers Won't Let Kids Buy Booze in the Self-Checkout Line


One of the 40,000 new regulations that went into effect on January 1 was a California rule prohibiting the sale of alcohol in self-checkout lines, sponsored by state Rep. Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco). Why? For the children, of course!

Will the ban prevent the kids from getting their Bartles & Jaymes on? Let's go to the numbers:

The study quoted in Ma's literature was undertaken in 2009 at UCLA. If you can look past the obsequious photos, the data is interesting. Ma's money shot is this passage: 

…participants were able to override a locked self-checkout machine or purchase alcohol without an employee's assistance and thus bypass the system 19 times out of 97 attempts (about 20 percent of attempts).
Another study, from San Diego State, found an even lower percentage of young people—of a sample pool more than twice as large—were able to make off with booze in the self-checkout line: 8.4 percent. 

Meanwhile, another set of numbers about Rep. Ma—unions love her, it seems, almost as much as they hate automated labor saving technologies!:

unions love ma

By the by, does the name Fiona Ma ring a bell? It should. She's the source of one of my favorite lines in recent memory from a video. Of her effort to crack down on raves in California, she says: "I found out later on that constitutionally you cannot ban a type of music." Oops.

Via the Yandle fans at Inertia Wins!

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  1. Yes, because it’s absurd to think that underage students will just get their 21 year old friends to buy the alcohol and bring it to a pre-determined location where people of all ages will consume it while socializing.

    1. To be fair, it’s been a long time since the state legislators have gotten together and watched Teen Wolf, so they’ve all forgotten about that.

    2. People above a certain age don’t seem to understand this. My parents sure don’t. They are always wringing their hands over various regulations designed to make it hard for kids to buy alcohol.

      One regulation they supported was a ban on liquor sales within a certain distance of churches, schools, or dorms. Note that we lived in a college town that had dorms all over the city limits. Current stores and bars were grandfathered in, but if they lost their liquor license for any reason they were barred from getting one again.

      Then main street started getting boarded up as restaurants started dropping and not getting replaced, and everyone stood around scratching their heads wondering why this had happened.

      I drank when I was in college and I can tell you; I would have crawled 2 miles on my hands and knees through broken glass to get a case of beer. I had no issues obtaining alcohol of any sort, despite the college campus being isolated and nowhere near a liquor store. So what’s the point of the stupid law?

  2. These people actually get elected to office.

    1. Just another reason not to vote.

      1. I reject your conclusion. It’s a reason to vote extra hard.

        1. Hey, FoE, can you see this? Because I’m doing it as hard as I can.


            No wonder you got banned.

          2. Not hard enough apparently.

  3. The sexiest thing about that girl in the screen shot is the credit card tucked in her waistband…not sure why.

    1. Could be her ID.

      1. Apparently you and I are the only ones who know that the back of a credit card looks different from the back of an id.

        That is not a credit card, it’s a driver’s license. Or maybe a CVS card.

        1. [pulls out Ralph’s card] “Is this your only form of identification?”

        2. Ignoring the fact that the back of her card looks much more like the back of my Bank of America VISA and absolutely nothing like the back of my DL.

          Unless my eyes or video quality is bad enough to suggest that the stripe on the back of that isn’t a stripe, but a barcode (which is on the back of a Washingto DL– which also doesn’t go border to border, like the stripe on the back of my credit card does.) Although the stripe on hers is pretty wide, unlike the one on my CC. This definitely calls for more investigation. Detailed. Close.

          Let me spend a few more minutes closely inspecting that card. I’ll get back to you.

          1. I shall also take time out of my busy schedule to closely examine that credit card slot. Reason you wouldn’t happen to have a 1080p version you can upload to help us in our cause?

    2. Lucky credit card.

    3. Female treasure trail.

    4. Because the rest of her is a large-shouldered, flat-chested little piglet?

      1. The poor dear. Could be worse. Well, a little worse.…..imals.html

        1. “Your honor, that pig was prancing around without any clothes! If it weren’t for the mud, you could have seen everything! Was it acceptable for her to lead me on like that, uh, assuming I was guilty, that is?”

    5. ‘Cause nobody had a Jackson?

    6. I didn’t have a fiver so I slipped her my Visa instead. Man can she work the pole!

      1. A fiver?! Cheapskate.

  4. I buy booze all the time in the self-check out line…..i just get the attendant to override the register. But then, I am a crusty old fucker……

    1. The rule is if you look 35 or younger the attendant or cashier has to check ID, or at least it is at the store where I work. I’m pretty sure small liquor stores are more lax in their standards, which, again, defeats the purpose of this law since people will go there instead of the big markets.

      1. I am aware of the rules, which is why I know that when I am asked for my id the checker is hitting on me. I am a decent looking crusty old fucker.

  5. “I found out later on that constitutionally you cannot ban a type of music”

    If there was ever a greater justification for the public hanging of an elected public official I am unaware of it.

    1. I’ve never understood politician’s love of collective punishment to prevent a few bad actors, because you know who else was a politician and what the ergo is?

    2. Oh you fail to appreciate California politics. That my friend is a future governor of this shit-hole.

  6. That’s okay, I’ll just go to school bathroom and buy some weed instead. they don’t accept blowjobs for Bartle&James; at the store anyway.

  7. This is absurd. As someone still young enough to get ID’d at times (technically I always should be in Texas as it is anyone under 35) I get ID’d at the self checkout more often than anywhere else besides a big liquor store. In the regular check out lane they almost always bypass the ID check but in self checkout you have to walk over and show them your ID, I can’t think of a single time they bypassed it. Restaurants or bars almost never check either unless I’m with someone older like my parents (weird since I could legally drink with my parents before I was 21).

  8. Actually, I’m stunned that a minor can override the ID check on a self-check register. 10% is way too high to be acceptable.

    On the other hand, if the clerk doesn’t notice them overriding a beer purchase, the clerk also won’t notice them shoplifting the beer.

    1. If you’ve ever used a self-checker, you know it’s really, really easy to pretend you’re buying stuff without paying for it. Pretend to scan it and put it in your cart, or just leave it in your cart and never attempt to pay. Shit, I’ve done the latter by mistake more than once.

      It’s a lot better cover for a shoplifter than hiding a six pack under your shirt, that’s for sure.

      1. The register weighs the item and compares it to a database to be sure it matches. Take the barcode something similar weight and size, like a sixpack of coke and paste it over the beer barcode and scan it.

  9. Dude no way man thats just kkinda crazy when you think about it. Wow.

    1. Best. anon. name. EVAR.

      Hobobber. Heh heh. Hobobber.

  10. There are stores that sell alcohol and only have self checkout lanes. One just opened up a few blocks down the street from me. I guess it will have to stop selling beer and wine. Fucking nannies.

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