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Mitt Romney's Lying Problem

Is the GOP really ready to replace one truth-challenged president with another?


In one of his two headline-making tussles with fellow presidential candidates at last night's GOP debate in Las Vegas, frontrunner Mitt Romney bristled at backbencher Rick Santorum's assertion that the former Massachusetts governor had no "credibility" when it comes to repealing the Republican-loathed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because Romney's signature Bay State health care mandate "was the basis for Obamacare."

Romney responded in his usual fashion—by harrumphing, trying to run out the clock, changing the subject, reasserting his bonafides, and lying his face off:

You know, this I think is either our eighth or ninth debate. And each chance I've—I've had to talk about Obamacare, I've made it very clear, and also in my book. And at the time, by the way, I crafted the plan, in the last campaign, I was asked, is this something that you would have the whole nation do? And I said, no, this is something that was crafted for Massachusetts. It would be wrong to adopt this as a nation.

Then came some long and unwatchable crosstalk and whining in reference to the edits of the paperback version of Romney's aptly titled 2010 book No Apology, which replaced the phrase "We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country, and it can be done without letting government take over health care," with "And it was done without government taking over health care." Finally, Romney got another full paragraph in:

And—look—look, we'll let everybody take a look at the fact-checks. I was interviewed by Dan Balz. I was in interviewed in this debate stage with you four years ago. I was asked about the Massachusetts plan, was it something I'd impose on the nation? And the answer is absolutely not.

Here's the problem with Romney's repeated assertion that he never suggested applying Romneycare nationwide: It just isn't true.

At a GOP debate in Des Moines, Iowa, on Aug. 5, 2007, here's what Mitt Romney had to say about his preferred federal approach to health care policy:

Look, it's critical to insure more people in this country. It doesn't make sense to have 45 million people without insurance. It's not good for them because they don't get good preventative care and disease management, just as these folks have spoken about. But it's not good for the rest of the citizens either, because if people aren't insured, they go to the emergency room for their care when they get very sick. That's expensive. They don't have any insurance to cover it. […]

We have to have our citizens insured, and we're not going to do that by tax exemptions, because the people that don't have insurance aren't paying taxes. What you have to do is what we did in Massachusetts. Is it perfect? No. But we say, let's rely on personal responsibility, help people buy their own private insurance, get our citizens insured, not with a government takeover, not with new taxes needed, but instead with a free-market based system that gets all of our citizens in the system. No more free rides. It works.

Emphasis mine.

There are two main problems with this yawning chasm between Mitt's flip and Romney's flop. The first is that a president who continues to insist, despite the mounds of contrary evidence, that Romneycare is working well, is a president who will be likely to continue or exacerbate bad health care policies at the federal level. The second problem, which worries me more, is that a president who attains office by brazenly flouting the truth is even more likely than your average politician to govern in a dishonest and even illegal way.

On the face of it, running against President Barack Obama should be a no-brainer in 2012. To win, one would think, all a Republican candidate would need to do is say convincingly that "Unlike the incumbent, I won't make the economy worse, I won't keep spending us to the brink of fiscal catastrophe, and I won't lie to you." Yet even with an underhanded softball toss like that, the best that we can say for Romney is that he's batting .333.

On spending, as Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman keeps pointing out, Romney is running against cutting the three main engines of federal budget growth: Medicare, Social Security, and defense. As Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), the only candidate on stage in Las Vegas to propose anything like a real spending reduction plan, said last night, "I want to hear somebody up here willing to cut something. Something real."

It is astonishing that after three full years of populist revolt against bipartisan big government, the best that the disloyal opposition can cough up is a telegenic B.S. artist who has the least credibility in the field when it comes to restraining, let alone cutting, the size of government. As tireless Tea Party obituarist David Frum nearly giggled last night, "I'm waiting for the Tea Party internal debate as to why it could not produce a credible presidential candidate."

There's a reason why the 2012 race has featured short-lived popularity bubbles for Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain, in addition to such non-candidates as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), and others. In a season where the political class' approval ratings are at all-time lows, a restive populace clearly wants something different. It's not just full frontal budget-cutting that people seek, much as I might prefer that, but a willingness to blurt out the blunt, politically unsafe truth.

There was only one candidate on stage who demonstrated that quality last night. As the anybody-but-Mitt sentiment seeks out a new vessel, a stark choice begins to present itself: Are Republicans ready to get serious about their rhetoric, even if it's three decades too late? Or are they going to pursue the same strategy as Democrats in 2004, backing a "credible"-looking prevaricator from Massachusetts? 

Matt Welch is editor in chief of Reason, and co-author (with Nick Gillespie) of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America (PublicAffairs).

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  1. Matt, you really should write a book and promote it here.

    1. And that book should have some play on words in the title.

      1. That wordplay should be quite subtle. Like a one or two letter difference rather than a tacky adianoeta.

    2. Yet even with an underhanded softball toss like that, the best that we can say for Romney is that he’s batting .333.

      Not true,

      He’s batting .666 666

      Fuck Flopney

  2. I’m just astonished that more people aren’t calling him out on this nonsense. Either they’re stupid or they just don’t care. If the latter, it really is the depths of Team Blue/Team Red nonsense. “We want someone exactly like Obama, except with an (R) next to his name on the ballot!”

    1. A president’s job is to make Americans feel good. What our narcissistic country really wants is a therapist in chief.

      Go to war with bad guys, win, give people free stuff and say how great America is all the time. Oh, and if you can reduce the deficit and make other countries say nice stuff about us, well we’ll be just ecstatic.

      1. Relax everyone you’re all just manifesting anxiety over the subconscious realization that the American century is over. Globalization has prevailed patriotism is dead.

    2. Dems ended up putting up someone in 2008 who has been behaving exactly like GW Bush, just with a (D) after his name.

    3. The Republican party made a deal with the devil. Romney has been wining and dining the establishment for years. Conservative media likes their gravy train just fine. Elderly voters also like their welfare. There are plenty of the GOP base collecting handouts, and Romney has proven he is a tax and spend liberal. They just don’t like the tax part. He’s an unlikable character all around. So they’ve parked with Cain for the time being.

      There is no difference between Cain and Romney. No other candidates have attacked him, because they’re broke. Cain has said so on several occasions, and he has done little to change that, promoting a book instead of stumping and fundraising. You keep the book proceeds after a campaign. He is looking for a FOX gig, not the presidency. When the time comes, he will endorse Romney, who will pay off his campaign debts.

      BS that Ron Paul is a principled conservative. He’s another also ran pandering to the fringe. He has no record of cutting the size of the federal government despite three decades in the capitol. He’s a consummate Beltway pol.

      There’s a lot the libertarians won’t like with Perry, TTC, Gardasil, etc. But on immigration and tort reform, he’s done pretty well. He is the only candidate speaking realistically and convincingly about entitlement reform, and he can unite the conservative base going into the general election. He hasn’t made the sale yet, but keep an open mind.

      1. How is Romney a “Tax and Spend” Liberal exactly? He didn’t raise taxes during his time in MA. “He’s an unlikable character all around”…have you met Mr. Romney? All who know him say he’s actually a very nice gentleman…and he has an exemplary family. Sounds like you have an axe to grind…

      2. Wow. I had no idea that following the constitution was a fringe idea. choosing between the lesser of two evils is the reason why are country is in such bad shape. our leaders have not followed the constitution for the past century and as a result our nation is sinking both socially and economically, especially the latter. By voting for romney, you’re trading a republican idiot for a democratic idiot (Obama).

      3. Possum, how about some citations to back up yer jive about Ron Paul?

        You actually expect Ron to do all that BY HIMSELF? How about you give it a shot.

        Here are some of Ron’s proposed legislation.

        Bill Status Last Action

        H.R. 1495Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 Introduced Apr 12, 2011

        H.R. 1496: Federal Reserve Transparency Act Introduced Apr 12, 2011

        H.R. 1830: To authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption. Introduced May 11, 2011

        H.R. 1271: Agriculture Education Freedom Act Introduced Mar 30, 2011

        H.R. 1139: Tax Free Tips Act of 2011 Introduced Mar 16, 2011

        H.R. 1146: American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009 Introduced Mar 17, 2011

        H.R. 1201: Thrift Savings Fund Improvement Act Introduced Mar 17, 2011

        H.R. 1831: Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011 Introduced May 11, 2011

        H.R. 2263: Unemployed Tax Relief Act of 2011 Introduced Jun 21, 2011

        H.R. 2438: American Traveller Dignity Act of 2011 Introduced Jul 7, 2011

        H.R. 2613: Citizens Protection Act of 2011 Introduced Jul 21, 2011

        H.R. 2262: Unemployment Assistance Act of 2011 Introduced Jun 21, 2011

        H.R. 2044: Health Freedom Act Introduced May 26, 2011

        H.R. 2045: Freedom of Health Speech Act Introduced May 26, 2011

        H.R. 2080: Evacuees Tax Relief Act of 2011 Introduced Jun 1, 2011

        H.R. 151: Seniors’ Health Care Freedom Act of 2010 Introduced Jan 5, 2011

        H.R. 219: Social Security Preservation Act of 2011 Introduced Jan 7, 2011

        H.R. 220: Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2011 Introduced Jan 7, 2011

        H.R. 150: Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act Introduced Jan 5, 2011

        H.R. 147: Prescription Drug Affordability Act Introduced Jan 5, 2011

        H.R. 148: To amend title II of the Social Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide prospectively that wages earned, and self-employment income derived, by individuals who are not citizens or nationals of the United States shall not be credited for coverage under the old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program under such title, and to provide the President with authority to enter into agreements with other nations taking into account such limitation on crediting of wages and self-employment income. Introduced Jan 5, 2011

        H.R. 149: Social Security Beneficiary Tax Reduction Act Introduced Jan 5, 2011

        H.R. 1094: Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act Introduced Mar 15, 2011

        H.R. 1099: Taxpayers’ Freedom of Conscience Act of 2011 Introduced Mar 15, 2011

        H.R. 1101: End the Mandate Act of 2011 Introduced Mar 15, 2011

        H.R. 1102: Affordable Gas Price Act Introduced Mar 15, 2011

        H.R. 1098: Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011 Introduced Mar 15, 2011

        It’s short list. I suppose you can can guess how much support Ron had.

        What else is Ron supposed to do? He is not a one man Congress. Gimma a break!


  3. In a season where the political class’ approval ratings are at all-time lows, a restive populace clearly wants something different. It’s not just full frontal budget-cutting that people seek, much as I might prefer that, but a willingness to blurt out the blunt, politically unsafe truth.

    Bullshit. If republicans wanted different, they have Paul. No, they are just looking for someone who hasn’t proven out to be an obvious liar and says they’re pretty and never have to change.

    1. “”Bullshit. If republicans wanted different, they have Paul. “”

      No kidding.

    2. Bullshit Cain is definitely different. You may not like 9-9-9. And there may be good reasons to dislike it. But it definitely not the status quo.

      1. And Cain is a real black man.

        Not some pussified progressive mulatto.

        1. ^^THIS^^

          1. Well-played, sir!

        2. so what’s the diff bet a “real black man” vs a “progressive mulatto”?

          1. One is a self made man.

            The other a son of privilege who’s only talent in life has been working a affirmative action-racist system.

          2. ^ About 15 minutes and a very sore rear end.

        3. Fuck you, bigot.

            1. +40 (acres and a mule)

      2. Point taken, though he’s different in less ways from the typical republicans than Paul (he supports the fed, jokes about zapping illegals and is just peachy with more war, all war, all the time)

      3. I care less about any skin color. We all bleed red.

        Cain is a problem. He said “90% of the ‘Patriot’ Act is right on!”.

        He had a problem with auditing the ‘Fed’ till Ron Paul’s Audit The ‘Fed’ got popular. Then Cain was for an audit.

        Plus, how can anyone get a high up positon in the ‘Fed’ system & NOT be a ‘Fed’ insider?

        Maybe it’s possible, but I have a very difficult time believing the owners of the ‘Fed’ would put a true conservative up as a VP then Prez of any of their banks.


    3. That can’t be true because then Romney wouldn’t be the frontrunner. He’s an obvious liar.

      I cannot fathom this myself. We all know where the party machine lines itself up – it’s his turn.

      But do you really think the vast majority of Republican voters want a shmuck like this? I almost cannot believe this.

      Are they really this stupid and easily misled, or are they absolutely nothing they claim to be?

      1. The correct answer is C. Or we’ll see.

    4. “It is astonishing that after three full years of populist revolt against bipartisan big government, the best that the disloyal opposition can cough up is a telegenic B.S. artist…”

      True. But on the upside… Not one actual vote has been cast. The disloyal opposition may yet have something to say about the 2012 field.

  4. It’s not just full frontal budget-cutting that people seek, much as I might prefer that, but a willingness to blurt out the blunt, politically unsafe truth.

    There was only one candidate on stage who demonstrated that quality last night.

    Herman Cain?

    Let’s face it, the anti-Obama crowd is stuck with Romney.

    1. The one who was for the electrified fence that he’s only joking about, or maybe not, but probably so, if it’s what all the facts on the ground with the policy experts ZZZZZZ …

      Didn’t strike me as someone willing to tell uncomfortable truths.

      1. “”The one who was for the electrified fence that he’s only joking about””

        He probably wasn’t joking. Most republicans probably like the idea.

        1. They cheered for executions at a debate.

      2. Well, more the blurting things out part.

        1. BOB SAGET!!!!

          /tourette guy on the YouTubez

          1. Now that’s a candidate to launch MIRV truth missles.

      3. Cain says what he thinks his audience wants to hear, and hey it’s working so far. But he only takes his foot out of his mouth to switch feet. Then he says he was just kidding.

        Example: Wolf “Jeopardy champ” Blitzer asked Cain if he would release all the prisoners in Gitmo in exchange for one hostage like Bibi did recently with the Palestinians. Cain thinks he should “support Israel” so he is easily led into admitting he would negotiate with AQ.

        The guy is dumb as a box of pizza. Secretary of Commerce is over his head, let alone the leader of the free world. Plus, he’s offensive.

    2. …I’m pretty sure Matt was talking about Ron Paul. But you’re right, the Right seems stuck with Mitt and the same old game.

    3. Ron Paul.

      He is the only candidate with a plan to actually reduce federal spending and balance the budget in three years.

    4. Fist said ” ‘It’s not just full frontal budget-cutting that people seek, much as I might prefer that, but a willingness to blurt out the blunt, politically unsafe truth.

      There was only one candidate on stage who demonstrated that quality last night.’

      Herman Cain?”

      Nope! Cain not been tryin to get the US constitution back as the law of the land for 30 months, let alone 30+ years.

      The correct answer is Ron Paul. He has been pretty much the ONLY one in congress demonstrating & advocating a true, real & honest PRO-Constitution agenda for some 30+ years. Now that Ron’s message has ignited a political grassfire in the USA, many of the other candidates are imitating him.

      Do your research so you “don’t get fooled again!” as the who might say.


  5. The GOP establishment is right behind Romney, which is reason enough not to support him. But Matt is 100% right – why replace one liar with another?

  6. Here is what Mitt Romney did to us in Massachusetts:…..ency_sick/

  7. Lying is what politicians do, the fact is that the majority of voters would probably prefer to be lied to, even if they knew it was a lie, than being told some cold hard truths.

    1. This.

      I think that having an honest president would be marvelous for the economy, because so many people would be shitting gold bricks every time he spoke. In a week you could probably refill the vaults at Ft Knox.

      1. If the president was honest, people would assume he was lying anyway.

    2. But, what about Barry Goldwater?!? Oh….

    3. Come to think of it, Charles Manson would make the perfect policitian. think about it, he has all the right personality traits. arrogant,self righteous, dishonest,naccisistic. American politicians are a joke!

  8. “Here’s the problem with Romney’s repeated assertion that he never suggested applying Romneycare nationwide”

    The quote you used doesn’t show he claimed to have never ssuggested it.

    1. Liberal White men are never wrong. Go back and check between the lines for what you missed.

      1. One, you totally missed the point.

        Two, he doesn’t claim it there either.

        1. “I like mandates, mandates work”

          is close enough to a ringing endorsement of Obamacare for any conservative.

          1. You like free-riders I guess. Hospitals are required to care for people, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Or do you suggest a single-payer system?

        2. MR. RUSSERT: So if a state chose a mandate, it wouldn’t bother you?

          MR. ROMNEY: I’d think it’s a terrific idea. I think you’re going to find when it’s all said and done, after all these states that are the laboratories of democracy, get their chance to try their own plans, but those who follow the path that we pursued will find it’s the best path, and we’ll end up with a nation that’s taken a mandate approach.

          1. He also talked about “carrots and sticks” aka penalties and incentives or subsidies. Slick POS.

  9. Is the GOP really ready to replace one truth-challenged president with another?


    1. Damn you, that was my immediate idea for a comment, until I scrolled down here and saw you beat me to it.

      They are absolutely in love with replacing one liar with another…as long as it’s THEIR liar.

      1. Scrolling was your downfall.

    2. 220, 221, whatever it takes.

      1. Holy obscure 80’s movie reference, batman!

        1. It wasn’t that obscure, was it? That is a beloved movie from my childhood.

    3. That question is about as difficult to answer as “Am I ready to leave work and drink a beer?”

  10. Mitt’s likely to get me to cast my first Libertarian presidential vote. When a guy can make a power-luster like David Frum giddy, you know it’s time to abandon the Republicans.

    1. Welcome!

      1. Welcome to not voting Republican or Democrat that is. Feel free to not vote at all or other third parties as well.

        1. My fave thing to do is vote for nothing but commies, Greens, and any other freak party I can find for the Michigan state-university boards of directors. I haven’t seen one get elected yet, but I keep hoping…

          Plus, it feels REALLY good (to me, anyway) to have submitted ballots the last few elections in which I voted for no D’s or R’s.

    2. ^^sadly true^^

    3. Me too! Plus your libertarian membership card doubles as your medical marijuana license

  11. Romney never gets over thirty percent. No reason to sweat it. Seventy percent have him listed as no fucking way.

    1. It is one of those things that make you shake your head and ask “Why?!” I mean the Republicans made record gains just last year running on cutting the size and scope of the federal government. You’d think, even if they were political whores without an iota of a principle amongst them, they’d want to follow up on a proven success just out of political expediency. Instead, they line up to back the guy who promises to feed us a turd sandwich with an R after it, rather than a D.

      1. Yeah, but the stupid party always manages to step on its own dick. Look how entertained they are by Cain, who is just warming them up for Romney. They will hold their noses and support him unless they unify around a not-Romney candidate who isn’t auditioning for a gig with the party or his administration… which will never happen. I would vote for Obama first just to learn to love the bomb.

      2. A national election (57 statewide elections, actually) isn’t the same thing as elections for House members, where gerrymandered Congressional Districts get to choose their very own rep. A presidential candidate has to appeal to independents and pick up those in his own party who dislike him less than they dislike the other guy. Sorry, but that’s life in a two party system with an electoral college.

        1. Problem with Romney is he barely appeals to his own base let alone people who hate Republicans but can’t bring themselves to join the donks.

  12. I must disagree with the assertion that Herman Cain has had a ‘short lived popularity bubble’. Cain has earned his way to the top of the GOP field, as opposed to Perry, Romney who are propped up by a main stream media that seem to have an agenda for their gushing of the two candidates.

    I do like Ron Paul, but Cain is my candidate of choice. I support Cain because he is not a political insider; and while I may not agree entirely with his positions on social issues, I do trust that he has the ability and experience as a businessman to get this economy back on track. I also believe Cain is not a ‘say one thing, do another’ or ‘say whatever they want to hear’ candidate like Romney and Perry seem to be. If Romney or Perry is the GOP candidate I hope that Paul runs as an Independent/Libertarian…he would then have my support.

    1. Cain worked at the Federal Reserve. He supported Romney in 2008. He said in a previous debate that he would like Romney as his VP. He made another comment last night indicating that he agrees a lot with Romney. He refuses to repudiate TARP and the bailouts, insisting that they were merely mismanaged.

      Face it. Herman Cain is just another Romney. He makes a lot of noise intimating that he supports the Tea Party, but he is as establishment as they come.

      1. Plus he would continue the drug war.

    2. He didn’t earn anything. His victory in Florida got massively over-hyped, and that was what drove his increase in media coverage. The increased media coverage drove him up in the polls, but as more people realize he doesn’t have the chops, and his 9-9-9 plan is terrible, he will fade as the others have.

      Sometimes, I honestly think Newt Gingrich could win it, just because he’s a great debater and has been Mr. Nice Guy to everyone else, and has been treated well by everyone else because he’s not viewed as a threat. That’s exactly what happened with McCain in 2008.

      1. It is a long time until the primaries. Someone besides Romney is going to win. Some days I think it will be Cain. But if not him then who? I don’t think it is Paul. So why not Gingrich?

        1. Possibly the one candidate who would make the Left go to the polls just to defeat him.

          1. The Left are all going to the polls anyway.

            1. I dunno. I think the hard left is incredibly disappointed in Obama. I don’t mean the center left, DLC type of liberals, I mean the Alinsky red diaper baby socialists. I think they may stay home or vote green/nader/whackadoodle.

              1. Not after Obama and the media spend the next year convincing them that the Republican candidate is Satan. They will come around. They always do. They are the world’s cheapest date.

              2. Not after Obama and the media spend the next year convincing them that the Republican candidate is Satan. They will come around. They always do. They are the world’s cheapest date.

                1. They will come around. They always do. They are the world’s cheapest date.

                  Says the GOP about “libertarians”.

        2. I do like that people won’t support Paul because they don’t think he can win. Oddly I think if everyone who would support Paul if they thought he could win WOULD ACTUALLY support Paul he’d probably have a chance to win. But people like to play the “told ya so” game. quaint

      2. Funny, I might be the only person who doesn’t think Newt is a good debater. I always find him avoiding questions or simply just throwing the question back in the face of the moderator.

        1. But that’s what a good debater does.

      3. “He didn’t earn anything. His victory in Florida”

        So he won Florida but didn’t earn it?

        And , as a Floridian, I’m interested to hear you makeclaims about something I witnessed firsthand.

    3. All these Republican governors mentioned as future candidates after the scourges of 2006 and 2008 were recruited and financed by Perry. Cain has never done shit for the party except run against Bush in 2000 (as a pro-choicer who endorsed Steve Forbes) and for the US Senate in Georgia in 2004. (He lost the primary.) He is popular now, because he is a radio personality good at running his mouth.

  13. “I’m waiting for the Tea Party internal debate as to why it could not produce a credible presidential candidate.”

    I’m for the Occupy internal debate as to why it could not produce a credible policy goal.

    1. Tea party started with Bachman, jumped to Perry, recoiled in horror, and turned to Cain in desperation.

      1. So what you’re saying is, you don’t know the difference between the words “produce” and “support”.

      2. Wrong. first tea party started with ron paul in december of 2007

    2. Why is Cain not credible?

      1. Unless your question was a hypothetical for Frum.

      2. He’s incredibly stupid.

  14. I’d just like to meet and talk to someone who enthusiastically supports Romney. I can’t imagine such a person. On any set of issue you could find another GOP candidate who holds the same position as Romney but with the advantage of having held that position for more than an election cycle.

    The guy is by far the worst candidate out there right now, a loathesome, pandering, principle-less douche who has truly thought he deserved to be President for about a decade now.

    1. Left or right, the winners usually embody those traits.

    2. True. But he is photogenic, you gotta give him that.

    3. He is Richard Nixon without the awe inspiring will to power.

      1. He is more photogenic than Nixon, but imo that just makes him creepier.

        Romney’s flip-flops are, in an age of flip-flopping, just astounding. It’s incredible to me that one who has a provable record of that kind of flip-flopping can be a credible candidate for either party. I mean, on abortion, guns, immigration, gays, etc., holy shit the guy has flipped and flopped. It’s amazing.

        Having said that this is not what I detest about him the most. It was when he bragged that he never pardoned a single person as governor that I thought “My God this man would sell his and his mother’s soul to advance his poll numbers by 1%”.

        1. He is the total wrong candidate for this year. Obama has proven himself to be a liar about nearly everything he said. And Obama is rather mean and Nixonesque. To beat that you need someone who is genuine not reptilian.

        2. Exactly. It’s not that all of his policy positions are detestable (though some are); it’s that he’ll sell them out in an instant if it helps him politically. It’s hard to really develop an opinion on the guy’s positions if you can’t trust that they mean anything.

          1. Yeah. He is just so transparent. He doesn’t even bother to renounce his old positions. You can’t claim Romneycare is great but Obamacare is terrible. It is just ridiculous.

          2. But you can’t be sure he’ll be against you either, can you? So that gives you no reason to vote against him.

            1. The only thing Romney is for is Romney. You can guarantee that he will not risk any political capital in a protracted battle over a controversial issue with less than a predictable outcome. He will go along to get along. He will spend what it takes. He is phony, spineless and a complete sociopath.

              1. Mitt Romney is the Al Gore of the Republican Party.

        3. Yep – MNG, you nailed Romney – unbelievable flip-floppery when the jaded public EXPECTS it – he STILL takes your breath away!

          What a loatheseome fuck Romney is.

        4. Did it ever occur to you that voters want flip floppers? They’re hoping he’ll flip in their direction — all of their directions.

    4. MNG – u got john’s recent comment bookmarked in which john stated he’d never vote for romney?

      1. I am right here shitbag. You plan to keep sucking Obama’s cock even though he doesn’t so much as leave you cab fair I am sure.

    5. The guy is by far the worst candidate out there right now, a loathesome, pandering, principle-less douche who has truly thought he deserved to be President for about a decade now.

      All true, and furhter
      He’s a crappy politician that got luck in winning the MA governorship.

      All his vaunted time in the private sector is only because he kept losing elections.

      1. This.

    6. “a loathesome, pandering, principle-less douche who has truly thought he deserved to be President for about a decade now”

      Didn’t stop Obama

      1. Obama was groomed for the White House by the Democratic party. Romney has bought off the Republicans. There is a difference.

  15. “speaks for the werewolf in us, the bully, the predator shyster who turns into something unspeakable, full of claws and bleeding string-warts, on nights when the moon comes too close.”

    This is Hunter S. Thompson on Nixon. It is quoted in a WSJ review of a new collection of his works. That is just a great sentence.

    1. Thompson’s ‘eulogy’ on Nixon is still an awe-inspiring bit of vitriol.

      I’m not even sure what you’d call it, since eulogy implies some favor. Malediction? Condemnation?

      1. And here it is, in all it’s psychotic glory.

  16. Romney is one slippery sob. He’s mastered the skill of looking incredulous when someone points out an obvious flip flop of his.

    I think our country would be best served to have a credible candidate to oppose Obama. What’s sad is that the most credible person available is a soulless void like Romney (until Huntsman or Johnson somehow become credible).

    1. Why do you care who runs against obama? It is not like there is anything Obama could do that wouldn’t cause you to vote for him.

      1. But why is that? Not because I unconditionally worship him, but because the Republican party has become a dangerous nationalistic anti-intellectual arm of the plutocrats. For the country’s sake I wish that weren’t so. But it is.

        1. Yes tony always hate the other

          1. And I suppose you’ll give deep consideration to pulling the lever for Obama. It’s a good thing it’s secret ballot so you’ll never have to admit it when you inevitably vote for Romney.

        2. but because the Republican party has become a dangerous nationalistic anti-intellectual arm of the plutocrats.

          Project much?

  17. “Yet even with an underhanded softball toss like that, the best that we can say for Romney is that he’s batting .333.”

    Try another Sports comparison. You just compared Romney to the best!

    Per WikiP:
    In Major League Baseball, a .330 career batting average is relatively rare, as only 25 players in MLB history have batted .330 for their careers, with a minimum of 5,000 plate appearances. All but three finished their careers before 1946. Therefore, baseball historians have considered .330 to be a “high” lifetime batting average.

    1. I am pretty confident that Major League Baseball players would hit better than .333 against underhanded softball pitches.

      1. Unless it’s Eugenio Velez. 0-37! He needs to keep the streak going.

      2. I dunno, Matt – some of those college softball pitchers are wicked fast.

        1. And they start from closer to the plate. What he is trying to say is “slow pitch softball” but said “underhand softball” which is retarded because both kinds are underhanded.

        2. He really meant slow-pitch softball, not underhanded. Software is underhanded by definition. Unless he meant nefarious or something.

      3. Yes…well…Here at Sleepytown U it’s gurlz that do the softball pitching. R U tryin’ to make some sort of sexist pig outta’ me or what?

  18. Honestly, as someone who believes in voting for defensive purposes only, and has no loyalty to either party, Romney could make me vote for Obama next year. If the Republicans get full control of the Congress in 2012, I’d much rather see an emasculated Obama struggle with divided government than see a douche like Romney get that kind of power.

    1. +1. I’ll vote Libertarian if Romney is the nominee.

    2. Yep – hard for me to say it, but I’d consider pulling the lever for today’s devil to prevent tomorrow’s utter abomination of All Team Red Power.

      *shudders at the thought of All Team Red Power*

      1. Voting for gridlock in DC is a vote against every politician there.

        1. There is no such thing as gridlock in DC anymore. The midterms of aught-six proved that.

          1. But what about 2010? We’ve gotten some pretty decent gridlock since then. I blame the Tea Party faction.

            1. But what about 2010? We’ve gotten some pretty decent gridlock since then. I blame the Tea Party faction.

              Blame? I’d say credit. It’s a little harder now to screw things up.


    Obama says that he hasn’t made a single mistake as President. If it is him and Romney next fall, we will have a choice between two sociopaths.

    1. You really like Drudge.

      1. Shoot the messenger, Tony. Drudge just links other sites to his.

        “”Obama says that he hasn’t made a single mistake as President.””

        Bush said the same thing. I think theres’s a poster in the oval office that says, Admit no wrong.

        1. Keep Calm and Admit No Wrong?

          1. Opposed to the classic. Don’t Panic!

        2. But Obama didn’t say that, and I don’t know about earlier in the day but not even “messenger” Drudge framed it that way.

          When Obama makes a mistake that’s equivalent to the mistaken belief in the existence of certain WMDs and the subsequent carnage, there will be a non-false equivalence.

          1. Well he didn’t say “he hasn’t made a single mistake as President”, but John wasn’t quoting him either.

            He did say “I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones,” so John’s pretty close.

            And the caption under Obama on the Drudgereport is “Flawless”

          2. Presumably Obama is also sticking by his viewpoint (and his team’s viewpoint) that rapid bounce-backs are expected from recessions, even ones caused by asset values. That was, as they said, a “key fact” supporting the idea of stimulus.

            Yet Tony, yesterday you seemed to find that assertion of the President and his team ridiculous. I take you must have opposed the concept of stimulus?

  20. Willard Romney wants to be the RNC Puppet President.
    just to replace Barack Obama the DNC Puppet President

  21. But other than all the lying and dissembling, you like him OK, Matt?

  22. CAPTION!!!

    “Turns out these other guys are all LIARS…”

  23. Herman or Ron should use this in the next debate;

    I want to go back to the states rights issue on Romneycare, educating illegals and forced innoculations. It is not a states rights issue! What peron who calls himself conservative, a republican, or a small government guy….could even think something up like these proposals. How do those kinds of policy thoughts even enter a limited government man’s mind? How can the public trust that you won’t revert back to your big government solutions?
    BOOM!! Down goes Perry, down goes Romney!! I like ron Paul but Cain is my guy; I will vote for either in a heartbeat!

  24. “On spending, as Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman keeps pointing out, Romney is running against cutting the three main engines of federal budget growth: Medicare, Social Security, and defense. As Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), the only candidate on stage in Las Vegas to propose anything like a real spending reduction plan, said last night, “I want to hear somebody up here willing to cut something. Something real.”
    I agree with most of Paul’s positions, but the country does not. He will not be nominated or elected. We have a democratic republic…and it is not an intelligent democratic republic.
    When everyone can vote everyone loses.

  25. Has a single GOP candidate (including Ron Paul) mentioned the fact that — as I read in Reason — the government ALREADY spends 50% of health care dollars in the USA?? I get so tired listening to today’s arguments that assume we need to make a choice between socialism and the wild, wild west. We’ve already got socialism! If we don’t appreciate the facts surrounding the status quo, how the hell are we going to change it?

  26. Is the GOP really ready to replace one truth-challenged president with another?

    But, Matt, he’d be their truth-challenged president. So, that’s OK.

  27. Ron Paul has a lot of specific ideas that will ensure his eventual defeat in the primary.

    Ron Paul wants to abolish “Departments” of everything. That will surely help reduce the deficit, but those “departments” have fans on both sides, notably on the left. The Wall Street Occupiers think 90% of the federal budget is dedicated to wars. Once reality does a facepalm on their foreheads they’ll create human chains outside of the Department of education and interior to mount a final defense against their former hero, Ron Paul.

    If states create their own “departments” to run things, will be any better than federal counteraprts?

    1. Liberals just feign respect for Ron Paul because they view him as a non threat and they win hip points.

      If he starts polling at 20% than they’ll stop faking it.

  28. Cain/Perry would be bold change for 9-9-9 or a flat tax which could be debated by congress with a huge mandate from the blowout victory.

    Perry/Cain same as above.

    This is how we get our country back on track with such a huge mandate for change it cannot be denied. Either way it kickstarts the economy and we re-educate and un-indoctrinate our youth and electorate and one day Gary Johnson or Ron Paul can actually be elected nationwide.

  29. I just don’t understand how republican voters can be so ignorant and gullible to accept Herman Keynes, Mitt Romney, Rick (you thought Bush was a dummy?) Perry, and Newt (I knew Ron Reagan – but I’m smarmy as all helll) Gingrich.

    At most OWS’ers and Liberals have the excuse of youthful idealism.

    If the Republicans don’t understand that Ron Paul is THE ONLY candidate, they deserve all they will get. Unfortunately, I might suffer for their decrepit ignorance.

    1. Herman Cain is a Bankster!
      Rick Perry is a Bilderberger!
      Michelle Bachmann is a listener my radio show but she’s batshit crazy.
      Rick Santorum is a tool for the NAZI-youth Pope.
      Jon Huntsman is a stooge for the UN.
      Newt Gingrich is K-Street personified.

      Ron Paul!
      RON PAUL!

      1. I would love to run against crazy old uncle white guy.

        1. No Barack just as Cain is surging we want them to think you’re afraid of Romney.

          1. Obamacare could work if it was applied properly across the country like Romneycare in Massachusetts.

          2. Romney is inevitable….Romney is inevitable….

          3. Heritage insiders and establishment won’t invite me to the parties if I don’t support Romney – all would be lost including my speaking gig at FOX is over. Plus they have pictures.

          4. I don’t even know why they bother voting just pick Romney already.

  30. “I’m waiting for the Tea Party internal debate as to why it could not produce a credible presidential candidate.”

    This is asinine. The ‘tea party’ only a few years old and not that well organized. It’s expected to “produce” a candidate.

  31. Romney, lying, NO! say it ain’t so. We in Massachusetts know that he speaks a consistent, honest truth!

    (Yeah, I’m sontde)

  32. stnode

  33. stoned


  34. why are you people surprised to see politicians acting like politicians?

  35. Is the GOP really ready to replace one truth-challenged president with another?

    Is that a line from an upcoming GEICO commercial?

  36. My only hope is that the 20-25% support that Romney has been getting is the absolute max he can get and includes all the hacks. Hopefully the anyone but Romney crowd is the majority and will center on one or two guys with time or as candidates drop out.

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  40. In the debate, Perry and Romney behaved like liberals – it is as simple as that. I was listening to their exchange, and it seemed like they were vieing for the democratic party nomination.

    They areliberls and all we need to do is wait. Romney has been planning and plotting for this for six years. He is practiced but he cannot keep this up. All he has is the liberal neocon RINO backing and the strong support of the defense contractors who are making a mint on the national debt.

    Once people fullyu realize the harm the federal government and its workforce is to the USA, he will wither away. In the Drudge Report last night, the two following headlines were on the same page:

    Americans’ Standard of Living Drops Sharply…


    DC area tops income list; Avg fed employee makes $126,000 a year……..alley.html

    The federal workforce got a $3,000 average pay increase over last year while the treasury department reported a 7% reduction in American House hold pay. According to the second article the pay gap between federal workers and the private sector grew by $4,000 as the private sector income dropped by a $1,000 from what was reported by the USA today last year.

    The bottom line is the schemers in EVERY federal office building are continuing to find ways to steal our money for their gain. Romney represents the CLAN that will continue to grow the gfovernment.

    We need a president that will cut the size and cost and scope of government and who is sane. Cain is the only candidate that fits that bill.

    1. Cain can cut pizza jobs, but he can’t cut back on his drinking white wine before breakfast.

  41. I think there is considerable parsing of words involved here to make your point. I don’t think Romney wants or would impose Mass style health care on the country. What is constitutional in Mass is NOT constitutional at the federal level (in all likelihood). He also was governor of a very democratic state, so that certainly impacted how they designed their solution. Ultimately, the President is not the president of those that agree with him, but of all the people. So, finding a way through the maze of ideology requires some consideration of Lincoln’s famous statement: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

    1. What you say is a massive line of excuses. We made consessions with McCain and look where that got us!

  42. Matt, dumb it down for me. I don’t see any Romney lies in your article. All I see is a bunch of stuff he’s said. It’s weird, because I do understand the complicated proposed solution Romney’s trying to articulate to remedy a complex problem– and kudos to him for putting himself out there to get us started. But I don’t understand the lies you are talking about. Spell it out for me: 1,2,3. Otherwise I think you might be hyping, maybe even lying 😮 with your provocative headline.

    1. I agree with vpdik. I don’t see the Romney lies either.

    2. Matt can’t demonstrate that Romney is lying or he would do so. He takes an ambiguous statement from 4 years ago and interprets it to contradict what Romney said in Las Vegas. But there’s more dishonesty in Matt’s headline than in these statements of Romney’s.
      It’s kind of odd that a writer such as Matt works for an outfit called “Reason.”

  43. Haven’t we always replaced one truth-challenged President with another?

  44. Romney has been running for President longer than he actually held office.

    1. You have to wonder about a man who wants this as much as he does.

      Very concerning!

    2. Just like Obama and you see what has happened to the country under his administration. Remember with no primary of our own, we will have a lot to say in choosing the Republican when we change our party affilliation. It worked great last time with McCain.

  45. thank god people are coming out and laying hits on romney. at some point one of these strategists is going to have to realize that the electorate wants to see mitt smashed and that thats the way to increase poll results

  46. The fact is the GOP elite view the presidency as a moat around their own castle -and never really want a president that had the courage to rock their lucrative boat -hence , only RINO’s need apply (Sarah was stampeded by them).
    The GOP merely serves as an obstruction to real opposition to the Godless/socialist left-and is perfectly happy being number two in power (I repeat) #2 in power!

  47. How long did it take you to realize Obama is a stranger to the truth?

  48. Better our liar than their liar.

  49. Better our liar than their liar.

    1. Better a liar than a wifebeater.

  50. “We have to have our citizens insured, and we’re not going to do that by tax exemptions, because the people that don’t have insurance aren’t paying taxes. What you have to do is what we did in Massachusetts. Is it perfect? No. But we say, let’s rely on personal responsibility, help people buy their own private insurance, get our citizens insured, not with a government takeover, not with new taxes needed, but instead with a free-market based system that gets all of our citizens in the system. No more free rides. It works.”

    What is wrong with this? This is the same thing many other Repubs have said many times. These things should be tried on the state level, they are our laboratories. THe only problem is that Obama tried to put a similar plan in place before ever seeing what the result would be in MASS. THe MASS plan has been dramitacally altered since Romney was gov. Obamacare was a phony prelude to ONE nationalized medicine, the exact opposite of MAss plan, which was based on existing private insurance companies, and competition was to lower costs. This is not a lie, just a hit piece, while Cain has changed his position several times since the campaign began!!I love CAin, have listened to him many times on Boortz show, and believe he has good principles…..BUT IT IS EASY TO SAY YOU WOULD DO SOMETHIG, BUT IF YOU HAVE NO RECORD,YOU HAVE NO WAY TO PROVE YOU WOULD HAVE ACTUALLY DONE WHAT YOU SAID. Grow up people. Stop running from person to person. NEwt has tremendous baggage, and last time around he was trounced. It’s also easy to NOT be the frontrunner ande stand on the sideline trying to act the statesman. You all must be new to politics. THis is not my first rodeo, and I intend to keep my powder dry. I will enthusiasticall support whomever can beat the communist Obama.I refuse to commit to such a point I must defend a lousy candidate. Perry has more baggage than Romney, so why the hate?? We can discuss our candidates, but trying to destroy them, I wonder if some on this site are little Democrat twits.

    1. I think you might just be a troll. Anyways, being a liberal who believes in strong states’ rights is great for a Democrat.

      It would be like having a governor who put in Jim Crow laws than defending himself from being a racist by saying he wouldn’t make it a national law. It misses the major point.

  51. “Or are they going to pursue the same strategy as Democrats in 2004, backing a “credible”-looking prevaricator from Massachusetts?”

    Mr. Welch, are you aware that Mittens and Lurch are also distant cousins?

  52. Does Matt believe hospitals should care for people with no insurance or cash to pay for medical services? Matt likely cheered in Florida at the suggestion a 30 year old with no insurance just die rather than be helped.

  53. Romney is this year’s Bob Dole. With a lot more baggage. It was Mitt who hired Gina McCarthy….the EPA maven in charge of air and cap and tax and deindustrializing the nation consistent with John Holdren’s view of the world. Which may explain his abortion position while governor. Oh, and did I mention Mr. Holdren was consulted by the Governor, too.
    Who is this guy?

    1. Hey Nancy, your hero, Ronald Reagan, signed the most pro-choice legislation while governor of CA. Mitt, at least, governed as a pro-life governor of Massachusetts. And he pulled out of the cap-and-trade scheme!!!

  54. Romney is a bit right of Obama – and only a bit. And he’s spent his entire career losing elections – that’s why he brags about not being a career politician. It isn’t as thought he hasn’t TRIED to be.. it’s that he keeps LOSING.. which he WILL if we nominate him for 2012.

    1. Another dumb comment. He lost one election and one another. 1 for 2.

      1. Primaries don’t count?

  55. my bad, he won 1, lost 2.

  56. Are you guys commenting here really Republicans?! Who the heck are you proposing to oppose BHO? Romney is easily the brightest and most capable of the dim bunch. (exception — Gingrich is pretty bright.)
    Big deal if he screwed up in liberal Mass. A Repub congress won’t tolerate a duplication nation wide.
    Romney is our strongest hope to pit against Obama. Quit eating our own!

    1. I am in sympathy with your concern about eating our own, but I fear that a GOP congress will go along with whatever Mittens wants. A replay of the first six years of GWB is not what we need.

      1. I suppose that is a concern. But the larger concern is replacing BHO.
        And I think Romney is more conservative than was possible for him in Mass.

    2. We’re not Republicans. And voting for the lesser of 2 evils is what has gotten us here.

  57. I fully expect Rick Perry to be our nominee. He has the best long term record of actual leadership, particularly when it comes to job creation. Results matter, and nobody can compete with him on those grounds.

    As far as Romney is concerned, he lost his cool in the debate Tuesday night. He was caught in a lie when it was revealed he hired illegals to take care of his lawn. At first he tried to brush it off with a fake belly-laugh and denial. But when Perry pressed him on it he became very flustered. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone’s face that red. This doesn’t bode well for Romney. If he becomes our nominee he can expect much stronger attacks than he has received from his Republican challengers so far. The media hasn’t even begun to attack him yet. The Democrats have a rich source of material they haven’t begun to mine with his history of flip-flops , Romneycare, animal cruelty, ect. Seeing how flustered Romney became when Perry attacked him proves that he has thin skin and a glass jaw.

    1. Come on, John, be honest. Perry acted desperate. And I totally don’t like him generating this type of public infighting between them. Bad idea.

      1. Perry drew blood, and the sharks dinner.

  58. It’s amazing that the “country-club” Repubs continue to allow a RINO like Romney to lead the pack. Don’t they realize that America is yearning for a non-socialist (i.e. conservative) to run again that failing community-organizer in the WH?

  59. Besides Paul the two most federalist minded candidates offering the two boldest plans for change. Real change we can get with an undeniable mandate.

    A Cain/Perry ticket or a Perry/Cain is the only ticket that can produce an undeniable mandate for change and a blowout victory over Obama and the Democrats.

    Lets put them in office and allow congress to debate 9-9-9 vs a Flat-Tax and lets rolls with one for a few years and see what happens. More tweaking around the edges is not going to change anything and just lead to more of the same with both parties driving the car straight for the cliff -one party just steps on the gas pedal harder without changing course. We need to slam on the brakes and turn the car around. Perry and Cain are both offering plans to do just that – lets elect them, then debate it/enact real forward thinking change then push the city back to the top of the hill – we will use American energy sources to power all those lights that have been shut off in our youth and society. I suspect you libertarians will behave typically and not see the forest because of the trees – shiny things.

    The forest could be a whole generation or two seeing this thing we call capitalism and free-markets unleashed where it will be self evident that Professor Marxist is an idiot.

    Then again why would libertarians want to move out of their bubble and turn the whole country into a debate society of their ideas when you can just stay within your bubbles.

    An undeniable mandate and guaranteed debate on the two paths which are a necessary first step if you ever want Gary Johnson to stand a REAL chance of winning in the future.

  60. Matt,are you funded by Axelrod and Obama or the Perry campaign. News organizations like Pravda would appreciate your skill at parcing quotes and creating distortions to serve your desired outcome. The words “useful idiot” come to mind.

    1. Perry defeated both Axelrod and Rove.

  61. Another article on what Mitt did 16 years
    ago. The extreme right wing of the party is determined to elect someone that will be defeated. Mitt isn’t perfect but he is conservative on
    immigration, spending and running
    government like a business. With
    the person with the most business
    experience, I don’t understand
    the conservatives short term
    memory loss, since Mitt helped
    numerous tea party people get elected
    in 2010,one being Rubio.

  62. Rewriting history is useless.

    As is pretending there is no problem with American healthcare.

    Mitt Romney is honest. He honestly tried to work with everyone to solve the problem in Massachusetts that the voters wanted solved. He did it in the most conservative way that the people of Massachusetts would allow.

    Your blindness to how absolutely honest Mitt has been is deliberate. You close your eyes and see what you want to see.

    Mitt would be a fool to think what he did in Massachusetts would be something people would accept nationally at this point in time. That is a complete straw man you have built.

    It is on it’s face a flat out lie!!!! By you, not Romney.

    You refuse to believe Romney when he says he will repeal Obamacare, that is your problem not his.

    Romney always follows through. He says he will do it and he will.

    This pretending that Romney is a liar, is getting old and most of us are realizing how desparate those dishonest people like you are to keep him from fixing this country.

    There is no one more honest than Mitt Romney. And certainly not you. You are a liar with an agenda. More and more your lies are being found for what they are!!!

    1. Mittens hasn’t been honest and watch how he plays dumb trying to confuse the American people about 9-9-9.


      Cain MTP

      Cain vs Romney 9-9-9

      Romney: Are you saying the state tax will go away?

      I ask people to watch the video at each link and notice how similarly David Gregory and Mitt Romney are deliberately being obtuse or worse – trying to confuse the American people they must believe are stupid. Cain explains it to Gregory 3 times.

  63. Matt. Why don’t you keep your BS smears, lies, distortions, & weird personal hatred of Romney to yourself. Few will buy this crap.

    # The state law was successful on one big goal: A little more than 98 percent of state residents now have insurance.

    # Claims that the law is “bankrupting” the state are greatly exaggerated. Costs rose more quickly than expected in the first few years, but are now in line with what the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation had estimated.

    # Despite claims to the contrary, there’s no clear evidence that the law had an adverse effect on waiting times. In fact, 62 percent of physicians say it didn’t.

    # Public support has been high. One poll found that 68.5 percent of non elderly adults supported the law in 2006; 67 percent still do.…..alsehoods/

  64. How do you figure Cain’s popularity bubble is short-lived? He’s still on top.

  65. So, basically, America has NO capable candidates for President, including the guy there now. Amazing the Republicans couldn’t find one logical, intelligent, normal person with no skeletons in their closet who understands that we need someone to curtail spending, balance a budget, protect the country, reduce regulations and dismantle many, many bureaucracies we don’t need.

  66. Mitt Romney is a Vampire Blood sucker leech see Video

  67. Mitt Romney says he enjoys firing people. Then the scumbag tries to mitigated his answer. Check this out it is chilling
    Im the devil

  68. Mitt Romney could have logically been on Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential (VP) Short list in 2008 presidential run if Mitt Romney did not flip-flop from the views he held in MA.Mitt Romney is a chameleon and lacks a moral compass. Maybe Mitt Romney as a Moron 🙂 I mean Mormon can support abortion. I honestly do not know enough about about the CULT of Mormonism to address the subject of Mitt Romney’s support of abortion. However as the founder of Bain Capital Mitt Romney was trying to make money NOT jobs. As such Mitt Romney was pocketed way in excess of 250+ million dollars that over a quarter of a billion dollars. By charging huge fees an leveraging the companies, another words a company goes out and borrow all it can to pay Bain Capital. Then Bain Capital goes public with these corpse companies to scam retirement funds and other stock investors. Bain Capital would then cash in their stock knowing fully it is worthless. The company eventually implodes and goes bankrupt screwing all it’s creditors and all the workers out of a job! In summary Mitt Romney is a leech on the back of the working man and woman. A Vampire who feasts on the suffering of others. I do however profusely apologize to Leeches and Vampires and other Blood suckers in making a comparison with them to the likes of Mitt Romney. I think for the future Health of the Republican party a true conservative should take the long view and cast a protest vote for Barack Obama if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee and standard bearer. With Barack Obama you know what you are getting and Barack Obama tries to implement what Barack Obama promises. With a Mitt Romney President you never know what you will get. Simply put make the Republican party responsive to the Christian right that it now takes for granted. A in mass protest vote by all those who oppose Mitt Romney should make the Republican party reluctant in the future to produce another scumbag like Mitt Romney as it’s presidential nominee.

  69. Mitt Romney your so Bain Mitt Romney secret just revealed. But is it in time to save us from him ? Please pass on these links ……………. your future may depend on it !

    key words ; Mitt Romney is a devil blood sucker vampire leech maggot Republican Democrat Bain Capital lying scumbag exploit middle class children men woman working

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