Reason Morning Links: Newt's Freddie Mac Connection Just Got Bigger, DOJ Continues to Degrade FOIA, Obama Invades Australia


  • Bloomberg News: "Newt Gingrich made between $1.6 million and $1.8 million in consulting fees from two contracts with mortgage company Freddie Mac, according to two people familiar with the arrangement. The total amount is significantly larger than the $300,000 payment from Freddie Mac that Gingrich was asked about during a Republican presidential debate on Nov. 9 sponsored by CNBC, and more than was disclosed in the middle of congressional investigations into the housing industry collapse."
  • The National Security Archive reports that while the egregious FOIA rules recently proposed by the DOJ were withdrawn from consideration, the Department has other plans, "some of which are just as alarming as that which was taken off the table," including redefining who counts as a journalist.
  • President Obama has decided the empire is not big enough; establishes permanent U.S. military base in Australia.   
  • WSJ on churches versus local zoning boards. 
  • All of Europe is staring daggers at Angela Merkel and ze Germans, who just might escape the collapse of the European Union with their economy intact.  
  • #Newtone watch: Biden at labor rally: "Folks, you fired the first shot." 

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