Tim Cavanaugh Talks California Budget Blues on L.A. Fox News: 10 PM Pacific Time


There are lots of pictures of Jerry Brown looking just like this.

If you live in Los Angeles, catch Reason.com managing editor Tim Cavanaugh on local Fox news tonight at 10 PM and 11 PM. 

Topic: Gov. Jerry Brown released his 2012-2013 budget proposal [pdf] late this afternoon. 

With cuts to welfare and Medi-Cal, a reasonably ambitious pension reform scheme, suspiciously optimistic revenue projections, calls for higher taxes, a $9.3 billion deficit (which longtime Golden State watchers will recognize as an improvement over past years), and a threatened $4.8 billion cut to schools and community colleges, it's a real 167-page saga.

How much of it is for real? How much is poison-pill posturing to push through tax hikes? Does the pension reform have a prayer? Who will be the first to call this collection of fatty blobs (including $23 million million for additional staff and administrative costs for the High-Speed Rail Authority) an "austerity budget" filled with "devastating cuts"? 

All this and more, explained in plain English (you can work blue after 9 o'clock, right?). 

Where: KTTV Fox, Channel 11. 

When: Starting at 10 PM.