Militarization of Police

Ron Paul Talks About the Occupy Wall Street Protests and the "militarization of our police force"


On Friday, after Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) concluded a town hall-style meeting at an old folks' home in Concord, New Hampshire, I asked him what he made of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, which have included a noticeable contingency of Paul supporters. On Thursday night, for example, a group of young men assembled at Liberty Plaza in Lower Manhattan were wielding anti-Federal Reserve placards and promoting Paul's presidential campaign.

"If they were demonstrating peacefully," Paul told me, "and making a point, and arguing our case, and drawing attention to the Fed–I would say, good!"

I asked Paul if he was aware of the much-publicized incident from last weekend in which Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, a high-ranking official in the New York Police Department, was captured on video pepper-spraying nonviolent protesters without provocation.

"I hadn't heard that, since I have to admit I didn't keep up on all the details of it," Paul said, sounding concerned. "I didn't read the stories about it. But that means government doesn't like to be receiving any criticism at all. And my argument is, government should be in the open–the people's privacy ought to be protected. So I don't like it."

On a related note, during the town hall meeting, Paul was asked to react to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly's recent assertion that his department has the ability to shoot down aircraft. "Yeah, I have concern about that," Paul said. "That's not exactly your friendly policeman on the block to go to when you're in trouble. The militarization of our police force–the SWAT teams and all–I think it's a bad sign."

"I do think that when the federal government gets involved," Paul continued, "and Homeland Security provides a lot of these weapons, and gives the weapons to them–I think it's all a dangerous trend."

"One thing though, that I also don't like, is if there's a drug bust, or the police come and they confiscate a boat or a plane–guess what? The police get to keep it. I mean, that is outrageous! What, do you think there would be a motivation then, for them to crack down and get a truck or a boat or a car? And then they get to use it?"

"So whether it's the Department of Homeland security subsidizing– the local police force should be local. It should not be federal. That's why I complained about the federal bureacracy of a hundred thousand carrying guns to enforce laws on us. So no. Too much militarism. Policing is fine and dandy, but we should try to maintain that in our community. Besides, the police, many of them are very very good–there's some corruption in the police forces–but you know, we're not safe because there's a policeman out here every night patrolling. That's not why you're safe here. You're usually safe, especially in New Hampshire, because people, no matter how rural and remote you are, they're going to think 'Huh, he might have a gun in there! I'm not going in there.' It's the Second Amendment and that perception that makes us safe."

"So we don't need the militiarization of our police forces. And when they talk about the ability to shoot down aircraft, it's pretty bad."

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  1. Ron Paul has NOTHING to do with these protests! We want to end Wall Street capitalism and the fed and the corrupt politicians as Ron neoliberal Paul who want people to die instead of getting health care.

    1. Erik: “We want to end Wall Street capitalism” …

      …to be replaced by ??? Socialism, communism, fascism, anarchy?? Idiots like Erik can only say what they are against because it is cool to hate on those who make the good life in the USA possible.

      With asses like Erik in the protest, it is good NOT to be associated with it.

      1. The financial industry does not “make the good life in the USA possible.” It accumulates wealth by screwing people over. After decades of waiting, isn’t it time to declare trickle-down theory a myth plutocrats tell themselves to make them feel better?

        1. ….against the enablers in Washington (you can name them) who provide trillion-dollar bailouts looted from ordinary taxpayers?

          1. Totally against their will I’m sure.

            1. Obama was an avid supporter of bailouts. He’s counting on the recipients’ help in building up his billion-dollar reelection campaign “WAR” chest.

              1. Hell, Tony was an avid supporter of the bailouts. It’s hilarious how he simultaneously accuses everyone here who was against the bailouts of being corporate whores when he was the one busy defending all this bullshit.

            2. Damn skippy it was against my will. If not for the threat of a long time in prison away from my family, there is no way I’d throw my money away to the federal government.

              To me, there is no company “to big to fail”. You guys will whine that it was the auto manufacturing industry. Nope, it was two automobile companies, GM and Chrysler, and they would have gone into Chapter 13 Bankruptcy while Ford, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai and so on motored nicely along. Other financial institutions, who did not participate in the easy money shenanigans, would have taken up the slack as they bought the assets of the utter failures at the fire sale.

              Capitalism, free from meddlesome government, works well. As such, I will not bank at an institution that had to take bailout money, nor will I ever buy a GM or Chrysler automobile again.

              1. I might buy a GM or Chrysler model after they inevitably go under and their best products are in the hands of a viable company. The only ones I can think of are the Dodge Ram with a Cummins Diesel and perhaps the Corvette.

        2. “It accumulates wealth by screwing people over.”

          And shithead has the Scrooge McDuck comix to prove it!

        3. Businesses need capital, and people need places to invest. What they don’t need is big government giving them trillion dollar bailouts, subsidies, and loans, all of which you support.

        4. Like I said on CNN a few days ago, Tony… it’s not time to commit violence against rich people… *yet*.

          But when it IS time, can I count on your help?

          1. I’ll help you if your target the “Crony” Capitalists FEDERAL RESERVE. In the meanwhile Michael, you keep enjoying the fruits of “Real” Capitalism!

          2. Are you also going to commit the same level of violence against the rich fat cat Communist inner Party, like the real fat cat Michael Moore, and Erik Holder, and Soros, and that other billionaire who’s in Obama’s pocket?

            1. These are the folks behind this.. wealthy foundations and bankers.. like Soros. Cripes even the Rockefeller bros fund enviro wackos like!

        5. I know I hate it when small start ups are able to get credit and start up businesses that provide services, products & jobs that we need. B*stard capitalists. You sir, are a dumbarse.

        6. Did you get a mortgage from a homeless person? A car loan from an illegal immigrant? The financial industry is critical to collecting and rationally distributing capital, based on risk/reward evaluations. All other systems have proven inferior to promoting wealth creation.

        7. All the neat little technological devices those protest-hipsters use – iPhones, digital cameras, laptops, etc… – were made possible due to finance. Steve Jobs may have had the idea and knowledge, but the first apple factory wasn’t paid for out of his own bank account. A bank gave him a loan.

          1. So why can’t finance go back to doing that instead of just making money for itself by screwing entire economies over?

            1. “just making money for itself”
              You mean, like the business they provide capital to? How dare they act in self-interest.

            2. There was a marked increase in more and more complicated types of financial products created/propagated, but the problem was that they were centered around a large bubble – a bubble built on incentives offered by federal legislation and Fed interest rates meant to push housing at any cost.

            3. Apparently you (Tony) don’t have a job, but are living on the socialist dole. If you did have a job, you’d understand the concept of “payment for services rendered.” If you broker a billion-dollar deal, smoothing the skids of Red Tape and greasing the necessary palms to make the deal go through successfully with the least amount of government interference, benefiting all concerned, including the employees of both companies who can now afford to give them a raise, then doesn’t he deserve a commission for his services?

          2. How are we going to protest corporate greed? On out iPhones!


          3. Loans can be a good thing but they can also be a bad thing. The problem here is that the government has removed many of the free market restrictions that make risky loans too risky for the rewards that can be obtained. Hence, our current situation.

        8. Yes, in a perfect world we wouldn’t have pesky banks to screw people over w/ their “loans” and “interest.” And let’s not forget about those damn speculators, always investing money where they think they can get a healthy return. Pure evil, I tell ya.

        9. Stupid Tony again.

          “The Financial Industry” loaned me a big chunk of money so I could buy a house. Who else offered to loan me money? Nobody.

          10 years later, I sold it for TRIPLE what I paid. Without the “Financial Industry” I would have been renting those 10 years.

          I did not share any of my profit with the “Financial Industry” even though they made it possible. All I gave “them” was about 6% annual.

          Where did I get screwed?

        10. The financial industry, yeah, I can see your point. But Obama’s dragnet wants to punish the small businessman by making hiring unaffordable with his imperial edicts.

          But, if you actually prosecuted the criminals on Wall Street, then under Equal Protection, you’d have to prosecute the criminals in Washington, DC.

        1. Gee, how………………
          Did you win the STUPID contest?

            1. Gee, how………………
              Did you win the STUPID contest?

        2. You realize the song is about an idiot who is as smart of a bricks.

        3. That’s too bad because Ron Paul fights the REAL bad people like the FEDERAL RESERVE while you act like a moron!

          “Ron Paul, the presidential candidate is the man who has opened that door on the Federal Reserve. The partial audit he prompted revealed that close to $16 trillion was doled out to Euro-American insiders and their corporations in 2008 alone. That is more than the entire national debt. It is a tax on every American and unless you are getting billions of that money yourself, you ought to be outraged and grateful to Ron Paul for figuring this all out.” ~Doug Wead

      2. All of you deriding people for protesting against financial abuse and wallstreet greed.. Equating it wit protesting against wealth are being disingenuous . These people are like you, they wouldn’t be out there if they didn’t think something was wrong. They are correct in that. There are abuses by wallstreet and big banks. Banks like goldmAn sachs created and abused an unregulated derivative market to defraud the american people of trillions of dollars. They lobbied politicians and regulators to keep derivative markets unregulated and then hired those same politicians And regulators to abuse those new loopholes. Nobody is protesting business loans or home mortgages. What is being protested is a system that allows for institutions to engineer failure into loan structures so that they can reap the benefits of betting against the very loans they make. That’s corruption, plain and simple. If you call that capitalism, then you should be fine with crack dealers out in front of your house, just capitalism right?

    2. LOL @ financial markets without capitalism

      Unless your problems are actually with the socialism aspect of the bailouts, of course. People get those two confused, as a purely capitalist Wall Street would have seen the failure of all major broker dealers, most thrifts and a few money center banks in Citi and Wachovia. It is, to be sure, a nuanced difference.

      1. Nothing can be built without Capital.

        If you’re living in the jungle and need to build a hut, the leaves and sticks that you gather to build your hut are capital. When somebody gives you a pretty seashell in exchange for the labor of building a hut for them, that’s money. When you exchange the pretty seashell for a tasty meal, that’s capitalism in action. Everybody benefits. You’re better off because you got a tasty meal, your neighbor is better off because he has a hut, and the restaurateur is better off because he has a pretty seashell to buy more supplies with.

        Even the worst of Socialist and Communist societies had Capitalism at their core; the difference was that the rulers owned/controlled all of the capital. The Chief owned the hut that you built with your own labor, and now he wants you to gather pretty seashells to give to him for allowing you the privilege of living in your own home.

        We want to own our own stuff, and not be robbed to pay the bills of the lazy and negligent!

    3. How do people like Erik survive? I mean, I know the autonomic systems keep him breathing and his heart beating without him having to understand how it works, but how does this guy get food, shelter, etc? I used to think you had to have a basic intelligence to survive. Even TONY can make sense in a twisted way sometimes. But this? This is endemic of the whole stupid “movement”.

      What are you protesting? “Uh… wealth!”

      1. I know the autonomic systems keep him breathing and his heart beating without him having to understand how it works, but how does this guy get food, shelter, etc?

        Fuckin Freegans, how do they work?

      2. Best guess as to how he survives: Lives at home with mom and dad, has ever since graduating from some directional state school.

    4. Gimme FREEE SHIITTZZZZ!!!

      1. +100000000000000000.00

    5. Ron Paul has NOTHING to do with these protests!

      Reading is hard.

      I asked him what he made of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, which have included a noticeable contingency of Paul supporters. On Thursday night, for example, a group of young men assembled at Liberty Plaza in Lower Manhattan were wielding anti-Federal Reserve placards and promoting Paul’s presidential campaign.

      1. Your false consciousness is showing, you bourgeois jackal pig-dog. Words mean what the people say they mean, which means what Erik says it does.

          1. Gee, how………………
            Did you win the STUPID contest?

              1. Gee, how………………
                Did you win the STUPID contest?

              2. YOU CANT BUY ME HOT DOG MAN

    6. This is why the franchise was originally limited to property owners – i.e., people smart enough to have amassed at least a *little* wealth.

    7. Erik, we libertarians oppose the fed, oppose corporate welfare and want the whole lot in DC out of office. Of course we think people want to pay for their own healthcare and private charities to fill the gaps so we must have “NOTHING to do with these protests.” And this is of course why we mostly aren’t because you have no coherent position on anything.

    8. “neoliberal Paul who want people to die instead of getting health care.”

      Including blatant lies *really* makes your case.

    9. Oh, and:
      “*We* want…”
      I’m sure Erik speaks for at least several idiots as ignorant as he is.

      1. LMFAO

    10. Ron neoliberal Paul who want people to die instead of getting health care.

      I’m not the biggest Ron Paul fan on the planet, but that’s just a lie, isn’t it?

      1. Ah, sevo beat me to it.

        1. He just learned the word neoliberal and wanted to try it out.

      2. He NEVER said that. Play rewind. That came out of the mouth of Wolf Blitzer! “So we should let him die?” “NO!” Said Ron Paul. We have laws in this country no hospital or doctor (Ron Paul is a doctor) can turn away people. Ron Paul is a physician, if he would let people die because they couldn’t pay, IF YOU REALLY believe that, don’t you think there would be record of that somewhere? That would definitely come to light.

    11. “Ron Paul has NOTHING to do with these protests! We want to end Wall Street capitalism and the fed and the corrupt politicians as Ron neoliberal Paul who want people to die instead of getting health care.”


      “Now who can argue with that?” – Blazing Saddles

      I’m from Earth, so I’m gonna need you to start making some sort of sense, please.

      In the meantime, check this out.

    12. Hey Erik, do you have anything to do with the Wall Street occupation? Are you protesting there or just yelling at people on the internet in their name?

    13. Ron Paul has EVERYTHING to do with these protests. Ron Paul has been fighting the Fed for decades. Even wrote a book, “End The Fed”. He wants to bring out troops home and be a peaceful nation again, as do many at the protests. And, if you’re involved in the protests, you should know enough not to trust the media about Ron Paul. He doesn’t want anyone to die. He is a medical doctor for goodness sake! He is all about top notch medical care, just not from the corrupt government.

    14. Nobody wants anybody to “die instead of getting health care.”

      If you don’t what to die because of lack of health care, then it’s YOUR responsibility to see to your own health care, not mine, not your neighbor’s, not some Kansas farmer’s, not some Pennsylvania steel worker’s.

      Yours. (or maybe Jesus if you’re a Bible-thumper.)

      Nobody owes you a living. That’s why God gave you Free Will and a Mind to figure out how to live in Reality the way Reality is.

      You could really help yourself by using your mind to actually think, rather than just as a tape player, and to use your Humanity to actually take responsibility for yourself, i.e., grow up.

    15. Oh good lord. You’re not going to die if you don’t have healthcare. You are legally entitled to emergency care. What you will get, however, is a big bill. That’s what insurance is for, yo! Provided financial protection for specific situations. Get it? You want free car insurance too?

    16. You’re correct… you are commies, Ron Paul is for freedom. You are asking for totalitarianism and one world kumbaya gov’t, Ron Paul would never do that.

  2. “We want to end Wall Street capitalism and the fed”

    Paul wrote a book called “End the Fed”, einstein.

    1. A book that he probably made a profit off of. Yeah, you know where I’m goin with this…

      1. money is evil. everyone should just give other stuff to people. everyone would be better off. Oh, wait… nevermind.

      2. He’s more interested in educating people about how the Federal Reserve works. What’s you beef with people making a buck? You should buy the book, it’s priceless. Or read it for FREE in a public library. Perhaps you’ll learn something and you’ll be better off financially.

      3. Actually, he made no money off the “end the fed” book. All proceeds were donated to a non-profit org: “FREE educational foundation”


  3. We want to end Wall Street capitalism

    The world would be a better place if all exchanges were carried out in the form of barter.

    1. They wouldn’t be happy with barter either. The whole point is to *replace* mutually beneficial trading with “hey, you’ve got stuff I want! gimme!”

  4. “…we’re not safe because there’s a policeman out here every night patrolling. That’s not why you’re safe here. You’re usually safe, especially in New Hampshire, because people, no matter how rural and remote you are, they’re going to think ‘Huh, he might have a gun in there! I’m not going in there.’ It’s the Second Amendment and that perception that makes us safe.”

    Ha! Silly old man Ron Paul and calm, rational thinking. When will he wake up and realize that only cops should have guns, and the citizenry should cower in their homes until the police arrive? I know if I was being assaulted, I would calmly call the police, and wait until a well trained officer arrived to handle the situation. Likewise, if I start a kitchen fire, I will call the fire department, and wait until they come and put it out. Yep. Good old Ron Paul, wants to put our heroes (police and firemen) out of business.

    1. cops in right to carry locations tend to overwhelmingly support right to carry. we do not think that people should rely on us. quite the opposite.

      people being products of their environment, you are more likely to find anti-RKBA cops in anti-RKBA jurisdictions, however it’s USUALLY the cop-o-crats and especially the police chiefs (who are political appointee pawns) who oppose RKBA.

      in a place like arizona, with a strong RKBA tradition, even the cop-o-crats generally support RKBA as do the elected sheriffs, generally speaking.

      1. This is largely true from what I’ve seen in PA. Southwest, Central, Northwest, PA tend to have pro-RKBA sheriffs and chiefs, while the urban centers and big-money suburb counties are more opposed.

        1. sheriffs, being elected officials tend to be in concert to a large extent with what the people want – or they don’t get re-elected.

          as a benefit, they are not appointed

      2. Right to carry reduces crime.…..ageNum;=-1

        1. “Right to Carry”. How nice. The gov wants to give me permission to have the ‘right’ to carry a firearm. I don’t think I need permission. Do you?

          1. A specifically identified Constitutional right that is often and widely disrespected, is being re-asserted, and all you can do is bitch? pitiful. Sometimes what you ‘think’ is not relevant to reality. Be happy for small victories.

    2. I would actually disagree with Ron to a certain extent here.

      I’m not only safe in suburban or rural New Hampshire because criminals assume each house has a gun.

      I’m also safe because the vast majority of residents of suburban and rural New Hampshire have no desire to commit violent crimes against each other, and only a very small number even have the desire to commit property crimes (at least against private homes; I’m sure there are lots of shoplifters about).

      The best thing you can do to maximize your chances of avoiding a violent or property crime is…not live around people who engage in violent crime and property crime.

  5. Paul was asked to react to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s recent assertion that his department has the ability to shoot down aircraft. “Yeah, I have concern about that,” Paul said.

    And so he should. Bush said he had the power to spy on Americans abroad and at home. Obama inherited that power, and now also claims the power to kill Americans overseas without due process. The next president (or Obama still) may go the next step and claim the authority to kill Americans on American soil without due process. Yeah, I have some concerns about that.

  6. I’m unclear on how the ability to shoot down aircraft really helps in a terrorist attack scenario (as opposed to say a military air raid). A plane that gets shot down over NYC is still going to crash into someplace heavily populated.

    1. Duh, we never thought about that.

    2. They don’t care, Tulpa. The statement was designed to make people more afraid of the ability of the NYPD, not safer from terrorism.

    3. It’s very simple. If the war on terror is about protection from terrorists then collateral damage that might cost even more lives is okay as long as the intended target is safe, right?

  7. Apparently, the vast majority of Americans are unaware that the reason fighters are scrambled to “escort” a commercial airliner if there is a potential problem is to shoot it down if it goes too far off course.

    It helps them feel “more secure”.

    1. The vast majority of Americans haven’t seen Kurt Russell in Executive Decision? I refuse to believe that.

      1. Sounds shitty.

    2. I can accept this scenario since the decision won’t be made lightly and will have passed through lots of high ranking folks.
      The NYPD however? Regardless of what kind of tech they have, I’m not in the least bit confident they have sufficient checks and balances when I comes down to the decision to shoot down a plane. And why the f*ck does a city need this anyway when they are covered by NORTHCOM’s fighters? Probably the same reason they have anti-terrorism “agents” deployed well outside NYC.

      1. I can’t wait to see it.
        Twelve SAM batteries going off to take out a Cessna flying VFR over the Hudson.. 8 commercial liners “were struck by patriot missiles coming from the vicinity of NYPD SAM sites. A full and impartial investigation will be conducted, says NYPD Missile Command.
        More at ten..”

  8. Did you ask him why he’s a racist, scumbag bircher? Or about his negro-hating newsletters?

    Of course not. See no evil, hear no evil.

    1. ask her murderous President why Rouan Pauol has never murdered anyone?

      1. Proof that Paul wrote the “racist” newsletters or STFU.

    2. Max, one of the reasons Paul wants to end the war on drugs is because of the disproportionate number of young black men in prison for ONLY doing drugs…no one was hurt. He actually sticks up for minorities.

      1. ya that is what I love, is when people take the quote about disproportionate numbers of minorities in prisons and somehow make it into a racist comment.

        ” At this time I would like to play the race card. How do I go about doing that?”

    3. Re: Max,

      Did you ask him why he’s a racist


  9. A plane that gets shot down over NYC is still going to crash into someplace heavily populated.

  10. *shakes fist at squirrels*

    Hackensack, New Jersey is expendable.

    1. Hackensack, New Jersey is expendable.


      1. New Jersey England is expendable.


        1. The New Jersey England World is exendable

          FIFY for reals!

    2. Les, my mother lives in Hackensack.

      1. a house in hackensack? is that all you get for your money?

        seems like a waste of time

        1. What are you all about, dunphy?

          1. Billy Joel

            1. (facepalm)

      2. [Looks at watch, shakes head]

        1. If that’s moving up…

          1. Then I’m moving out.

        2. If that’s moving up…

          1. Then I’m moving out.

        3. If that’s moving up…

          1. Then I’m moving out

            1. Cadillac ac ac ac…

              1. The post wouldn’t take immediately; so, I just kept clicking.

                1. Dang, I thought we were jammin’ out.

                  1. You oughta know by now…

                  2. Uh-oh, Zoot skipped a groove again.

        4. If that’s moving up…

          1. Then I’m moving out.

    3. Hey, Hackensack gets my respect. It is one of the few towns in Bergen County with affordable housing and high rises. Most of the other towns in the area outlaw affordable homes so they don’t get low income kids in their public schools.

  11. Generally I’m with Paul on this. The police are required, but they don’t need to be military.

    1. absolutely. the militarization is a NEGATIVE trend. cops have always been to some extent paramilitary (uniforms, command structure) etc. but they should not be an occupying army, but a force working in cooperation with the public at large.

      many pd’s are much better at the latter task than others. witness for example, the recent case i cited of NYPD suspending officers for throwing a football in uniform with some local kids at an event.

      i started my career with a small, mayberry’esque agency where our chief very much solicited community support and we were told that we were part of the community, not overlords.

      for example, the community was overwhelmingly pro-pot or at least anti-pot enforcement, so we were told that the stance of the dept was “we don’t care what people smoke in the privacy of their homes”


    2. Ron Paul was NOT advocating that there should be a police presence at all. It is already a police state even with our local he is stating, but he is saying don’t multiply with federal militarization also.

  12. Hell, most of New England is expendable.

    1. Damn it. That was supposed to be a follow-up to a previous post.

    2. Fuck you.

  13. Hobo Politics 101

    They arrived by design and desire. Or by sheer serendipity.

    Like Jillian Aydelott, 19, and Ben Mason, 20. They are a couple, both having taken an indefinite leave from school in Boston to travel across the country, very much on the cheap. Stopping in Providence, R.I., five days ago to sleep at a homeless shelter, they encountered a man who called himself Germ and said he was an activist. He was coming to the protest. They figured why not. They have yet to leave.

    Ms. Aydelott’s feeling was: “Nothing is happening. People on Wall Street have all the power.”


    “I’m angry because I don’t have millions of dollars to give to my representative, so my voice is invalidated,” said Amanda Clarke, 21, a student at the New School. “And the fact that I’m graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in loans and there’s no job market.”

    “I am invalid, because for my entire life I have been taught to wait for, and defer to, the judgements of officially credentialed experts.”

    Suck it, you grubby whiners; validate yourselves.

    1. Whoever wrote that article is pretty slick sneaking in all of those ads into a story about people protesting capitalism.

      A food station occupies the center of the park, where donated meals are disbursed, especially pizza and Popeyes chicken.

      A medical station was outfitted with bins holding a broad array of remedies: cough drops, Maalox Maximum Strength, Clorox wipes, bee pollen granules.

      The park is without toilets, a problem that many of the protesters address by visiting a nearby McDonald’s.

      The encampment even has a post-office box, established at a U.P.S. store, and has been receiving a steady flow of supportive letters and packages


      I think someone at the Times is trying to sneak their cynicism into this article.

      1. Good call, cap. And while we’re at it… why does Proud Socialist Lawrence O’Donnell work for a corporation which accepts advertising dollars from OTHER corporations? And why doesn’t he refuse a paycheck from said corporations?

        1. I didn’t know about the avowed socialist thing so I checked out his wiki page. He hedges his bets by saying that there is good socialism and bad socialism, and also there is good capitalism and bad capitalism.

          He probably puts his brand of money making in the ‘good capitalism’ category along with Apple and solar cell producers and puts everybody else in the ‘bad capitalism’ category.

          1. He proudly admits it, cap. Choke down a few minutes of his MSNBC show, and you’ll likely hear him at least allude to his disgusting belief system.

            1. Choke down a few minutes of his MSNBC show, and you’ll likely hear him at least allude to his disgusting belief system.

              I’ll take your word for it. I have a relatively new teevee and am not trying to throw something through it yet.

              Needless to say, I don’t watch cable news or any show with ‘pundits’ on it.

              1. You’re not missing anything.

                I can tote up the minutes I spend a week watching cable-TV political experts on one hand, leaving enough fingers to flip them off and thumb my nose.

          2. “there is good socialism and bad socialism, and also there is good capitalism and bad capitalism.”

            Yes: Good Socialism = Bad Capitalism
            Good Capitalism = Bad Socialism.

      2. If I managed that McDonald’s, I’d require a purchase of at least a Quarter Pounder before I let any of them use the restroom. You dickheads want to live in a world without corporations? Go knit yourself a diaper.

      3. Did Morgan Spurlock write that article?

  14. Two General Assembly meetings are held each day to conduct organizational business and work on objectives. “We meet every day to decide what our demands are,” said Hero Vincent, 21, an artist and singer from Charlotte, N.C., who has been here from the beginning.


    1. “We meet every day to decide what our demands are,”

      These idiots don’t know what their demands are gonna be on a daily basis? WTF kind of principles can someone have if they don’t know what they want from day to day?

      I will give them no more of my attention until they at least establish an ethos. Jesus, even the Nazis had an ethos!

      1. Fucking useless spoof handles!

        1. Actually, the irony was priceless!

    2. “We meet every day to decide what our demands are,”

      Maybe, more ADHD meds?

  15. Van Jones warns of October Offensive against the tea party

    “I think everybody should hold on to your seats. October is going to be the turning point when it comes to the progressive fight back,” Jones said.…..ab-spring/

    1. Sounds like someone’s hunting for red October? With Alec Baldwin, no less.

      1. I promoted the same idea Jones did. Maybe we should join forces and commit violence against rich people… other than ourselves, of course.

        1. I’ve always been a secret fan of ultra-violence.

          1. The minute the Junior Stalinist types like Van Jones and Mikey Moore start showing up at these protests is when the protests will flush themselves down the toilet. Like when the tea party movement let itself be co-opted by the religious right.

      1. That’s the smartest thing you’ve said today.

        1. LMAO !!

    2. First if all, it’s gonna be getting too cold to protest full strength. If you want a movement to last, you gotta start in Aprl or May. That way, you can grow as the weather improves, and your people can get others to follow without risking their physical comforts by being stuck out in the fucking snow.

  16. Considering not a few libertarians at this here site think the 2nd amendment gives private citizens the right to install anti-aircraft artillery on their rooves, how can you deny the NYPD this capability?

    1. Because if I use my anti-aircraft gun and am mistaken and instead of hitting terrorists I hit a plane full of orphans, I’ll go to jail for negligence or involuntary manslaughter at a minimum.

      Any NYPD officer who does that will get a paid vacation suspension for a few months while we wait for the statement clearing them to be released.

    2. I think you can spell that “roofs”. Two of a horse’s hoof is could be “hooves” or even “hoofs”. But now that President Obama thinks he can kill anyone he chooses with a death-drone while he is hacking the back nine, well……

      1. I love how everyone is so fixated on teh drones these days as if they are just autonomous or we’ve ushered in some new robotic war era. They’re just like regular bomb-dropping planes, except the pilot is somewhere else.

        1. That’s a pretty big difference. First, drones are much more expendable and thus can be used on a whim. Can you imagine Bill Clinton sending in an F-15 to assassinate someone a few times a year?

          Also, unlike a human pilot, a drone is incapable of refusing to carry out the mission when it clearly violates treaties and/or the laws of war.

          1. ?? HUH???? You just proved my point. Like I was saying, a “drone” as we use them today is not an autonomous robotic plane. There is a pilot (capable of refusing to carry out the mission) who just happens to be at some other location. It ain’t that much different than sending in an F-15 aside from putting the pilot at risk.

    3. So, because a private citizen can start a church the government should have that capability as well?

      1. Sure, it just can’t force people to come to it or contribute.

        1. Your definition of libertarian gets further and further from the actual definition every day.

        2. Uh, in which country is this allowed?

    4. Re: Tulpa,
      Considering not a few libertarians at this here site think the 2nd amendment gives private citizens the right to install anti-aircraft artillery on their rooves[…]
      They can install anything they want on their rooves. That is what rooves are for, anyway.

    5. The Constitution doesn’t “give” anybody any rights – they were given to us by our Creator.

      The Constitution merely PROTECTS those rights from the likes of Obama and his minions.

  17. far more important than the tools on the belt are communication skillz, something the military wannabes can neglect…

    One of the best tools a policeman can use won’t be found on his duty belt or in his patrol bag. It’s not issued to him and it can’t be bought. This tool is his mouth. We’ve all heard of verbal judo, de-escalation techniques, etc. What I am referring to is less specific. Your voice, your inflection, eye contact, and even word choice can dramatically change the outcome of many situations, and could turn potentially ugly ones into peaceful encounters. In the academy we were taught that all people police encounter will fall under one of three categories; ‘Yes’ people, “Maybe’ people, and ‘No’ people. The Yes Person will comply with your request, peacefully and with no questions asked. The Maybe Person may or may not comply; this depends greatly on your individual command presence, confidence, and a few other factors. Many Maybe People are influenced by things other than command presence such as drug or alcohol usage, emotional or mental issues, etc. If the Maybe Person believes he can outsmart, outfight, or outrun you, then the Maybe Person will most likely not comply. The No People are the greatest threat; they will not comply, have no respect for you or what you represent, and have little or no fear of imprisonment or fines.

    This article is in reference to the Maybe People. No People will always be a PITA, and there’s not much you can do to avoid that. Yes People do not want trouble, and will do what they can to comply with your orders. The Maybe People are the ones who can go either way, and the smart officer will learn how to persuade them into being Yes People. Many rookie officers, me included, begin their careers on the street with a hard core, ‘take no prisoners’, tough guy attitude. These are the guys who escalate rather than de-escalate, who make lots of paperwork for the bosses and who probably generate a lot of complaints. They become bullies, and expect others to bend over backwards for them because they’re wearing a badge. There are even some veteran officers who act this way as well, and maybe you’ve seen this at your own department.

    Very quickly, I learned that it is not always necessary to be the ‘tough guy’. One thing I’ve noticed is how the older guys talk to people. What I learned from the old timers is that you don’t always have to be a jerk. For example, a loud music complaint/loud party. Option A: “Hey!! Turn that music off now or you’re getting cited!” or Option B: “Sir, we’ve received some complaints about the noise, please turn it down.”, or maybe “Hey man, do us a favor and keep it down, we’re getting complaints about the noise.” If you have ever taken any classes about Public Speaking, one of the key topics is to adapt your message to your audience. Smart officers will learn how to read people, and will adjust their message accordingly.

    The senior officers explained it to me like this: It doesn’t hurt to be polite; you can always be a jerk later if you have to. They way you talk to people should be similar to the use of force continuum, escalating as the situation dictates. What really impressed me is how the guys who had the gift of gab were the most respected on the street.

    On several occasions, people that we’ve arrested and run into later were willing to help us, just because we were professional during our original encounter. Proudly, many of my encounters, even those that ended in arrests, ended with the offender being pretty cordial, even as I took them to jail. Recently, I had arrested a female in connection with some outstanding warrants. Another unit conveyed her to jail while I sat and waited for the tow truck to arrive. Even though I had arrested her, I treated her with respect. Later, the other officers told me that she said I was very nice. I’m not trying to win any popularity contests, but a little bit of respect goes a long way.

    Another incident comes to mind in which I had arrested a male. He had previous escape attempts, assault charges, and other offenses on his criminal record, but he was still treated with respect. In the end, we got him handcuffed and in the car without incident. When we got him to jail, there was a prisoner who was giving his arresting officers a hard time. Our prisoner leaned over to him and said “Hey man, you’re already here, just be cool. You ain’t making this any better for yourself.” Since this incident, I have run into this individual a few times on the street. There weren’t any hard feelings present, and if he saw me driving by he would wave.

    The point I am trying to make is that nobody likes to be yelled at or treated like a child, and nobody wants to be treated with disrespect. If you’ve ever had someone you’ve written a ticket or arrested say “Thank you” and meant it, then you already know what I’m talking about. Like I said earlier, this approach will not always work, but it does help to control the Maybe People. There will be times when you will have to be a jerk, and there will be times when you have to go “hands on”, but these instances can be minimized by your command presence, confidence, word choice and your initial impression on the subject.

    As always, remember your tactics, watch their hands, back each other up, and STAY SAFE.

    Written and Submitted by Officer Daniel Celis…..ft-of-the-‘silver-tongue’/

    1. Dunphy, are you familiar with the Peel’s rules for police? What do you think of them as guiding principles?

      1. yes. i think they need to be taken in historical context (they are not a constitution ), but they are clearly behind the design of modern policing, and should be… in general

        1. What you have been saying in this thread, and in general, does seem informed by those rules.

    2. Citizens should not be expected to “comply” or show any respect to a cop or what he represents. You fuckers work for us.

      1. Yes, in enforcing the law. That’s the point of having cops.

      2. Actually, cops don’t work for “us” always. At any point in time, they work for the “good guys” and against the “bad guys”.

        Are there some judgement calls involved in this process that can lead to problems? Yes.

    3. Being a “jerk” or going “hands on” at any time when you are not defending a citizen’s life should cost you your job and your pension. You should not even be able to cuff a citizen who is not actively fighting.

      1. cranky! … stupid… but definitely cranky!

    4. I knew a guy whose brother was a State Trooper. He said his goal was for everyone to thank him after receiving a speeding ticket.
      I’m a polite person so I’m also polite to the police, but I’ve made it my goal to never say “thank you” after getting a ticket.
      I’m just contrarian that way.

      1. that’s one of the reasons i became a cop. the cops i met were almost always extremely polite and respectful. CHP was especially cool. my 67 plymouth fury (whee!) broke down and i was on the freeway and guy gave me a ride, and we talked about furies during the whole drive.

        once i got pulled over by CHP and the guy found out i wanted to be a cop, he showed me the computer system in his car, etc. and (even back then) as a computer programmer i was pretty impressed with the technology, etc.

        i played in a band in college and they were always cool when they came to break us up.

        even getting proned out at gunpoint , they treated me with respect. they had every reason to (i matched the description of a robbery suspect) etc.

        the one time they were a dick to me, i was a dick first. hmmm… lesson learned

        1. Hey dunphy. How does your wife, Morgan Fairchild, feel about cops?

          1. my wife, who isn’t morgan fairchild (thank god, that chick is old as fuck) loves to feel THIS cop.


  18. “i am an anarchist! we want to end rich people! the government should pay for everything! health, education, food, and give us living wages! that is what anarchy is all about! !!!!!!1!!!!”

    (Sent from my iphone4)

    1. +100 shares of AAPL

  19. Maybe if your pal Ronald Reagan hadn’t cluttered the skies with so many aircraft pursuing the idol of deregulation this wouldn’t be necessary. Outside of military and diplomatic purposes there’s no reason the country needs air travel of any kind. It would be a lot easier to protect against terrorists if the only planes in the sky were government operated ones that we know pose no danger.

    In this day and age, with Skype and all that, you don’t need to fly long distances to meet someone. And you don’t need UPS or Fedex either since you should be buying local anyway. Think of how much greenhouse gas we could save by simply not traveling, and we’d be safer too.

    1. i made poopy

      1. I am poopy

      1. What about the idol of a centralized state and a command-and-control economy?

      2. If not, griping about cheap airline fares is among the dumbest gripes I’ve ever heard.

      3. Considering the people actually behind the airline & trucking dereg, you’d like to think so.

    2. Why does mustard hate freedom?

    3. Hey Mustard,

      The Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you!

    4. not sure if serious…

      1. Me either, but my initial reaction was, “Um, Carter you monkey.”

    5. Is this some strange evolved form of White Indian?

    6. Re: must be retard,

      Maybe if your pal Ronald Reagan hadn’t cluttered the skies with so many aircraft pursuing the idol of deregulation this wouldn’t be necessary.

      The idiot does not know that it was president Jimmy Carter who deregulated the airline industry.

    7. Outside of military and diplomatic purposes there’s no reason the country needs air travel of any kind.

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    8. Ahem, we need to talk.

  20. What Euro Crisis!
    Do you think everyone is brain dead like Republican lunatics are? Or we have no internet connection. For we can read that Euro is a MIGHTY, KINGLY, MANLY 35% more valuable than US Dollar.

    So if there was an ounce of real truth about “Euro debt crisis…” THEN US Dollar would have gained against the Euro, but instead it is Euro that is MUCH MORE VALUABLE than the US Dollar. Given the FACT that Euro since its introduction in year 2000 at 1 to 1 to US Dollar has GAINED a MIGHTY, repeat for Republican lunatics in US, has GAINED a MIGHTY 35% against the US Dollar.

    So How much longer does Euro have to be MUCH MORE VALUABLE than the US Dollar for Americans to realize that “Euro debt crisis…” is non-sense and that US is suffering from Republican lunatics, HOAX Democrats (ie Obama) and above all a right-wing (LYING) Media. As a result of which Europeans have fundamental advantages over US such as ALL Europeans having health care WHILE they spend HALF on health care. Or ALL Europeans can go to college for FREE, etc.


    1. Fantastic!

      Since there’s no Euro problem, then the Greeks need no help and every government and international financial body that’s been asked to help them can take no action and go home.

      And we can close the Fed window to European banks. There’s no crisis, so they need no help.


      1. Right, shut down the FED (which is a FRAUD) the Empire is on the way out, the EU is replacing the American Empire which can’t even PROVIDE BASIC HEALTHCARE as a RIGHT to all its ccitizens and WASTES MONEY on useless weapons and IMPRISONING peopleinstead.

        1. Reasonable Wolf, Attack!


          Yes, well, thank you.
          Please fold your brochure until if’s all corners and stuff it up your butt.

          1. Gee, how………………
            Did you win the STUPID contest?

            1. No. You win, albeit narrowly.

    2. , If it wasn’t because of Universal Nationalized health care things would be much worst in Europe

      If you cannot write coherent headings in your ramblecrazy then why should anyone believe a word of it? Are you a republican plant trying to make progressives look stupid? No, that’s stupid. I’m sure your wisdom is from the heart and you believe every word of your foaming babble.

      Good luck.

    3. Wow, much retardation in such a small package.

      -You’re looking at a 10-year period to analyze events germane to the past 18 months.

      -Actions on part of the Fed and Treasury in the past 3 years have served to flood the market with Greenbacks, keeping the dollar low against the Euro.

      -The BRIC countries have lower public debt than the US while also having a currency weaker than the dollar.

      -The fact that the Euro remains high is actually intrinsic to the debt crisis: Because only the ECB can “print” more Euros, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc… can’t inflate their debt away. Seriously dude, take an economics course.

      -Finally: People in Europe get college for free if they qualify academically. Many Euro countries have trade-school based education systems where generally speaking, most people will go to some sort of trade/vocational school between 16-18. Also, you may want to look at a global top 100 university list sometime.

      1. The goddam Germans have nothing to do with it.

        1. German leadership is necessary more for it’s symbolic nature and “history” as common market/EU leader. In terms of the nitty gritty though, France, the UK, and Italy have the same number of votes in the Council of the EU, despite having significantly less population. Furthermore, the ECB has resisted calls from many governments – including Germany – to restructure Greek debt.

          1. You totally missed the reference, numbnuts.

        2. First thing when I get home I’m gonna punch your mama right in the mouth

          1. Diablo sandwich and dr. Pepper and make it snappy. I’m in a goddam hurry.

    4. Re: No2RepublicanConJob,

      Do you think everyone is brain dead like Republican lunatics are? Or we have no internet connection. For we can read that Euro is a MIGHTY, KINGLY, MANLY 35% more valuable than US Dollar.

      The poor idiot does not realize that comparing the exchange rate of two fiat currencies as a way to know their comparative purchasing power is meaningless.

      As a result of which Europeans have fundamental advantages over US such as ALL Europeans having health care WHILE they spend HALF on health care.

      With half the results… Yep, we all know that, kid.

    5. I am short the Euro and making $$$$. Why don’t you buy some 6e calls if you think you have any clue.

  21. WHY Can’t Americans get FREE healthcare and go to college *FOR FREE* like Europeans instead of having to take out onerous and BURDENSOME student loans so the Big Banks (and HOAX Democrats i.e. OBAMA) get rich on our suffering? Education and healthcare *ARE RIGHTS*.

    1. it’s not free if someone else is paying for it.

    2. Nobody’s stopping you from educating yourself. Libraries are free last time I checked.



    3. Re: Imbecile who likes to call himself No2RepublicanConJob,

      Education and healthcare *ARE RIGHTS*.

      No, they’re not. You can’t have something you don’t have as a matter of right. And you certainly have no education – none that matters, anyway.

    4. Education and healthcare *ARE RIGHTS*.

      *stuffs face with mountain dew and Crunch Berries while reading manga*

  22. Why feminists have better sex…..le2185391/

    1. they know what they want, ask for it and walk away when their partners aren’t accountable

      Sounds great, let’s celebrate every instance of a man doing that, too!

      Oh wait that would be different.

  23. Germany, France, and Britain have a AAA creidt rating, the US has been DOWNGRADED, repeat for your right-wing lunatics, DOWNGRADED, which is the healtheir economy and fiscal policy?

      1. “Don’t cry, now that we have spot you…”

        “Don’t cry, take account of debt now…”

        “Don’t cry, took so long to f’nance you…”

        “Do what you want, but little Europe please don’t cry!”

    1. What nice selective sample you got there. What are the ratings of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, etc.. again?

    2. You’re right, we need to start dramatically slashing military and entitlement spending and paying down the debt immediately.

      1. This doofus doesn’t realize that these countries, which while having raised some taxes, are also MAJORLY decreasing entitlement spending. Also, the UK looks set to block a financial transaction tax proposed by the European Communion.

  24. 1- All European countries, like all developed nations of the World, have Universal nationalized health care (NHS), which means while all their people have health care, they (their people, businesses) spend a small fraction of what US spends on health care.

    2- European Governments do not waste their people’s money on Unnecessary Wars (Vietnam war, Iraq War, etc.) or on a Gargantuan Military.

    3- Europeans have many more Socialized services, which means get much more Value for their Taxes, compared to Americans, such as:
    they can go to University practically for FREE, compare this to US where a basic BS degree can cost you an INSANE $100,000+ and more saddling you with debt for years to come even if you get a good Job.

    1. Not all people can go to college for free in Europe. People in Europe get college for free if they qualify academically. Many Euro countries have trade-school based education systems where generally speaking, most people will go to some sort of trade/vocational school between 16-18. Also, you may want to look at a global top 100 university list sometime.

    2. Don’t they still lynch gypsies in Europe? Yea, let’s be more like the Europeans.

    3. #2: It’s called Libya.

    4. 1. If you love Europe so much, fucking move there.

      2. They dont have gargantuan militaries because we defend their lazy asses.

      3. You are an idiot and I pray to the flying spaghetti monster that you haven’t procreated.

      That is all.

    5. Don’t waste money on unnecessary wars like Iraq??? So I guess all those troops from all over Europe involved in a dozen different UN conflicts must have volunteered, paid their own way, and supplied their own equipment out of the goodness of their hearts? You might have a point about Vietnam, though. The French just helped create that mess and pulled out before it really got nasty.

  25. 3rd, If it wasn’t because of Universal Nationalized health care things would be much worst in Europe

    One of the amazing things, but very typical, by products of the debt problems in Greece has been for the right-wing US Media to state that:
    “Look how bankrupt Greece is due to their generous social services such as Universal Nationalized health care…”

    Which is utter complete non-sense. but again totally typical of right-wing US Media that it twists any events in support of its position that “Government run health care is bad…” and leads to bankruptcy when the EXACT OPPOSITE is the case here and the lesson to draw from the financial difficulties in Greece. That is IF Greece did not have not for profit Universal Nationalized health care as they have in Germany, UK, France, etc. then Greece debt and deficits would have been much worst than they are now. After all just think about it: health care in Greece, as in all European countries, is taking about 9% of their GDP while every person has health care and NO Greek or European is going bankrupt due to health care costs, while in US that does not have Universal Nationalized health care, health care is taking a back breaking 18% of the GDP and 2Mill+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs.

    With the above said, European union economies, of which Greece is a very small part of, are doing and will continue to do MUCH BETTER than American Union (USA) economies, as evident by:
    1- Euro being MUCH MORE valuable than the US Dollar
    2- Avg homes in Europe being much more valuable than avg homes in US and not falling in 99% of Europe
    3- NO banks having failed in Europe except those that bought US mortgage backed securities or securities issued by Lehman Brothers or deposits made with Madoff’s, etc. US misery.
    4- US Auto makers went bankrupt, laying off 10s of 1000s of people, while European Auto makers did not.
    5- Most of the top 20 cities in the World are in Europe and NOT ONE of them is in US, more on this below.
    etc. etc.

    Because Europeans are not suffering from a party of Lunatics as US is with the Republican party and even more to the point, Europe is not suffering from a right-wing (aka LYING, war-mongering, fear-mongering) Media as US is with such lying machines as Fixed news, Talkradio, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, etc. etc., as a result of which:
    1- European Governments invest much more of their People’s money (Taxes) in their people and cities via such things as Universal nationalized health care, Universal education to Ubiquitous (electric powered) public transportation etc.
    2- European Governments do not waste their people’s money on Unnecessary Wars (Iraq War, Vietnam War, etc.) or on a Gargantuan Military

    So Euro is KING and will continue to be KING, will continue to be MUCH MORE valuable to the US Dollar, as long as the above problems (FACTS) with US exist

    1. European automakers benefit from non-union labor in the American south, moron.

    2. Once again, TAKE AN ECONOMICS COURSE. The international value of a currency doesn’t mean shit in terms of correlation to the macro-picture. China and Japan both have devalued currencies, but very different growth projections for the next 10 years.

      The US dollar is still the most widely-held reserve currency in the world. When S&P downgraded us, investors flocked to t-bills, not away.

  26. FACT Germany has a lower unemployment rate AND a TRADE SURPLUS, repeat, SURPLUS, while having a HIGHLY UNIONIZED ECONOMY with UNIVERSAL healthcare, UNIVERSAL free higher education, GENEROUS welfare benefits, while having once again I repeat LOWER unemployment HIGHER wages and GREATER economic GROWTH.

    1. Running a trade surplus vs. a trade deficit is a mundane policy decision, I don’t see why you’re making such a huge deal about it. They have also been slashing their own entitlement programs and enabling fiscal austerity. Have you not been paying attention for the past year?

      Also, you might want to look at this:…..-j14.shtml
      Unions in Germany work quite differently than unions in the US.

      In regards to military spending, it’s funny: Whenever the US talks about pulling out of Germany/Europe, their governments scream and throw tantrums. Weird…

      1. Most German companies have, by law, an employee’s board of directors or give the employees several seats on the board of directors.

        1. That’s the thing – giving employees/union members stakeholding positions like that makes them understand that in order for workers to make money in the long run, the company ALSO has to make money in the long run. In the current US auto-industry, the UAW is setup as an us vs. them mentality – zero-sum between management and workers. Thus, the workers try to get as much as possible for as little work as possible, instead of trying to find an intersect of worker morale and efficiency to make the company more competitive.

    2. Wait, I think I’m starting to get it. Could you repeat again, but with [more] brackets?

  27. When are the European leaders, from the Conservative parties to liberal parties, but specially the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. going to speak out about what complete lunatics Republicans in US are. Because by Republicans in US being complete lunatics, they are not just destroying the American people, but as they destroy the American people they will eventually do great damage to the Global economy, to the European and Canadian economies, given the small planet that we live on and the relative important position that US still has in the World economy. As evident by the near collapse of the US banking system in 2008, leading to great financial and economic difficulties in Europe.

    Now there are many policies that Conservative parties in Europe 100% agree on, which the Republicans in US oppose, but the one that most clearly illustrates that Republicans in US are lunatics, is their opposition to Universal nationalized health care, something that ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. are 100% for. On that note, here is the position of the Conservative party in UK, which is the most Conservative party in Europe:…..ealth.aspx
    And quoting from it:
    “We are committed to a National Health System (NHS) that is free at the point of use and available to everyone based on need, not the ability to pay.”
    So you see according to Republicans in US, Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK is “Socialist..” since her party, like ALL other Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. are 100% for their Universal nationalized (aka Socialized) health care systems.

    OTOH, Republicans in US 100% oppose Universal nationalized health care and are for the current for profit health care in US that is resulting in 50Mill+ Americans not having health care, 2Mill Americans going bankrupt each year due to health care costs, and 50,000+ Americans being KILLED each year due to being denied health care. Republicans have such a position because they claim that Universal nationalized health care is “Socialism..”. This means according to the Republican party in US the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. are “Socialist..” or even “Communist..” given the FACT that ALL the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. are 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems. So either the Republicans and the right-wing Media in US (i.e., Fox news, Wall Street Journal, etc.) that makes them possible are right and ALL the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc are “Socialist..” or the Republican party in US is total lying psychos for calling the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. to be “Socialist..” due to them being 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems?

    Of course we know that the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc are not “Socialist..”. And indeed only a complete lying lunatic would state that the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc are in effect “Socialist..” for being 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems. And in FACT not are the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc not “Socialist..” but they are much more of a Capitalist than Republicans or US in general is as evident by the fact that the European economies are doing much better than the US economy as evident by Euro being much more valuable than the US Dollar, or while most US Auto makers went bankrupt NOT one European Auto maker went bankrupt or simply as per the FACT that European Union economies at $16T is now larger than the American Union economies at $14T.

    Not just financial but crimes against Humanity

    European leaders, specially the Conservative parties in Europe, need to speak against Republicans being lunatics in US and the US Media being a right-wing lying machine, not just because it would be good for the US economy and thus European/World economies to address the fundamental problems of US economy, such as lack of Universal nationalized health care in US which is resulting in US not being able to economically compete with European, , Chinese, etc. companies resulting in US having MUCH HIGHER real employment than most of Europe or resulting in 2Mill Americans going bankrupt each year due to health care costs which is the direct cause of US Housing market having fallen from such already low average prices compared to European avg House prices. But European leaders, specially the Conservative parties in Europe, need to speak against Republicans being the lunatics that they are in opposing Universal nationalized health care because the current for-profit health care in US is literally KILLING at least 50,000 Americans per year by denying them health care because they need health care (aka Pre-existing condition).
    More on this fact here:…..W520090918

    and in case you think this is just a statistic, here is a sample of an American KILLED by the US Government, by Republicans and Republicrats, for putting in place the for-profit health care system that they have put in place in US:

    I mean if Russia, or Iran, was killing 5000 of its people each year we would speak loudly against that, as we should, but US Government is literally KILLING at least 50,000 of its people due to being the ONLY country that does not have Universal nationalized health care but has a health care system that cares more about maximizing profits and thus share prices for the Wall Street lord and we the European who know such act to be immoral at best and “Crimes against Humanity” at worst do not speak about it! Shame on us 🙁

    Why are Conservative parties in Europe 100% for Universal nationalized health care systems?

    Because a real conservative would want Universal nationalized health care since that would mean:

    1- Everyone having health care for their obligation to pay Taxes through out their life. Therefore this is one of the best investment that you can make in your people and country, given the fact that when people know their health care is covered by their Government and have NO FEAR of going bankrupt due to health care costs, they are then much more likely to open new small businesses, go to University to get higher and higher degrees, etc. which will eventually generate more Tax revenues for the Government, or someone catching an infectious disease would not infect 1000s of others because he/she did not have health insurance to get early treatment to have stopped the spread which will eventually cost the Government much more, etc. etc. rational reasons.

    2- Great SAVINGS in cost of health care as evident by the FACT that in all the European countries, Canada, Japan, etc. that have not-for-profit Universal nationalized health care, health care is taking about 9% of the GDP while in US that has for profit health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT busting 18% of the GDP.

    So a real conservative would want Universal nationalized health care, since that would mean GREAT SAVINGs in regard to the Cost of health care while everyone having health care, which are the ABSOLUTE BEST investments that you can make in your nation, IF you care about your nation.

    1. keep it shorter, big posts give me headaches and hinder my reading comprehension.

    2. You understand that European leaders are actually quite concerned about the debt situation here in the US, and have in fact been pressuring US leadership for far more cuts than they have tax increases?

    3. “Because a real conservative would want Universal nationalized health care since that would mean:”

      Make up a stupid statement, throw “real” in there someplace and see if anyone’s as dumb as you.

    4. Wow, much retardation in such a small package.

      -You’re looking at a 10-year period to analyze events germane to the past 18 months.

      -Actions on part of the Fed and Treasury in the past 3 years have served to flood the market with Greenbacks, keeping the dollar low against the Euro.

      -The BRIC countries have lower public debt than the US while also having a currency weaker than the dollar.

      -The fact that the Euro remains high is actually intrinsic to the debt crisis: Because only the ECB can “print” more Euros, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc… can’t inflate their debt away. Seriously dude, take an economics course.

      -Finally: People in Europe get college for free if they qualify academically. Many Euro countries have trade-school based education systems where generally speaking, most people will go to some sort of trade/vocational school between 16-18. Also, you may want to look at a global top 100 university list sometime.

    5. “US that has for profit health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT busting 18% of the GDP.”

      Pretty good reason to get the gov’t out of the healthcare bizz right there.

      1. Good point. What percentage of ovearll healthcare spending in the US is Medicare/Medicaid funded?

        1. You’d think that would be easy to find, but:
          1) “Three health insurance programs ? Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) ? together accounted for 21 percent of the budget in 2010, or $732 billion”

          2) “US healthcare costs in 2009 totaled about $2.8 trillion,”
          So back-of-the-envelope sums say the gov’t is spending is ~40% of the total.
          This ignores the built-in distortions; how much of the totals were spent by those from socialist countries for what they can’t get, how much is pharm development and direct costs that we subsidize so 3rd-world countries such as Canada don’t, how much is a result of ‘defensive’ medical care, how much is back-office expenses ignored by accounting in socialist countries, etc.
          Just for the heck of it:
          “While health spending by private insurers only grew 1.3% in 2009, Medicare spending grew by 7.9% and Medicaid by 9.0%.”
          “Households contribute the largest share to the financing of health care (28%) followed closely by the federal government (27%)”
          Both from:
          (not allowed to have 3 links)

          1. I’m just going to assume that healthcare spending in the US, in terms of % of GDP, isn’t that far off from healthcare spending in other OECD countries when controlling for these things.

            1. 55%. 55% of all healthcare spending in the US is taxpayer money. 90% of all healthcare spending is third party, of which 55% is gov. Would pull the links for you right now, but the skins won AND the cowboys lost and I’m a tad inebriated!

    6. LOUD! STUPID! [repeat]
      LOUD! STUPID! [repeat]
      LOUD! STUPID! [repeat]
      LOUD! STUPID! [repeat]

      1. Ignoring the juvenile ‘make up funny names for sources you don’t like’ crap, this ignoramus seems to think that Repubs have held power forever, and none of the ‘problems’ he cites have anything to do with Dems.
        Cherry-picking seems to be a major favored by brain-deads, probably griping about the student loan costs at the same time.

      2. Do you have any bad words for your Democratic President that is literally murdering and starting wars all over the globe while flushing trillions down the toilet on his billionaire crony bank bailouts and military expansionism? Wait, let me think…..

        1. “Wait, let me think…..”
          Yeah, it’s “Bush’s Fault(tm)”!

  28. Ron Paul is a Christian-identity fanatic racist asshole with ties to various conspiracy nuts and Neo-Nazis. Nobody who matters takes the boring old fuck seriously.

    1. ^
      “Nobody who matters…”

      1. Priceless.

    2. prefers a good old violence-loving warmonger like Killer Barry for president. Warmer and fuzzier.

  29. Americans have the right to protest peacefully. It shouldn’t be a big deal to the police. Let the media cover it and the chips fall where they may. Our personal liberties are being eroded away. That’s why Ron Paul has so many supporters. Do people not understand yet?

    1. And how many supporters does Ron Paul have? And how many of them are sane?

      1. We know one non-supporter who isn’t sane.

      2. He has enough to put him within 4 points of Obama, according to the latest polls.

        1. If he got the Republican nomination (and he could if cows could fly and flies could give milk), imgagine the shit that would come out about the old fuck that nobody cares about now. Or is it hard for you to hold a thought in your head long enough to draw a conclusion, you moronic dipshit.

          1. Dang Max, I always had you figured for a Ron Paul supporter. Why the sudden rage, man?

            1. Max, formerly known as Edward/Lefiti/concerned observer was an Edwards supporter who appeared here about the time just before Edwards started his dive into terrain.

              1. Shouldn’t that be drive into Riell?

                1. That was about 2 years *after* Edwards ahem plowed her fields.

          2. ^
            Fails the turing test.

            1. Oop.
              Not you cap-l; aimed at one-trick-pony.

              1. No problem, you son of a bitch!

                1. Hey, nicest thing said about me today!

          3. you moronic moronic moronic dipshit

            I am winning. Or whining.

          4. go ahead and vote for the Welfare/Warfare/Looter/ClassEnvy candidates. nobody is stopping you.


    1. “Our” problems? I don’t know about yours, you nitwit who calls himself (in a very cowardly way) Ron Paul. Most of mine could be solved by a gold standard.

    2. would like to have a shoebox full of Krugerrands about now.

  31. “Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna”

    You’d pepper-spray people too if your parents named you Tony Baloney.

    1. Bravo.

  32. So, like, is it just me, or is Google down?

    WTF. I can’t get to but I can get to ?

    1. Works for me. What browser do you have?

      Though, there was a new post on h&r that has since disappeared(it was Gillespie/Welch book tour post).

    2. Yes, Hazel, it’s just you. You’ve been rendered persona non grata from The Google.

      1. Oh Noes! Banished to the Bing-iverse, a fate worse than death.

        1. Bing??? HAHAHAHAHAHA The only things that show up in a Bing search are criminals and losers banned from Craig’s List.

    3. Things to check:

      You’re spelling it right.
      You’re not typing the url on a typewriter.
      You’re not trying to just speak the word “google” at your monitor.
      You haven’t lost your vision due to drinking rubbing alcohol. (True story.)

      Try this. You’ll save the planet.

    4. In all seriousness, it may be a (probably temporary) issue with your DNS.

      Web hosts have human-readable address (e.g. and numerical addresses ( DNS servers convert the former to the latter, but sometimes they make mistakes that don’t get corrected immediately.

      If it’s a common issue, you can change your DNS.

    5. I blame Bush

      1. So does Obama…

  33. The good noble bankers need police protection. The constitution is not a suicide pact, and sometimes you need a police state to protect against the greater threat: socialism. They are job creating geniuses, those bankers, and they deserve our everliving ass licking for eternity.

    1. Thank you for this post.

      Its good that Libertarian Freedom Lover agrees with The One.

      1. Democrats and republicans give almost a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to bankers, libertarians stand on the sideline screaming “Let Them Fail!”, ergo-ipso facto-colombo-oreo libertarians are banker’s stooges.

        Jeeze, if only red/blue America had an iota of self-awareness.

        1. if some of the protesters think they will get sympathy from the police. Not in this day and age. The police know who’s financing their overstuffed salaries and pensions and they will defend the State and the State’s banking pals.

    2. Pretty sure we have the answer to:
      How many strawmen can you cram in one post?
      Ding, ding! We have a WINNER!

    3. Re: Stoopid unimaginative asshole that names himself “Libertarian freedom lover”,

      The constitution is not a suicide pact, and sometimes you need a police state to protect against the greater threat: socialism.

      To have socialism you need a police state.

      The good noble bankers need police protection.

      The same noble bankers that bought Obama. Those same guys.

      1. You are a rare intellect.

        1. As opposed to your retarded strawman spewing. Where on this site do you see sympathy for the cop who used pepper spray? Protesters certainty have a right to protest, but not at the expense of others’ rights. Your whole “We are the 99%” branding campaign is nothing but a spin on “the majority of people think it’s right, it must be right!”

        2. Furthermore, you realize that many of the grunt workers on wall street are just middle-class kids who majored in finance/accounting in college. You know, that same demographic you claim to represent.

  34. Ding, ding! We have a WINNER!

    Ding, ding! We have a WINNER wiener!

  35. really? it took them saying out loud they can shoot a plane down to make people nervous? since 9/11 NYCPD has been their own government, their own military. and the PEOPLE of NYC not stopping it are complicit in that fact.

  36. Regarding the shooting down of a plane by NYPD:

    If we’re not supposed to wait for the Fed to protect us or save us at all times,

    And planes have been used to attack NYC,

    And we should have the right to protect ourselves,

    Why is it necessarily a bad thing for the NYPD to have the capability to shoot down a plane?

    1. What’s their decision process to use the capability? Is it remotely stringent enough? If so, then in what instance would they actually use the capability?
      It’s like nukes: once you look past the deterrent effect, the logic and consequences of actually using them get pretty shaky.

    2. BTW, what’s the threat looking like these days w/ locked cockpit doors? Did the NYPD just spin up a capability that has (next to) no corresponding threat?

      1. Steve, thanks for responding. You’re asking good questions, but I think those same questions could be applied to cops carrying guns or any use of deadly force by police officers, do you agree? As far as locked cockpit doors, no defense is foolproof and we all know what a joke the TSA is.

        The logic of shooting down a plane is clearly much different than a nuke, considering the damage each would do. A plane could kill much more people than are on the plane. Shooting it down would likely only kill the people on the plane (not to diminish that in any way). A nuke can level a city.

        I live in NYC. If another plane is being flown into a tall building to kill lots of people, I don’t see a problem with being able to stop that from happening. I mean, I’m all for my own rights to defend myself, but I’m not going to be able to shoot down a plane!

        Hypothetically, if a warplane made it into NYC air space, would you have a problem with a local militia being able to shoot it down? Maybe the NYPD isn’t a militia, but their job is to protect citizens of NYC from those who would do them harm. No?

        1. Yes the local militia can handle this. Its called the Air National Guard. Google “174th Fighter Wing”. Kinda like yours your F-16s.


          1. Each NYPD precinct could have their own B-1 Bomber fleet for preventive overseas strikes in Asia and Africa like Obama is doing to protect Americans from harm.

        2. The ability for NYC to shoot down a plane means nothing if they can’t decide to shoot it down before it gets to place where the falling wreckage would hit a populated area. For some flights this would mean shooting them down over New Jersey.
          Also consider that a suicide terrorist who gets his plane shot down has still managed to commit an act of terror, and will have the added effect of including in the aftermath a huge public discussion nearly guaranteed to harm those who chose to shoot down the plane. Even if he misses his intended pbysical target, he has still struck a heavy blow to his real target, which is the collective psyche.
          This whole shooting down hijacked planes thing, whole possibly, in very limited circumstances, able to minimize physical harm, has not been thought through. Would we as a country have gone considerably more apeshit if the 9/11 attackers had hit the WTC when it was fully populated?

          1. The idea would be to prevent more people from dying than WILL die if a plane is hijacked and used as a weapon, right? We know for certain that this type of attack can be pulled off and be very successful. Are the odds bad that a similar attack will be used again? Perhaps, but this isn’t Vegas at the craps table.

            Not all planes that could be shot down would be over NJ airspace, and honestly, that wouldn’t bother me very much if it did. The fact that you can’t envision a scenario where shooting down a plane would be effective is meaningless, it just means you can’t imagine it. The psyche stuff seems frivolous to me in comparison to saving lives. I also think Ray Kelly is bluffing, but that’s immaterial to this discussion.

            rsi’s Nat’l Guard comment seems silly to me — should every city have them stationed to shoot down a plane being used as a weapon? Calling me names is just sillier. I’d expect better at this site. I’m just asking questions; if that bothers you so much, you’d have to ask yourself why that is.

            What’s interesting to me is I’m asking what the problem is in principle and all the responses have seemed to be of a pragmatic “that won’t work” nature, which isn’t the point. Again, I support my personal right to protect myself and a city’s right to do the same. Don’t you? If you do, what is your philosophical disagreement with the NYPD being able to shoot down a plane?

            “Cops are dumb pigs” isn’t valid, in case you were going that way.

            1. Reading comprehension fail. You’re strawmanning yourself out of this one.

              1. What did I miss? Man, this is a snarky community. I’m asking questions in an honest fashion, trying to think my way through it. You make this sound like a competition.

                If the idea is we can’t trust policemen with such a weapon because they’re incompetent, how does that differ from trusting citizens to be able to use a gun properly?

                1. You’re arguing with stuff I didn’t even write.

                  1. Sigh. Sorry, not meaning to do that. I’m trying to respond to your and rsi’s points without writing separately to you both.

                    I just don’t understand why — in principle — it’s wrong for a city to defend itself from such an attack by taking down a plane. (Why should we depend on the Nat’l Guard?)

        3. Ignorant boot licking vermin.

          1. What, me? I hope you meant that for someone else.

            1. Nesting shows you must have.

    3. Right. All the cops just say “WHAT HEY!!” and start firing their pistols into the air.

      1. Directed @ sanderson13.

  37. So justI spent the last hour reading Gawker comments on the protest, then reading the coup media site and the protester’s demands.

    Ugh. I’ve seriously got to stifle my morbid curiosity of the far left. Their smugness and way of thinking infuriates me and pretty much ruins my whole day.

  38. Short of a confirmed report that an airliner was heading for DC, I can’t see anyone actually giving the order to shoot down a plane.

    And the idiots at the NYPD, if they did manage to shoot one down, would be hard pressed not to dump flaming wreckage all over NYC.


  39. As much as I feel for the enthusiasm for these protests, which I’ve been seeing for days in Chicago, it’s rather misguided. The real fight is against corporatism, not capitalism. People don’t get the difference sometimes, and that annoys me.

    Dr. Paul 2012

    1. The problem is that these aren’t “protests”, they’re pretentious street theater/spectacle perpetrated by art history drop outs.

      1. considering that they have difficulty giving a comprehensible explanation of WHAT they are protesting… i agree

        1. ….some “Impeach Obama” signs, I won’t believe they really mean it.

  40. Ron Paul has everything to do with this since alot of us marching were exposed the truth by Ron Paul. He’s been talking about the elite and ending the Fed for decades. The only one telling the truth and the media censors the truth as we can see with our protest now.

  41. Many supports of Ron Paul, and even Ron Paul himself, would love to read and spread this message:…..e-streets/

  42. Why do people put so much value into material possessions and what money can buy? Why do people not choose to put more value into other people? A person can “gain the whole world but lose their soul.” It is alright to have things and use money sure. However, the key is where your focus is. What you put value into determines a lot of what you are willing to sacrifice in order to obtain or maintain it. I can offer one such analogy just with appearances. Some people may value their looks and stress about what they look like, to a point where it may worry them excessively. Others may spend the majority of their discretionary income, or even income they may not have to buy anti-aging products, expensive clothing, ornate jewelry, in a vain attempt to feel satisfied, but they cannot feel whole. Are you worrying excessively about things that could be taken from you or disappear? Or have you finally yet realized that there are things which are ever-lasting? Things which are not of the material world and cannot be bought? If you can serve another or appreciate that which others do for you, you are blessed already with such knowledge that is key to knowing yourself and understanding others. To know yourself leads to enlightenment and to know and understand others leads to wisdom. Do not limit your paradigms, but rather free yourself to change paradigms as necessary, remembering that what you value will heavily influence how you view the world and ultimately, reality.

  43. If I may add civilly to this blog.
    The thought that Banks are good and should make money from loans is fine in my mind. What isn’t fine, and if you do just a tiny, tiny bit of research it’s there in Black and white.
    The problem is when you have Banksters like Jamie Diamond. To all who think these banks are sooooooooo Good, Check OUT THIS ONE MAN’s PAY. No ONE, I say again, No ONE deserves those wages. Especially when it’s all coming from low interest loans by the FED. I ask anyONE of you who question my rational. Check out that ONE MAN’s pay before the bank bailouts. Than check his pay out after the bailouts. Many, many people in this world had to lose their pay for him to obtain his outrageous pay. If you think his pay is capitalism, than I know our country is worse off than I thought.
    After you check that out. Than look at “Flash Trading”. After you familiarize yourself with that. Than you explain to me, “Why these Banksters are given privileged trading over you and I”. You tell me why they get to make trades, see trades, before you and me. They are allowed this because our Gov allows this. So now they have bought more privileges. People wake up.
    How about this, now this was awhile back, but if you can turn on those open minded cells, recall this.
    Cheney, was a resident of Texas. He was a CEO of Haliburton. Bush asked him to be Vice pres. The Vice pres and pres CANNOT be from the same state. Cheney also needed to free himself, on paper, of Haliburton, because of the war he wanted to finish, IRAQ. So he changed his residency to a state he never lived, and one that had no state tax. That way he could accept The Vice position and not pay any state taxes on his multi million payout from Haliburton.
    Should I keep going, how about Bush himself, people, do you remember ENRON. You should, this was one of the first BIG HELLO’S. When Bush was campaigning for Pres, he was flying free of charge around this country in guess who’s private jet????? ENRON’s, who by the way went tits up soon following Bush becoming Pres.
    People open your eyes. I can go on and on. If you want, just ask. I can easily. How about Cheney shooting his friend in the face with a shotgun. Let’s also not forget the First Bailout was under Bush/Cheney. Oh and lets not forget Hank Paulson. If your not familiar with this Bankster, than again educate yourself. While you’re at that, check out what he put his money in. Does GOLD ring a bell. Another huge HELLO. Lastly, get ready for the next American robbery. It’s coming very soon. Who gives the most to the IMF, and the United Nations. Watch with horror, how your robed to pay Europe, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you go to you tube Erie Parties /Joel Atkin there is the 911 call,a
      video telling what I want answers to,and below the video is the link to
      Face Book. This site was set up by a young man that heard about my sons
      case and he put this site up. If you see self defence please send to as many people as you can. Let me know what you think. Thank You and God

  44. Occupy Wall Street and Ron Paul are different but together they are the only hopes for the US and the World right now. Obama must go!…..positions/

  45. OK first of all Ron Paul said ‘good’ to his own supporters, holding a rally in the street, promoting his ideas and doing it peacefully. These are not the same as the communists who are charging the police, breaking property, and keeping the rest of us from getting to work…GRRR!!!

    To the clueless on here who think OWS is some sort of anti-establishment libertarian movement it is NOT… this is funded by elites, and promoting communism, global socialism, one world government, and that is just what Ron Paul is AGAINST. They are FOR the relection of Obama as well and the redistribution of wealth (more than it is now)

    WHAT FOOL would think this was anything else?

    The Ron Paul tea party gets no funds. This commie movement is a creation of the foundations and corporations.

    1. OWS is “Funded by the elites”? You are telling me that a Canadian magazine is engaging in active conspiracy with the NWO? Do you not see how idiotic this sounds? And you Paulbots wonder why nobody cares about Ron Paul and most consider him a paranoid goof.

      Now, if you are talking about the Tea Party than you have a point. “Americans For Prosperity” is directly funded by the Koch Brothers. The same Koch Family that created the John Birch Society, which is the basis for all of your little conspiracy theories.

      Also, you do not know what Socialism is, didn’t your mommy teach you to not say things when you do not understand what that means?

  46. Wow, this comment section is a partisan mess. Lots of GOP/Fox propaganda and cherry-picking getting regurgitated, make no mistake folks The GOP and the Democrats will both defend Wall Street at all costs, and will both attempt to control or destroy the OWS movement. Please everyone stop swallowing the BS you’re being fed.

  47. They divide, and they conquer. Wake up or be the suckers they take you for.

  48. What a surprise, Ron Paul is asked a question and goes way off topic and starts blabbing about himself and how he wants to legalize drugs. He is a joke.

    His beliefs do not match up with the OWS demands. The protestors are protesting against corporate influence in politics, unemployment, deregulation, income disparity etc etc. They are not protesting about “Ending the Fed”. That would be the Tea Party, and everyone f’n hates them.

    Ron Paul is a racist scumbag. Reason has a great video on it. He is too much of a coward to own up to it. Anyone who calls MLK JR a “philandering communist” and calles MLK day “Hate Whitey Day” is a big POS in my book. And that stuff is far from the worst that he has written.

    Saying “My secretary did it” is not enough Mr. Paul. Even if your secretary did write all those racist tracts (she didn’t) than why were you not proofreading your own “Ron Paul Survival Report” (name says it all). That crap may fly in the backwater Texas district that he is from, but it is far from okay with the rest of the country.

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