Reason Morning Links: Newt Continues to Sit Pretty Atop Polls, David Frum Gets Prime Print Real Estate to Moan About "Ultralibertarianism," U.S. Steps Up Efforts to Paint Iran Into a Corner


  • New Gallup poll has Newt Gingrich at 22 percent, Mitt Romney at 21 percent, and everybody else staring up at the formers' cushy, corporatist rumps.
  • Where does the modern police state get its surveillance tools? The Wall Street Journal has put together a catalog
  • "The Bush years cannot be repudiated, but the memory of them can be discarded to make way for a new and more radical ideology, assembled from bits of the old GOP platform that were once sublimated by the party elites but now roam the land freely: ultralibertarianism, crank monetary theories, populist fury, and paranoid visions of a Democratic Party controlled by ACORN and the New Black Panthers." David Frum, ladies and gentlemen
  • Can a technocrat save Italy? Probably not
  • Reuters: "The Treasury Department plans to designate Iran as an area of 'primary money laundering concern' on Monday, a U.S. official said, a move allowing it to take steps to further isolate the Iranian financial sector."
  • Imitation Ecstasy makes its way onto the legal high market, prudes overreact.

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