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More on Michael Moore's Millions


When Michael Moore told Piers Morgan that he was not among the hated 1 percent, he wasn't lying. That's because with a net worth upwards of $50 million he's among the top 0.1 percent.

He made a big deal about paying a third of his first $3 million in taxes to this "great country," as I noted previously. But what has he been doing since then? Collecting subsidies from Michigan taxpayers to make millions more, as it turns out, completely unlike the bailout money that evil Wall Street fat-cats received from federal taxpayers.

Henry Payne, my former colleague at The Detroit News reports that Moore took $1 million in film subsidies to make "Capitalism: A Love Story" from a state that has a mega-billion dollar fiscal hole.

What's more, he made $222 million at the box office whose DVD distribution was handled by Sony, an evil corporation. What did he do with the money? Give it all away in charity, buying turkeys for Michigan's poor on Thanksgiving? Errr….Not exactly: He bought a $5 million mansion in tony Torch Lake, Michigan.

But that doesn't mean he can't rally a crowd in front of Oakland City Hall urging it to expand its protests to leafy suburbs like Oakland's middle-class Walnut Creek because that's, you know, "where the money is," as he put it.

Actually, as Payne notes, Torch Lake is where the money is. So maybe after he is done with Oakland he can lead an Occupy Torch Lake protest. Yes, Michael?

Full disclosure: I live in Oakland County that, I believe, could really use a protest to liven things up.

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  1. if you ever wonder what could possibly rank below politician on the credibility scale, the answer is Michael Moore. At least politicians know the bullshit they’re often uttering is bullshit; but, Moore believes his own babbling.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure of that. He is an entertainer and he’s quite good at it. His audience loves the performance. You can’t be sure he isn’t a genius.

      1. Or great Asperger’s.

        Can we get MORE MOORE, like 5 days instead of the measly 2 per week?

      2. How awesome would it be if his entire persona was nothing but a complete act?

        I’m picturing him right now closing his front door, taking off the dirty baseball cap, and putting on a top hat and monocle while laughing hysterically.

        1. Rush Limbaugh makes his millions one way, Michael Moore makes his millions another way. They just have a different target audience.

          1. Wasn’t there a family guy episode where Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh were just characters made up by the greatest actor of all time? Fred Savage.

        2. If this were true then I would have to take back most of the things I’ve said about him. He would instantly go from being one of my most hated personalities to one of my most beloved heros.

          Taking millions from gullible Progressives and Socialists and then spending it on himself might make him a Capitalist hero even if he really believes what he is saying…

          1. Some Guy,

            Can you imagine the Piers Morgan interview with Moore explaining that his career has been a complete fraud designed to take money from stupid liberals? “Piers, I am a libertarian. I never believed any of this stuff. But libertarian docs never make any money. So I just figured I would say the stupidest thing possible that confirmed every liberal notion and I would be golden. And sure enough I was”. God it would be fabulous.

            1. There’s still time. Maybe he will reveal all on his death bed… and then leave everything he has earned to Libertarian think tanks.

              In the future Libertarian utopia we will have a holiday in his memory.

              1. a holiday in his memory

                What, Fat Fuck Day?

                1. DUDE.

                  You almost owed me a laptop.

                  Fortunately years of Internet training led me to turn my head just in time.

        3. If this whole thing were revealed to be performance art, it would be the greatest PWN ever. You would have to respect a guy who pulls that off.

        4. I’ve always suspected Chomsky’s schtick was just a performance art. I can picture him flying back to Cambridge (in 1st class of course) from Europe with hundred’s of thousdands in speaking fees from telling the Euros how uniquely evil America was. Then he’d do his little smile and chuckle “Suckers.”

          1. Would that it were so, but as someone acquainted with him for 35 years and who used to regularly (at least once a week for five years) drive him from his home in Lexington to the airport in Boston, I can assure you that Chomsky does actually believe his own bullshit.

        5. That was already an episode of Family Guy

        6. “How awesome would it be if his entire persona was nothing but a complete act?”

          You mean a troll?

      3. I don’t know. I think of MM as kind of like the Barney of the brain dead left.

    2. well, no, asshole though he may be, Michael Moore is actually correct about a few limited things. This is better than most politicians.

  2. When Michael Moore told Piers Morgan-

    Stop right there.

  3. He made a big deal about paying a third of his first $3 million in taxes to this “great country.”

    Pix or it didn’t happen.

    1. 4506T or it didn’t happen

    2. Everyone congratulate me!

      I pay a third of every incremental dollar I make. You’re welcome everyone!

      1. Yeah, seriously. Guys, 33% marginal tax rate for millionaires is LOWER than what we actually are supposed to have, like, right now. Much less what we’re supposed to have after some massive progressive tax increase.

        I don’t really hate on Moore for his money: he’s successful, people pay him, nobody’s forced to go to his movies. Sure, subsidies, but everyone gets those at this point — it’s unfortunate, but it’s hardly a unique failing.

        But, if you’re an angry anti-capitalist, and you find yourself mollified by the notion that Moore paid a 33% income tax on $3 million… NO. Wrong. You fail. Put down your Occupy X sign, take basic math again, and figure out what you’re advocating for.

        1. I don’t hate Moore at all, be it money or politics. He has earned his money; it’s the bullshit about hating capitalism that rings hollow. And frankly, no one should have to pay 33% of their income, if that much, on a govt that shown itself inept at handling that revenue.

          1. TV Nation I liked. But that’s it.

  4. So you can make $222 million and still be in the lower 99%? Let me check my bank account…yep, I’m in that bunch, I have less than that. dang.

  5. So when’s Emile going to show and make some racist quips about going back to India?

    Michael Moore is going to be in my office building tomorrow as he and Occupy Houston go around town encouraging people to end their accounts at all the big banks. If more than 2 dozen people show up you can bet that they probably brought people in just for the media. I’ve never seen more than that out there and this morning with the cold front that blew in there were 10 at most.

    1. Not to mention those hipster dorks are about 3 years behind the power curve. TARP gets passed and they didn’t close out their accounts right away (like I did with Wells Fargo)? Talk about a lack of credibility.

      1. Well, in defense of Hipster Dorks everywhere, you have to remember that three years ago nobody told them to close their accounts.

        They’re not going to start thinking of this stuff on their own, you know.

    2. Wait. We seriously have an Occupy Houston? Where at? I want something to laugh at this weekend.

      1. Think that’s funny? We had an Occupy Biloxi down here in MS! I laughed for two fucking days straight! Non-stop laughing! I still chuckle when I think about it from time to time. Like just now.

      2. City Hall, I drive by them on the way to work every day.

        1. Sweet. Might have to hop in the Porsche, throw on thethe monocle and do a drive by.

          1. I was thinking about handing copies of Wikipedia’s regulatory capture page while wearing a tophat and laughing haughtily.

    3. I was going to be an Apatheist once, but then I figured, why bother.

  6. When Michael Moore told Piers Morgan that he was not among the hated 1 percent, he wasn’t lying. That’s because with a net worth upwards of $50 million he’s among the top 0.1 percent.

    Do I have to make a Venn diagram showing why this statement is wrong?

    1. This is Shikha. As always she’s sloppy even if you agree with her.

    2. Pedantism is a thing, up with which we will not put.

      1. When the subject is first person, you should use “shall” instead of “will.”

    3. Walnut Creek isn’t part of Oakland, either, but Michael Moore is still a dick.

      1. a big fat slvenly dick…who smells bad

      2. Also, it’s not Oakland County; it’s Alameda

        1. Places called “Oakland county” do exist. I suspect she lives in one of those places.

          1. Like the one in Michigan.

  7. The .1% is a subset of the 1%, which means, by definition, that any element in the .1% is in the 1%. Therefore, Moore is still a liar.

    1. Pedantism is a thing, up with which we will not put.

      1. Protip: Not ending a sentence with a preposition is a Latin rule. It isn’t necessary in English as it is a Germanic language

        1. I learned that recently. I also learned that you should only have one space after a period. I find grammar rules fascinating.

          1. Uh, don’t Strunk and White call for double space after the period? If that is what they say, that is what I do, for I am a mindless grammar zombie.

            1. Consistancy is what matters but only one is necessary.

            2. This is the article that convinced me to switch. Surprisingly it took me less than a week to break out of my old double-spacing habit.

              1. Interesting article. I may have to switch over to single spacing.

                1. Don’t do it! And I repeat, I speak of grammar! A machine has none. A man must. My client has the right to space his sentences, and if you do not grant him that right, you have brought us down to the level of the machine! Indeed, you have elevated that machine above us! I ask that your spaces be double. And more than that, gentlemen. In the name of humanity, fading in the shadow of the machine, I demand it. I demand it!

                  1. We’ve already elevated the machine above us. When your comment was converted to html, any place where there were more than two__spaces was reduced down to_one.

                    1. Not below, when I employed the dual nbsp.

                  2. I was always taught to double space after a period but, as Joshua says below, html overrules the spacebar.

              2. Well gosh durn it, if Slate says it is bad, then I shall follow. (bull crap, I love slamming the space bar, so a double slam between sentences is twice the pleasure.)

            3. The double-space is falling out of favor, because the spacing in word processing software renders it unnecessary for readability purposes.

              As always, though, there are Dead-Enders out there.

              1. I refuse to defy the grammar bible that is Strunk & White! It’s literal!

                1. “In the beginning God created language and grammar. Now the grammar was formless and empty, lacking rules, and darkness was over the surface of language, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the deep complexities. And God said, “Let there be Strunk & White” and there was White.”

                2. Stunk and White were just agents of big grammar Epi. They repressed the real stuff so the state could keep control of the language.

                  1. And keep you from gamboling about the double space too.

                    Mustn’t forget that.

              2. Not only am I a period double spacer, I am a serial commaer.

                1. Solidarity, brother!

              3. some of us code and use monospaced font. Did you notice that when you type your response in the reason comment field it’s monospaced?

            4. I double space after a period. I am the 99%!

          2. I remember when my English teacher wanted two spaces after periods, I though it was the silliest thing I had ever heard.

          3. That’s revisionist bullshit.  Just like attempts to kill the serial comma.

            Note my use of two spaces above, defying HTML standards. Defying them!

          4. Goddamn you single space after a period people. There are two spaces after a period and always have been.
            That’s a typesetting rule not a grammar rule anyway

      2. Also, no one said anything about it being Talk like Yoda day.

        1. Mean you, Talk Like Yoda Day today is?

  8. The only people allowed to protest on behalf of the 99% are those with no national exposure who we can conveniently ignore!

    This treads perilously close to asking why libertarian millionaires don’t move to Somalia. We’re all hypocrites in some ways. Doesn’t have anything to do with the message.

    1. Note: it’s Thursday.

      1. Ah, into the filter he goes, then.

      2. Good thing – that is some weapons grade stupid right there.

        1. Michael Moore could feed a lot of Somalians… but they’d have to wash and shave him before putting him in the smoker.

    2. The point is that MM is a hypocritical liar who claims he is not in the 1%, when he is solidly in that very position.

    3. Yes dipshit, you have to wear the hairshirt if you want to talk about how other people live. It is called not being a hypocrite.

      And a bunch of spoiled rich kids trying to recreate the 1960s do speak for anyone but themselves.

      My, my family and pretty much everyone I ever known is part of the 99%. And you and your repulsive ilk do not speak or protest for anyone but yourselves.

      1. I think it is perfectly fine and in fact admirable in some cases to protest on behalf of a group of which you are not a member. MM’s problem is not that he is protesting on behalf of the 99%, but that he claimed to be a member of the 99%. (His other problem is that he is a moron.)

        1. Sure you can protest for someone else. But it has to be an actual group not 99% of the country.

          1. Especially when at least half of that 99% disagrees with almost everything you are saying. I get real tired of these little shits claiming to represent me.

    4. And Tony Michael Moore is a devout Christian. Has been his entire life. I thought you hated the fundies.

      1. Mike, another religious control-freek.

        1. BIG Supporter of the Clinton/Obama WarState.

      2. He’s not a fundie.

        1. …just not the kind you usually think of.

    5. This treads perilously close to asking why libertarian millionaires don’t move to Somalia.

      Because Somalia has nothing to do with libertarianism. Meanwhile, what you do with your own money has everything to do with being a leftwing twit.

      1. Woah, who the hell are you? This is actually 1) in well-phrased English and 2) in defense of libertarianism.

        1. He’s ozone. Obviously.

        2. I’m thinking this was a joke handle that somebody forgot to change

      2. And being rich doesn’t disqualify one from being a liberal.

        1. Remember, I make more than you do – probably everyone here. Statistically speaking.

        2. ….and an avid $$$ supporter of the Obama-Clinton War State….

        3. But taking money in an upward moving welfare scheme, just like those he decries, should disqualify you from being able to bitch about upward moving welfare schemes.

          Taking a million dollars from taxpayers was a choice that he consciously made in order to further line his own pockets.

    6. Thieving socialist M Moore.

      1. Thieving capitalists. Trail of Tears.

        And MOAR MOORE!

        1. “Thieving capitalist” is an oxymoron.

          1. Socialism is Murder. Fascism is a form of Socialism. Obama and Mike Moore are avid fascists. If a=b and b=c, then a=c. Obtuse minds want to know.

            1. What the devil are you talking about?

        2. We’re gonna need some BIIIIIG death camps to get down to optimal population size, people.

    7. But libertarian millionaire who don’t move to Somalia aren’t hypocrites – I would have thought that made a difference. Also, no one has the right to protest on behalf of 99% of people unless they have the support of 99% of people. Which the OWS people don’t.

    8. Let me know when you have moved to North Korea Tony….

  9. Venn diagrams, “.1% is a subset”. You expect a women’s study grad to understand that stuff? Get real, dudes.

    1. I thought she was economics?

  10. More on Moron Michael Moore’s Millions

    Fixed it for you.

  11. When Michael Moore told Piers Morgan that he was not among the hated 1 percent, he wasn’t lying. That’s because with a net worth upwards of $50 million he’s among the top 0.1 percent.

    I can read the opening sentences and know who wrote the post before I even look at the byline.

    There’s an actual difference between hystronics and effective snark. Maybe Shikka can be a faux-leather jacket and that will help.

    1. When I read the line, I immediately recognized the logic error, but I thought it was a clever snark anyway – a little imprecision is permissible when making an obviously snarky remark, IMO.

    2. There’s an actual difference between hystronics

      Damn, joez law strikes again.

      It’s histrionic, yo.

      1. I cain’t spel enginer, but I are one.

  12. Anyone catch South Park last night absolutely killing the over the top media coverage and response to these bozos?

    Of course, Gawker is pissed because South Park dares to think that both the 1%(as seen as Cartman) and the protestors and basically everyone is to blame, and if there is one thing I’ve learned Gawker frickin’ hates its the viewpoint that all sides are to blame because good Gawker liberals are in no way equivalent to mean dirty conservatives (the other side pulls this shit too, although I have seen a populist distrust of big business welling up among the conservatives so maybe they’re getting better? Or probably using a cynical political ploy. Probably column B).

    God, it must suck to Parker and Stone. Your libertarian leaning folks making a show that takes down everyone, and so whenever you swing the target to THEIR sacred cow, in this case the noble Occupy protestors who countering the evil Tea Partiers (something South Park took on a while back).

    1. I actually thought they could have been harsher. I did appreciate them mercilessly mocking the overblown coverage and the physical fitness guidelines stuff, but I would have liked to see them be nastier to everyone.

      Poor Clyde Frog. And Muscleman Mark.

      1. I liked the 83% getting mad at the 17%.

    2. Hmm… sounds like I may need to start watching South Park again.

    3. Gawker… That’s all you had to say.

    4. God, it must suck to Parker and Stone.
      I get the sense that they are quite happy with their position.

  13. Also, while I kind of understand the left’s love of the Occupy people (because they have been waiting ages for a leftist populist movement that would advance the gains of the 60s/70s) I simply do not understand the undying love for these people.

    Seriously, if this shit gets unruly the right is going to pull the Silent Majority card right on their ass. Second… are they really going to turf any Democrats to actually get people to vote for their issue? Sure, right now, the Democrats are playing lip service and hoping these people show up in a year… but beyond that? The reason the Republicans are listening to the Tea Party is cuz the TP put the fear of god into them by turfing a few incumbents. Who the fuck will the Dems take down, except for moderate Midwestern and Southern legislators? I’m not seeing them try to turf, say, Frank, despite his ties to Fannie and Freddie.

    1. The Tea Party was and is legitimately at odds with the Republican Party establishment. They sent establishment butt boys Bob Bennett and Mike Castle paking.

      The OWS are noting but Sorros funded party activity. They are in bed with the Democratic establishment. So there is no way they are going to send anyone packing. And none of the Democrats are the least bit afraid of them. Seriously, does anyone think these clowns are going to launch a primary challange against any Dems or do anything next November but vote for Obama as ordered or at worst stay home?

      1. “At odds with the establishment”? There nothing more than a Koch-funded re-branding of the angry Republican base of aging, fundie white males. It’s no different than when Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC, or when Philip Morris changed to the “Altria Group”. Talk about projection.

        1. well sayd dr the teebagers take there march ordrers from koches and faux newz

          1. If I didn’t go to other blogs and see it demonstrated every day, I would neve believe that liberals are actually this stupid and incapable of making an argument.

        2. What don’t you rebrand yourself Dr. Stupid. Extra stupid points for throwing in the Kochs. Yeah, the Republican establishment just loves the Tea Party. That were totally down with it shanking Bob Bennett and Mike Castle. And they just love the idea of actually cutting the size of government.

          1. I said it’s a re-branding of the angry, aging, white and senile Republican base.

            1. Yeah, they were so angry. That is why there were hundreds of arrests at Tea Party events, they wouldn’t leave public spaces and tried to shut down a major port. Oh wait that is occupy Wall Street.

              You making Orin seem intelligent here.

              1. John, don’t you remember when a Tea Partier lobbed a Molotov cocktail at Gabrielle Giffords?

                Sheesh – Right-wing historical revisionists, I swear.

              2. Yeah, they just openly carried assault rifles and public events with politicians nearby and said stuff like “don’t retreat, reload”!, shouted about “watering the tree of liberty” and held up Timothy McVeigh as a martyr.

                I guess there were no riots since it’s kind of hard to riot when you’re in a jazzy power chair from late stage Type II Diabetes due to a lifetime diet of sweet tea and krispy kreme.

                1. There was a picture of one scary black man at a Tea Party rallyin Arizona. And there were also people with AR 15s at the OWS rally in Arizona.

                  Fail. Try again Dr. Stupid.

                2. they just openly carried assault rifles

                  I don’t know what an “assault rifle” is, and neither do you.

                  and public events with politicians nearby

                  Oh noes! There were politicians nearby? Dear Galt won’t someone think of the children politicians??!

                  *wrings hands*

                  1. Yeah it’s not like this country has a long history of political violence and assassinations or anything.

                    1. Why is a black man with an AR15 scary? John’s point about what the tea party “did” is the only legitimate one. They attacked the Republican establishment and removed several RINOs from the electoral map. OWSers will not do that.

                      Also, they smell. And M. Moore is a perfect malebodied spokesperson for them.

                    2. I agree, Dr.Koch. The left has a bloody history indeed. All the more reason to keep a close eye on the Occupados. They are tailor-made human shield/useful idiots.

                    3. One of the enumerated rights the Tea Party was engaging in activism to protect was the right to keep and bear arms.

                      The Open Carry movement guys are an integral part of the gun rights movement.

                      They showed up with guns precisely because their political message was that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms, and it doesn’t matter if guns make you personally uncomfortable or afraid.

                      The guns at those rallies served exactly the same purpose as a sign or banner or chant.

                    4. You can be skeptical of Koft, and I would say that the Tea Party movement has largely been coopted. But it is a stretch to say that the Tea Party didn’t start out as grass routes, or that elements didn’t remain pure. A few district were lost to democrats because the tea partiers refused to vote for the incumbent and voted for their man anyways. I remember a certain Senator Paul having to campaign very hard during his primary bid for the Senate race. The fact is that OWS is offering nothing I haven’t seen before in so many dozens of protests that happen in Seattle every fucking year. Up until 2009 hundreds of people showing up with visible fire arms to rallys was unheard of…

                    5. Frankly OWS is nothing more than a Seattle University ‘social justice’ protest with a few fucking Guy Fawkes masks.

      2. I could see them turfing Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas and Ben Nelson in Nebraska. I mean, I can’t think of a solid Blue like Bob Bennett was that could be flipped, unless they went after Cali for some odd reason.

        1. It would be tough. the Tea Party got Bennett becuase he was a liberal Repubican in a very conservative state. To find an equivilent situation, you would have to find a conservative Democrat in a liberal state. And who would that be?

          If they meant what they said, they would go after Frank. He is the biggest crook in Congress and other than Dodd, the one who has the most guilt for the banking collapse. But like every other liberal, being liberal washes away all sins. They would never eat one of their own.

          1. I appreciate the Tea Partiers efforts to kick out some establishment types and get some new types elected. That being said the jury is still out. I won’t believe the Tea Party is anti-establishment until they refuse to vote for Romney in the general election. I won’t believe that the rookie Republicans are truly limited government types until I say how they vote without Obama as president. I’ll give the ones who voted against the debt ceiling deal some credit but only half of the new members did so (which is obviously a vast improvement over the rest of the party).

            1. There were some good ones. The guy who beat Feingold in Wisconsin is good. Rand Paul is good. Some others I am sure. I don’t follow individual votes enough to tell you whom.

              As far as Romney goes, depends on who his VP. If he chose the right VP, I wouldn’t blame them for voting for him, although I won’t. If Obama were anything but a biblical disaster, then there would be no rational way you could vote for Romney. Since he is, I don’t blame people for voting for him as the lesser of two evils.

            2. Since my teens, like back in 68 when it was Humphrey v. Nixon, I have heard the saying “the least of two evils”. It happens every presidential election year. If not voting for Romney means re-electing Obama, is there really a choice? One can’t really say they are the same, because Romney has never been president. So, you hold your nose and take the plunge.

              1. Hard to imagine him being worse than Obama. My fear is that he won’t do anything and just allow liberals to escape blame for Obama fucking up so badly.

                1. “”Hard to imagine him being worse than Obama.””

                  Careful with that. I thought who could be worse than Bush. It was mostly a rhetorical question, I didn’t need an answer, but we got one.

        2. Blanche is gone. Her seat belongs to a Republican now.

      3. That’s not how I understand it John. A lot of lefty dimwittery with a few nuggets of “End the Fed” and restore the constitution types for seasoning. Not completely monolithic.

  14. micheal more is part of teh ? in spearit adn thats the only thing mattres

    1. I know, Michael Moore hates capitalism…except when he doesn’t.

      Kinda reminds me of White Indian’s claim that pre-agricultural societies were peace-loving…except when they weren’t.

      1. I’ve said they had less violence — not that it was absent — and backed it up with empirical data.


          1. I dunno, I’m seriously doubting Rectal and White Indian are the same person. I doubt she even knows what agorism is or is thoroughly versed in anthropological texts.

            No, rather’s one kind of retard, the carelessly stupid, dull kind. Tony and White Indian are in a different class, the kind where they are supposedly so are well read, yet very basic concepts that contradict everything they believe are totally lost on them, and they react with complete fallaciousness, disingenuity and effusiveness (or vanishing when they get intellectually pwned and showing up again later as if it never happened).

            1. It is the constant changing of handles to superficially respond to another poster that makes WI = rectal. She used to do that all the time, and now she’s doing it in character.

              1. AFAIK both claim to do so because people keep parodying their actual handles. That doesn’t mean they aren’t two separate people. I don’t think Multiple Personality Disorder would switch a person between being a dull mental castrata who gets kicks out of taunting Reason boys to being a raving lunatic quoting Jared Diamond and other various dubious anthropologists. But I could be wrong…still, that assumes rather’s a whole lot smarter than she acts, so I’m thoroughly doubting that.

            2. Someone on the morning thread was saying White Indian used to be on free republic until they banned him. That tells me it is not rather but really some nut.

              1. Proves nothing, John. We know she changes her handle constantly, and she runs characters.

                All she had to do was find the “real” White Indian and copy-pasta a bunch of his nonsense into a text file. 90% of what it posts is the same 10 quotes, and the rest is some variation on “libertardism is teh suck hurr durr.”

                1. So do you think she is behind the Orin, Max, O2 Oh no not this again franchise? That seems to speak with a single voice. Always the whinney annoyting five word posts. She has a new one in Dr. Dick it seems. That is if you buy into your unified troll theory.

                  1. No, Orrin and Max are their own idiots. I wonder if it was Edward/Lefiti/Morris/Max who first changed their name to avoid filtering. I can’t think of one before him.

                2. Much of the WI schtick comes from here.

                  1. We had an anarchoprimitivist professor at our college, and he was a total douche. The charismatic yet emotionally fragile kind that kicks students out of class for questioning his hypocrisies.

                    I’m pretty sure I know what we’re dealing with here. Like the professor, WI’s unable to coherently express a valid grievance with libertarianism, resorting to distortions, non sequiturs and, worst (best?) case scenario, disappearing when he gets pwned.

        2. Must of missed the anthropoligcal evidence that showed that you were 30 times more likely to be killed by your fellow man back in prehistory than today.

    2. Is firing your employees for trying to unionize part of the spirit? Jesus you are stupid Orin.

      1. all wignsutst [LYES] he dint fire them he acchully give them all rases

        1. I don’t know what a “lye” is. Speak English Orin. I know you can do it. And regardless of what molespeak you are using today, Micheal Moore’s horrible record as an employer is well documented. You can use good as well as the rest of us, although they don’t have google molespeak yet.

          1. I think that time you were responding to Old Mex or someone.

          2. A sodium hydroxide.

          3. “”I don’t know what a “lye” is. “”

            Isn’t that an ingredient used in soap way back when? Perhaps o3 is saying wignsutst are clean. But I have no idea what a wignsutst is.

          1. You just take your marching orders from Fox News and the Kochs.

    3. If Michael Moore were a rapper, he rapper name would be Mos Fed.

  15. South Park is the only medium that actually does what it claims: bash every side, no sacred cows.

    1. The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O’Reilly

  16. Moore got rich telling tales of eeevil corporations. Surely you don’t expect him to tell the 99% that he’s rich do you guys? Also if he told them that he took subsidies to make his “art” they wouldn’t bat an eye, because that’s what they think what government is for… to give us money,

  17. Michael Moore is in the top 1% by weight. Get it?

    [taps mike] Is this thing on?

    1. Yes, he is the Biggest Loser.

    2. He’s certainly a fatty but that might actually be wrong.

    3. ….picking on someone because he is an obscene over-eater of bad food?

      YES! Michelle Obama should be spanking his backside with a cane. Over and over and over.

  18. John is an aging baby boomer trying to recreate his tired 1960s campus slap fests.

    1. “John is an aging baby boomer trying to recreate his tired 1960s campus slap fests.”
      This from a brain-dead ignoramus.

    2. John is, tops, in his 40s (probably late 30s). So your criticism makes no sense.

      John can correct me if I am wrong.

    3. I bet you are public school victim.

      1. I bet you either work for the government or recieve SS and Medicare while telling the government to “get out of your life” and “stop overspending”.

      2. $10 says you are now or at sometime in your life have recieved a large portion of your income in government checks will at the same time babbling about “Shrinking government’s size and scope”.

        Keep the government’s hands off John’s Medicare, everyone!

        1. Again ladies and gentleman, you American progressive. Yes they really are this stupid, ill informed and unable to make a coherent argument. They are who we thought they were!!

          1. So I’m going to take that as a “yes” that yes, you are or were on the government dole. Federal worker, perhaps, even?

            1. At least your moniker is honest.

            2. “So I’m going to take that as a “yes” that yes,”
              Of course you are dipshit. You’ll make up any lie you can.
              You are a brain-dead lefty.

              1. Uh, execpt John has already mentioned in past threads that he does or did work for the government. So I’m thinking DD may be a regular in some form and was trying to play a gotcha card.

        2. MNG, is that you?

          MOAR substance!

          1. that is not fair to MNG. Even he isn’t this bad. This is weapons grade stupid. I feel sorry for these people. How could you go through life that stupid?

            1. Works out pretty well, actually.

            2. I just talk about hopey and changey and everything will be a alright yes sirree.

              I ain’t gonna work
              no moah,
              I ain’t gonna pay taxes
              no moah,
              mah boi obamma gonna gimme his hand
              and take a me to da promised land.
              I ain’t gonna worry no moah
              no moah
              no moah

  19. But that doesn’t mean he can’t rally a crowd in front of Oakland City Hall urging it to expand its protests to leafy suburbs like Oakland’s middle-class Walnut Creek because that’s, you know, “where the money is,” as he put it.

    But he invited everybody back to his house for ice cream CAKE afterward, right?

  20. I see that the editors are going to let rather ruin yet another thread with her inane prattle; laying, with folded hands, as she chokes the life out of this place.

    It’s really too bad. You used to be able to get a decent conversation around here.

    1. It is getting bad. And it is not just her. Sorry but gamboling accross the internet or screaming “wingnutz and fauz nez” isn’t exactly condusive to conversation.

    2. Even though the name changes constantly, the style never changes. I’ve learned to scan right over the bitch. Unfortunately, that means a lot of interesting topics have no real discussion going on.

    3. I loose track, SF you’re the librarian right?

      At any rate, this was somewhat amusing today.


      1. That is very close to being the case, especially in public libraries. They are very prickly about the distinction between professional and paraprofessional positions since the stakes are so, so low.

        There is also a gulf between public libraries and college libraries. It is very hard to jump from public to university, even with a degree. Public librarians are basically considered glorified babysitters or, worse, half-ass social workers.

  21. let rather ruin yet another thread

    I still find it hard to credit her with that kind of mental coherence or focus.

    But seriously, whoever it is obviously has a massive hard-on for this place, to devote so much of their boundless tourette’s-derived energy to acting out the equivalent of a small spoiled child yelling, “MOMMY! MOMMY! WATCH THIS, MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! WATCH THIS, MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! WATCH THIS, MOMMY!” for hours at a time.

    1. She goes away (whether she was banned for two weeks or on a vacation as she claims) and all the whiny little asshole two or three word constantly-handle-changing trolls go away as well. As does White Indian.

      I’m not sure how much more proof there needs to be.

      1. Those weeks White Indian was obviously gamboling (gallivanting?) across the North Dakota plain, hunting the buffalo and being one with nature.

        1. And it was all too much to handle, so back to the parent’s basement she went.

  22. teh real o3|11.3.11 @ 12:47PM|#
    This treads perilously close to asking why libertarian millionaires don’t move to Somalia.
    Because Somalia has nothing to do with libertarianism. Meanwhile, what you do with your own money has everything to do with being a leftwing twit.

    Alright. The gig is up. Orin is one of the regulars. Who is it? You forgot to change your info before leaving a comment. No way does the sock puppet that is Orin write something like that. It was a great act while it lasted.

    1. I think that was a spoofer of Orrin (they are rampant) who forgot to change their handle.

  23. I’m not sure how much more proof there needs to be.

    To be honest, I start rapidly rappelling down the page as soon as I see an ugly trend developing. I certainly don’t stare intently into the Void in an attempt to make sense of it.

  24. I’d register here, if that would raise the signal to noise ratio.

    Anybody else?

    And don’t give me that “But No True Libertarian website would require registration.” Its their site, they can do what they want.

    1. Either registration or get rid of threaded comments. I like threaded comments, less people whining about OMFG OFF TOPIC, but it let’s the insane-o griefers shit up every thread.

      1. IF they are going to have threaded comments, they need to have registration and be willing to ban people. Let the ordinary liberals stay. But ban White Indian, and Max/Edward Lefiti or whoever the fuck he is. Maybe keep Herc as the token troll. He never seems to bother anyone.

        1. Herc is always welcome. He is an A+ troll.

      2. I used to occasionally read the comment threads at Salon. They have a huge baseline of hard core liberals that atrract a small cadre of conservative/libertarian commentors to give them a hard time.

        Salon recently went to threaded comments, and the comments became unreadiable.

        With unthreaded comments, person B has to copy some chunk of person A’s prior comment to make reference to it (to challenge it or to shit on it). So it takes a little be effort and therefore a little bit of committment to respond to another commentor.

        With threaded comments, it’s really easy to just shit on a comment that has been made previously. I wonder where I’ve seen that problem before.

    2. As long as I can register under a handle instead of a name, I have no problem with it.

      1. I dont’ think anyone would. And Reason would not ban people for being disagreeable. Just for shitting on threads.

        1. Yeah, for instance, Tony’s a disingenuous douche but at least he stays on topic (usually).

  25. Anybody else?

    I probably wouldn’t (register).

    I’d get a hell of a lot more accomplished, too.

  26. When Michael Moore told Piers Morgan that he was not among the hated 1 percent, he wasn’t lying. That’s because with a net worth upwards of $50 million he’s among the top 0.1 percent.

    And they say Americans can’t do math.

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