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To Prevent Kids From Smoking Cigarettes, New York Bars Adults From Buying Flavored Cigars


A federal judge recently upheld New York City's senseless ban on flavored tobacco products, which bars adults from buying rum-flavored cigars or cherry-flavored pipe tobacco in order to stop kids from smoking cigarettes. Or something like that. Unfortunately, the issue was not whether there is any rhyme or reason to this arbitrary edict but whether it is pre-empted by the the federal Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The judge concluded that it isn't, because the federal law allows state and local governments to impose restrictions "in addition to, or more stringent than," the ones enacted by Congress. The stupider, the better.

I noted the ordinance when the New York City Council passed it in 2009. The vote was 47 to 1.

[Thanks to Bill Godshall for the tip.]


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  1. Was watching Storage Wars and Barry mentions to Jarrod that he likes to dip cigars in brandy. Or was it Brandy? Could be either, that dude is a perv.

    1. *Brandi*

    2. Sometimes a brandy-flavored cigar is just a brandy-flavored cigar?

      1. The guys wife is named Brandi if you didn’t know. No way it wasn’t intentional. I think it is hilarious.

  2. does this include blunt wraps?

  3. Yes, but does calling everyone involved in this stupid ban a jackass affect interstate commerce?

  4. In North Korea West, only the Bloomberg-bust buttplugs are flavored.

  5. This is truly sad and embarrassing. The only good thing is that the law seems extremely under-enforced – I still see strawberry-flavored cigars and such for sale all over the place.

    1. Are you in NYC? This is a city law.

      1. Yes, I am. Like I said, two years on, clove cigarettes, grape-flavored cigars, etc. are still quite accessible, if not quite as common as they were before. I think the police have little interest in enforcing this one, to be honest.

        1. Strongly suspect you must be right. I’d expect this would be enforced more at the wholesale end than retail though.

  6. There are some very pricey (and quite good, based on the two I’ve tried) top shelf cigars that are “flavored” (mostly during the tobacco aging process). I wonder if they didn’t just outlaw the entire line of Drew Estate cigars.

  7. The only nay vote was from a Democrat named Lewis A. Fidler. Good for him.

    1. Did he vote from the roof-top?

    2. IIRC, he admitted to smoking the occasional grape-flavored cigar himself. I appreciate his philosophical rectitude even as I shudder at his taste…

    3. The only nay vote was from a Democrat …

      Are you telling me the New York City Council has Republicans on it? The mind boggles.

  8. They’re just trying to create a market for bottled tobacco flavoring, sell em right beside the cigars. See, it’s a way to assist the “free” market.

    As far as the law, how many kids do you see smoking cigars or pipes (tobacco pipes anyway). Doesn’t happen, neither deliver what a cigarette does. I smoke all three and no cigarette addict is going to be happy smoking cigars or pipe. And I certainly didn’t start my smoking career with a cigar or pipe or I probably wouldn’t still be smoking. If you inhale they’re much too strong for a young clean lunged person. I see it doing nothing positive and plenty negative, but what do you expect from politicians?

    1. I didn’t smoke pipe tobacco till college but I smoked cheap cigars well before a cigarette touched my lips. Could easily go down to a gas station and get somebody to buy a single or pack of backwoods.

      1. And by pack of backwoods I mean pouch of backwoods.

        1. Hadn’t considered those little cigars, I generally go for a panatela.

          In the future please agree with me when I’m wrong, I do work for the government and such insolence shall not be tolerated.

  9. I’m more offended by the ban on flavored smokeless tobacco. Someone, at some point, is going to market banana snus, and I want that day to come soon.

  10. I hear that Bloomberg may consider extending bedtimes for New Yorkers to 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

  11. Napoleon may not have been insane before his exile, but many of his imitators have been.

  12. ugh Bloomberg! Can somebody just stomp on this meddling moronic midget?
    NYC has some {like Boston} of the most uninformed politicians that I have seen lately. Did they ever read any of the data that was presented to them about there not being any data showing that kids are not attracted to or buying cigars, dissolvables,snus,ecigs or other alternative flavored products?
    Of course not!
    Banana snus will come!

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