Occupy Wall Street

Reason Morning Links: The Newt Backlash Is in Full Effect, The Romney Backlash Is Still Going Strong, The Online Piracy Act Backlash Gathers Steam


  • Jack Abramoff accuses Newt Gingrich of corruption. 
  • Republican direct mail pioneer Richard Viguerie says "there's no conservative case for Mitt Romney."
  • The Internet rises up like a hydra to tell Congress not to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act. 
  • America is not the fattest country in the world. 
  • The drought in Texas may last through 2020
  • Jerry Sandusky's interview with NBC, in which he said he showered with–but did not rape–young people, has inspired former young people to come forward and share their stories about how Sandusky is a liar (and a rapist). 
  • New report: "Having school resource officers (SROs) and other police in schools causes more harm than good."

New at Reason.tv: "Occupy Wall Street Removed from Zuccotti Park by NYPD (11/15/2011)"


NEXT: George Will: Spending Wins, Even With Mandatory Sequester Cuts

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  1. Pop the champagne everyone, the total combined national debt has officially hit 15 trillion dollars. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. What-ever! We can totally pay it all off with our baby-sitting scrip!

      1. My mind is, like, totally blown! People who don’t understand this are literally insane!

        1. No substance, Warty. Not even a music video. I am disappoint.

      2. Our babies are shitting scrip!

    2. Arbitrary boogieman number. Wake me when you get to a figure with some meat on its bones.

        1. [whistle blows]

          5 minute penalty for unsportsman-like conduct – posting chubby-chaser pics. Only sarcasmic is allowed.

    3. What is it if you include state debt?

      1. One. Jillion. Dollars.

      2. And Fannie and Freddie.

        1. Yeah, we are so totally fucked.

  2. GOP lawmakers say nation not safer after decade with TSA

    “Americans have paid $60 billion funding TSA and they are no safer today than they were before 9/11,” Broun said during a news conference at Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport announcing the report.

    Mica, who wrote the the law that established the TSA in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, agreed. Despite the fact that there have not been any incidents since that day, the TSA has not made flying safer, he said.

    1. On average, our officers find about two guns a day at checkpoints. Yesterday must not have been an average day, because 10 guns were found in various checkpoints around the country, well above the norm.


      oops – too ez !

      1. Ok, triple asshole. Now explain how finding those guns made flying safer.

        1. foolish question prima facia

      2. Makes you wonder how many that they miss, on average.

      3. o3, how many terrorists has the TSA caught?

        1. Sorry, we can’t tell you. National Security and all that.

    2. the TSA has not made flying safer

      With all due respect, how does one measure “safer”? Ask passengers how they feel?

    3. only th e wignuzt on thes sight thing we is not more safer just moar unoin HATE frm the taalk raidio

      1. ^poor spoof. count the gunz fool

        1. Nice try spoof, we know the real o3 is the one you’re replying to.

          1. no its jsut ols mix spofffng me

            1. ^nope sarcasmic who’s active downthread. too ez babiee !

              1. You should go down to Wall Street and demand free lithium prescriptions if you can’t pay for them yourself.

                1. but doesnt team boosch’s unfunded medicare perscription plan cover that?

  3. State reprimands 7 doctors for Capitol protest sick notes

    Seven doctors received a reprimand from a state board Wednesday after issuing sick notes to demonstrators during the protests against Gov. Scott Walker’s union bargaining law.

    “The board action today holds these physicians accountable for their very public actions,” said a statement from Sujatha Kailas, a physician and chairman of the Medical Examining Board.

    1. Ooo! Scary stuff. Their reprimand is noted on their permanent record.

      1. The doctors’ reprimands would be a factor in determining discipline in future cases if any of the doctors come before the board again, he said.

        Yeah, now those guys are in some deep shit if they amputate the wrong leg on someone next year!

      2. ? Oh, yeah? Well, don’t get so distressed
        Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed??

      3. Next step: double secret probation


    2. Slap their wrists so docs can continue to pretend their guild is self-policing.

    3. “State reprimands 7 doctors for Capitol protest sick notes”

      Who was it that claimed to the last breath that these doctors did nothing wrong?

  4. I’m watching the NYC news channels right now. OWS protestors are making life miserable for commuters. They claim they will be trying to block the subways in the evening commute.

    By tonight, the cops will be trying to protect the protestors from New Yorkers.

    1. Yeah, way to win over the hearts and minds of the public. Retards.

    2. Yes, because the “banksters” are definitely taking the F train home. Get ’em!


      1. Never spent much time in NYC, have you?

        All the “banksters” ride through the city in limos wearing tuxedos and top hats while smoking cigars and sipping scotch.

        1. Doctor! This patient needs 50cc of sarcasm detector! STAT!

            1. It’s OK. They still haven’t came out with that sarcasm font.

              Fucking recession.

              1. They still haven’t came out with that sarcasm font.

                Doesn’t matter if they do, this place will just break it on the very first day.

                1. The truth of this statement pleases me.

              2. They’re not actually making a sarcasm font. The announcement was them being sarcastic.

                1. I thought Comic Sans was the sarcasm font. It’s not?

      2. As a banker in NYC, I can tell you we do ride the train, just not during the evening rush. Still working.

        1. Ah, but are you a “bankster”? Because they ride around in palanquins carried by enslaved art herstory graduates, nibbling on the poor’s pickled young, laughing uproariously at the devastation they have caused.

          1. I can confirm that, indeed, most banksters ride public transportation during off-hours. This poster is an aspiring Bankster! and has yet to be fitted with thier top hat and monocle.

            1. I want to dress up in a top-hat, monocle, etc… and take a stroll down Wall Street today. Maybe beat some hippies with my cane if they give me any guff. Otherwise I’ll just hurumpff them.

              1. good luck finding “hippies”

                1. Good luck conversing with the rest of us, Stuck in the 80’s guy. The 80s, that temporary haven where the hippies and hipters crawled away into an obscure No War in Nicaragua niche. Poor fucks. The fact that Ronnie Raygun agreed with them sucked out all the oxygen for their cause.

                  1. Are you saying that New Wave is the antidote?

                    I will blast New Order and Pet Shop Boys everywhere I go if you can confirm.

                    1. It just. might. work. Drake. Try it in a coffee shop first before you try it in the streets. gotta be sure first.

    3. I wish they would try that in DC. Hippie punching would be a fine afterwork activity.

        1. I remember back in the 90’s Justice for Janitors would occasionally block a DC area commuter bridge.

          It didn’t win them any friends, to say the least.

          1. If they block the Key Bridge people are going to go bizerk. I have an appointment in Georgetown this afternoon. Might have to check it out.

            1. What’s bizerk?

              1. It’s like berserk but much more XTREME!

        2. Holy shit, I’m filling my socks with quarters right now.

        3. Target

        4. They are just going to march to Key Bridge. As much as I would like to go by a really heavy cain and beat them like baby seals, I can’t really do that. I was hopeing that they would try and block my entrance to metro and give me an excuse to push a few of them down those endless escalators they have on the DC metro in self defense.

          1. Psh. Wake me when you push one off a bridge.

          2. As much as I would like to go by a really heavy cain

            He already looks to be about 220.

            1. Yeah, but he got punked so hard he’s now an announcer.

              Speaking of which, Velasquez got his as beat down in his first fight since taking the title. Wasn’t even close.

          3. I’m surprised regular folks don’t die on those hellion escalators.

        5. John:

          You realize that you have to follow through now, right? And please post pictures.

          1. I can’t just go attack them. They have to do something stupid to give me an excuse and a defense in court.

            1. Some lawyer you are.

            2. In their case, I would think that existing would qualify as doing something stupid.

      1. I’m wondering why someone hasn’t left a cup of Butyric acid in the middle of Macpherson square already and skunked the hippies out.

        1. They can’t smell that over the reek of their own dreadlocked armpit hair.

        2. They didn’t smell a dead body for three days, remember?

        3. Still no way they smell worse than French u-railers.

    4. Taking a cue from the Oakland douches and fucking over the people they claim to be representing. Nice.

    5. Yeah, I saw their little action plan on one of the links here last night, and I thought that was amazingly stupid. It’s one thing to park it outside Wall Street, but to try and shut down the public transportation system too? Apparently they forgot what a public relations disaster that was for the unions when they tried that in 2005.

    6. We’re doing this for YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU…

    7. Normal people need to Occupy the Exits.

  5. Strangely enough, there seems to be a total news blackout on the part of MSNBC and their sister network the MSNBC Business Channel regarding this morning’s counteroffensive by the Occutards.

    1. Have they destroyed Macy’s with a molotov cocktail yet?

    2. ‘Occupy’ movement calls for global day of action
      Organizers plan to mark two-month anniversary with flash mobs, student strikes, rallies and musicals

      msnbc.com staff and news service reports updated 11/17/2011 5:44:25 AM ET 2011-11-17T10:44:25

      oops – too ez !

      1. They are putting on musicals as opposed to sending violent brownshirts out to harrass comuters. Good thing the article didn’t white wash it or anything.

        Too easy.

        1. p brooks – “…a total news blackout on the part of MSNBC…”

          fact check PWND !11!1!!!

          1. ^ ^ old mox spoffing^

            1. stop spoffing my mom old mox

          2. The news part is still being blacked out. Partial credit.

            Propaganda PWND, triple asshole1111!!!!1!!1!

        2. Wagnerian opera is a sort of musical, right? You know who else — ah, fuck it.

      2. rallies and musicals? Kristin Chenoweth singing something about the 99%?

        1. “The Hipster and I”

          1. “The hills are alive,
            with the sound of Coldplay!”

            1. Coldplay’s mainstream now, grandpa.

              1. And musicals are always 10 years behind the times.

                BROADWAY PWN!

              2. “Coldplay’s mainstream now, grandpa.”

                They’re still unlistenable, so there’s that.

            2. I wear knit hats because I’m cold. You wear them because of Coldplay.

              /2 broke girlz’d!

              1. Somebody actually watches that show?

                1. I don’t but i can see someone else watching it. The fat brunette is kind of hot.

                  1. That would be Kat Dennings. There are some nudes out there, if one were to google such a thing.

                  2. I don’t but i can see someone else watching it. The fat brunette is kind of hot.

                    Personally, I find the blonde more appealing. Dennings is just playing a slightly older, slightly less mature version of her character from “40-Year-Old Virgin.”

                2. More people watch it than watch House. The only thing that beats it in its time slot is Dancing With The Stars.

                  1. It’s the 3rd highest rated sitcom.

                    America is doomed.

      3. “Student strikes”?

        Isn’t it only a strike when workers do it?

        1. That doesn’t make much sense, does it. If someone is paying me to provide them a service and they decide to go “on strike” from receiving the service, while still paying me for it, that sounds like a pretty good deal for me. What do they think they are going to accomplish?

          1. Smoke a lot of pot in the dorm room, listen to some shitty hippie music?

            I mean, if they were being productive, they’d be smoking pot and playing Skyrim.

            1. I’ve got a kid now, and not crazy about the smoke. Pills are the way to go. Also, I drink on the job morning and afternoon so the kid doesn’t see his old man drunk. That’s just me being thoughtful.

            2. Man, you know how long it took me to spot the smelter? It’s like my eyes don’t work.

              Or, actually, I think my eyes were just too busy being enthralled.

        2. I thought when students did that it was called cutting class.

          1. I thought it was called a really expensive apartment.

  6. East Carolina University Locked Down After Umbrella Sighting


    1. Greenville Police spokesman Sgt. Carlton Williams said emergency dispatchers received two 911 calls about 9:50 a.m. Wednesday reporting a man was walking along a major street near the East Carolina University campus carrying an assault rifle.

      The campus building was stormed by officers carrying military-style carbines, searched and evacuated.

      Gotta love how it’s a “military-style carbine” in the hands of the police, but anyone else with the same gun has an “assault rifle” or “assault weapon.” The police are probably far more likely to assault someone with it.

    2. Shouldn’t that story be headlined with a picture of an umbrella, since that’s what the man actually had. Instead, a scary picture of a semi-auto pistol, which isn’t even relevant to the mistaken belief the mand had a military style carbine.

  7. Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands

    Gun owners who have historically been able to use public lands for target practice would be barred from potentially millions of acres under new rules drafted by the Interior Department, the first major move by the Obama administration to impose limits on firearms.

    Officials say the administration is concerned about the potential clash between gun owners and encroaching urban populations who like to use same land for hiking and dog walking.

    1. Wouldn’t want to offend sensitive uburbanites when the visit the woods once a year.

    2. by restricting bullets near urban areas, millions of acres would still remain available for teh gun nutz.

      moar lamestream media [LIEZ]

      1. Sure – because there are some big cities right next to the National Parks.

        1. yep – try CVNP for starters.

          1. Probably why hunting and shooting is already prohibited there.

            1. there are moar. ur sarcasm was misplaced & ineffectual.

              educate thyself wingnutz !


              1. I don’t think you are going to win friends on this site with .gov links.

                1. you shouldnt just foolishly accept agiprop as fact, right or left

              2. O3tard: The article specifically mentioned lands managed by BLM. BLM-managed federal land is not the same as national parks which are managed by the National Park Service.

                So you fail on many levels, here.

                1. nope – the headline states “public” lands which would include parks.

                  >headline PWND 1!!1!!!11

                  1. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to read more than the headlines. Below them, in a lot of cases, are more words. Those words will help to give you a more complete story than the headline can, by itself, provide.

                    >general non-douchiness fail!!1111!

                    1. b nice i dunt red to gud 🙁

        2. I don’t think you can generally go shooting in national parks in any case. They are talking about other federal lands.

      2. BLM land isn’t near urban areas, those are called “suburbs”.

        1. moar fomign winfustz LYEZ takl ardio

          1. Enjoy your stroke, asshole.

          2. ^spoof failz. fact PWND 11!!111

            1. lolwut?! u spoof failz! tripl PWNAGE!11!

  8. Obama Opposes Armed Gamboling

    “Officials say the administration is concerned about the potential clash between gun owners and encroaching urban populations who like to use same land for hiking and dog walking.”


    1. So they didn’t even wait until they got an actual complaint.

      “Well, somebody might complain about this someday, so we might as well ban it now.”

      1. Wasn’t anything else to do that day, why not get proactive?!

      2. It’s worse than that.

        “”It’s not so much a safety issue. It’s a social conflict issue,” said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, which oversees 245 million acres. He adds that urbanites “freak out” when they hear shooting on public lands.”

        We can’t have urbanites freaking out. They might have a stroke something. The local FOP lost their training range last year for the same reason. It was near a lake and they got a couple of calls from scared boaters. I think the officers just point their fingers and quietly say “bang” now.

      3. Our local range is self-defending.It used to be an old ordinance plant during WW2 and large sections around the range are fenced off with no trespassing signs that REALLY should be heeded. One or two deer a year accidentally blow themselves into deerburger.

        1. That’s awesome. Fuck deer. For reals.

  9. Obama Abandons (Private) Labor

    The decision by the Obama administration to “delay” building the Keystone XL pipeline is a watershed moment in American politics. The implication of a policy choice rarely gets more stark than this. Put simply: Why should any blue-collar worker who isn’t hooked for life to a public budget vote for Barack Obama next year?

    The Keystone XL pipeline would have created at least 20,000 direct and indirect jobs. Much of this would have been well-paid work for craftsmen, not jobs as hod carriers to repave the Interstate.

    1. the nebraska legislature (gop) wanted the delay so the pipeline could be re-routed away fm the major aquifer.

      poor radio entertainment

        1. Alex Pourbaix, TransCanada’s President of Energy & Oil Pipelines, announces the company’s intention to voluntarily move the Keystone XL pipeline away from the Ogallala Aquifer at a press conference in the Rotunda at the statehouse on Monday, Nov. 14, 2011. (ERIC GREGORY/Lincoln Journal Star)

          Read more: http://journalstar.com/pipelin…..z1dyX6aysG

          1. holy fuck im an idiot it says nothing about wanting obama to delay only to move line DERP

            1. ^hey spoofer, do some follow-up research on teh intertubez instead on licking murdock’s nutt sakk

              1. ^ur the spoofer!

          2. That link does not back up what you claim.

            1. it did when mommy red it too me

  10. D’oh!

    Great minds or something?

  11. I hope this little prick ends up in foster care.

    An 11-year-old Minnesota boy who says he was fed up with his mom and stepfather filling their home with marijuana smoke took photos of the drugs, which were then sent to police.


    1. He should be sent to Penn State.

      1. Why? The kid has balls and was sick of his smelly stepfather stinking up the house. Smoke all the dope you want – but have some courtesy.

        1. It’s their house.

          1. but he’s forced to live there

            1. Forced, allowed, no one chooses their parents.

            2. He’s also forced to eat the food they give him, to go to school, etc.

        2. It’s not balls. It’s DARE brainwashings in school that prompted him to rat his parents out to the police.

          1. According to the article it wasn’t the pot itself that offended him – it was the constant stink. I can sympathize.

            Like I said, if his asshole parents had a little courtesy and respect, things would have turned out a lot better.

            1. The stink? Puhlessse! Because if his parents smoke all fucking day long there is absolutely no place that he can go and avoid the smell?!!

              He reported his own parents to the government for being stinky?!!

              1. Sure – open all the windows – in Minnesota in November.

            2. So what. My mom stunk the house up with cigarette smoke – guess how far I would get complaining about that. Well, in the eighties.

          2. Reason #841,725 to home school. You can be certain that the little, aspiring chekist, didn’t learn this from his parents.

            I guess that is what they deserve for having someone else take responsibility for the education of their child.

        3. You don’t rat out your parents unless they are Bernie Madoff or have killed someone. I hope the little swine ends up in foster care for the rest of his life.

          1. Seems pretty much assured, what with both his parents doing time and carrying felony jackets.

            1. Sounds like kid and Biological Dad will be living together and having a good laugh. Meanwhile Mom (a soon-to-be former probation supervisor) and Stepdad stinky will have their day in court.

              1. Oh he stuck it to mom and step dad. Then those people deserve to go to jail for being stupid. Yeah, let me smoke dope in front of my brat step son who hates me for not being his real father and probably is still pissed his mother got custody rather than dad. Yeah, that will work out well.

                1. Yes. I really don’t care about the pot (except the hypocrisy for a parole officer). But to put yourself at the mercy of an unhappy teenage is too stupid to warrant any sympathy.

                  1. to put yourself at the mercy of an unhappy teenager

                    Moar Beatings.

    2. “Take away my video games, huh? All right fuckers, I got something for you.”

      Never underestimate the capacity for vindictiveness from a pre-teen.

    3. Reason #666 not to have kids.

      1. No, you’ve got that wrong. Herman Cain’s plan is called Nine, Nine, and uh…um…I can’t remember the last one.

  12. The part of $6M RoboTorso will now be played by Arduin Grimoire.

    Why Veterans Should Get Their Own Courts

    1. Their own legal system will be just as great as their own VA healthcare system!

    2. That is the stupidist most insulting shit ever. As a veteran I am offended. That is just the bullshit liberal idea that all veterans or screwed up psychopaths. Bullshit.

      1. That’s just the PTSD talking, John.

        Thw WaPo had a good article about this.


        senior military officer at the gala, also attended by the Joint Chiefs then-chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen, saw the troops’ role differently.

        “They were rolled out like some sort of orphan kid,” the officer wrote in an e-mail. “I’m sure the organizers meant well. I know they did. But it wasn’t respect, really. It was pity.”

        1. That just drives me bonkers. Here is the secret no one wants to ever admit. If you don’t get shot or blown up, war is kind of fun. People don’t volunteer for multiple tours just because they are great patriots. Soldiers are not victims.

          1. I have to ask this; what was your longest combat tour?

            1. Nine months. It starts to suck after six months. Being away from home sucks. But I know a lot of people who love it. Have gone back multiple times. They love it. I am not quite in that group. But they are out there and more numerous than you think.

              1. This was the whole point of having an army historically, isn’t it? Keep those crazy fucks occupied killing people who live somewhere else?

          2. I miss my 16 w/ a 203 attached. =(

            1. M60, baby. Belt-feds rock, especially when you don’t have to hump that pig very much.

            2. Tomahawks baby, so the guys wou’re shooting at can’t shoot back at you.

      2. My sentiments exactly.

      3. “”That is just the bullshit liberal idea that all veterans or screwed up psychopaths. Bullshit.””

        I see nothing in the article that claims that. They are talking about a voulntary program for vets that get into trouble with the law and an alternative to punishment.

        “”A 32-year-old military-police officer who has trained Iraqi police in Baghdad, she’d been arrested for buying and using a stolen cell phone, the latest in a series of bad decisions she’d made since being released from active duty in 2005. She was offered a choice by a Dallas prosecutor: face a felony criminal charge, or enroll in Snipes’s “veterans court” “”

        1. WHAT!?

      4. Ever watch British TV? It’s pretty much assumed that all vets are mentally fucked up, and quite possibly homicidal maniacs.

    3. i m a dessert storming vetern and this is godo thinkg the wign utz here h8 us cuz tock ardio

      1. hatez me sum military

      2. Don’t storm the dessert table too often Ozone – you could end up diabetic like Sug…

        1. I think it’s too late, although it does explain why everything this “vetern” posts looks like it was written by someone on the verge of a diabetic coma.

      3. I think we found one of them there fucked up veterans.

    4. The part of $6M RoboTorso will now be played by Arduin Grimoire.

      Arduin, really? Back back way back. Little softcover books that should have been subtitled “prepare to get your ass kicked.”

  13. O’Reilly accuses Ron Paul supporters: ‘Orchestrated campaign’ to attack his book


    1. If there were still bookstores, I’d go and turn all of the copies of his book around, unless his picture was on the back, in which case I’d put Snooki’s novel over it.

  14. Deportation cases of illegal immigrants to be reviewed
    By JULIA PRESTON updated 11/17/2011 4:28:33 AM ET 2011-11-17T09:28:33

    The Department of Homeland Security will begin a review on Thursday of all deportation cases before the immigration courts and start a nationwide training program for enforcement agents and prosecuting lawyers, with the goal of speeding deportations of convicted criminals and halting those of many illegal immigrants with no criminal record.

    The policy, described in a June 17 memorandum by John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, suggested that the Obama administration would scale back deportations of illegal immigrants who were young students, military service members, elderly people or close family of American citizens, among others.

    The Obama administration has removed high numbers of illegal immigrants, nearly 400,000 in each of the last three years. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Mr. Morton said those numbers would not decrease, but they wanted agents and courts to focus on deporting the worst offenders, including national security risks, criminal convicts and those who repeatedly violate immigration laws.

    Civil violations, not crimes

    Many immigration offenses, including being present in the United States without legal status, are civil violations; they are not crimes.


  15. So Gingrich worked as a lobbyist or a consultant or whatever after he left office. We might not like this system but for doing what so many other ex-congressmen do he should be in jail or something? Wake me up when there is some news.

    1. Remind me again why he lost the speakership.

      1. Because he was blamed for the Repubs ’98 election loss.

    2. Well, yeah, but (a) he lied about it and (b) he lobbied for Fannie and Freddia, against Congressional oversight.

      1. He lobbied for F &F back in ’06 – at a time when they were relatively “respectable”. Sure, in 2011, when they are political pariahs, the retrospectoscope tells us that it would be better to not have been associated with them. I can’t get too worked up about the fact that he was then though.

  16. Where’s the tongue, yo?
    Give him some tongue bro!


  17. The drought thing is serious business. Houston’s having a normal November so far at least, which ought to reduce pressure upstream on the Trinity, but since the parks here are basically pine forests (and the neighborhoods are thin pine forests) one idiot could cause a horrific fire.

    1. I know!

    2. Good thing Dubya is back, then. He can get right to work clearing that brush for you.

      1. Bush clearing brush? No way, it’s a political firestorm waiting to happen.

        “Bush destroying Texas ecosystems, News At Eleven.”

  18. I know how we can solve the Qatari obesity problem : Occupy Quatar!

    1. I finally see a program Michele Obama should be spearheading. She needs to get on a plane, get to Qatar and tell those men how to raise their kids.

      I’m sure they would be receptive.*

      *And by receptive, I mean they would lop her big head off.

      1. That made me LOL, and I’m on a conference call trying to be quiet and listen. Thank you, Mr. Mute button!

  19. A DUI case against a former Panama City Beach police officer has been dismissed because no one could legally prosecute the charges before the defendant’s right to a speedy trial expired.


    1. Walker and another officer repeatedly sought “professional courtesy” from Trooper Wesley Harsey after Harsey stopped Walker for allegedly driving 50 miles per hour on Front Beach Road after leaving the bar on July 21, according to investigative reports. Walker offered to leave his car parked at the scene and take a taxi home, but Harsey told him he should have done that before they left the bar, the reports said.

      Walker initially said he had only two beers, but during the conversation, he eventually admitted to drinking eight or nine beers that night, according to the reports. Ultimately, he refused to submit to a breath test, and Walker resigned shortly after the arrest.

      Shockingly, he is currently not a cop. Amazing. Although the rest is pure horseshit.

      1. Ever notice cops almost always refuse to take breathalyzer tests in situations like this? Makes you think they might know something we don’t.

        1. It’s not something, it’s someone.
          Namely the prosecution.

        2. They lose their license to drive, they just catch a ride to work or the other officer look away. They actually give evidence of DUI, they will have to resign or very rarely might be fired.

          Government driver licencing has gutted the 5th Amendment. And gleefully so.

        3. A couple of lawyers I know who do a lot of DUI stuff have said that if there is any chance you will blow over the limit, you should never consent to a breathalyser. If you blow over the limit, you pretty much have no possible defense.

          1. A friend of mine blew way over the limit, but luckily for him he knew a lawyer who is friends with the prosecution.
            So for a fee of three grand his lawyer convinced his good buddy to drop the charges.

            Why bother with a defense when you can rely on good old fashioned corruption?

      2. ah, the obligatory “I only had two beers, honest” speech.

  20. Jack Abramoff accuses Newt Gingrich of corruption.

    Corruption? Yawn. Wake me when Abramoff accuses Newt of comparing his height to his wife’s.

    1. or his belly to a pregnant woman

    2. What’s with all the “wake me when”‘s this morning?

      Did you guys not get enough sleep last night?

      1. It’s a meme I invented 18 mintues ago. Wake me when it really catches on.

        1. Have you tried an expresso-soaked tampon?

          1. Yes, but not where you’d expect.

      2. Wake me when you guys quit using “when me when”.

        1. Wake up; we promise we’ll never say that.

  21. Has anyone else popped over to Marginal Revolution this morning? Great news! Italy’s money supply has gone negative.

    1. Phrased that poorly – the rate of change has gone negative.

    2. Who’s the technocrat running that shithole now? Monti in Greece just announced a govt of banksters to fix things. They’re going to be able to fix Greece b/c they are apolitical or something.

      I don’t think Monti has read Game of Thrones yet.

      1. my bad, reverse that. Monti’s running Italy. Papasomebody is Greece’s technocrat.

  22. Wake me up when there is some news.

    I see that propofol I gave you is agreeing with you.

  23. Article – supreme court to decide constitutionality of “Obamacare.”

    The article goes on to talk about Federalist Society debate between Laurence Tribe & Paul Clement

    . . .

    “With these observations in mind, what is the Act doing? It is forcing someone to engage in commerce, not regulating commerce that already exists. If this Act is constitutional, according to Clement, the nothing lies beyond the reach of the Commerce Clause ? a violation of our federal system, in which the federal government has specific, enumerated powers, not plenary power that touches upon all things.”


    1. It is forcing someone to engage in commerce, not regulating commerce that already exists.

      There are, of course, thousands of pages of federal rules and statutes that do exactly this very thing.

      “Mandates” to buy goods or services weren’t exactly invented by ObamaCare.

      1. I have had to buy registration for my car & insurance for that, under the rules of the state I live in. So far, federally, I have not been compelled to purchase anything.

    1. Go get the butter.

    2. If somebody liked bacon that much, wouldn’t they already have bacon grease?

      1. Now you’re just being gross.

      2. Haven’t you ever tried it? – It has all those scratchy little crumbs in it.

        1. Just run it through some cheesecloth while it’s still hot and you are all set.

          1. coffee filters…I use a chinoise and coffee filters to clarify my butter, if ya know what i mean.

      3. In all seriousness, I think bacon grease may not react well with condoms.

        1. Why? It’s an oil-based lubricant. I bet it’d work as well as canola oil, and that works fine during sex.*

          *can’t attest to it’s condom-interaction, as I don’t use the things.

          1. sloopy, have ya ever thought that the lack of condom use may have repercussions? I mean, it’s not like your own life experience would indicate that or anything.

            1. Yeah, but…but…

              I got nuthin.

          2. Coconut oil is the way to go.

        2. Latex condoms – used water-based lube only. Polypropolene or polyisoprene condoms can be used with oil-based lube.

  24. Officials say the administration is concerned about the potential clash between gun owners and encroaching urban populations who like to use same land for hiking and dog walking.


    A friend told me his brother bagged a moose recently, in an area extremely popular with the hipster dayhiker crowd. He said he got some truly evil looks as he was packing out the good parts. I bet their dogs really liked that gut pile.

    1. Did anyone else see The Goode Family?

      Their “vegan” dog’s constant quest for meat was very funny.

    2. A M??se once bit my sister …

      No realli! She was Karving her initials on the m??se
      with the sharpened end of an interspace t??thbrush given
      her by Svenge – her brother-in-law – an Oslo dentist and
      star of many Norwegian m?vies: “The H?t Hands of an Oslo
      Dentist”, “Fillings of Passion”, “The Huge M?lars of Horst

      1. ^use ur own name sarcasmic

  25. Jerry Sandusky’s primetime television interview Monday led several potential victims to come forward and consider sharing their story,

    Jaysus, doesn’t this guy have a lawyer?!

    1. His lawyer put him up to it apparently. Also, his lawyer knocked up a 16 year old when he was 49. No, I’m not making that up.

      1. Ya couldn’t write this shit.

    2. The best part is that his lawyer knocked up a 17 year-old client about 12 years ago.

      Sandusky tried the Michael Jackson defense: “Sure, most people think that sleeping in a bed with elementary schoolers is perverted by nohting I have done ever made sense. I have a fucking pet llama, for chrissakes. Therefore I am not a pervert!”

      Sandusky didn’t lay the groundwork by wearing a Christian dior surgical mask everywhere he goes.

      1. Sandusky is going for the Chewbaca defense.

        1. That’s where you rip your accusers’ arms off, right?

    3. This guy’s lawyer was sitting there calmly listening in as his client dug the hole deeper and incriminated himself, and didn’t end the interview.

      What an idiot.

    4. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned it yet, but his lawyer also had a questionable relationship with a minor!

      1. I’m a PA native. Haven’t lived there in 18 years, so it may have changed, but age of consent was 16.

        1. Hence why I said “questionable” rather than “illegal”. And a 16 year old is still a minor.

          1. Fair enough.

        1. Hey-Oh!

  26. O’Reilly accuses Ron Paul supporters: ‘Orchestrated campaign’ to attack his book

    Or could it be the more likely explanation that the overstuffed bag of wind has worn out his media welcome independent of Ron Paul supporters?

    1. His book on Lincoln is apparently full of factual errors.

      Di Lorenzo of the Mises Institute fame panned it.

      Of course, there is a huge intersection between the set of LVMI readers and the set of Ron Paul supporters.

      O’Reilly is such a pathetic little whiny bitch.

      1. Ford’s Theatre: Lincoln goes in, Booth comes out. You can’t explain that!

      2. O’Reilly once repeated the smear that Sen. George Smathers (D-Fl) called his opponent an “extrovert” and brother of a “thespian.” What O’Reilly failed to mention is that Smathers offered a reward to anyone who could prove he said it, and nobody could collect.

        1. At least O’Reilly didn’t mention Smathers by name.

          1. Booth was a thespian. Could it mean something?

            1. Acting!!

              1. You actually thought that I wanted to know what “thespian” meant?!

  27. Romney has been stuck in the mid-twenties for the entire five years he has been running for President. This is about the same number of Republicans who do not self-identify as conservatives.

    In the general election, Romney just needs to make his case to “independent” voters. The middle-of-the-roaders decide presidential elections.

  28. Jaysus, doesn’t this guy have a lawyer?!

    Yes; I’m pretty sure it’s Lionel Hutz.

    1. “that’s OK, the box is empty.”

    2. Barry Zuckerkorn: He’s very good.

      1. The guy is obviously stupid about lawyer selection. His hiring a lawyer with “korn” in his name wouldn’t then be terribly surprising.

      2. check out my law blog

        1. tee hee, haven’t heard that name in a while. Thanks for the lulz.

    3. Better call Saul!

  29. Battleax feminist complains about porn, Part 530,697

    Anyone who has gone looking for porn on the Internet?and statistically speaking, that would be all of you?has borne witness to one of the great mysteries of our time: its relentless awfulness. I am not referring to the understandable awfulness generated by low budgets, nonprofessional actors, and tight shooting schedules. No, the most baffling aspect of porn is why most of it seems to treat sex as an endurance test designed to measure how much discomfort and humiliation actresses can handle. Sure, there are porn producers who don’t embrace the Fear Factor model (wherein bug-eating is replaced with orifice-stuffing, name-calling, and semen to the eyeballs), but the fact that their work is inevitably designated as “alternative” shows just how badly mainstream porn runs women down.

    1. Her experience working with Max Hardcore really disillusioned her, didn’t it?

      1. Here she is.

        She looks like she dressed up as herself for Halloween.

        1. If she keeps making that face, her face is gonna freeze like that.

          1. Nothing a little bukkake can’t cure


        3. That is just tragic. She can’t be over 30 years old. She is thin and has decent skin. Yet, she has apparently worked her entire life to make herself into an angry crone. She isn’t exactly Marissa Miller, but she wouldn’t be half bad if she hadn’t spent her entire life apparently trying to ensure she is never the subject of a male gaze. That women is a victim.

          1. I call it “timorous feminism”.

          2. When Dennis the Peasant was still blogging, he had a field day making fun of this woman. She’s a walking stereotype of every hairy-pitted feminist that Daddies hope their daughters never grow up to be.

            1. Is that stuff still cached somewhere? I would love to read it. I loath the idiots on XXX. It still amazes me that Slate employs Emily Yoffe. Yoffee must be the most patient woman in the world to work with those twits.

              1. Yeah, he’s still got the blog up, even though he’s not posting anymore:


                Here’s the Marcotte stuff:


        4. Isn’t she also the one who refuses to admit that she was wrong on the Duke Lacrosse thing?

          1. Yes. And she has repeatedly said that presumption of innocence should never apply to sex crimes.

          2. Yep, her pronouncements on the case were full of nauseating racist prejudice, and to my knowledge she never admitted that she was wrong, expressed any regret for stereotyping the victims or apologized to anyone.

          3. Yes, but she’s certainly not alone in that regard. If evidence doesn’t matter, then overwhelming evidence doesn’t matter.

    2. orifice-stuffing

      Doesn’t all sex involve an orifice being stuffed?


      Otherwise known as talking dirty. A common practice in many bedrooms across America.

      1. Scissoring doesn’t.

      2. Frottage doesn’t either.

        Wait, does scissoring count as frottage?

        1. Yes, and no one wants to watch it either.

        2. Frottage is often defined as being over the clothes and often contains the implication that one party is not consenting.

          I imagine scissoring could be either clothed or unclothed.

          All of this reminds me of a high school friend who tried to coin a new euphemism for female masturbation: Making Soup.

          1. I made soup just last night. It was delicious.

            1. Was bacon grease involved?

              1. No, but lots of chicken fat was.

          2. It’s called “tribbing.” Rhymes with “ribbing” and is short for tribadism.

          3. a new euphemism for female masturbation: Making Soup.

            “Stirring the soup” is a well-established euphemism for same. The more you know …

            1. This was back in 1988. I wonder…

    3. Mainstream porn runs women down? Who knew?

    4. What about all those poor little animals getting crushed under their high heels? No anguish for their plight? Those mice getting smashed under the red stilettos? The bugs being squashed by the very sexy open toed dress heels? The gerbil under the ankle boots-

      1. Female-oriented porn has the same arms race to extremity. Watch the shopping network or HGTV for a few minutes–they’re putting those Swarovski cystals on everything!

        1. Watch actual porn made for girls. The gay stuff is okay, if it occasionally misfires with some super butch chick but the straight stuff… is weird.

    5. Sorry–not even the threat of waterboarding would get me to read the horror that is Amanduh Marcotte.

  30. I know how we can solve the Qatari obesity problem

    So do I: I say we eat them. Waste not, want not. Falafel, anyone?

    1. I’ll bet Qataris have a lot of gas.

    2. Feed them to the Occutards.

    3. I thought the Germans were the most obese. They drink all that beer, eat all those sausages, and they haven’t exercised since all those calisthenic marches across national frontiers several decades ago.

      1. They do a lot of very energetic dancing.

        1. And they do a lot of elbow-bending.

      2. You know who else did a lot of calisthenic marches acro….oh, oops.

    4. According to recent studies, roughly half of adults and a third of children in Qatar are obese, and almost 17 percent of the native population suffers from diabetes.

      Rock. Bottom.

      1. Isn’t Samoa still worse?

        1. At meals, they always want to eat Samoa.

          1. Ha! Quetzalcoatl is your straight man.

  31. No, the most baffling aspect of porn is why most of it seems to treat sex as an endurance test designed to measure how much discomfort and humiliation actresses can handle.

    Would this delicate little rosebud have as much problem with a bunch of St. Peterbuilts flash ‘n slash banging said porn actress with a concrete dildo, or is this just another “PATRIARCHY” rant?

    1. So, a radical feminist is objecting to porn because it isn’t tasteful enough? Who does she think is consuming this stuff? Women?

    2. I would imagine she has no problem with all the same activities when they occur in her beloved MoM gay porn.

      1. Just because a feminist criticizes porn doesn’t make her wrong. I defer to her expertise on what’s in the porn, and nobody’s denied it here. You don’t have to conjure up a patriarchal conspiracy to say that porn is nasty and offensive to women – and men.

        1. yep (golf claps)

          1. What if a feminist said it was raining outside? Would you automatically go out without an umbrella under the assumption it was sunny?

            1. and to think i was agreeing w YOUR post. jeesch

        2. Marcotte has been so wrong, for so long, on so many things, I wouldn’t trust her word that the sky was blue on a sunny summer day.

          And she betrays her kind’s total lack of understanding of economics… there is a huge amount of porn with a staggeringly wide variety. It’s not a few id?e fixe villians that made porn the way it is, the market did that. It’s the typical Marxian false consciousness argument: People aren’t expressing what they really want because they haven’t been allowed by shadowy forces to know their true natures. Which is horseshit of the highest grade.

          1. She doesn’t know shit. Helfner and Guicione and Flynt are completely irrelevent today. They were totally blind sided by the internet and the demand for “amateur” home made porn. They didn’t drive the market at all. The market drove them.

            1. The market is the most efficient way to respond to consumer demand. That doesn’t tell us whether the consumer is demanding something good.

              If consumers are looking for the best iPhone, the healthiest food, etc., the market can get it for them. If consumers are looking for the filthiest, most degrading porn, the market can deliver that, too.

              I’m not saying throw out the baby with the bathwater and abolish the market – I’m saying that we can’t assume all consumer demands are good things.

              1. Good or bad is subjective. But what Marcotte and other feminist maintain is that evil forces drive the market by corrupting people into wanting bad things. Bullshit. People like sex. And some people like wierd devient sex. Such has it always been. Porn just fills that niche.

                1. Yes, I don’t agree with the conspiracy theory or Marxist claptrap about what drives porn. I’m saying its the result of what the consumers want – but that doesn’t let the consumers off the hook, quite the contrary.

                  If it’s Marcotte, I’m sure that her explanations are crap. But the porn she describes (unless she’s making it up) sounds utterly vile.

                2. “some people like wierd devient sex”

                  I know I do.

              2. Whoever said the market was a moral force? It’s virtue is efficiency.

                1. It’s moral in that it feeds people better than a command economy, produces medicine better, etc. It’s OK to note that many goods and services provided by the market are Good Things.

                  Conversely, it’s OK to point out that consumer demand can bring Bad Things as well. Who says A must say B.

                  1. Sure it is vile. And there are few things more boring and unsexy than hardcore porn. But Marcotte is still an idiot.

                  2. The demand is the moral force in the system. Not the market.

                    People demand “good” things, then “good” things are produced; people demand “bad” things, then “bad” things are produced.

                    Ted Bundy drove a VW Beetle because he thought it made him less threatening to the girls he stalked and murdered. Is VW culpable for Bundy’s crimes?

          2. I have no idea why people keep publishing her crap. Even putting aside that she is almost always wrong, she’s a lousy writer. Her rambling lack of verbal clarity exposes her lack of mental clarity.

            Also, Hugh Hefner did more for women’s lib than almost anyone. He also was a strong proponent of civil rights and racial equality.

            1. I think they keep her around so there is someone who makes Dalhia Lithwick look smart by comparison.

              1. Hefner probably had a symbiotic relationship with the “women’s lib movement,” to the extent that the movement urged greater “sexual freedom” and dropping traditional restraints. Hefner certainly approved. So there really isn’t an either/or conflict here.

                As for racial equality, good for him, but plenty of people managed to support racial equality without boosting a sexual revolution which had harmful effects on (for instance) the African-American community.

                1. “a sexual revolution which had harmful effects on (for instance) the African-American community”

                  I don’t think Hefner being pro-choice had anything to do with welfare.

          3. Someone should just post the Rule 34 xkcd cartoon as the refutation of this. If someone gets off on it, its on the Internet.

    3. I’m actually a fan of a porn studio who emphasises real orgasm for its performers. And after watching it, stuff with fake orgasms really put me off.

      1. Yeah, and I watch it for the acting…

        1. …and the great stories.

  32. Thank the lord, the “Christmas Tree Tax” has been “sidelined”.

    It’s a week old, but I just found out about it today.


    From Claire Wolfe:


    1. and


      Merry Christmas!

      1. Merry Christmas!

        How DARE you!1!1!!1!!!!111!1!1

        It is now Happy Holidays!

        1. Funny how it never seems to occur to the secularists that ‘Holiday’ is derived from ‘holy day’.

    2. I’m not sure what you’re so thankful for. How will Christmas tree farmers be able to survive now that congress isn’t going to set up a board to promote Christmas trees?

      1. Creative destruction, bitchez.

  33. A second poll shows Paul in second in Iowa and cracking 20%.


    The Cain The

    1. The Cain The

      Wake me when this makes sense.

      1. It’s a Simpsons reference.

        Wake me when you have a basic awareness of cultural touchstones.

        1. That one was a bit oblique. Took me a minute and I’m always ready with a Simpsons quote.

      2. It’s the english translation of fluffy’s original German:

        Die Cain Die.

        1. “No one who speaks German could be an evil man.”

          1. Cain wasn’t killed – there is a mark on him to prevent that very thing (Gen. 4:15).

    2. http://www.kcrg.com/news/local…..-Game.html

      The meat of the new poll.

      CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa ? With fewer than 50 days until Iowa’s first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses, the race appears to be up for grabs based on the results of an Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll of likely caucus-goers.

      “That’s more the story than who’s ahead,” said Jim McCormick, chairman of the ISU Political Science Department, who coordinated the poll.

      “The number of people who are firmly committed to a candidate is really only 16.5 percent,” McCormick said. “A majority of them, 52-plus, are undecided and 30 percent are sort of leaning toward one candidate.”

      1. The meatier meat:

        Among the least well off, Paul leads at around 41 percent….

        Among those who report no religious preference, Paul is winning a majority at nearly 59 percent.

  34. “By international development standards, all this growth has happened virtually overnight, making Qataris’ lifestyles much more unhealthy, and at the same time leading many to hang on resolutely to what’s left of their fleeting tribal traditions — practices that include inter-marriage between close family members and cousins.”

    Kissing cousins? Okay, I’ve heard about that before. I’ve even heard of cousins getting married–in various parts of the U.S. and the world.

    Close family members?!

    I studied about that as an ancient world practice in a Zoroastrianism class I took years ago. I had no idea this was still going on. Just because a cultural artifact is maladaptive, I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean nature gives up so easy!

    It’s interesting that nature will try just about anything–fascinating that nature will still keep trying.

    1. Regarding the evolution comment above, that shit take geologic time scales sometimes and even then if the vestigial feature is not truely hindering then it sees less pressure to go away. Just sayin, a couple thousand years isnt usually enough without some serious environmental changes.

  35. Doctor! This patient needs 50cc of sarcasm detector! STAT!

    It’s too late for him, Saccharin Man. But I’ll make sure his kidneys find a good home.

    Sarcasm detector is contraindicated in those with an intractable case of stoopid. It’s my main argument for keeping those OWS camps running: at least those little fuckers (ha!) were isolated and quarantined. Ya know, like lepers and those with bacterial meningitis.

    1. Wake me when you figure out comment threading.

  36. Congress wants to cut GAO’s funding and authority. Yeah, they really are that corrupt. Stupid bastards


    1. Think of it like having an advisor. If you have an advisor giving you good-sound advice, but you never use it. Even if you are hurting because you refuse to use that advice, you are wasting money by continuing to pay the guy you’re not listening to. So, I guess in their twisted effed up minds, it does make sense to cut their budget.

      1. It makes sure there isn’t a written record of what crooks they are.

  37. My Skyrim review is coming tomorrow. Haven’t had much time to play it this week, but have carved out some extra time tonight.

    But in the meantime:

    Who is that Hot Ad Girl?

    The most important tumblr of all time!

    1. I’ve probably put in 20-30 hours so far. My wife & daughter are out of town until Monday though, so I hope to triple that before they get back.

      1. I have about 12 at the moment. My roommate has turned me on to Burn Notice and I have just been super tired after work this week, so I’m normally semi comatose on the couch most nights, watching that.

        I do, however, have a stirringly poetic review.

        1. Enjoy Burn Notice while you can. It peaks in the second season, and goes downhill thereafter. Gradually downhill, but still.

          1. And someone should have warned Gabrielle Anwar that “attractive skin” does not equate to “rich Corinthian leather.”

            1. HAH!
              I think she’s going for the Iggy Pop look.

            2. Watching one of Anwar’s movies from the 90’s and then watching Burn Notice is quite the melancholy experience. She was such a beauty.

              Perhaps it’s botched plastic surgery. I don’t know.

              1. I’ve never understood the appeal.

                Every actress they’ve had on that show has been better looking that Anwar.
                For goodness sake, they had Tricia Helfer!

              2. It’s just age. I mostly stopped watching show because of all characters exhibiting the delusion that she was 28.

        2. How bad are the bugs in skyrim? Should I wait until they do a little patching before purchasing it?

          1. i7 920 CPU
            Raedon HD 4550 512MB graphics card
            6GB RAM

            I run it on the lowest settings, but I haven’t noticed any bugging at all. Beyond the minor pathing issues that you expect from any modern AI.

            1. lowest setting?? Why?!

              1. Lowest setting still looks pretty darn good. Once some optimizing mods come out, I’ll install them and up the settings.

                I was getting just enough lag at “medium” to make it annoying.

                1. drop $150 on a 6xxx series, I can run on “high” with only a bit of lag on more demanding views.

          2. I haven’t noticed any bugs so far, but I’m using the PS3 version.

            1. Still waiting for the Wii launch…

            2. So, nothing like the New Vegas level of bugginess? Sweet.

            3. Beware the PS3 version. There’s a bug where the save file gets larger and larger the longer you play until everything starts to lag and becomes unplayable. Bethesda is supposedly working on a patch, so hopefully it will be a non-issue for you.

              1. There’s a bug where the save file gets larger and larger the longer you play until everything starts to lag and becomes unplayable.

                Thankfully, I only rented it, so hopefully when I get around to actually buying the game they’ll have fixed that little issue.

          3. Save often. Bugs aren’t bad, but they tend to bite if they hit too hard.

            Also, your perks are limited, so don’t use them until you’ve decided your path.

            I’ve probably put about 60 hours in so far. I’m level 20, and I haven’t started the main quest…

            1. Dragons apparently don’t spawn until you get to a certain point in the main quest. FYI.

              1. Yeah, the dragon rising quest. I put it off because I focused on non-combat skills, and I’m rockin’ the guilds for the time being. Exploring the world, first.

          4. Save often. Bugs aren’t bad, but they tend to bite if they hit too hard.

            Also, your perks are limited, so don’t use them until you’ve decided your path.

            I’ve probably put about 60 hours in so far. I’m level 20, and I haven’t started the main quest…

          5. I haven’t had any memorable bugs except for a crash. Though I did have to make a few tweaks to the PC config to get it working well, and mouse acceleration is still wonky. And the UI could sure be better, but it’s fun enough that I don’t really mind.

        3. Okay, I’ve heard the interface sucks. The menus are unwieldy and slow to navigate. There was something on Reddit where they were compared Skyrim’s interface to Morrowind’s. I always thought the Morrowind interface was pretty damn brilliant, since you could re-size and re-position every window as much as you wanted.

          1. The menus ARE unwieldy and slow to navigate…if you’re only using the mouse. Try using W,A,S,D to navigate them.

          2. The interface IS absolutely terrible unless you’re using the keyboard. For some reason, I get more lag on the menus/map than in the actual game.

            Pro-tip: If the menu gives you a “Y/N” prompt, you can just press Y or N rather than clicking.

    2. I love the new TMobile chick that looks like a younger better looking Liv Tyler

    3. Wake me when anyone cares about Skyrim.

      1. Sounds like you’ve overslept by about a year.

  38. Science finds women aren’t having enough sex.

    Also, ladies, remember: It takes more muscles to give a blow job than to frown OR smile. So… that’s your workout right there.

  39. Wait, does scissoring count as frottage?

    Depends; is there a dual-ended dildo involved?

    Otherwise, if there is no penetration involved, yes, the term frottage would apply.

    1. It’s also called tribbadism.

      What? Lesbian porn is awesome.

      1. no disagreements here.

      2. Only one “B”.

  40. So, on Sunday, the New York Times had an actually intelligent editorial. No, I am not joking. It was by Katie Rophie and it covered how vague sexual harassment is.

    For example, this passage:

    The truth is, our Puritan country loves the language of sexual harassment: it lets us be enlightened and sexually conservative, modern and judgmental, sensitive and disapproving, voyeuristic and correct all at the same time.

    Recent conservative parodies of the concept of sexual harassment hinge on a certain weakness or blurriness in the definition. The problem is, as it always was, the capaciousness of the concept, the umbrellalike nature of the charge: sexual harassment includes both demanding sex in exchange for a job or a comment about someone’s dress. The words used in workshops ? “uncomfortable,” “inappropriate,” “hostile” ? are vague, subjective, slippery. Feminists and liberal pundits say, with some indignation, that they are not talking about dirty jokes or misguided compliments when they talk about sexual harassment, but, in fact, they are: sexual harassment, as they’ve defined it, encompasses a wide and colorful spectrum of behaviors.

    Well, judging by the comments on the NY Times AND Jezebel(how infantilized Ms. Rophie, calling her “so cute”), Ms. Rophie isn’t being invited to any Womyn’s Studies courses OR nice, liberal New York parties any time soon.

    For example, one of the first comments on the “All” section of Jezebel is as follows: “Why was this published in the New York Times? Isn’t that a reputable periodical? Aren’t they ashamed of themselves?”

    1. You me’d the Jezebel link.

      1. Damn. I was trying to do you a favor, SF, but if you insist…


        1. “My sex-perp counseling expert tells her charges that people have the right to not be aware that they are being thought of in a sexual manner.”

          The right not to be aware? Congress should make no law abridging your head up your ass?

          1. We can be pretty sure that the corollary is that sex-perp counselors (WeverTF that is) have the right to be aware that they are not being thought of in a sexual manner.

          2. I think it’s time to introduce them to my dual Analyst/Therapist services.

            1. I know a great place where you can get some cards made up

        2. Holy shit! That may be the most insane Jezebel article yet. The quotes they cite in no way support what they are saying about Rophie. A gem from the comments: “My sex-perp counseling expert tells her charges that people have the right to not be aware that they are being thought of in a sexual manner.” What?

    2. Having read two of her books, and that editorial, I can assure you Katie Rophie is an excellent author.

    3. Katie Roiphe, as I live and breathe, you are simply precious.

      “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

      1 Timothy 5:8

    4. Absolutelyt amazing. I can’t believe the NYT ever agreed to print the piece.

      The only important, and rather ironic, point that Katie Rophie left out is that this modern construct of “sexual harrassment” is largely the creation of lesbians, not normal women.

  41. http://www.jammiewf.com/2011/t…..-jail-that‘s-kind-of-the-tough-thing/

    The key people are in jail. I love it. Maybe starting a half assed movement trying to get arrested isn’t such a great idea.

  42. You don’t have to conjure up a patriarchal conspiracy to say that porn is nasty and offensive to women – and men.

    I didn’t; the use of the word actresses as opposed to the male flavored(and supposedly gender neutral term these days) actor(s) says it all.

  43. Helfner and Guicione and Flynt are completely irrelevent today. They were totally blind sided by the internet and the demand for “amateur” home made porn. They didn’t drive the market at all. The market drove them.

    Driven good, and hard.

    1. Because no one ever wanted to see things like bondage films before the evil porn lords of the 70s corrupted their minds. It is not like Betty Page ever made any movies or anything. I think people like Marcotte are paid to be stupid.

  44. Wake me when you figure out comment threading.

    Wake me when you’re ready to throw off your shackles.

  45. Chu’s getting ready to defend green energy in front of the Solyndra panel. This should be interesting.

  46. The problem is, as it always was, the capaciousness of the concept, the umbrellalike nature of the charge: sexual harassment includes both demanding sex in exchange for a job or a comment about someone’s dress.

    Next you’re going to tell me tipping back in my chair and craning my neck to watch some empowered and efficient businesswoman’s ass as she walks away is “inappropriate behavior”.

    I don’t want to live in your world!

    1. God created pencil skirts because he loves us and wants us to be happy.

  47. It’s also called tribbadism.

  48. News flash: John enjoys beating up hippies, and war. They make him giddy, apparently.

    1. Everyone needs a hobby.

    2. And your ideological record is stellar is it?

    3. It’s their own fault. It is a proven scientific fact that hippies release aerosolized endorphins when beaten. The initial pleasure of beating a hippies causes even more pleasure. Soon, it is an addiction. If stupid hippies could control their own biochemistry, they wouldn’t get beaten so much.


      1. I thought that was nerds…

        1. It’s a similar mechanism, but they release a pheromone that reduces gay panic in the attacker.

  49. Drat!

    It’s also called tribbadism.

    Sex with tribbles?

    1. Triddles. Duh.

  50. And she has repeatedly said that presumption of innocence should never apply to sex crimes.

    I see; has she weighed in on the Sandusky episode(s)? Or since pederastic pedophilia was involved, one can assume she doesn’t give a shit about those poor boys and their ruined lives*?

    *Yes, I think Sandusky is as guilty as sin. He should be very popular in prison.

    1. Here’s what Jezebal ran with:

      What if Penn State’s Coach Had Victimized Girls?

      If Sandusky’s victims were girls, people might doubt the assaults took place at all, as many female victims of sexual abuse are doubted. Whispers would suggest that the girls were being paid by a rival school to sabotage Penn State’s recruitment efforts by seducing the coach. Intrepid sports bloggers would dig relentlessly to uncover the identities of the girls and attempt to find something, anything, that would validate their theory that they somehow tempted their beloved defensive wizard. There’s be a horrible nickname for one of the victims involving the word “honeypot.” If a young girl were victimized by a giant in the world of college football, would she even have the courage to come forward, knowing what sort of scrutiny and character assassination awaited her?

      1. They really do live in lala land. Yeah, if he had been raping 10 year old girls, everyone would think it was a lie or it was okay. Jesus, what is up with these people?

      2. They’re probably right, if the accusers had been adults. With children, it would have been the same reaction.

        1. Are you saying that people care more about male on male rape than male on female rape? Because they don’t.

          1. No, my point was the age of the hypothetical female accusers, not the gender.

            1. As long as the alleged perpetrator was male and the alleged victims were female, it would have nearly the same reaction regardless of their ages.

              1. I disagree.

      3. …I think Jezebel is a publication in an alternate reality, who, through the use of the LHC, posts in our reality.

        1. I guess I’m glad the Superconducting Supercollider was never completed.

        2. quantum mechanics explains apparent teleportation

      4. We know what would happen. We saw it w/ that movie guy who drugged and raped the 13 year old. Conservatives wanted him jailed, and liberals defended him.

  51. God created pencil skirts because he loves us and wants us to be happy.

    Is that what you call those in your neck of the woods, John? Around these parts, we call them “dollar bills” and “belts”.

    1. I don’t get it.

      1. You were in the military and you never went to a strip club or titty bar?

        Bet you were happy when they repealed DADT, NTTAWWT.

        1. I get the strip club reference. But I dont’ see how that relates to pencil skirts.

    2. Pencil skirts are those long straight, close fitting skirts which are very flattering to women with slim waists and well proportioned bottoms.

  52. Nov. 16, 1904: Vacuum Tube Heralds Birth of Modern Electronics

    I was actually listening to a very nice tube amplifier last night.

    1. I think something is really being lost in the music world with the growth of technology. The other day I was running and had my Ipod on shuffle just listening to whatever random songs came up. Back to back a live Rolling Stones recording from 1969 and their one from 2006 that Scorcese made. The 1969 one just sounded darker and more grungy. Same musicians, same music, but the 69 recording sounded better. The same is true of blues recordings. The stuff made in the 1950s with primitive equipment sounds different and I think better than the stuff made later with more advanced equipment.

      Sadly, you can’t buy the old equipment. I doubt even the Stones could recreate the sound they had in 1969 if they wanted to. And that I think is a shame.

      1. You can still buy it, and there is a substantial market for boutique clones and such.

        What’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy are engineers who know how to use tape and cut lacquer.

      2. mixing consoles, recording equipment, and even the ‘taste’ of the recording engineers has drastically changed over the years.

        Heck, a 3-track or a 4-track back in the 60s was considered high-tech, and 8-track recording – whew! It made for simpler, more ‘live’ recording of the bands at the time. But as the number of tracks grew, it led to slicker production since the musicians could record on individual tracks, or re-record over, etc etc.

        Heck, check out some of the Frank Sinatra recordings for the late-50s/early 60s – 2 or 3 tracks, all live, direct to the tape.

        or some Sam & Dave, or heck, even CCR…

      3. Well, digital stuff is a lot more compressed than non-digital, in terms of data.

        There is actually a market for like, 1 GB large symphonies, as I recall. They cost more but the sound quality is better.

        1. I use an Ampeg vacuum tube amp for my guitar. Sounds like god.

      4. Same musicians, same music, but the 69 recording sounded better.

        Nope. Different musicians. Even the ones who are the same person are not the same musician after all these years. And then there’s the dead one.

  53. I don’t get it.

    Don’t worry, it will hit you upside the head later. If your lucky, that is. It’ll be an Aha! moment.

  54. anti-threading Luddites

    *puffs chest, smirks*

  55. It’s a similar mechanism, but they release a pheromone that reduces gay panic in the attacker.

    Your theory still fails to explain Gleeks and BandFags.

    1. You dare argue with SCIENCE?!?

    2. The term is “BandQueers” thankyouverymuch.

  56. You dare argue with SCIENCE?!?

    Three words: Justin. Fucking. Bieber.

    1. Nothing can be done until we find the boy band gene and eliminate it totally.

  57. “My sex-perp counseling expert tells her charges that people have the right to not be aware that they are being thought of in a sexual manner.”

    The right not to be aware? Congress should make no law abridging your head up your ass?

    This is ultimately what sexual harassment law – and most of modern feminism – is about. The desire to use violence to control what men are thinking, if they’re the “wrong” men or “unapproved” men.

    There is absolutely no difference between saying, “I have the right to not be aware that I am being thought of in a sexual manner,” and “Hang that nigger boy, he whistled at a white woman.” None.

    (Unapproved Male) (Sexual Thought) (Disapproving Female) (Violence).

    When you diagram these sentences they are the same.

    1. That’s a good point. It seems that few people realize most of the lynchings were based on false rape accusations.

  58. This is ultimately what sexual harassment law – and most of modern feminism – is about. The desire to use violence to control what men are thinking, if they’re the “wrong” men or “unapproved” men.

    This conundrum would be much easier to solve if women (and men) were born with neon signs with the names of the members of the opposite (or same) gender that are expressly allowed to ogle and flirt.

    “You can look at me, but you can’t!”

    1. For centuries class and race systems were employed to accomplish this.

      Everyone knew who was socially allowed to consider whom a potential partner.

      Now those class and race systems are largely gone, and women have decided they don’t like it.

      As adolescents, they are able to employ violence-based systems of control to keep “unapproved” males at bay. “That nerd looked at me, I’m going to get my boyfriend to beat him up!” But increasingly they can’t get away even with that any more. And it certainly doesn’t help them as adults in any event.

      But feminism is stepping into the void, to build up brick by brick a system of state violence via the civil court system, in order to restore for women the ability to punish men who have the impertinence to look at them.

      1. One could argue that feminism is inherently racist and classist. Notice that it is largely dominated by privileged white women through elite universities.

      2. What hope does the Male Gaze have against such forces?

        1. I just stare harder, works fine.

  59. This is for all you anti-threading Luddites out there.

    This is for you, Fist of Smurfette-iquette.



  60. New York Times: Microstamping is a Minority Issue


  61. “Students are needlessly arrested for offenses as minor as disorderly conduct, which can include swearing at a teacher or throwing spitballs,” noted Petteruti. “SROs lead to discipline applied without the filter of school administrators or policies. This in turn leads to a troubling disruption of the educational process through suspension and expulsion, the result of which is some students who never become re-connected to school.”

    I wonder about that. I have a relative who worked as an SRO, and he told me that school administrators were constantly pushing him to arrest kids for minor offenses and non-criminal activity. Dealing with the kids was easy and they were rarely a problem, it was the admins who were a constant PITA. They apparently thought that breaking a school policy was sufficient grounds for arrest.

    1. This is believable. School admins are notoriously decision averse. If they can dump off a problem on someone else then they can claim “the rules” made him do it and avoid any responsibility for being a spineless twit without a lick of common sense.

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