Radio: Cavanaugh Saws Bucks With KOGO's Chris Reed, 7:03pm Pacific


Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will talk about disposable income, the spending gap and the savings-driven hyperpocalypse with the San Diego Union Tribune's Chris Reed tonight on San Diego's KOGO 600 AM.

Topic: What's this country coming to when

1. banks don't want cash,

2. stimulus and monetary easing have succeeded in getting savers not to want cash

3. Americans have $5.8 trillion less of the cash they don't want, and 

4. billionaires do want cash, but only if it's shoved out the door by the government

Time: Tonight, 7:03pm Pacific, 10:03pm Eastern

Place: San Diegans (Diegians? Diegheads?) can tune their crystal sets to 600 on the AM dial.

Others can listen live on the pan-global cybertubes.