TSA's "Get Your Freak On" Screener Gets "Disciplined"


The TSA continues to find ways to violate air travelers. After a baggage screener left Jill Filipovic, who was flying from Newark Airport to Dublin, Ireland, a note in her luggage that said, "Get your freak on girl," I'm dismayed to see that the TSA only "disciplined" the screener who wrote a "highly inappropriate note" in the bag that was searched.

TSA's Blogger Bob writes

"TSA quickly launched an investigation and identified the employee responsible. That individual was immediately removed from screening operations and appropriate disciplinary action has been initiated. The handwritten note was highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior."

Doing what that screener did is an indication of bad character, which should not be tolerated in those who have access to the contents of people's luggage or the images of their naked bodies on TSA's body-scanning machines. My guess is that had this happened at one of the airports where screening is done by a TSA-certified private screening company, the screener would have been fired, not "disciplined." 

Congress needs to address our aviation security system's lack of accountability by eliminating the conflict of interest that exists with TSA serving as both the regulator and provider of airport security. Someone needs to watch the watchmen. Ideally, the government would set the airport security standards and oversee private, TSA-certified screeners. 


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  1. TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

    If they didn’t can him, they’re tolerating the behavior, QED.


    1. Why do you assume it was a male? Anyhow, given how utterly vague everything is, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did no investigation whatsoever and just sent out a press release.

      1. They probably had a form letter ready.

        1. If so, how do they know which screener put the note in the baggage?

          1. I don’t see why there needs to be a clear line drawn.
            given that this is the redoubtable TSA, that is a good question.

      2. Why do you assume it was a male?

        I write in English, not newspeak, and the proper pronoun to refer to a person of unknown gender is “he” or “him.”


        1. Actually, I automatically assumed it was a woman, just because the tone of the note sounded conspiratorial, like, “I’ve got one of these too.”

  2. If the TSA really cracked down on inappropriate behavior they would be way behind in their work and they might get caught with their pants down.

  3. Holy crap, did the TSA he/she run the batteries down on her Bullet vibrator?

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  4. Ideally, the government would set the airport security standards and oversee private, TSA-certified screeners.

    Ideally, the government would just get the hell out of the way and let the market handle it. But maybe it’s only libertarians who believe that. (Drink?)

      1. Can someone explain exactly what the trigger is for “drink”? I’m new here. I know it’s not “Hi Bob.”

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  5. “TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior”

    Apparently, at the TSA, zero tolerance = slap on the wrist.

    Unless you’re a traveler, of course.

    1. They slap other parts of a passenger’s body.

      1. It’s really more of a gentle caress, a.k.a. a grope.

        1. The TSA assumes Droit du seigneur for all first time passengers on aircraft.

          1. The TSA assumes Droit du seigneur for all first time passengers on aircraft.


          2. What’s sad is that is a medieval myth but may become a modern reality.

    2. When it comes to government policing itself, “zero tolerance” is as meaningless as “I take full responsibility.”

  6. For an example of why this won’t happen see this line from Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

    He also redlines the Federal Aviation Administration with a note in his budget that says only, “FAA Privatized.” That would save nearly $10 billion a year but would instantly create massive chaos in air travel.…..aspx#page1

    Apparently planes in libertarian paradise Canada are crashing into each other in the mass chaos they created. If supposedly limited government conservatives can’t support it, we’re fucked.

    1. Most limited govt. conservatives/classical liberals would not immediately identify Ed as such.

    2. Can somebody please explain to me how/when/why Ed Morrissey, “Allahpundit” and that whole HotAir operation suddenly became so prominent in the right-blogosphere?

      I’ve been online for nearly two decades. I was immersed in the political-blog world from the outset (I Wuz There when Matt Welch, Instapundit, Ken Layne and Jeff Jarvis were all daily link buddies — and a tip of the hat too to the great Jeff Goldstein there above me). In general, I feel pretty tuned in to the comings and goings of the web world.

      And yet… it’s like I turned around one day a few years ago and there was this HotAir deal, out of nowhere, regarded as one of the big players on the political Internet. Who the fuck are these people, how did anyone find their way to them in the first place, and how did they become such a big deal? (I’m talking even before they were bought by Salem Communications, so no, that’s not it.)

      1. (By the way, I’m aware that the answer to my question above might well reveal me to be less “tuned in to the web world” than I assumed myself to be…)

        1. Don’t ask me, I still use Alta Vista

          1. Holy fucking shit, they’re still around!

          2. Did you move from Canuckistan to Pawnee, IN or something?

          3. Used to be my favorite. Early on, it allowed the most complex searches (Boolean operators, etc.).

      2. I started reading Hot Air right after it first started in ’06 (when it was just a video blog and ed wasn’t there) about the same time I started reading Reason. This was when I was 19 and transitioning from a conservative to a libertarian. I only still read it out of nostalgia and Allahpundit. I really don’t remember how I came across it but this was when youtube was brand new and a purely videoblog appealed to me.

      3. I have been on teh interwebs for 20 years too. Only I was on a WWIV BBS yelling at some d-bag who blew up my brand spanking new cruiser in Trade Wars 2000. Ahh the good old days.

        1. ohh, and Prodigy.

    3. I could be/probably am wrong but HotAir was also the brainchild of Michelle Malkin, and I think rose along with her rise to prominence (relatively speaking) in the late Bush years. Just my two cents.

  7. They were disiplined by being forced to look at naked body scan pictures for an hour.

    1. They were disciplined by being forced to write “I must not write ‘Get your freak on girl'” one hundred times.

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  8. appropriate disciplinary action has been initiated.

    Appropriate incredulous laughter has been initiated on my part.

  9. At least it was Jill Filipovics stuff that they rooted through…. If it had been Amanda Marcottes vibrator that baggage screener would have a nasty skin infection right about now.

  10. I sure hope the union was able to protect the agents job. A job is a right.

  11. I’m assuming this will be posted here tomorrow. It’s another Ron Paul profile from a Reason contributor, Steve Chapman, that has some hit piece-y bits (e.g. dredging up the newsletter drama yet again) mixed in with the good stuff.

    1. I may be obtuse, or irony-deficient, or any number of other things… but isn’t that a column about Herman Cain?

      And I don’t see any Ron Paul column listed here:……columnist

      1. Oops, I must’ve copy pasted the wrong Chapman article. Here’s the real article.

  12. The critical question that need be answered is “Is Jill HOT!?” because then there is much latitude.

    And that brings something else up…if the likes of a terrorist cell – who cares what the terrorist bunch is – can conjure up a genuinely attractive female to immolate herself for the cause, what securitacracy can stop it? We’ve all seen the sad-sacks in TSA for instance, one smile from a beautiful woman erases all suspicions…

    So that’s where all cocaine comes from! Esmeralda Villalobos I knew it you naughty girl!

    1. Jill Filipovic

      Is Jill Filipino, Polish, or both? Does she speak Tagalish? Inquiring minds and all that.

    2. Google her. She’s a freaking babe.

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  13. Ideally? If that’s your idea of ideal, I’d hate to see your idea of realistic.

  14. You’re no libertarian any more, Bob Poole, even if you were one when I booked you for two states’ LP conventions 30 years ago. “Ideally, the government would set the airport security standards and oversee private, TSA-certified screeners”? Why is that anywhere near “ideal”? Rather than its being, properly, in the hands of the airlines, overseen by their insurance companies?

    1. Poole is a central planning tool.

  15. No, ideally the TSA would be abolished — not just outsource statist functions to crony capitalists.

    1. RACIST!

      I just had to say that. To feel a lefty-vibe, for but one tortured femtosecond…pardon me.

    2. The goal should be to reduce the Department of Homeland Security to a hole in the ground, not reform it into a nominally “private” bureaucracy that behaves exactly the same as the current clusterfuck.

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          Excellence in sun-glass wearing has taken a hefty blow with the demise of Muhamar Qquaffii (I think I can spell that anyway I please). Your insinuation that common lawyers, government employees, and businessmen from Santa Monica have a clue on this matter is reprehensible.

          1. I prefer the Oakleys. They are lighter, don’t slip down my nose, and frankly just look way cooler. I have a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators somewhere – bought them back in 1988 – but have no idea where they are. Too many moves…

  17. “TSA quickly launched an investigation and identified the employee responsible. That individual was immediately removed from screening operations and appropriate disciplinary action has been initiated. The handwritten note was highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

    “We have a zero tolerance about this type of behavior! So you go to your break and think long and hard about what you did, and no soft drinks for you! You’re grounded!

    1. We all know Jill was hot: Eastern-European last name, too-innocent first name (that probably was short for ‘Jillamanonivhciknski’ or some Slavic-incoherent shit), yeah…I see the blonde hottie despite lack of the sweet photo.

      She was hot as the brilliant yellow Sun, weirding out the weirdly dysfunctional TSA guy who went back to his apartment.

      Who then handled some D’n’D Dragon Warrior Girl Figurines in his mom’s basement; and then turned ‘Jill’ in via his VPN TSA super-secret database the Chinese State Police download everyday.

      I feel safer already.

      Thanks TSA. I want my money back.

      1. A brunette, but yes, a babe.

  18. Absolutely outrageous! I’m telling you, the Feds LOVE HIRING these types of people, the examples are legion! I’d love to sit it on those ‘training’ courses. These thugs are given authority that police don’t have– and it is US who play the fool.

  19. Poole, you are useless to the cause of Liberty.

  20. Why would they fire them?

    They don’t fire the mailman for taking a dump in your yard.

    Secession. I’m just waiting on the rest of you to catch up.

  21. It’s awesome that this woman had the nerve to make a public stink about this. I think most people would have been too embarrassed and just let it go.

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