Militarization of Police

Wrong Door Raid and Flash-Bang Grenade Heart Attack Provoke Lawsuits


A few victims of the drug war's "standard procedure" are fighting back in court. First, a Colorado Springs woman who suffered a heart attack during a raid has brought a lawsuit: 

Rose Ann Santistevan, 71, is suing for medical expenses and noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering.

An emphysema sufferer, Santistevan was alone in bed receiving oxygen on Oct. 6, 2009, when a multijurisdictional SWAT task force with a search warrant surrounded her home in the 200 block of South Prospect Street. They threw in a flash-bang grenade before rushing in with guns drawn, authorities have confirmed.

Stricken by a heart attack, Santistevan was admitted in critical condition at Memorial Hospital Central, where she remained for several days. A search of her home yielded no arrests and turned up no drugs, the family said.

And a New Jersey family who received the nightmarish black-clad gunmen treatment from SWAT is suing the police department for unlawful entry and false arrest. They specifically target one Police Detective William Palomino in the civil suit:

About 40 narcotics and emergency response team officers executed search warrants at numerous locations during a major drug raid following four months of undercover surveillance. The Colons' apartment was not among the approved targets in the "no-knock" search warrants obtained by authorities, who mistook a door leading to the family's apartment for what they thought was a door to the building's basement.

Palomino admits what happened to the Colons was a mistake, but his attorney says he wasn't there after he pointed out the door to the rest of the team. So it was his kind of his fault, but it wasn't. After all, he did not personally do the following:

[Now 18-year-old] Miguel Colon testified that he, his little brother and a friend were in one room of the apartment, and that his mother was in the kitchen, talking on the phone, when "more than five" men dressed all in black and not bearing any police identification burst in.

"I asked: "Who are you?' The response I got was: 'Shut up and get on the floor," Colon testified.

They then ordered everyone to the floor at gunpoint and ransacked the apartment, overturning beds and going through the laundry as his brother cried and his mother started having a "panic attack," Colon said.

"She couldn't breathe," he testified. "I told them, 'My mom needs to breathe. She needs medication.' They told me to shut up."

When she started choking, he said, he defied them and got up to get the medicine anyway, but they pushed him back down. Eventually, they went with his mother to get the medicine but had their guns drawn the whole time, he said. The family was held for about two hours before being freed.

Months of surveillance, and they can't tell which door is which. Warrant or no, they couldn't bother to check whether a disabled grandmother was lying in bed before they tossed a potentially lethal device in her general direction. But don't worry, we're gonna win this drug war soon.

(Hat tip: BakedPenguin for that last link.)  

Reason on militarized police, and the nastiness of flash-bang grenades.

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  3. I watched part II of the Ken Burns Prohibition documentary last night and I’m a complete loss as to why Burns is so in denial about the similarities between prohibition and the drug war.

    The documentary does an incredible job of detailing the miserable failure of prohibition and even spends a decent amount of time revealing how many innocent people were gunned down in the crossfire of Federal Prohibition agent activities, not to mention the way in which said federal agents treated the constitution like toilet paper during their wfforts at enforcement.

    There are incredible amounts of similarities in the drug war and prohibition that this documentary shows, and for the life of me I can’t understand why Burns is so in denial of this.

    1. He doesn’t want to piss off his government benefactors.

      Imagine if he had to dirty his hands by producing material for commercial television. The horror!

      1. “He doesn’t want to piss off his government benefactors.”

        in other words, if you want to understand a situation, ….follow the money.

    2. I watched a good portion of that as well, and can not for the life of me see how anyone can miss the similarities. Even my conservative mother (life-long Catholic, farm wife, retired teacher) has come around to the point of view that trying to enforce drug laws is a useless effort. You could remake most of that documentary about the drug war, and it would change very little at all. Found it fascinating.

      1. It is an excellent documentary, and what I didn’t realize is how much influence women had on both sides of argument. Mabel Walker Willebrandt -Hoover’s Assistant Attorney General- is despite her efforts to enforce Prohibition a fascinating individual, and I could watch a show about her life alone. Or Pauline Sabin, who resigned in disgust from the Republican National Committee and helped found a new group that soon became the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform, whose sole goal was Repeal.

        Just a fascinating story. But again, the parallels between prohibition and the drug war are inescapable.

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                  If you can figure out where to send the request, I’ll take it under consideration.

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  5. The New Professionalism at work!

  6. these annoying lawsuitz could be avoided if SWAT followed the Ranger cred to kill em all & let god sort em out.

    1. I’m almost certain that’s not the Ranger Creed.

      1. He’s talking about The Power Rangers. His mom let’s him watch them every afternoon as long as he doesn’t piss himself during his nap-time.

        He has only seen 6 episodes in the last 10 years.

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      2. cred not creed

  7. The attorneys need to introduce the Youtube video of the Columbia MO raid as evidence, so the jurors can see what “standard procedure” actually looks like. The state attorneys will then have to either (a) not object, or (b) claim that standard procedure is so awful that it will prejudice the jury. Win-win.

  8. I would like to see an update to Radley’s map. Perhaps even in Chart form. I really would like to send it to a few L&O types to point out the corruption of LEOs and the uselessness of the Drug War.

    1. And then we would have to lay off police officers as there would be less work for them. How’s that for stimulus?

  9. They are not accoutable so why should they care?

    I’m sure it’s a joke somewhere that if it goes wrong, the taxpayer foots the bill.

  10. Is there any way to hold the Judges who authorize these types of warrants responsible for the tactics they let the police use? There does not seem to be any accountibility for anyone in the law enforcement or the judiciary to be held responsible for when these things go badly. If there were, maybe they would not be tempted to use such naked agression.

    1. legally or actually?

      1. Legally or administratively.

  11. Random thought.
    Is there any way to see the insurance premium per police officer, that cities pay to cover these types of law suits?

    1. Try filing a FOIA. It’s a line item in the Municipal Budget. If privatley insured, the cost is generally per officer; balanced over the number of active police officers (not calculated individually). If the Municipality is Self-Insured, then the cost would most likley be represented as a lump sum.

      FYI, yes, the premium does go up based on the number of lawsuits, cost of defense and payment to claimants and also how many “high risk” teams and deployments take place over a specified time.

      For some Police Departments, it’a a rather tidy sum.

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  13. Best comments page in months!

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  16. Much of the havoc wreaked by “SWAT” and similar I’m-a-Tough-Guy law enforcement elements is attributable to a fondness for the equipment and accoutrements of the military. However, there appears to be a significant lack of understanding the how and why of the tactics, techniques, and procedures they are attempting to emulate. They make fundamental mistakes, over and over again. Chief among these mistakes is the affinity for conducting raids on residential properties, quite apparently without much in the way of intelligence regarding the location that they plan to search.
    On the other side of that coin, it seems that when immediate, decisive action is required to protect life, the very same types who are so eager to knock doors down suddenly lose much of their enthusiasm for closing with the threat.

  17. God bless Amerika, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above. I think all people, generally, have to face the reality that the truth of things counts for almost nothing in the affairs of men. As a society we persist in this insanity and idiocy (and so much other insanity and idiocy) in spite of the realities of the cost and harm it has done. How do you take such a society seriously?

    This completely aside from the fact that it is utterly contrary to any notion of liberty as a principle. You would think that the costs and harm alone would cause those in charge to seriously consider the error of their ways, but, no, even this is not enough to sway them. It’s like being gambler who continually makes bad bets but simply can not resist going all in. When something is not working, the only thought is to do more of it and to do it harder.

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