Government the Job Killer

Keep Washington out of the economy


President Obama says government will have to build the nation out of the economic trough.

"We're the country that built the intercontinental railroad," Obama says. "So how can we now sit back and let China build the best railroads?"

Ironic that he mentions the Chinese. Progressives used to complain that to build the railroad, bosses abused Chinese workers—called them "coolies" and treated them badly. Now this is big success?

I guess Obama doesn't know that the transcontinental railroad was a Solyndra-like Big Government scandal. The railroad didn't make economic sense at the time, so the government subsidized construction and gave the companies huge quantities of the best land on the continent. As we should expect, without market discipline—profit and loss—contractors ripped off the taxpayers. After all, if you get paid by the amount of track you lay, you'll lay more track than necessary.

Credit Mobilier, the first rail construction company, made enormous profits by overcharging for its work. To keep the subsidies flowing, it made big contributions to congressmen.

Where have we heard that recently?

The transcontinental railroad lost tons of money. The government never covered its costs, and most rail lines that used the tracks went bankrupt or continued to be subsidized by taxpayers. The Union Pacific and Northern Pacific—all those rail lines we learned about in history class—milked the taxpayer and then went broke.

One line worked. The Great Northern never went bankrupt. It was the railroad that got no subsidies.

We need infrastructure, but the beauty of leaving most of these things to the private sector—without subsidies, bailouts and other privileges—is that they would have to be justified by the profit-and-loss test. In a truly free market, when private companies make bad choices, investors lose their own money. This tends to make them careful.

By contrast, when government loses money, it just spends more and raises your taxes, or borrows more, or inflates. Building giant government projects is no way to create jobs. When government spends on infrastructure, it takes money away from projects that consumers might think are more important.

When government isn't killing jobs by sucking money out of the private sector, it kills jobs by smothering the private sector with regulation. I talked to Peter Schiff about all this. Schiff is a good authority because he was one of the few people to warn of the housing bust. Now he's had a run-in with the federal government over job creation.

Schiff, who operates a brokerage firm with 150 employees, recently complained to Congress that "regulations are running up the cost of doing business, and a lot of companies never even get started because they can't overcome that regulatory hurdle."

Schiff claims he would have hired a thousand more people but for regulations.

"I had a huge plan to expand. I wanted to open up a lot of offices. I had some capital to do it. I had investors lined up. My business was doing really well. But unfortunately, because of the regulations in the security industry, I was not able to hire."

So if he wants to hire an analyst, he can't just hire him?

"I had to get permission to publish their research, which I didn't get for years. And so I can't pay analysts if I can't sell their research.

People don't appreciate the number of regulations entrepreneurs face. Schiff pays 10 people just to try to figure out if his company is obeying the rules.

"You can't just act very quickly, because everything has to be done through this maze of compliance. Even my brokers … find out that maybe 20 percent, 30 percent of their day is involved in compliance-related activity, activity that is inhibiting their productivity. … All around the country, people are complying with regulations instead of producing, instead of investing and growing the economy. They're trying to survive the regulations."

This is no way to create jobs or wealth. Keynesian pundits and politicians can't understand why businesses sit on cash rather than invest and hire unemployed workers. It's really no mystery. Government is in the way.

John Stossel is host of Stossel on the Fox Business Network. He's the author of Give Me a Break and of Myth, Lies, and Downright Stupidity. To find out more about John Stossel, visit his site at


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  1. The Chinaman is not the issue here.

    1. Shut the fuck up, Fisty.

      1. You’re like a fist that wanders into the conversation…

    2. The world does not start and stop at your convenience you piece of fist…

    3. Also, “chinaman” is not the proper nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

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    4. with this administration it is ENVY of the Chinaman that is the issue.

  2. Good morning John Stossel!

  3. Who wants jobs anyway?

    1. The Abolition of Work
      by Bob Black, 1985

      No one should ever work.

      Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost any evil you’d care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working….…..ition.html

      1. Re: White Imbecile,

        No one should ever work. Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world.

        You would cry like a little, little wussy girl at the sight of your fingernails breaking whike digging for worms to eat, in your “no work, original affluent society” you so love. Like a little girl, girly-man.

        1. The same fucking assholes have been around forever. They gave up their farms and moved to Rome for bread and circuses. They cheered when the Republic died.

          Before that, these assholes would hang around the camp fire trying to screw our chicks while the real men were out hunting Mastodon. They even expected to eat when we came home with meat. Back then, it was socially acceptable to spear them in the belly and watch them die slowly.

          1. The same fucking capitalist assholes have been around forever. They grabbed up the peasant’s farms and forced them to move to Rome for bread and circuses. The victims of privation property cheered when the Republic died.

            We are the 99%.

            1. Hey Troll. How do you “grab” a farm from a Roman citizen?

              1. Never heard of the Enclosure Acts?

                There’s always been an iron fist behind the masquerade of the free market’s invisible hand.

                1. To clarify, the Roman Empire went from widespread peasant rights to common Land to a few families owning it all.

                  Just like the English Enclosure Acts.

                  Just like American Crapitalism.

                  1. Yes. The middle class was taxed out of existence. Statists love a good rerun.

            2. We are the 99%.

              I found your contribution:


              1. It is always possible to go from the natural to the civilized state, but it is never possible to go from the civilized to the natural state. The reason is that man in a natural state, subsisting by hunting, requires ten times the quantity of land to range over to procure himself sustenance, than would support him in a civilized state, where the earth is cultivated.

                The next line in your out of context quote. Good job White Idiot.

                1. Whoops, guess I should re-post below.

      2. Go do a Treadwell and make friends with a bear, Indian.

    2. “The life of an Indian is a continual holiday…” ~Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice

      1. It is always possible to go from the natural to the civilized state, but it is never possible to go from the civilized to the natural state. The reason is that man in a natural state, subsisting by hunting, requires ten times the quantity of land to range over to procure himself sustenance, than would support him in a civilized state, where the earth is cultivated. ~Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice.

        Out of context quotes are so fun!

    3. I see young men, my townsmen, whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms, houses, barns, cattle and farming tools; for these are more easily acquired than got rid of. Better if they had been born in the open pasture and suckled by a wolf, that they might have seen with clearer eyes what field they were called to labor in. Who made them serfs of the soil? Why should they eat their sixty acres, when a man is condemned to eat only his peck of dirt? Why should they begin digging their graves as soon as they are born? They have got to live a man’s life, pushing all these things before them; and get on as well as they can. How many a poor immortal soul have I met well nigh crushed and smothered under its load, creeping down the road of life, pushing before it a barn seventy-five feet by forty, its Augean stables never cleansed, and one hundred acres of land, tillage, mowing, pasture, and wood-lot! The portionless, who struggle with no such unnecessary inherited encumbrances, find it labor enough to subdue and cultivate a few cubic feet of flesh.

      But men labor under a mistake. The better part of the man is soon ploughed into the soil for compost. By a seeming fate, commonly called necessity, they are employed, as it says in an old book, laying up treasures which moth and rust will corrupt and thieves break through and steal. It is a fool’s life, as they will find when they get to the end of it, if not before.

      ~Henry David Thoreau
      Walden (or Life in the Woods)

      1. “The better part of the man is soon ploughed into the soil for compost.”

        And we all know what Thoreau thought was the “best” part of a man.

        1. We don’t all know. Tell us, rac.

          1. Oh David, don’t be so coy.

      2. Re: White Imbecile,

        What a joke you are, White Imbecile. You don’t have the mettle of Thoureau, you lazy-ass bastard. You would cry like a little girl and wet yourself at the first sight of a badger.

        1. Do you make up these fictional accounts from personal experience?

          1. Re: White Imbecile,

            Like a little, little girl who wets herself at the sight of squirrels stealing your food. That would be YOU.

        2. We would all wet ourselves at the sight of the honey badger!

          1. What’s white indian eating? Is that larvae? Ewwwww. White indian’s crazy!


      3. Good luck getting 300+ millions to forage in the woods and not have it turn in a Road Warrior-esque free for all.

        1. Re: Hate Potion Number Nine,

          I guess White Imbecile would not care, as he would be in a fetal position, crying like a little wussy girl at the first sight of his meager meal of nuts and berries being carried away by squirrels.

          But I guess that is what he wants…

          1. While White Imbecile is in fetal position Steve Smith will find him, and rape his ass all they way back to his cave.

        2. Should have accounted for that before the overshoot and dieoff in yet another coming Collapse of Complex Society, as Joseph Tainter puts it.

          Remember, agriculture and agricultural civilization is like fiat money — a temporary boom, followed by collapse.

          It’s been proven that civilized people would rather die than live naturally in balance with nature when faced with reality. As archeology demonstrates, the Viking Greenland settlers deliberately or stupidly chose to die rather than eat fish like their neighboring Eskimos, which the settlers called skraelings (wretches.) Who can take away their choice?

          They ate their herds of cows, even the young, all the way down to the hooves?a clear sign that they had given up on the future. They ate their dogs. And again, in the end, they ate each other. But to the very end, they never ate fish.

          The Arneborg study does show that the Greenland Norse were incredibly adaptive, learning to change their diet to match changing circumstances. It’s not a lack of desperation that’s at fault here; it’s a lack of imagination. It’s the cultural construction of food.

          Thesis #28: Humanity will almost certainly survive.

      4. This is the same David Thoreau who’s idea of “spartan living” was living in a cabin in the woods roughly 5 miles from the nearest town and where he could have his friends come over for dinner. He knew nothing of what foraging in the wilderness was actually like even though I admire his odes to individuality.

        1. Richard Proenneke was a real hardass.

        2. Also, Les Stroud. Bear Grylls sucks.

          1. Also, Red Green.

      5. The same Thoreau that needed supplies from the Evil City to support his short-term shackbrah lifestyle?

        Citing a guy who couldn’t make that lifestyle change permanent is not exactly a ringing endorsement of said lifestyle.

        1. Thoureau was, however, an individualist anarchist and what today we would call a libertarian. He clearly favored the gradual elimination of the state and refused to pay taxes.

          White Idiot has actually cited a person that proves that libertarains can be minarchists while tolerating some form of a state.

  4. Bad news: Gary Johnson excluded yet again from a debate. Are we almost ready to give up on the poor bastard? This is so frustrating, and just obnoxious that they include clowns like Huntsman and Santorum over and over.

  5. Damn, trolls have ruined this site.

    And the sad part, the lameassedness is likely coming from two loony individuals with too much time on their hands. Chad and Rather.

    What would the Gang from Always Sunny do in this situation?

    They would screw the wives of the editor’s who have allowed this to go on for too long. That is what we should do, some of us live near DC some of us live in Southern California, Operation Reason Staff Wife Seduction commence!

    1. Chrome + reasonable = victory over the trolls

      1. Half the problem is reasonable reasonoids get baited into responding to the trolls instead joining is with the rest of us thus bringing down the light, peppy cosmotarian cocktail hour conversations that make this a swell hangout.

        1. Old Mexican is one of the worst offenders on that front.

          1. Re: Joe M,

            Old Mexican is one of the worst offenders on that front.

            Awww. Does that mean you don’t love me anymore, Joe?

            1. See how easy it is to get you to reply?

              1. He fails the marshmallow test.

                1. Indeed, although I think he intentionally didn’t reply to me again to show he has at least a little self-control.

                  1. Re: Joe M,

                    Indeed, although I think he intentionally didn’t reply to me again to show he has at least a little self-control.

                    Or, the fact that I have to work sometimes….

        2. reasonoids get baited

          The basic premises of Libertarianism are challenged and debunked.

          Thus, the challengers and debunkers are called names like “troll.”

          you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting

          1. She bated me……

    2. The editors have let this go on for so long that they might as well condone it.

      1. Too bad Postrel isn’t still running the show.

      2. I know I have left for several weeks at a time out of discouragement. I’d like to see the problem resolved before the election season kicks in. The trolls will be out in force even worse than now.

        1. It shouldn’t be discouraging to have your basic assumptions challenged and debunked.

          Unless you don’t like reason.

          Or you could use Chrome + Reasonable to avoid logical debate.

          1. I’ll drink to that!

          2. The false choices you try to shove down our throats for the purpose of your delusional victory dance is entirely absent of logic.

            1. That should be ‘are’.

              1. Some reasonable debate would, indeed, be nice.

                So… why don’t you start contributing reasonable material, White Idiot?

                1. So… why don’t you start contributing reasonable material, White Idiot?

                  Please don’t ask him to; you know it will only end badly.

      3. They should make an anti-trolling law so that every website must use anti-trolling software and hire the troll-patrollers to combat trolling. Then the trollers could get jobs as anti-troll patrollers so they would anti-troll-patrol instead of trolling. Then I bet someone would say, “if only they could do something about the anti-troll-patroller-trollers.”

    3. Addresses please?

  6. People don’t appreciate the number of regulations entrepreneurs face. Schiff pays 10 people just to try to figure out if his company is obeying the rules.

    We have to keep a staff of people from the audit firm we contracted just to make sure we comply with SOX and every other hindrance invented by Congress.

    The clueless figure out that companies have deep pockets, but one thing is certain: While we had to lay off a great number of salaried and hourly people because of costs, not a single member of the audit staff has returned home. NOT ONE. Yet the talking heads are still wondering why companies are not hiring??

    1. Now you need a few more to comply with Dodd-Frank.

      My employer has entire departments dedicated to government compliance. We have also set aside a big corner office for the IRS to use. They have literally latched onto our flank like the parasitic ticks they are.

      1. My tribe has entire clans dedicated to government compliance. We have also conceded a big tract of land for the agricultural civilization settlers to use. They have literally latched onto our flank like the parasitic ticks they are.

        I fear a trail of tears.

        1. How did that turn out for ya?

          1. Didn’t the Cherokee also own slaves?

            1. Shush. Don’t bring facts into an idiot fight.

              It’s like bringing missiles to a gun fight with White Idiot.

    2. My entire job is helping companies obey the rules. The chemical industry here keeps me employed without concern.

  7. 36 Posts and no one has picked up on the Dune reference in the title.

    Of course, I don’t see that ProDib has posted yet.

    1. That’s Pro’L Dib, Canuckistanian!

  8. “We’re the country that built the intercontinental railroad,”
    I believe that was the first recorded crony capitalist event in our country. The fall out from that ‘success’ was the Sherman Act. The Sherman Act is the crowning achievement of the progressives as it kicked the door open into allowing the federal government the ability to screw with private concerns — in the name of preventing monopolies.

    The irony of it all. First, the guv’mint creates monopolies. Then, the government writes a law that tramples the rights of private concerns in order to prevent monopolies.

    Somebody earlier talked about a spearing loser low-lives in the belly and watching them die slowly. One thing missing from this picture — crack open a beer and observe the demise of the low life.

    PS. Ignore all trolls!?! How does that work?

    1. “I believe that [the “intercontinental” railroad] was the first recorded crony capitalist event in our country.”

      Government subsidized canals predated the railroads by a few years. The groundwork for land grants, of course, was the Public Land Survey System, an idea Thomas Jefferson usually is given credit for, one of his less freedom promoting agendas.

  9. Somebody said, How can you claim that capitalism is better than communism when we’re borrowing all our money from the commie Chinese? I said they aren’t communist, and they said they’re a lot more communist than we are. Touche.

  10. Stossel’s articles are becoming less and less actual specific articles focusing on a specific issue and more just smatterings of general, basic libertarian principles interspersed with a few examples

    I like free-market-oriented (NOT libertarian – that’s a an entirely different thing) policy as much as the next business-minded guy, but he’s going to have to do better if he’s going to compete with the likes of The Economist

    1. His pieces are the fluffiest things on this site, no doubt. I generally don’t bother reading them.

      1. The economist?? Certainly you jest. Those folks are still jacking off to global warming. It is a pseudo-free market rag.

    2. He sucks. I think it is because he is a real journalist from the major media.

    3. His show format kind of sucks, too.

      1. I’d take Stossel over “The Economist” AND Paul Fucking Krugman.

        Any day.

  11. “We’re the country that built the intercontinental railroad,”

    Intercontinental Railroad, Obama?

    History books usually refer to it as the Transcontinental Railroad, and since it stayed on one continent, that would make it an intracontinental railroad, stupid.

    And the United States never had a real transcontinental railroad, the government never allowed any companies to merge to form a true coast-to-coast railroad. Canada has two of them, though.

    1. ….a bullet-train to Paris for Michelle and the girls to ride.

  12. Good on ya John with the nod to the GN. That is a story that needs to be told. Comparing the quality and performance a good case study on how private enterprise acting alone is superior to government subsidized industry.

    1. James Hill actually worked for, and later acquired, a number of railroads that received land grants to form Great Northern. Great Northern was also closely involved with Northern Pacific, but kept separate due to antitrust regulation until the Burlington Northern merge was approved.

      A competing line, Milwaukee Road’s Pacific Extension, was constructed mostly without subsidies as the state and federal governments were no longer doing land grants by the time it was built.

  13. Government is killing hitman jobs with its onerous regulations against murder.

    1. Sorry Tony, although your typical false equivacations would earn you Idiot of the Day status, unfortunately Whitey the Injun upthread has you beat.

      1. If an equivocation is false does that mean the premise is true? 🙂

        And yes, Tony, regulating commerce and protecting natural rights are the same thing. Any criticism of how the government does one is also a criticism of the government involving itself in the other at all. Libertarians either all believe that murder should be allowed or they are hypocrites.

        *pats Tony’s head*

        Now let’s go get you an ice cream!

        1. What regulations are we talking about except ones meant to protect people from harm?

          1. The more regulations, the better.

            Same for taxes.

            1. ….had your crotch roughly groped, bags searched, asked about your business by someone who has no business asking….? More regulations.

          2. Good boy, Tony! Protecting people from harm is the same as protecting their rights. Gold star.

          3. All the charm of a Concentration Camp Work Detail Captain.

    2. ….in the world and Commander Obama directing bloody hits all over the world — at his personal whim — government without limits — why are you afraid to say totalitarian-like. Raise taxes to pay for more of the same — Oh fuck yes. Not hardly……

  14. “Old Cherokee Warrior”

    Is that you M?

  15. Job creation was never (really)
    an issue until the financial market crash (2008)…

    Since 2008, government “regulation”
    has been a main reason for lack
    of job creation…?

    I don’t think so…

    Stossel is a completely mindless
    idiot to assert such a conclusion…

    What a fucking dope…

    1. “I don’t think”

  16. Erica Payne is a political consultant and Michelle Bachmann impersonator.

  17. I’m going to drink every time one of them says “corporation”.

  18. The prefix mono = 6, apparently.

  19. Friend of Capitalism. She says that like she would say Friend of Dorothy

  20. Is Sibilia supposed to frighten me?

  21. I’m beginning to think OWS wound the Stoss up. Pretty combative tonight.

    1. I’m way more turned on than usual.

  22. They’re having picnics, too?!

  23. Yeah, hippies hate not being able to shower.

  24. Charles is Erica’s husband, right?

  25. Charles Payne? Black and conservative? Who’s the next guest? Teve Torbes?

  26. Apple has 80 billion? Michael Moore says that’s our money, not theirs.

  27. I don’t love iPhones. The reason they won’t let you take the batteries out because they want to be able to track you 24/7. True story.

  28. Teach them to play Go Fish while hanging out at OWS.

  29. This guy looks like he’s taken a shower recently. He doesn’t know what hard work is, clearly.

  30. Make enough money, or steal enough money to pay federal income tax?

  31. Stossel, are you going to let Wilson plug his business on your show like that?

  32. Don’t worry, terrible economic policies from the government will ensure there will be plenty of people unable to find a job and free to blame corporations.

  33. Come down off the cross, John. They yell at anyone wearing a necktie.

  34. I can’t wait for New York occupiers to not want to be associated with those provincial red state occupiers.

  35. Between Root and Stossel, there’s a pretty glorious full goatee on my television screen right now. Callahan should take note.

  36. Stossel just said he would let Root answer but the Reason contributor didn’t get three words in before Stoss took over the response.

    1. He’s wound up, alright.

  37. Wall St. donates the most to Obama! Wall St. spends money fighting Obama’s agenda! Small government candidates are supported by Wall St!

  38. Perhaps they wouldn’t invent new schemes if they had something to lose. That’s the point.

    1. Imagine how much more money they would have to scheme even bigger boondoggles if there were less regulators to buy off!

  39. I’ll assume David Callahan didn’t tell anyone about his financial crisis predictions because he didn’t want to come across as a know-it-all.

  40. Goatees are the new von for free market economists.

  41. There’s no difference seen between a $7 or $8 minimum wage?

  42. All of Stossel’s straw men have similar sounding voices.

  43. I’ll put up with extra commercials for bigger prop charts, John. Come on, you’ve built up expectations over the years.

  44. Yes! More OWS wacko porn.

  45. Yeah, where’s the flying car I was promised? And what’s the deal with airline peanuts?

  46. The hippies are Apple users? Just when I thought I couldn’t hate them anymore. Goddamn hippies.

    1. OWS is actually just an edgy new ad campaign for Apple.


        Just like Apple stores, so come to think of it, so you might be right.

  47. To be fair, if someone stuck a mic in front of me there’s a better than average chance they’d hear me screaming “you lie, stossel!”

  48. This just in, hippies are idiots.

  49. They made their money pleasing people? Rockefeller and Vanderbilt were prostitutes?

  50. Lamp oil? Rockefeller was started us down the path of Global Warming.

  51. Stoss hits it out of the park.

  52. Headphones in, everyone. We’re on freedom watch.

    1. Yikes, embarrassing. Stossel is going to have a good laugh at my expense when he reviews the liveblog transcript tonight.

  53. Earplugs in, everyone. We’re on freedom watch.

  54. Earplugs in, everyone. We’re on freedom watch.

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    It has been Going Out Since your Kind Infiltrated Greece, Rome, Egypt, and The Isralire Nation,2000 Years Ago, Then used the Romans yo Put to death The Isralite Messiaha, The Son Of God,the same as your Anti American Imfiltrater Jews are Useing Muslims and Christians Killing today , but He Jesus Christ Rose Again,
    You and Your Kind have been Trying to Stop his People( The True Gods Chossen People )the Isralite not Jews Ever Since.
    And I Quiote What Jesus Christ Said When he Delt With Your Great Grand fathers 2000years ago After they Saw His Miricles,good Works,Raised the Dead, Hurt no man,and Heal them. they accused him ,youir Fathers of Having a Devil.He Replied ,”HOW ARE You Going to Escape the Punisnment of Hell,(Gods Rarth)YOU are of YOUR FATHER,THE DEVIL,Again,He SAID, How are You Going to escape the punnishment of HELL? ” He, Like you, Was a Murderer, and an Inventer of the LIE “, YOU,like your Father,Do the Work of Your father.
    Notice: He Said, ” HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ESCAPE THE PUNISHMENT Of HELL”, He Did not Ask or Tell Them Tell Them TO REPENT,WHY?,Because He Knew They Would Not
    The Same as You ,Milken Bernni
    Madof,Louis Brandise Moganthal,Abe Lincoln Wilson Roosevelt Bushes Clintons Obama, Montque,Kagan,Michal Chertoft,Bonni Franks,Alger Hess ,Ruth Badder Ginsberg,Shummer ,Boxer and the 1000’s more infiltraters,and there Anti American Lobby’s thet have Destroyed This Nation ,Europe Japan Asia,and Now The Middle East
    Anti American Jew,
    I Maybe a Schmuck,But I Thank God, I Am American Christian Isralte,Not A Jew


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