Tim Cavanaugh Talks Stimulosis with Jerry Doyle 1:30 Pacific (Almost now!)


Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will appear on the Jerry Doyle radio show at 1:30 PM Pacific Time today (4:30 PM Eastern).

Topic: Why does Keynesian success feel like failure? It's a big Christmas; there were Black Friday tramplings all over the land; everybody's spending; nobody's saving; the demand gap has been closed. "According to the standard macroeconomic model," Cavanaugh writes, "you revive a stagnant economy by closing the gap in aggregate demand. Taking up the slack in demand is supposed to be the heavy lifting of an economic recovery, the part of the job so big only the government can do it."

Now that big job is done. So why is the economy still in the crapper?

Keynesians, Friedmanites, Austrians, freshwaterists, saltwaterists, Grid Epsilon Irregulars and others are urged to listen in. 

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