Ron Paul

Ron Paul Changes the Debate

But he is still outside the Washington status quo.


You might not have guessed it from this weekend's "Commander In Chief" debate—where he was one of only two Republican presidential hopefuls not competing to be seen as the proudest torturer and most enthusiastic killer of terrorists and subversives—but Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has fundamentally changed the terms of next year's presidential campaign. 

If Paul is known for one issue as a politician, it is his detailed and longstanding critique of the Federal Reserve. Since 2008, "End the Fed" has emerged from the fringe and become a broadly popular position. When Paul expressed sympathy for the left-leaning Occupy Wall Street movement in the October 18 GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, he was in the unusual (for him) position of expressing a centrist sentiment. Paul has also attracted some progressive support with his correct identification of the destructive force of crony capitalism and for having warned about the housing bubble back in 2003. He has been repeating similar economic critiques since long before a national audience was paying attention.

The other GOP candidates are now following in Paul's footsteps. In August, Michele Bachmann said the Fed made "terrible, grievous errors," while Perry famously declared that another round of stimulus spending by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke would qualify as "treasonous." In the October 11 New Hampshire debate, which focused on the U.S. economy, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said, "If [Occupy Wall Street protesters] want to really change things, the first person to fire is Bernanke, who is a disastrous chairman of the Federal Reserve."

Even Herman Cain, whose flirtation with front-runner status seems to have ended, has had a hard time maintaining his outsider appeal in the face of Paul's ascendant anti-Fed view keeps. Cain touts his private sector past as the CEO of Godfather's Pizza, but since leaving the company he has run for the Senate and spent three years as the head of the National Restaurant Association—an outfit that has plenty of cash with which to lobby. And worse still for this GOP economic climate, Cain was once chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank branch.

Paul literally wrote the book on this cause—End the Fed—and he brings it up in every debate. In New Hampshire, this included a double dig at Herman Cain, first for Cain's scorn over the idea of auditing the Fed, and then for his former status as chairman of the Kansas City branch. Cain denied mocking Paul's supporters and their clamouring for an audit, and he said the prospect "doesn't bother me," but then reiterated that his "top priority is 9-9-9, jobs, jobs, jobs." Cain said later that Alan Greenspan's overseeing of the Federal Reserve "worked fine." By November, however, even Cain had come around to anti-Fed rhetoric, saying in an interview that as president he would fire Bernanke and audit the Fed.

Despite having spent more than 20 years in the House, Paul steals Cain's outsider thunder in another way: He actually is an outsider whose views don't conform to GOP orthodoxy. Paul's passion and earnestness have earned him enthusiastic-to-fanatical support and impressive "money bombs" from a broad donor base. In October, Paul unveiled a presidential plan to cut $1 trillion from the budget and eliminate "five cabinet-level departments and [begin] the draw down of American troops fighting overseas." In November, he unveiled a pithy new slogan: "Legalize freedom."

By contrast, Cain's bluntness and pleas for simplicity can sound promising to libertarian ears, but his plans to simplify government rarely get specific, particularly when he talks about foreign policy, immigrationabortion, and taxes. Cain says he's a man who will fix the country's economic woes with a 9 percent business tax, a 9 percent personal income tax, and a 9 percent sales tax, but when he focuses on government abuse, he usually just echoes Paul on issues like excessive executive power. Cain also holds some vehemently anti-libertarian positions, such as when he said the PATRIOT Act is "90 percent right on."

Paul of course has been a favorite politician among small-government fans for years—he ran as the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate in 1988—and is sometimes known as the "godfather" of the Tea Party movement. One of his breakthrough moments in this campaign came in May 2011, when, in response to a debate question about why social conservatives should vote for him, Paul ended up mocking the idea that drug laws were the only thing that prevented most people from doing heroin. The line got applause, as did New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson's follow-up comment about the need for legalizing and regulating marijuana. But it also illustrated just how far Paul's principled libertarian views are from the GOP mainstream.

When it comes to trashing the current administration, something in which every Republican has happily engaged, Cain suggested in August that Obama should be impeached because of his order that the Department of Justice stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act. Paul—who also disapproved of the Obama administration's decision—instead hinted that Obama's self-proclaimed power of assassination, which he used in August on American-born suspected terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki, was reason enough to remove him from office.

No matter what happens with Paul's campaign, libertarians, civil libertarians, and other fans of smaller government can at least be amazed and delighted that while running as a Republican, Paul criticizes the war on drugs, voices opposition to Guantanamo, advocates the complete privatization of marriage, promotes Austrian economics, and skewers the sacred cow of party loyalty in front of a national audience.

Lucy Steigerwald is an associate editor at Reason magazine.

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  1. “Even Herman Cain, whose flirtation with front-runner status seems to have ended, has had a hard time maintaining his outsider appeal in the face of Paul’s ascendant anti-Fed view keeps”

    …Or, his status taking a nosedive may have something to do with women saying he’s a little too slutty but that doesn’t fit the libertarian story

    1. Men aren’t ‘slutty’. Only women can be slutty.

      1. But women’s sluttiness is all forgiven once they read to 1st & 3rd graders in Compton a la Sasha Grey.

        1. I love a slutty woman who can read!

          1. I love slutty women.

            1. Tramps like us, and we like tramps

              1. But were you born to run?

              2. “I love slutty women.”

                But, Francisco, they don’t love you. They love John Galt. Too bad.

                1. It is better to have loved a slutty woman and lost, that to have never loved a slutty woman at all.

                  And there are few sluttier that Dagny, amirite?

            2. I love HOT slutty women.

    2. All men are “slutty”. It’s our nature. We don’t need to hear from people who have a problem with that fact.

    3. “Even Herman Cain, whose flirtation with front-runner status seems to have ended, has had a hard time maintaining his outsider appeal in the face of Paul’s ascendant anti-Fed view keeps”

      Of course, he’s lying his azz off. He would not do any such thing, and most sane people know this. We need to start suing candidates who, when elected, don’t keep their pormises to the electorate.

      1. cane Herman Cain

        1. +100 lashes

  2. “Despite having spent more than 20 years in the House, Paul steals Cain’s outsider thunder in another way: He actually is outsider whose views don’t conform to GOP orthodoxy”

    That may be true but few outside the libertarian community knows anything about him

    1. You’re wrong about that one. I’m surprised by how many conservative seniors love him.

      1. the proof will be in the vote

  3. Paul’s passion and earnestness have earned him enthusiastic-to-fanatical support and impressive “money bombs” from a broad donor base.

    Enthusiastic, fanatical and impressive have all been used to describe a certain type of bomb that my base of broads clamor for me to donate.

      1. They turned their KFC into a medical marijuana shop.

        1. FoE, stop trying to get extra points by responding.

  4. too much coffee! “speciific, particulalry”

  5. Are there any people who genuinely think that Newt is RP’s intellectual superior?

    1. Unfortunately, yes.

    2. Newt is smarter than RP. Smarter != better.

      1. Jimmy Carter was probably the smarted president we’ve ever had. Case in point.

        1. Carter wasn’t half bad. The smartest presidents were probably: Wilson (prof back when that meant something), Hoover (engineer), and James Garfield (presented a novel proof of the pythagorean theorerm). 2/3 were unquestionably horrible presidents.

          1. Thomas Fucking Jefferson?

            1. as it turned out, also not such a great president.

              1. Beats what we have today.

                1. touche. But can’t a libertarian pine for the days of Coolidge?

                  1. It’s been downhill since Washington.

                    1. not monotonically downhill. Truman was an improvement over FDR; Ford was an improvement over Nixon.

                    2. What we want are…accidental presidents? Explain Lyndon Johnson then…

                    3. It’s been downhill since Washington.

                      Correction: It’s been downhill since Cyrus Griffin.

                    4. I would have said John Hanson, but close enough

            2. Bill Clinton. C’mon, douche that he is, it can’t be denied.

              1. The inability to screw things up as much as he promised and wanted should not be taken as a basis for a positive job rating.

                1. Smart doesn’t = Wise.

                  Hoover and Carter were both smart engineers and both were utter fools. Neither was wise enough to know their limitations.

                  Washington and Coolidge were wise.

          2. *garfield got shot too soon to figure out if he was a good president, but he advocated a bimetallic monetary system, which turned out to be completely retarded – setting the exchange rate between two commodities by law artficially creates volatility in the markets as speculators make plays on the difference between the real supply/demand curves of the metals and the value ratio set by the state.

          3. The smartest President we’ve had was Theodore Roosevelt. And it ain’t close.

            1. Because he was a macho expansionist cowboy who liked to play dress-up and loved huntin’ an’ fishin’?

            2. Because he had the ability to memorize novels upon reading them, the mental dexterity to absorb and apply naval concepts and minutia with a simple perusal of the technical manuals and no naval background, was highly successful at his endeavors in nearly every field of human labor, mastered the ability to read and manipulate his fellow man, and found himself throughout his life consistently pushed to the front of whatever field he was measured against through the blunt force of his intellect and mental fortitude.

              You can be really, really smart without having sensible political ideology across the board. Teedie was the poster-child for this fact.

        2. “Jimmy Carter was probably the smarted president we’ve ever had. Case in point.” Not!

      2. “Newt is smarter than RP”
        Citation needed.
        Newt has a degree in history….what the fuck is that?

      3. If by “intellectually superior,” you mean “a far more relaxed and studied orator,” then yes. Newt’s got the “game” Ron Paul will never have. Point – Paul, in my book. One doesn’t develop that kind of political shrewdness without needing to in order to compensate for his own intellectual insecurities.

      4. I’d say they’re both quite smart, but the difference is one is a warmonger.

    3. Newt is a friggin’ idiot. Please….

      1. Still..

        Newt > Tebow

        OK, just kidding.

        1. You can bet that Newt could complete more than two passes in a game.

          1. I caught a coupla Newt’s passes. I’m still not sure if his wife ever knew about it. He kept beating his fist against the table and grimacing, just grimacing all the time, and he instructed me beforehand to refuse his demands that I lick his asshole clean. I can’t remember why he was in Toronto, but he sure paid, so you know whatevs.

          2. And Ron Paul was the only one to ever hit a home run in a congressional basball game. FACT.

            1. “baseball”, excuse me..

      2. But it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. I just can’t understand all those big words he uses.

  6. I think the only way Paul will break out is with a bunch of crash and burns with the other candidates ala Michelle Bachman.

    1. Here’s hoping!

      1. +1 star to wish upon

    2. Cain is not crashing fast enough. All of the nutty birtherism and so on seems to have infected the GOP to the point that everything is perceived as a conspiracy. This means that no amount of evidence will convince the faithful that Cain is less than innocent. This leaves the GOP in the precarious position of possibly nominating Cain despite all of his flaws.

      1. Cain is not crashing fast enough.

        Let’s see … Libya.

        1. Yes, but did that clip make it on Letterman. It is amazing how these assclowns make it into some sort of possibility for POTUS. To me, Cain, sadly stands for the Republicans answer to a ‘black’ sitting President, oh, yeah, and he used to be a CEO, a captain of industry. Kinda reminds of the press’s assertion that W was some sort of businessman during his campaign. Good God what a low bar that is set.

      2. I am afraid that the US would have to fall apart in seperate states to at least somewhat come to it senses. If Paul should win I even the POTUS contest I’ll be happy Dutchman living in my fascistic Kingdom of The Netherlands. If he does not the world will not be over but it will show that only 7% of the electorate will truly want something different and not just a New American Idol.

    3. Also, if Perry would throw in the towel and endorse his fellow Texan, I bet that that would be a huge boost.

      1. won’t do it. Constitution prohibits Paul from picking Perry as his running mate, not that he would do it anyways (it would almost certainly be Johnson)

        1. I would say Johnson too, but Hunstman may be a possibility??at least he’s against torture!

      2. No mainstream Republican is ever going to endorse Ron Paul, unless Ron Paul is his father.

        Tom McClintock in California is the closest thing to a Ron Paul Republican out here, and he endorsed Fred Thompson in 2007, probably guessing (wrongly) that Thompson would do better in the primaries.

  7. Alt text: “Governor Rick Perry and Congressman Ron Paul settle the debate with a game of Morra.”

    1. “Perry! Cover your heart! Cover your heart!”

    2. Looks more like rock, paper, scissors.

    3. “There. Are. FOUR. Lights!”

    4. “one…two…five”
      “three, sir”

    5. Perry: Hey Ron. Here’s some doctoring for you. If your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer.

      Paul: Huh? I’ve never heard that. Hang on a sec. Let me check.

  8. Paul has made his mark, fo sho, but let’s not forget that Santorum is also in this race and he’s basically the anti-Paul. Everyone but Johnson is basically more closely aligned with Santorum than with Paul.

    1. Is an anti-Paul like an anti-christ in anyway?

      1. When I’m president, that sort of blasphemy will be illegal.

        1. Under penalty of crucifixion.

      2. I don’t know enough about the anti-christ to say. Though I will say that seeing the Left Behind movies convinced me that Obama could be the anti-christ if such a thing were real.

        1. They made movies of those abortions?

        2. I think he lives in the downstairs apartment. Should I give him your phone numger and e-mail address?

      3. If they like crappy arthouse flicks with talking foxes, then yes.


  10. Too bad Ron Paul is a racist

    1. Too bad you’re an aparent moron.

    2. Too bad you have shit for brains.

    3. everyone’s a little bit racist.

      1. 😀

    4. Vote for the Welfare/Warfare president of your choice then…..all others of either major party fit your bill.

    5. My Rep is Sheila Jackson-Lee. Being an outspoken racist seems to be working just fine for her, landslide after landslide. Of course, she isn’t running for POTUS, but she ain’t quiet about using them ‘protect’ Obama, and I have never heard Obama distance himself from her remarks.

      1. But ya can’t CLAIM her, man…


    If not why the fuck do you support that racist scum from Texas?

    1. Quit talkin shit, you communist!

      1. LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?!

        1. It’s Hey Hey Obomb-A, how many African Babies you Bomb today.

    2. 56–scum
      77–ALL OF YOU!!

        1. forgot one:

          01–the tremendous Roan Paoul KOCH!

    3. Hmmm, let’s see: candidates who advocate excusing the deaths of innocent brown civilians vs. a candidate whose proven political convictions favor the rights of political minorities across the board, but who has some boring stupid isolated story in his past about some scared white guy writing under a false name, essentially saying he’s afraid of what he perceives as “black” peoples’ inherent physical superiority. I’ll take the latter, thanks. Ignoring the fact that Ron Paul isn’t “from” Texas, I’d like to go out on a limb and say that I’m sure your state is totally way better than Texas in every way, and is known for having the supernatural distinction of producing only the highest form of intellectuals.

    4. Oh leave poor Perry alone,he does enough self destructing on his own.

  12. no alt-text?

    “Perry, whenever you talk I feel the urge to face-palm so hard I’ll need a plunger to pull my nose back out”

    1. That pic is definitely not helping with the Magneto references:…..Kellen.jpg

  13. And this article is precisely why Lucy Steigerwald is BY FAR my favorite Reason writer. She’s one of the last real and honest libertarians in the Beltway crowd.

    1. What!? Best writer by far is lobster girl. She’s never written anything I could ever criticize!

  14. I think the conservative right underestimates Paul’s appeal to the “other side.” I know several registered Democrats that like Paul. I even changed my affiliation to vote for Paul in my state primary. He is the only Republican candidate that really has any chance to attract any Obama supporters. The GOP should consider this carefully.

    1. the only reason for the GOP to consider this is if they thought A paul win would be good for the party. It wouldn’t (necessarily).

      1. I’m just sayin’ that the GOP should consider the general election as well as the primary. Only former really matters in he end. As a person left-of-center who usually (not always) votes D, but sympathetic to libertarian concerns, I wouldn’t dream of voting for any of the other GOP candidates. Ron Paul? He has my interest. If he got the GOP nomination, I would consider myself currently undecided.

        1. You are assuming that the GOP main interest is in winning the White House. The GOP would gladly pic someone they absolutely no can not win and is not remotely fit to be the President in lieu of having Ron Paul as their candidate or in the White House. The Dems and the GOP are all part and parcel of the same scummy entrenched governing class and the dialectic which defines this country.

        2. Ever heard about Gary Johnson? He’s probably even more attractive to liberals and Democrats, as he’s anti-closed borders and pro-gay marriage.

      2. A Paul win would work wonders for the party’s name, but would spell death to a number of the party’s primary cash cows. It seems too good to be true, so I assume it probably is. I wish he’d run on a third-party ticket. I’d be very surprised if his numbers didn’t increase.

    2. The GOP would rather see Obama win a second time and wait four more years. They like the system in place as it is. It’s comfortable for them. They’ll tolerate a Paul as long as he can be marginalized.

    3. Ralph Nader, a man who is very far left, has acknowledged that Ron Paul gets it right on many significant and fundamental issues, ranging from foreign policy, to crony capitalism, and social issues. Nader has suggested that the left should seriously consider supporting ron paul if you become a republican canidate

  15. We want to WIN, not talk. We want to restore the Republic, not get a lesser sort of evil. When you actively choose evil, voter by voter, rolled up to a national level, what the heck do you think you get? Good? Where are your critical thinking skills?

  16. Might I recommend a new headline set for this article? “Ron Paul: Single-handedly taking on Washington’s disgusting status quo. And winning the debate”

  17. “$1 trillion dollars” = one trillion dollars dollars?

    1. No, “$1 trillion dollars” would be “one dollar trillion dollars”.

      1. Right. I meant all those. So did Ron Paul.

        Or! I fixed that, thank you.

      2. depends on your order of composition

  18. Newt is in no way Ron Pauls intellectual or moral equal, I dont see video evidence of him showing prolific insight predicting the housing bubble from as far back as 2003.

    Newt also lacks Ron Pauls integrity remember he has been caught out in an affair and Gingrich is the only Speaker of the House to have been disciplined for ethics violations.

    Are you really sure you want to put your trust in this man?

    1. Newt got changed back a long time ago.

      1. He got newtered.

    2. nobody said anything about morality, Ken. Just about intellect. And Ron’s predicted bubbles since the 70s, some of them happened, some of them not.

      1. That said, I do have to thank Ron for giving me the insight to see that the 08 bubble would happen. I then proceeded to incorrectly predict a 2010 bubble pop which seems to be a year late.

        1. In fairness, you didn’t know they were gonna wear out the printing presses for 3 years straight just to postpone it.

          1. I don’t think the FED has really printed money that hard-core, yet. My feeling on this is they’ve only doled out about 1-2 trillion, I’d say; the multiplier effect on this at the end of the string will make it worth about 10-20 T, which still pales in comparison to the 30-40 T in privately held debt.

            We still could have hyperinflation, for now, but the gov’t has “successfully” managed to counterbalance private deflation through defaults and depositing, with printing money.

            There are other strategies, like negative interest rates, or just helicopter dropping bills, which haven’t really happened yet.

            1. Does that figure take all of our european largess into account?

    3. “Are you really sure you want to put your trust in this man?”
      Are you kidding? Not on your life.

    4. I was considering Newt until I watched this:

      At 2:45 into this he essentially says the Ft Hood shooter, an American citizen, has no right to a trial under the American justice system.


      1. Newt is correct. The military has their own courts.

        1. You and newt are incorrect. Military members also have a right to a trial, which is a court martial.

        2. Which is also under the American justice system (UCMJ).

          1. Under which you can also suffer double jeopardy.

    5. You nailed it!

  19. Ron Paul or not at all.

    I’m an independent voter and he is the only one I can cast my vote for.

    Integrity, experience, and intelligence.

  20. the most stupid comments i have read in a long time.

  21. “the most stupid comments i have written in a long time.”

  22. Wow! If the quality of the comments here wouldn’t convince the average person that maybe too much free speech is a problem, I don’t know what would. Ever hear of self-restraint?

    1. Authoritarians always want to limit freedom. We don’t.

      1. The reference to “self-restraint” would seem to contraindicate authoritarian sympathies…..

    2. Have you be injured by Reason comment?! Are you having to pay out of pocket for therapists because of someone else negligent keyboard? If so, please call 1-800-WINYFCK and the law offices of FUC, YU and TU will get you that cash you deserve.

      1. Not funny. I’ve been named in a lawsuit for malicious commenting before.

        Ron Paul’s ninety or so seconds of time was the most lucid part of the debate. He speaks to a reality all the other candidates willfully ignore. The marginalization frustrates me to no end.

        1. Face reality. Ron Paul is not electable, because the media, the political parties, the lobbyists, and the corporations absolutely will not have him. Why do you think he only got those few seconds? He’s being energetically marginalized. Has zero chance. The system is completely corrupt.

  23. Ron Paul is racist.

    1. from Daily $oros? You can always reelect America’s biggest killer of black and brown Africans. You can still call the anti-war, non-killer of Africans a racist. No one will stop you.

    2. You’re a towel.

      I take that back. You’re Tony.

      Fuck off.

    3. That’s right when you lose an argument revert to name calling. What are you 12 years old?

  24. This piece doesn’t sound like it was written for the Reason audience. We already knew all this.

  25. Ron Paul seems like the perfect topic for a site named “”

    1. Everyone take a sip of refreshing Coca-Cola!

  26. Quick History Quiz
    Who said the following Ron Paul or Thomas Jefferson:
    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe .” —
    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
    “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”
    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
    If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

  27. Ronald Ernest Paul has won … they just don’t know it yet

  28. Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  29. Was pretty amusing hearing the other yoyo’s debating about starting foreign aid at 0 and then making ’em beg for more…except the jews of course, they get all the booty theyz wants!

    1. Sure it was all about the Judaic tail in the 60’s and 70’s when every guy in America wanted to fuck Barbra Streisand, but then America discovered Armenian chicks, and that has all changed. Be it a long tiny easy slide bum like Cher’s, or a full sized rough trade bubble butt like mine, Armenian Girls rule!

  30. “…it also illustrated just how far Paul’s principled libertarian views are from the GOP mainstream”.

    Because GOP mainstream view is that the only reason everyone isn’t doing heroin is because it’s illegal? What a joke. In reality, the GOP mainstream view is an illusion created by the mainstream media, which is paid off by the Federal Reserve.

  31. “But he is still outside the Washington status quo.”
    That’s why I will vote for him.

  32. And the crowd roars. When Americans hear the unfettered message they say, hmmm that sounds like honest truth. I don’t like all of it but it sure sounds a lot like what our founders believed. When was the last time you saw a candidate that spoke so passionettely about real equality, real justice, real freedom. Not what the government would let you have, but what you yourself could earn and keep and give away at your discretion. I believe we are at an incredible moment in the history of America. At the precipice of a true fundamental change in American politics. It sounds so strange to talk about tyranny in America, but when you educate yourself it is so obvious. The medias obvious slobbering over candidates with no real substance has been shameful. Even Romney is so lackluster that he cannot rise above 25%. Does anyone think he is going to sway those independant Obama voters with his inevitable crowning? The sad thing is that people don’t realize that he doesnt represent real change, or even substantial change. His coffer funding is predominately lobbiest money from big banks and wall street. Turn off the TV and turn on youtube. Watch, and learn about the candidates. Read the discussion boards. Look at the real support of the candidates. And VOTE in the primary! There really is only one obvious choice, and it ain’t Romney.

  33. Sorry, Ron Paul is racist.

    1. I am a racist to, I sincerely hate socialist and corporatist. You are such a breed that simply… don’t deserve to get any of my well earned money

    2. Chaos Punk is… on borrowed time?

  34. Ron Paul is racist.

    1. *agrees absolutely*

  35. Ron Paul is racist.

    1. negro co?o stinks, but it’s good.

  36. Ron Paul is racist.

  37. Ron Paul is racist.

  38. Waterboarding is not torture to many (millions) people.
    Check the citizen/traitor/sedition clause in the citizenship portion of the constitution; you do not have to be convicted in a court of law if your actions are self evident. Many summary executions took place on the field of battle of US citizens/civil war.
    I agree with Mr. Paul on 95% of what he stands for. Unfortunately the other 5% is BIG, so I just can’t vote for him. Besides he is just terrible on TV and you know that is the worst thing in the USA.
    I will always appreciate the fact that he has pushed and pushed on conserving constitutional principles in our country enough so it is finally catching on.

    1. Explain to us what is that other 5% consist of that turns you off for voting RP ? You will never get a perfect candidate, you must run your life and your life alone. So tell us.. what is that 5% that bothers you so greatly.

    2. Terrible on TV? This is not American Idol except to the idiocracy.

      1. From his comment it’s pretty clear that “11bravo” is a card carrying member of the idiocracy.

    3. Waterboarding is not torture to many (millions) people.

      Is that how you measure right and wrong? By taking a poll?

      1. I’d go ahead and venture a guess that waterboarding is considered torture by 100% of those who have ever endured it.

  39. Thank you for the good article. It’s so nice to see that some in the media still believe that people should be informed about a candidate about such a unique candidate as Ron Paul, as opposed to blocking him out.

    I still have faith in America and believe that a candidate funded by average individuals can overcome the establishment funded talking heads. Let’s do it America and support Ron Paul anyway we possibly can.

    1. Ron Paul is the closest we will ever have to a founding father.

      Join the Revolution!

  40. Truman was an improvement over FDR

    The only thing that made “Truman…an improvement over FDR” was the combination of the Republican congress and the onset of the Cold War.

    The Republican congress blocked his welfare state which was much more extensive than anything Roosevelt had advanced and the Cold War made it so that the money he planned to take from the military budget to finance his welfare state wouldn’t be available.

    Harry Truman was a venal political hack whose closest spiritual heir today is Harry Reid.

  41. The new numbers out of Iowa have Cain at 20% and Paul second at 19%.

    Best scenario for Iowa is Cain, Romney and Gingrich all think they can win it all, so their supporters refuse to combine at the caucuses and Paul gets the surprise heroic victory of all time there.

    You know what? That one win would be enough for me. I could ride out the rest of the election cycle the same way I’ve run out the last 25 years of being an Islanders fan.

  42. This is a great article, Ms. Steigerwald. I sincerely hope every American reads it! Keep up the good work!

    1. …he says after Googling her name and seeing her photo.

      Seriously, though, it’s a good article. Unfortunately, once in office, the new president will forget all about Ron Paul and his “wacky” ideas about freedom.

  43. While all the rest of the Repubulican candidates cast about and “fine-tune” the principles they (might) believe in, Dr. Paul has been consistant, complete, and clear. I know where he stands. He stands with me. And I will stand for him.

    I intend to vote for Ron Paul in the Presidential election. If his name doesn’t appear on my ballot, I will put it there.

  44. Ron Paul is racist.

    1. Cain is racist. It seems he only gropes white females.

  45. Hi Everyone,

    The RNC has been complicit in the marginalization of Dr. Paul, as well as the media blackout. We all know this. I have set up a little website to bring attention to this fact and to help Dr. Paul. It is not the kind of thing he would do (in fact he couldn’t even acknowledge it without being summarily expelled from the GOP), but it IS the kind of thing I would do, ESPECIALLY after the last debate where Dr. Paul got a whole 90 seconds to speak. This must stop and by God it WILL stop, and YOU’RE going to help me stop it!

    Go to and sign up please, and spread the word. I set up the site myself it has no ads and no profit, just a labor of love in defense of Dr. Paul.

  46. If Paultard’s 3 ineffective, hypocritical decades in politics makes him an “outsider,” then I am the second coming of Jesus Christ…or the first, for all you Jewish folk out there.

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