Nanny State

America's First Line of Defense Against the Sit 'n' Sleep Commercial


Take it from a big mouth: Martha Raye's freedom to be as loud as she wanted ta be was the greatest freedom of all.

Here's an essential function of government: making sure you don't have to turn your TV down during commercial breaks. 

For years the One Percent have been preying upon the rest of us by pitching commercials at higher volumes than regular programming. The practice is widely unpopular according to opinion polls, though it does not appear to depress overall viewing numbers. 

Enter the CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) Act, which authorizes the Federal Communications Commission "to prescribe a standard to preclude commercials from being broadcast at louder volumes than the program material they accompany." President Obama signed the CALM Act last year. Today, just prior to a ceremony for the shambling corpse of outgoing Commissioner Michael Copps, the FCC laid down detailed rules

USA Today's Mike Snider

The order, which goes into effect one year from today, "says commercials must have the same average volume as the programs they accompany," says FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

Last year, President Obama signed into law a measure that Congress passed giving the FCC authority to address the problem. A Harris poll taken around that time found that 86% of people surveyed said TV commercials were louder than the shows themselves — and, in many cases, much louder. "It is a problem that thousands of viewers have complained about, and we are doing something about it," Genachowski says.

While normal listening levels average about 70 decibels for a typical TV broadcast — 60 is equivalent to a restaurant conversation; 80 to a garbage disposal — levels on a TV channel can vary by as much as 20 decibels.

To comply with the new law, broadcasters can use audio processors to measure the loudness of a program over its entirety and adjust the volume of commercials accordingly, says Joe Snelson, vice president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. He said the goal is to avoid an abrupt change in volume when a show goes to commercial break.

The steep shift in volume can certainly be annoying. But it's fitting that Copps is being put out to pasture on the same day the FCC solves the most pressing TV problem of 1991. With the advent of DVR, online streaming and other technological terrors, the traditional potty-break commercial is already a fossil. In fact, advertisers are putting a lot of thought into solving the problem of ever-more-ignorable commercials – by, for example, framing and editing images so that they'll still communicate to a viewer who is fast-forwarding through the ads. This is a new version of an old problem: The original goal of raising the volume was to make sure commercials registered despite viewers' efforts to ignore them. 

Because making a profit is always really easy and these big corporations just write everything off, you can be sure the FCC will soon have to take the battle to new fronts. I just watched the Chipwrecked trailer on my computerwebs. A trailer is itself an advertisement. And yet both before and after viewing it I was forced – forced I say! – to watch other ads. That's no different than fascism, and it's certainly not what the framers had in mind when they wrote their fancy "First Amendment." FCC, where are you? 

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  1. Is there no problem too small or too trivial for the Obama administration address? I say not! In another life, Obama would have made a great president!

    1. This is just what this country needs.* Governance by the Andy Rooney segment. Soon, the 10 pack of hot dogs and 8 pack of hot dog buns will be a thing of the past. And don’t get me started on smaller portions at the same price.

      *Good and hard.

    2. I seem to recall there was some kind of technology back in the days of analogue that used this higher volume to identify commercials and block them until the show you were watching returned. If that technology still works, banning the aspect of commercials that distinguishes them from regular programming would actually make blocking them a lot more difficult. Somehow, I doubt the advertisers are going to be fighting this one.

      1. I remember my last analog TV having a feature that was supposed to mitigate the problem of loud commercials. I never used it both because I don’t get any commercial channels worth watching and it is at worst a minor annoyance.

        1. My 10+ year old CRT television had a “smart sound” feature that does just that. I turn it off, commercials are louder. Not enough to annoy me, but just enough to notice.

          1. Because of commercials being so loud and obnoxious, I make a habit of muting commercials and require anyone watching TV in my house to do likewise or turn it off. If they are going to make them unappealing to me, they can damn well lose money on me.

  2. MNG|10.1.10 @ 9:02AM|#
    I’m fine with the commercials bill. I buy my tv, I set the volume. For them to “hijack” my volume control is something like a fraud or conversion.

    1. Look, I’ve studied volume disparity in this country. EXTENSIVELY.

      1. I am disappointed by the lack of substance to the parent and grandparent post.

        1. Look, tarran, I’m pretty sure I make more money than you, and a lot louder too. As I said, I’ve studied the volume distribution in this country, extensively, and what I know is that there isn’t a volume setting low enough for Whitney.

          1. Hey, be careful, Tulpa might show up any minute to tell us disapprovingly that we will be racked with guilt should MNG be dead in a ditch somewhere.

            1. Tulpa doesn’t fucking know me at all.

              1. In his defense, you are disturbingly ineffable.

                1. Oh, he’s effable all right…GOOD AND HARD he’s effable.

                  1. yea, i guess. just close your eyes and think of mother england

          2. I wonder if maybe MNG has tired of defending the indefensible and pulled a less dramatic Joe.

            1. I would like to give you a rim-job, John.

              What say you? Or are you a homophobe?

            2. I’m sure joe will be back any day now to brag about all the great things Obama has done.

              1. My butt is so worn out, the poop just falls right out of me as I’m walking around. Some people say they are grossed out by this, but I say, if the sight of the abused, stretched maw that was my sphincter releasing it’s glorious payload makes you upset, you are a homophobe.

                /liberal logic

              2. joe will be back about 1 month into the Paul presidency.

                Okay, maybe not then.

                1 month into a Romney/Newt presidency.

      2. I’ve seen the actuarial tables. They do not lie.

    2. I wonder when MNG will be slinking back here.

      1. When he thinks were all forgotten.

        1. I could never forget you, NutraSweet. I’ve tried, but I can’t.

          1. Have tried distracting your entire mind instead of actually forgetting? Perhaps by watching some gliterry vampires while eating deep dish?

            1. I did something preferable; I gave myself electroshock therapy.

              Didn’t work.

              1. Ah, so you haven’t really tried. You don’t want to forget him.

                1. It’s so true.

            2. please don’t lump the abomination that is known as deepdish(cake) in with the silly, but entertaining spectacle that is THE TWILIGHT SAGA(tm)

          2. I could never forget you, NutraSweet. I’ve tried, but I can’t.

            There are some things you just can’t unsee.

      2. Why did he disappear? I know that it was about the F&F time. Was it specifically because of that?

    3. If people don’t like the decibel level of their commercials they can freely choose to watch other commercials until the market signals that people prefer their commercials at non-earsplitting levels.

      1. The funny thing about this is that the market has already shown that people really don’t care that much about the volume of the commercials.

      2. I hate when I flip channels and one channel is louder than another. That is FASCISM!

        1. like when they sync commercials, so you flip around and all the channels are playing commercials at the same time

          it’s either collusion or some kind of sting-syncronicity thing

          1. I’ve bought a fair bit of ad time over the years and I suspect most of it’s either random or at the convenience of the cable operators. Specific-time pricing for commercials is quite expensive. If it really is coordinated, they have paid through the nose for it.

            1. Question:
              You mean commercials pitching the same product at the same time?
              Dunphy is noting the sync of a random commercial at the same time.

      3. Or the market can provide magical devices that allow people to bypass commercials entirely. Amazing!

  3. DVR FTW!

    i don’t watch ANY shows live. i just DVR them. if it’s something i want to immediately watch, i record it , then start watching about 15 minutes after it begins (for an hour show, since it will have roughly 15 minutes of commercials)

    using DVR completely eliminates commercials.

    1. I can do this with everything but sports. For some reason, watching a game that has already been played feels weird to me.

      1. Yeah, this.

        Except for motorcycle races, cause most of them are tape-delayed anyway. I’m just glad to see motorcycle racing on TV, so no bitch about tape delay.

        1. I’m ok with poker on Tivo too. But teh foosball, no way. Even when I pause to go to the wee wee room I come back and fast forward until real time…don’t know why.

          1. it’s probably like some weird nod to heisenberg uncertainty principle.

            by watching live, it gives us a a feeling of control and/or free will in football

            if it’s recorded, it’s already predetermined, and as americans, determinism CANNOT BE TOLERATED

            1. And of course we know that there is no delay, even with the signal processing on sight, at the network, at the local cable company… not to mention the lightspeed lag from bouncing it to a satellite or two.

          2. You’re supposed to go to the wee wee room during the commercials.

            It could be worse, though: you could be a tennis fan. When they tape-delay a tennis match, they’ll often cut out large chunks of the match “due to time constraints”. ESPN did this with the women’s final at the year-end championships (showing a fantasy football show instead), which is infuriating, since Tennis Channel aired the rest of the tournament live and would have aired the final live if ESPN hadn’t snatched up the rights.

    2. One thing I like about hulu:

      YOu can tel it whether the ad is ‘relevant’ or not.

      It took me about a year to train it but I don’t get any political ads anymore and it’s been 6 month’s since Michelle Obama has graced my computer with her Goebelsesque harangues about obesity.

  4. I like the “old days” of DVR where commercials could be excised entirely, but the advertisers put the kibosh on that pretty quickly.

    Now, I think they’ve also convinced the networks to work in little teaser segments that are about 30 seconds of the show in the middle of 5 minutes of commercials so that people think they have fast forwarded through all the commercials and stop only to be greeted with another commercial.

    I’d like to see a pay TV model with no commercials. Hell, people pay $50-100/mo just to receive programming and then the programs still have commercials.

    1. You might want to try this thing called HBO. It’s new, but you just might like it.

      1. And most of it’s programming is far superior to anything on advert-featuring channels. Except for AMC. Breaking Bad alone is the greatest fucking show ever.

        1. The fact that no one has yet said “Yes, Sudden, Breaking Bad is in fact the greatest show ever” both deeply disappoints me and confirms to me that you people aren’t simply figments of my imagination meant to confirm deeply held beliefs that no one in the real world ever seems to share.

          1. I watched Season 1. It was pretty good, but I passed on continuing because of time constraints.

            And the greatest show ever was Enos.

            1. If you want to whip out some horrors, I’m up for that.

              1. Don’t even try to compete with me, you amateur.

                1. Indeed. A show that lasted five seasons versus a show that lasted five episodes? No contest.

                  1. a friend of mine “starred” in the 80’s updated version of the munsters

                    i was actually surprised to see on wikipedia that it lasted 72 episodes!

                    considering that i have never met anybody (besides me) that has even heard of it, let alone liked it

                    “The Munsters Today
                    Main article: The Munsters Today

                    The Munsters Today ran from 1988 to 1991 and lasted for 72 episodes. The unaired pilot episode, written by Lloyd J. Schwartz, explained the 22 year gap through an accident in Grandpa’s lab that put the family to sleep. They awake in the late 1980s and have to adapt to their new surroundings. It featured John Schuck (Herman), Lee Meriwether as Lily, Howard Morton (Grandpa) and Jason Marsden (Eddie). Marilyn was portrayed by Mary-Ellen Dunbar in the unaired pilot, and by Hilary Van Dyke thereafter. The show used many props and set pieces from the original series, and also reworked some old storylines. From the second season onwards, the show developed a more modern approach, with colorful new costumes and more contemporary storylines.”

                    1. I suppose you watched it with your wife, Morgan Fairchild.


                    2. :l

                      i lol’d.

                      ah, pip. named after the most hated character ever in south park.

                      how appropriate

                      where have you gone, pip-o?
                      our nation turns its lonely eyes to you… woo oo oo

          2. I need to try Breakign Bad again. I watched most of the first season, but it was just too grim and depressing at the time.

        2. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet but Hell On Wheels is fucking tits.

          1. Hell On Wheels is fucking tits

            If you’d watched BB you’d realize that’s demonstrably fucking false.

    2. That’s why I dropped Hulu Plus. If I have to pay, commercials have got to go. The Plus premium was them keeping the whole season of the show up… which–if the commercials were actually making money–they would have been doing anyway.

      That and all the computer-only restricted shows. Fuck that shit, yo. Get this, Hulu… my phone is a fucking computer.

      1. And so is my tablet. They blocked my Linux devices for years, and now that I’m using my Android tablet more, they’re blocking that, too. Hulu comes through great on my Marconi, though.

      2. With Hulu Plus, I’ve found that shows that are available to non-subscribers still have commercials for Plus subscribers, but Plus-only content, like the Criterion Collection movies, is commercial free. But, yeah, not being able to access some shows on my phone, Kindle and Blu-ray is a pain. I hate having to plug my laptop into my TV to get some Hulu content on my television.

    3. “I’d like to see a pay TV model with no commercials.”

      HBO or BBC. Take your pick.

      1. HBO, Showtime, Starz all have fine original programming

    4. Meh, I watch TCM.

      Unfortunately, the Fox Movie Channel is introducing commercials starting in January. 🙁

      1. That probably means Fox Movie Channel is also introducing newer, suckier movies, too. That’s how AMC’s decline started.

  5. Typical government, not even solving the real problem, which is commercials that have doorbells in them, like this Hass? Avocado commercial with John Lynch.

    Fix the fucking doorbells, Genachowski!

    1. That is especially annoying when you have a dog that barks at the door everytime one of those commercials airs.

      1. Yeah, my dog is way too paranoid for those commercials. Even worse are commercials that have animals in them. She loses it when that talking flea dog comes on.

      2. Or 4 dogs that bark at the door every time one those commercials airs.

        1. Five terriers. They lose it when the doorbell rings on TV.

          Although I now have the CGI bar set for Hollywood. I have one that is way more territorial than the rest. If there’s an animal on the TV, he’s against it because it’s in his living room, dammit. CGI animals? He could care less. If CGI is going to impress me, it needs to fool my dog.

        2. Or two hearing dogs that start barking at fucking John Lynch with the doorbell, and two deaf dogs that then see the hearing dogs barking and get into it themselves.

  6. in the man cave, commercials mean surfing for 3 minutes…or just switch to another game till that commercial…then back. ez pleasy

    1. Fuck, even ohio orrin gets it. there’s no tv set made without a mute button, volume control, and channel change button. The fact that people are being paid with taxpayer money to “regulate” this non-issue, is absurd.

  7. Only old people watch commercials/ live tv outside of sports. One of my senior side projects in the electrical engineering and computer science labs was to modify my dvr such that it skips commercials for me like in the old days. Easier than you’d think.

    1. I actually want to see the commercials fly by because sometimes they announce a new show or the return of an existing show in a new season, and I want to know about that. Or upcoming movie ads; if it looks interesting, I return to play and watch the commercial.

      1. That’s true. I guess my wife keeps me up to date on those things through whatever gossip shows she watches.

      2. What if they included those little pop up boxes at the bottom of the screen during the show you’re watching showing “XXXX: New season begins XX/XX” instead of wasting time showing me little upcoming clips from the coming season that are going to make me speculate on all sorts of potential directions the show will go?

        1. They could do that. I really have no problem blasting through the commercials on my TiVo, and I actually do get information from them sometimes. Plus, the TiVo has the “jump-ahead” fast forward feature which RULES THE DVR WORLD.

          Did they patent that? I’ve never seen it on another DVR that wasn’t a TiVo.

          1. Replay had it, the company TiVo destroyed early on.

          2. My FIOS DVR has a user-programmable skip: 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

            1. That’s not what the TiVo does. As you fast forward, it shows you about 2 seconds ahead of where you are. So when you see your show come back on and hit play, it’s actually about 1-2 seconds before you return from commercial. It’s fucking genius and I love it.

              1. my DVR does this too.

      3. You never know when they will have a new “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial.

        1. Thank heaven for youtube.

        2. “I don’t always take a shit at work, but when I do I play Angry Birds.”

          Stay Thirsty my Friends

          1. note: wives generally HATE when you take the ipad/laptop into the bathroom with you.

          2. “I don’t always take a shit at work, but when I do, I use the handicap stall.”

            I wish I could find the picture that went with that quote when I first saw it…

      4. The movie ads never look interesting to me, mostly because modern movies all seem to have a color palette consisting mostly of blues and browns. (And red for the explosions.)

        Give me dye-imbibition Technicolor any day.

  8. To comply with the new law, broadcasters can use audio processors to measure the loudness of a program over its entirety and adjust the volume of commercials accordingly, says Joe Snelson, vice president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

    Anyone else see a minor conflict of interest from this guy? Who’s going to do all that audio analysis, hmmm??

    1. What are you, some sort of Nazi sympathizer???

  9. Advertisers raising the volume on their commercials is like the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, and the Holodomor rolled into one, only worse — so it’s an awesome job the FCC is here to guard our dumb asses from it all!

    1. At least it is a legitimate complaint. I mean, there are worse things the FCC could be (and probably is) doing.

      1. I believe its existence is an abomination, so it’s not like I’m a fan of anything they do. But seriously, if it gets too loud once the commercials start rolling, mute the freaking television. It really is THAT easy, complainers!

        1. Actually, I believe that this is a sign that the FCC has now officially accomplished all of its stated goals in the Communications Act of 1934 and can now be safely disbanded.

          Or dismembered. Whatever.

          1. First one, then the other.

      2. Its actually not legit. The FCC is supposed to be in the business of mediating the use of broadcast spectrum. Meaning they allocate spectrum and make/tweak regulations to allow as many broadcasters as possible exist. And they’ve managed to pickup the censor job as well.

        They really shouldn’t be stepping in in the matter of what technology to use or the format of broadcasts.

        And this is stepping waaay beyond their actual authority since this bill will affect cable only stations – the one’s that are now nominally outside the FCC’s jurisdiction since they are available only to subscriber’s.

  10. it does not appear to depress overall viewing numbers

    Because people have mostly adapted to the commercial-time volume surge. No one wants it, but no one cares much. If anything, it’s a welcome reminder to stop watching.

    But so now Geico (who aren’t the first to do it, but they fucking always do it) start their ads with a just-long-enough silence to make you think your equipment’s fucking up, so you look at it and get Geicoed in the face.

    And so if I ever see a Geico office, I’m going to pause silently in front of it for a few seconds, then Occupy it with shit and rape.


    1. What about FLO? Do you like FLO?!? Deformed face creepy soul-less monster FLO, who–judging by her name–is constantly menstruating FLO?

      1. Then there’s the Progressive, Farmer’s and State Farm commercials. It’s as if the insurance industry has collectively decided to compete for who has the most annoying commercials.

        1. I kind of like Flo. And who doesn’t like TV’s first black President? Racist!!

          1. You would like Flo. You probably like Whitney too.

            1. Who is Whitney?

              1. Don’t pretend you don’t know, John.

            2. I was hoping Whitney would be a “reality” show about Whitney Houston’s crack-addled rants. I was disappointed.

            1. I have to say, I do have this weird Flo fetish. I think all the Progressive ads have imprinted her on my subconscious.

              Better her, a flesh-and-blood woman, than Erin Esurance, I say.

              1. Based on that image, I’d go with Dylan Ryder.

                Google that one from home.

                1. Based on that image, I’d go with Dylan Ryder.


              2. I do too. Her name is Stephanie Courtney. She reminds me of the office girl Danielle on American Pickers only with no ink.

                1. i like the girl in the pajamas on the ED-U-CA-TION CO-NNEC-TION commercials.

                  a guy on my wling team HATES that jingle, so i instant looped it in my DAW and played it at the gym

                  that’s how i roll

    2. Oh please!

      Whatever Geico’s sins, they brought us R Lee Ermey, psychiatrist.

      1. One of the greatest commercials ever.

      2. I would have switched to Geico if he had told the guy, “You had best unfuck yourself Pyle, or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!”

      3. “Jackwagon”??

        1. It sounds nasty without upsetting the FCC.

  11. Are commercials those things that go by really fast between bits of programming?

    1. I actually watch a lot of commercials. When the generic shit starts rolling, I’ll walk way or change channels, but if it’s something new, or if it’s about TV shows or movies, I’ll often watch.

      Aren’t you of the opinion we should have a TV tax in the US, like the Limetrees?

      1. I’ve seldom met a tax I didn’t like.

    2. They’re those little segments between Rachel Maddow rants where MSNBC puts their “lean forward” montage that is essentially telling you to bend over for your betters in the media and govt.

  12. This seems pretty cool. I wonder if they can rig these things to shoot people into space like some kind of amusement park ride.

  13. Does anyone know if Sit n’ Sleep has ever actually given away a free mattress?

        1. That might be the best commercial ever, although I don’t think excluding Asians is velly nice.

          1. Asians buy furniture?!?

            1. Futons.

  14. Huh. If only someone will invent a device to accomplish this goal non-coercively.

    Nah. What we need is a new law.

    1. We should post snarky product reviews of this product saying:


    2. Excellent work pmains.

      Now, what we need is a massive federal program to provide this device, free of charge, to every American household by November of 2012.

      1. Can we have Sally Struthers commercials to go along with that program?

        “*sniff* Joe not only doesn’t have access to broadband….*sniff*….he also doesnt’ have that loudness device moderator thingy. That’s why our government is helping people like Joe by distributing low or no-cost volume thingies.

        For teh childrenz. *sniff*”

        Cause then it would suck even moar.

  15. Anyone who would deny Tommy Vu a forum, is no friend of the American Dream.

    1. you a losuh, get out of my way losuh!

  16. I thought there was something called audio sweetening that gets around this kind of regulation pretty easily? The audio engineer mixes the average sound of the commercial up to the limit…like increasing the density of the sound…but without going over it. Your ears perceive it as louder even though it’s not measurably louder.

    1. in recording terminology we refer to these as “compressors”

      two very often used pieces (mine are software based, but i used to have rack versions) of recording equipment are the compressor and the limiter

      frankly, intelligent use of them really distinguishes “professional sounding” recordings from amateurish ones

      use of them, along with good equalizer skillz really helps fit vocals, instruments, etc. together in a song in a way that sounds nonjarring and like it all fits

      that, and weird ass room acoustics, are why some bands can sound totally shitty live (well that, and lack of talent), although a REALLY good soundboard tech can do a good job

    2. It’s called dynamic range reduction, or compression/limiting. You know how commercial cd’s now sound like shit?? Well, thanks to this dumbass law, that’s how TV commercials will sound. So instead of just loud, they will be loud and distorted.

      1. yea, robo. as a “sound guy” myself, i think some of the engineering and OVERUSE of compressor (and limiters) by modern studio techs with no sense of artistry is sad.

        INTELLIGENT use of them (and other studio “tricks”) is a great benefit to music

        artists (and i mean that in the best sense of the term) like brian eno, rick rubin etc. use them to great effect

        but they, like the autotune, the digital delay, etc. if overused or poorly used can DESTROY good music

        generally speaking, less is more

        three chords, a guitar, and the truth

        that’s all you need.

        i, otoh, know FOUR CHORDS AND SHIT!!!!

  17. I have a TV with no remote.

    I am the 1%….

    1. my cell phone doesn’t take texts

      i am the .01 %

      1. Cell phone?
        (I jest)

    2. I don’t have cable or satellite* and have never used DVR in my life…took me a while to even figure out what it was you guys were talking about.

      *…and haven’t had it for 12+ years. That savings alone has provided a nice nest egg for retirement.

  18. There used to be a TV that evened out the volume of commercials- this was at least 10 years ago. The fact that this option isn’t available anymore indicates that people really don’t care that much.

    1. Magnavox, smart sound. Does Magnavox even exist anymore?

  19. I suppose I should be pure enough to be bothered about this, but somehow I can’t muster up the outrage. I guess I’m only 99 44/100% libertarian.

    1. i’m the same way with food labeling.

      which gets a lot of people pretty frothy. more information = good.

      govt. limiting choice = bad

      and yes, i know.. govt. MANDATING food labeling is awful and shit. i just well… don’t agree

      but it is definitely NOT “pure libertarian”

      1. I’m with you on the food labeling. There have been a few things throughout history the gov’t has gotten right. Catalytic converters on cars is another one (was driving behind an old classic car the other day and was reminded what cars used to all smell like).

  20. occutards… now with extra groovy HORSE assaults…

    (link haz pics)…..nstration/

    On December 12th, at approxiamtely 1:15 p.m., members of Occupy Seattle movement held a protest rally at Westlake Park, with the intention of marching to several shipping terminals and disrupting business. The marchers left Westlake at approximately 1:35 p.m., walking in the street and blocking vehicular traffic. At approximately 2:30 p.m., a call was broadcast that some of the protesters had thrown paint on a Bank in the 2700 block of 1 Av S.

    At approxiamtely 2:40 p.m., the first protesters began arriving at Terminal 18, at the Port of Seattle. Later, a second group arrived and completely blocked vehicular traffic on S. Spokane St in both directions by standing in the roadway. The protesters then took multiple sections of fencing and drug it across the roadway leading to the terminal gate.

    The demonstrators subsequently blocked vehicular traffic leading to the terminal gate and all truck traffic was completely immobilized by the protesters in the roadway. Numerous dispersal orders were given to the marchers and they responded by pulling more fencing into the roadway. Marchers then began throwing flares(which burns at 1400 degrees fahrenheit), bags of bricks and paint, rebar (pictured above) and other debris at the police officers and police horses monitoring the demonstration. At least five officers was injured after being struck with a bag of paint, flares, rebar and other debris thrown by suspects. The officers was treated at the scene by SFD medics.

    Eleven adult subjects were arrested for various violations including Failure to Disperse, Obstructing and Assaulting an Officer. Those subjects were booked into the King County Jail.

  21. I have to wonder how much the “Sit and Sleep” guys paid for that ad space. It would seem un libertarian not to charge for for that.

    Also, I am finding myself overly concerned about the weight of my mattress, especially after seeing the convincing real life footage of the dreadful looking dust mite.

  22. Well as long as we’re legislating ridiculous things I’m glad this got passed. In all seriousness I think this is best act Obama has performed as President. I’m not sure of the philosophical implications or precedents set by such a measure but this whole jacking the volume up thing REALLY pisses me off. It’s auditory rape. Yes, I just compared this to rape because it is orificial molestation.

    1. ^ Satire. Got to be.

  23. This only affects broadcast TV, right? If so, screw them. TV stations are rent-seekers par excellence.

    It is fairly annoying when you’re watching a show late at night in your apartment and all of the sudden the commercial comes on at twice the volume so that your neighbors complain.

  24. It’s probably not terribly good for the image of libertarianism as a 1% phenomenon to be going on about how this is irrelevant since “everyone” has a DVR. You might as well say that if people don’t like loud commercials they should pull their tophats over their ears and loosen their monocles.

    DVR + cable = 4000 rounds of 22LR per month

    1. 22lr? that’s wonderful if we see the dawn of Squirrel Apocalypse

      1. Typed like someone who’s never been attacked by undead rodents.

        1. nope. and btw, i get TWO boxes of ammo a month!


          1. oh, and stuff like .40 cal which i assume is more expensive than 22lr

            i’ve never actually bought ammo, so i wouldn’t know

            1. Parasite. Do you get it as part of your pay, or does it just go missing from the evidence locker?

              Decent (ie not Remington) 9mm and 38 special are like $20 for 50 rounds at Walmart. And that’s the FMJ plinking kind, not the hollowpoint for social work.

  25. This could cause prices to rise. To quote many a commercial: “How do we keep our prices so low? VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME!

  26. Glad the FCC has put forth the CALM act which will turn the volume down on those blaring TV ads. The problem of annoying volume fluctuations from commercials is has been out of hand for a long time. I know the FCC has been one to step up to put an end to it, but the FCC is not the only one as DISH has resolved this. The TruVolume technology will keep volume controlled. The Hopper receiver works great and brings additional TV and DVR functions to other locations for a whole home experience. I like the fact that Pandora and Facebook apps will be available. I know I will enjoy my employee service even more and I’m excited for the release. Another great feature is the remote locator; I always seem to lose mine and now it will help me find it.

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