Blogger Shoshana Hebshi Claims She was Pulled From Frontier Flight 623 and Strip-Searched for Sitting Next to Two Other Dark-Skinned People on 9/11


A blogger named Shoshana Hebshi says she was one of the passengers pulled off Frontier Airlines Flight 623 when it landed in Detroit on Sunday. According to media reports and Hebshi's blog post (which, until I hear otherwise from DHS or Frontier, I'm going to report as an actual account of the day's events) a team of police armed to the teeth boarded the plane and told passengers to put their heads down and their hands on the seat in front of them. The cops then pulled two Indian men and a self-described "half-Arab, half-Jewish housewife living in suburban Ohio" out of their seats, cuffed them, led them off the plane, and took them to a DHS facility at the airport, where Hebshi says she was strip-searched and interrogated.  

The tip that led to the arrest came from a passenger who claimed the three seat mates spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Let's compare the versions of events reported by media outlets, and the version reported by Hebshi.

Here's the AP write-up

Police temporarily detained and questioned three passengers at Detroit's Metropolitan Airport on Sunday after the crew of the Frontier Airlines flight from Denver reported suspicious activity on board, and NORAD sent two F-16 jets to shadow the flight until it landed safely, airline and federal officials said.

The three passengers who were taken off the plane in handcuffs were released Sunday night, and no charges were filed against them, airport spokesman Scott Wintner said.

Frontier Flight 623, with 116 passengers on board, landed without incident in Detroit at 3:30 p.m. EDT after the crew reported that two people were spending "an extraordinarily long time" in a bathroom, Frontier spokesman Peter Kowalchuck said.

FBI Detroit spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold said ultimately authorities determined there was no real threat.

"Due to the anniversary of Sept. 11, all precautions were taken, and any slight inconsistency was taken seriously," Berchtold said. "The public would rather us err on the side of caution than not."

Here's the report from a Michigan media outlet, BNO News

Two fighter jets intercepted a Detroit-bound passenger plane on Sunday after two or three passengers were observed behaving suspiciously, officials said. It is believed some sort of sexual activity may have been involved.

"Two passengers were observed behaving suspiciously [..], spending an extraordinarily long time in the lavatory," a spokesperson for the airline said. "Authorities were contacted."

According to witnesses, two men and a woman seated in the same row repeatedly went to the plane's bathroom and spent a long amount of time there. Law enforcement sources told ABC News that the people were "making out" in the bathroom, and that some sort of sexual activity may have been involved.

Because of the suspicious behavior, the pilot of the plane declared an emergency and fighter jets were scrambled to follow the plane until it landed safely in Detroit. Police armed with machine guns boarded the plane after it landed and directed to a pad a distance from the concourse.

"The policeman said everybody remain seated. Everyone remains seated. If you get out of your seats you will be taken care of quickly," Marilyn Dietrick, one of the passengers, told WXYZ-TV. "They had us put our hands up on the seats and heads down."

And here's an abbreviated (by me) account from the woman who says she was yanked off Flight 623: 

Before I knew it, about 10 cops, some in what looked like military fatigues, were running toward the plane carrying the biggest machine guns I have ever seen–bigger than what the guards carry at French train stations.

Someone shouted for us to place our hands on the seats in front of us, heads down. The cops ran down the aisle, stopped at my row and yelled at the three of us to get up. "Can I bring my phone?" I asked, of course. What a cliffhanger for my Twitter followers! No, one of the cops said, grabbing my arm a little harder than I would have liked. He slapped metal cuffs on my wrists and pushed me off the plane. The three of us, two Indian men living in the Detroit metro area, and me, a half-Arab, half-Jewish housewife living in suburban Ohio, were being detained.

The cops brought us to a parked squad car next to the plane, had us spread  our legs and arms. Mine asked me if I was wearing any explosives. "No," I said, holding my tongue to not let out a snarky response. I wasn't sure what I could and could not say, and all that came out was "What's going on?"

No one would answer me. They  put me in the back of the car.

I asked him several times what was going on and he wouldn't answer me. It was like I was invisible. I felt so helpless and shocked. I was being treated like a criminal.

A plainclothes officer stood came to my door and asked me if I spoke English. Something in me snapped at that question. Of course I spoke English I'm an American citizen, you asshole! Well, I left the expletive out. "Ok," he said and stood watch outside my door saying he wanted to make sure I didn't "flush anything." He also wouldn't tell me what was going on.

Eventually a female uniformed officer came in….I was to stand, face the wall in a position so the camera above the toilet couldn't see, and take off my clothes. I complied…

"You understand why we have to do this, right? It's for our own protection," she told me.

According to both Hebshi and the AP (who Hebshi links to at the bottom of her post), all three passengers were released Sunday night with no charges against them. If Hebshi's post is accurate, if she never once used the restroom or interacted with her seat-mates (who it appears were also victims of overreaction, though for the slightly more criminal act of spending too long in the bathroom), Frontier Airlines should probably explain why it lumped her in with the "suspicious" brown people with whom she was sitting. I've got calls into DHS and Frontier's PR department. Will update when I know more. 

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  1. I feel so safe now.

    1. Shoshana Hebshi[‘s]…blog post, which, until I hear otherwise from DHS or Frontier, I’m going to report as an actual account of the day’s events…

      Ha ha ha ha! Jesus Riggs, you get a little less credible every day, and the peanut gallery here gets even more gullible, if that’s possible. Of course her account is “actual,” but is it truthful?

      “I played on my phone, checking Facebook, scrolling through my Twitter feed…I decided the best thing for me to do was to tweet about the experience.”

      Heh. A real intellectual. I totally believe her narcissistic adventure. Because she has a blog and Twitter and Facebook, and feels that the whole world should share in her fascinating life.

      Today I’m blogging about my latest alien abduction, and until you hear otherwise from the aliens, you’re going to believe my report as an actual account of the day’s events.

      1. The aliens don’t have full-time press officers whose job it is to answer supposedly false accusations against them.

        “The trained officers in our flying saucer complied with all applicable regulations in performing their probe…if we didn’t probe the subject, soon *everyone* would be asking us not to probe them, and our research on humans would come to a halt.”

      2. Since the media accounts confirm that she was one of the people taken off the plane, I guess I have to assume you’re just a worthless cunt.

    1. What a cunt.

      (sometimes that word is appropriate and this is one of those times)

      1. Meant to say:

        What a cunt!! Delicious!

    2. I absolutely love how her and her commenters simply state, point-blank, that this was a terrorist dry-run. They don’t say, “I think it might of been a dry-run and here’s why…”, they just start with that as an established fact, and go from there.

      “So when these three went on their terror dry-run, and the pilot noticed blah blah blah…”

      1. CSI wannabes and generally insecure assholes

    3. LOL check out the serial stalker saying he’s going to fly up to see Debbie “just for a nosh.”

      She deserves the freaks; she is one.

    4. The comments section there … what assholes.

      1. I just spent the morning and part of the afternoon trying to talk to them. They’re absolutely insane. It goes beyond asshole.

  2. It is so awesome that I was born white. Not being white must suck so bad. I’m glad I’ll never have to experience just how bad.

    1. Just wait until you’re strip searched to get on an airplane and your fat white ass is getting the rubber glove treatment. You’d probably like it.

      1. I thought the point of my (sarcastic) post was that I won’t ever have to be strip searched because I have a fat white ass. Or are you warning against the coming mandatory strip search for all?

        I’m not saying being nonwhite would suck for any reason other than the discrimination nonwhites are subjected to. It is awesome not to have to go through that.

        1. This is the reason website, sarcasm, or a sense of humor for the matter, is not welcome here.

          1. New around here?

          2. For a magazine reason….

        2. Haven’t been through a TSA checkpoint lately huh? They love sticking it to white people.

        3. There might be a lesson here about how useless stereotypical self-abasement is. But you’ll never learn it. Keep up with the white jokes! The world will heal itself and everyone will forgive you if you do!

    2. Except for sunburn and skin cancer. And that pasty white look. A nice dark tan is the best skin color. Right in the middle so you always fit in.

      1. ..and aging REALLY REALLY badly.

  3. Frontier is the shittiest airline. I fucking hate to fly them. Now I have a better reason.

    End of the debate. We live in fascist society. Thanks to the fearful oligarchy we now strip search housewives for explosives on a tip from a racist idiot. 9/11 paranoia is rampant.

    1. It is no exaggeration to consider any commercial airport in the US to be a fucking police state.

      Cato the Elder is an old man, one who loves what America used to be. It brings tears to his eyes to write this: a fucking police state.

      1. There are no commercial air ports in the US. They’re all government run. You have to go to Europe or Canada if you want commercial airports.

        1. A commercial airport serves commercial aviation. It’s a commonly used expression for “commercial service airport”, as in Code of Federal Regulations Title 14 Part 139, “Certification of Commercial Service Airports”.

          It’s a bit pedantic to criticize the usage of term “commercial airport” to describe a state owned and operated airport that services commercial aviation.

          But, okay: It is no exaggeration to consider any commercial service airport in the US to be a fucking police state.

          1. Don’t sweat it, Hit and Run attracts the nitpickers. It seems to be a common trait amongst libertarians, which is part of why they do so well in social gatherings and politics.

            1. So you’re saying if we weren’t so pedantic, we’d actually leave our moms’ basements once in a while and be able to have actual, humanoid relationships?

            2. Now THAT was a funny comment, Scruffy.
              Thanks for the laugh.

      2. Which part did you love best? Was it when we lynched the Blacks, interned the Japs, or killed the Redskins?

        How about a little perspective?

        1. Those were a good start, but we’re still waiting for our finest moment – “burn the Liberals”.

          1. I would chose the socons. Just sayin ….

        2. Nice little Critical Theory twist there, Dave, but what’s the “we” shit?

          1. Sorry, just being my AssHole self

  4. A complex of fear and vaunting.

    I really miss living in a free country where common sense prevailed.

    One thing is for certain; I won’t be flying Frontier Airlines, ever. If they appoint captains who lose their nerve when passengers have diarrhea, who endanger their passengers by calling for fighters to shadow their aircraft (with a view to shooting them down), imagine what other deficiencies in judgement or training the airline is tolerating.

    1. We don’t know that Frontier is responsible for this. They have to report anything suspicious, and note that it was the FBI douchenozzle who was talking about “erring on the side of caution”. It was probably law enforcement/DHS that arranged for the F-16s and the police-playing-soldier greeting at the gate.

      I mean seriously? Machine guns on a crowded airplane? How do they think that’s going to go if there was actually a situation that called for firearms.

      1. If the jackbooted thugs (drink!) had really thought those people were a threat, they would have cordoned off the aircraft and made everyone deplane with their hands up as in that indicent in 2005-2006.

        The entry teams only attack when they are pretty sure there will be no resistance. Otherwise, they typically lay siege until the target escapes or dies by his or her own hand.

      2. if you try to taze someone and accidentally hit the guy w/ his finger on a trigger, how does that play out on a crowded plane? i imagine the person they were trying to taze would be charged with murder.

      3. The machine guns are pure theater. They are putting on a show for the taxpayers who think they are getting their money’s worth. A machine gun in the confines of a plane is fucking asinine. Running onto a plane with massive guns with the intent to apprehend is also fucking stupid.

        They are fear-mongering and nothing more.

  5. Paranoia Will Destroy ‘Ya!


  6. Meanwhile in a parallel universe blog: “I was on a flight today, on the anniversary of 9/11! I noticed 3 people acting suspiciously, they were going to the bathroom constantly and spending a lot of time in there. I told the flight attendant and several of the other passengers voiced their concerns as well. The flight attendant just looked at us and laughed while she said ‘Relax, I’m sure they’re just having sex in there. It’s not like people hijack or blow up planes, this is 2011’ I can’t believe they wouldn’t do anything! I was so upset! I’m writing a letter to my congressman and the local news. I can’t believe this airline was so irresponsible!”

    1. Fuck you jackboot.

      1. Violence is not the answer.

        1. Seriously pig, fuck you and your ‘what-if’ scenario.

          1. Yeah life is a lot easier when you don’t have the capacity to see other people’s points of view huh? Fuck empathy.

            1. is for chicks and homos.

            2. I’m full of empathy right now, but most of it lies with these poor bastards who got kidnapped by a bunch of men with large guns and stripsearched because of the collective pantshitting of 9/11. Your POV is that of the statist fuck and seriously lacks empathy for people WHO ARE NOT DOING A FUCKING THING WRONG

              1. The article already presented that point of view. What were the other people on the plane thinking? Unless you think every other passenger and the entire flight crew were all racist. That seems reasonable.

                1. How many of them even realized there were two indians and a arab/jew? 5? 10? Doesn’t matter. All it takes is one paranoid asshole to “See something, Say Something” to bring down the entire force of government on innocent bystanders because of their prejudices and the media’s hysteria over the ‘credible threat’ which seems now to be complete bullshit.

                  1. I agree with you. The problem is people overreacting. Not just about terrorism either, but crime in general. I would be rich if I had a dollar every time someone called in a “suspicious” person and when I go talk to them there is absolutely nothing suspicious about them. They are either a teenager, or a minority, or dressed unusually. Now I’m apologizing because some idiot housewife saw someone who looked different from her in her neighborhood. Yes the media and the government, mostly elected politicians part of the government, are to blame for a lot of this hysteria.

                    People need to relax. The black guy walking down the sidewalk is not going to rob you. The middle eastern guy on the plane isn’t going to blow it up. My earlier post was mocking that mentality. These people complain and when the police don’t show up they complain about that too.

                    1. Yeah their sarcameters were off apparently. Thing is that happens in this very universe too im sure.

                    2. my sarcasmometer doesn’t function when i’m in a rage.

                    3. I am incompetent and incontinent. That’s why I avoid airplanes.

                    4. boring troll is boring.

                  2. … it takes is one paranoid asshole to “See something, Say Something” to bring down the entire force of government on innocent bystanders…

                    “Innocent? Innocent of what?”
                    Well, if she is now fine and is publicly telling her side of the story without fear of reprisal, I guess the entire force of government is not very powerful, right N.mangler? If we live in a police state, it is a pretty mellow one, wouldn’t you say, in your friendly and charming way of course.

                  3. I think you’ve discovered something, genius: on the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, people might get a little jumpy! You should write a paper.

            3. Actually, I have perfect empathy for what the people on that flight were thinking, and it makes me hate them.

              And you.

              I see into your soul and I am repulsed by what I find there. And it makes me want you to die.

              1. Well you’ve convinced me of your moral superiority!

  7. Everybody be calm. Wait for the promised updates. It does have that certain aroma, however.

  8. Today I learned to never do business with Frontier Airlines under any circumstances. If I have to be somewhere and they’re the only airline that goes that, I’ll fucking drive.


  9. “The policeman said everybody remain seated. Everyone remains seated. If you get out of your seats you will be taken care of quickly,” Marilyn Dietrick, one of the passengers, told WXYZ-TV. “They had us put our hands up on the seats and heads down.”

    Well, it’s good to see we prevented any terroristic threats from being made.

    I also like how the hamhanded “erring on the side of caution” was taking place aboard a plane on the ground and then off the plane entirely. If they had indeed been terrorists with explosives on their bodies, they could have blown the plane up while it was in the air and there was nothing anyone could do to stop them.

    1. Don’t you SEE! It was a DRY RUN! That’s the only possible explanation! We already know they’re terrorists, for god’s sake man, they’re brown!

  10. How’s that ‘not giving in to fear’ thing workout?

  11. “The public would rather us…” Don’t remember you asking me douchebag

  12. Our goal was to destroy your freedoms. We just never thought that you would do all the heavy lifting yourselves. Success!!

    1. I’m intrigued by your success and would like to learn more about this goal of which you speak.

  13. Flying while brown is the new driving while black.

    1. Commenting while retarded is the new screaming racist in the nudist colony.

  14. I’m torn, because on the one hand I care about civil liberties and stuff, but on the other I hate bathroom hogs and think any ill-fortune that comes to them is more than deserved.

    1. I can totally give you the bathroom hogs.

      The problem is that the whole “Well, they were hiding in the bathroom, so we became suspicious – isn’t that natural?” thing goes out the window as soon as they decide to hassle an unrelated third passenger.

      “Come on, that black guy was acting suspiciously, so we naturally decided to taze the Hispanic chick sitting near him! Everybody knows all those darkies are all in cahoots!” That wouldn’t cut it for me if cops did it in a bar on the ground, so it doesn’t cut it for me if they do it to people on a plane.

      1. Thanks, Flunky, I need the pub.

  15. Reading her story made me simultaneously want to vomit and choke the living shit out of something before bashing it’s head in.
    This is beyond a Balko Nutpunch. I’m fucking furious right now.

    1. Well, next time I fly Frontier, I am going to eat 5 prunes in the morning, drink a large orange juice, and chase it with a Big Mac and strawberry shake I bring on the plane from the McD’s inside the secure area.

        1. Yep… probably going to suck it up and smile like all the other sheep. Seriously – why the fuck is anyone who has a shred of concern for liberty still flying in the US? Thanks for supporting the TSA you cocksuckers.

    2. I hadn’t read this last night and my balls seriously hurt for some reason. Now it all makes sense.

    3. I feel your pain. Hug?

  16. If she looks anything like Gov. Nikki Hottie (S.C.), I’d make out with her too.

  17. The Indian dudes had multiple violations of the Chicken Vindaloo act.

    1. LOL

  18. You, blogger, should try at being a little bit more respectful. How could you hint that this married woman was interacting in sexual activity, without knowing what was going on. ISnt it called libel?

  19. threadjack: because any use of the word “nooksack” in the media is a +

    DEMING, Wash. (AP) – A Whatcom County woman jumped from a car moving at 30 miles per hour to escape her boyfriend, who allegedly beat her and threatened to kill her.

    The Bellingham Herald reports Monday 22-year-old Richard T. Basart was later arrested with a loaded shotgun by sheriff’s deputies.

    The Whatcom County’s sheriff’s office says the woman and Basart were floating down the Nooksack River on Friday when he became irate after she talked to another man. Once in the car, the woman says Basart began punching in her in the face and neck, as well and grabbing her neck and biting her face. She says Basart then told her he was going to shoot her when they got home. Scared, she jumped when the car slowed down to 30 miles per hour.

    The woman suffered extensive but non-life threatening injures from the assault and escape.

    When deputies arrived at his home, he greeted them with a shotgun. He has been booked in jail on assault charges.

    1. Biting her face? What the fuck?

      1. Not as rare as you think. Biting is very common among pathetic losers with anger issues.

        1. He’s right.
          Ouch! Stop it, heller!

          1. Turn off the phone bitch

    2. So what can we do to ensure that these kinds of people are the only ones that terrorists target?

  20. The public would rather us err on the side of caution than not.

    Fuck you for presuming to know what I might want you to do.

    1. When we said ‘err on the side of caution’ that meant blow up the whole fucking plane! What’s wrong with you wusses?

  21. Mixed feelings on this one. I spent six months in the Arab world in 2005 with plenty of stamps in my passport from countries that aren’t known for being too friendly to America. I was pulled out of the queue for the jetway while awaiting my connecting flight from Europe to America to board. On the way down to the interrogation room the guy grilled me about my activities and religious affiliation. Apparently the fact I reeked of booze (courtesy a flight attendant who appreciated me translating for her) from an earlier flight meant nothing. The European security took me down to an exam room and tossed my carry-on and checked bags. Then I got the proverbial white glove treatment from one of their people. After finding only a small folding knife about the size of Swiss army knife in my bag, they let me go back my flight.

    So, yeah, as a single 25 year old male with a beard and tan who speaks Arabic, I’m sure I did fit a profile.

    On the other hand, I was pissed. There were plenty of other people on my flight that should have set off more than a few bells.

    I’m used to extra screening and interviews on international flights due to my past activities. But to pull someone off for sitting in the wrong seat for being the wrong color with the last name is fucked.

    Still, the completely unprofessional attitude of the police and the overreaction of the airline is sickening. I hope she takes them to court and wins.

    1. Sovereign immunity means never having to say you’re sorry.

      1. Say sorry? Probably not. But let’s have a jury decide.

      2. Say sorry? Probably not. But let’s have a jury decide.

        1. Sovereign immunity means it never gets in front of the jury.

  22. It’s a 9/11 miracle!

  23. I don’t think the nastiest satirist in the history of the universe could have made up something darker than this. Ten fucking years after 9/11, we’re behaving exactly how the perpetrators want us to behave. There’s a reason they’re called terrorists and not just mass murderers. They’re main goal is not simply to kill but to debilitate as many people as possible with the fear of death. We gave them everything they wanted. What have we “learned” from 9/11? Not a damn fucking thing.

    1. I know that only a conspiracy theory nut would believe that the terrorists are actually in the employ of the government. I certainly have no proof of any such thing. But sometimes, when I consider the question of cui bono, I’ve just got to wonder.

  24. Once more I receive a lesson on why it is not safe for me to fly. It has to do with the stress our protectors put us under, in a quest to make flight safe.

    So, how is the totalitarianism working out for you?

  25. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  26. 9/11 revealed the sad reality of modern America’s lack of character and morality. Too many citizens have been willing to exchange their most basic human rights for the empty promise of Government supplied security. They have readily allowed their children to be digitally strip searched and fondled by government clerks despite the admission that there are no guarantees that these measures will be successful. It is tragic that the nation so readily forfeited the liberties that so many have given their lives to preserve, in a pathetic display of cowardice.

    The fact that Members of Congress on the Homeland Security Oversight Committee have been victims of TSA and have been unable to affect a change in these procedures is deeply disturbing. To have an agency openly operate in defiance of Congress, Constitutional limits and long established social norms threatens the precepts and foundations of our democracy. It would seem that the notion of a Government of the people may have indeed perished at the hands of a power hungry bureaucracy seeking to dominate and control rather than to protect and to serve.
    There have been 45 TSA screeners arrested since December, an average of over one screener each week. These crimes range from rape and child molesting to assault and theft. Despite all of this harassment, there have been 43 security breaches in the same nine months.

    No wonder TSA complaints are up 40% over last year. Under Pistole’s perverse policies, TSA has become the most despised agency in Government and he has proven incompetent and clearly over-matched. This version of security is unacceptable and those responsible must be held accountable. TSA needs to be abolished and Pistole fired for mismanagement and malfeasance.

    TSA Crimes & Abuses

    1. Preach it, brother!

  27. Once again, you commenters only see the lemons and not the lemonade.

    My boss who always flies first class while I suffer in coach is going to be the first person I rat out for “suspicious activity”.

    After he is hauled off I will begin denouncing other d-bags who irritate me while waiting for my flight.

    Finally I will be getting some value for all the taxes I send to the feds, my own private gang of bullies.

  28. I have decided that this is the mirror universe from Star Trek (the one where Spock has the goatee) and the break in time lines came with 9-11. The other universe (Spock clean shaven) was the one where we treated 9-11 in a rational manner….

    1. No, you’ve got it all wrong. In the other universe 9/11 never happened, the twin towers are still standing, and Spock’s still alive and has an office in one of them. Except it’s actually our side’s version of Spock, because he never existed on the other side, and everyone still thinks he’s a little bit evil.

  29. Over reaction not withstanding, In these days fooling around on an airplane is going to make you the center of attention no matter if your brown, white or purple. Maybe she did nothing to arouse suspicion, but she put no weight to the fact she was flanked by the bad actors and blames her situation totally on the color of her skin. Why weren’t all the brown people on the plan arrested? ‘Cause they were not seated between two guys acting abnormal. I am sure anybody in that seat would have been implicated. I am tired of that card. What we need is to get back to some common sense. People, be conscious of your actions on planes, and government, quit using SWAT for situations that clearly could have been addressed with a one uniformed officer asking them to deplane first so that can questioned (not interrogated).

    1. Did you even read her account? She had the window seat, which means she wasn’t “between” the two brown people–who, by the way, didn’t know each other and did nothing abnormal, unless you consider going to the bathroom abnormal.

      But I agree with you that we need to get back to some common sense. A good first step would be to stop overreacting to stuff like this.

  30. Can we just punch the fuck out of the next asshole to use “brown people” as a descriptor in a post? Thank you.

    1. I used that term to make a point about the absurdity that her race was the only factor as she claims. The color of her skin was not the criteria law enforcement used to implicate her, it was her proximity. If it makes you feel any better just replace brown with non-white. Happy now?

    2. I’ve gotten to that point with the word Latino; and Hispanic is also coming on strongly.

  31. Mike, please do follow up with updates as you learn more.

  32. I believe Kurosawa once made a movie about such a happening.

  33. They hate our freedom!

  34. what were the stupid cops thinking anyway – that they’d blow themselves up *after* the plane landed? WTF?

    1. Who knows. They’re cops. Finding their way to work that morning was an astounding accomplishment for them.

      I suspect that this woman, the two men, and maybe even the person who reported suspicious activity to the crew may have put this whole thing together as an attention-getting political stunt.

      However, the police, as usual, acted like morons. That’s one of the reasons I suspect this was a political stunt – it takes advantage of the utter predictability of our boneheads in blue.

      Other reasons to suspect this is a stunt is the amount of foreshadowing in her Twitter posts. Come on, this is theater and nothing more. I call BULLSHIT.

      But, yes, the cops were morons – as usual.

  35. Can I paraphrase from a keynote speech given in Boston in 2004?

    “If a women is taken off an airplane and strip-searched for no good reason, that troubles me even if she’s not my wife”

    1. Exactly. That pretty much sums up the way I see it.

      It MAY have been reasonable to detain and question (not interrogate) the woman. But a stripsearch based on being in proximity of two guys who went to the bathroom for a long time?

      I’m much more concerned with how easily people will surrender their freedom, just hand it to the authorities on a silver platter, than I am by the extremely small threat from the terrorists.

      Land of the free, home of the brave. Indeed.

  36. I bet the passengers of Flight 93 wished someone would have been a bit more suspicious……..

  37. And as far as profiling and racism—-oh well. If it was a group of white guys that planned and executed the events that occurred on 9/11 then a bunch of suspicious white folk would be pulled off the plane and stripped searched–guess what–they weren’t white. For you asses that are complaining BECAUSE they were cautious..maybe we need to check your motives. It was on 9/11 you idiots….its not paranoia it is safety.

  38. And she was not removed for “no good reason” suspicious behavior it was suspicious behavior I lost 2 friends at the Pentagon you freaks. maybe if this country didnt get so complacent, presumptuous, and lazy, maybe things like 9/11 2001 would not have happened. There were several reports of potential hazards on 9/11 2011 and because every suspicious action (well all known) was investigated 9/11 2011 went off uneventful. We should all be thanking our gods (whomever you choose to pray to) that is was a good day

    1. She was removed for sitting in her seat and following orders by the police. And sitting next to two people who happened to look eastern and used the bathroom. Yep, shoulda just shot her.

      As for the whole 9/11 was done by arabs all arabs are evil, Oklahoma City was done by white people, the bombing at the Atlanta olympics was a white guy as was the bombing of an abortion clinic.

      Let’s lock up all the white assholes too.

      1. They didn’t just “use the bathroom”.

        You know that.

        Your post is a typical Starbucksian white-guilt sophomoric twit text.

    2. I’ve got this rock. It repels tigers. You want to buy it off me?

  39. The good suffer for the bad. So the innocent sometimes suffer for the guilty, thanks to the terrorists from the East, we all have to live with the consequences. My friend, who is not of Arab or Jewish or Islamic or Middle Eastern dissent gets pulled out of line all the time, questioned, bags checked, and even strip searched once. She’s a normal looking medium build country gal, fair-skinned white girl with light brown hair. She looks like plain Jane for heaven’s sake. She’s a Christian gal who rarely wears make-up…just for weddings, I think cause that’s the only time I’ve seen her made up, and ever since the attack on our nation, has had to book flights a few hours earlier than she needed to, just in case they want to single her out again. So Soshana I think you should just calm down, stop pulling the Arab-Jewish or skin color Race card and realize that in the United States of America, where you have been welcomed to live…. and realize that the law of the land is that you are innocent until proven guilty but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be suspected of anything.
    So go drink a cup of tea and put it behind you, because innocent FULL-BLOODED AMERICANS have to do just that without any lip or blogging or complaining of any kind. Did you lose any loved ones in the Terrorists attacks? What the government does to protect us is a necessary inconvenience that we all have to live with if you want to call the United States home.

    1. So life is not fair but that doesn’t mean that we should give up on trying to make it fair. Are you trying to say that Soshana is not an innocent full-blooded American? I thought she was born in the USA. And as for your friend – you could be describing me. I have the same thing happen every time I fly. My husband thinks that what gets me all the extra scrutinity is my natural DDD chest. What I am I supposed to do: have a breast reduction surgery so that I can fly without being subjected to enhanced searches? My ancesters have been in what is now the USA since the late 1500s. I’m an innocent full-blooded American and I’m complaining. Please don’t presume to speak for all Americans

  40. Was it a coincidence or what that there was a ‘brown skin row’? people don’t get it.. the terrorists are getting what they want.. TERROR out of people!!!! GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

  41. 10 years after 9/11 the US government and its incompetent employees have yet to be held accountable for failure to prevent an event of such magnitude from taken place.
    Those agencies and their employees continue to function in their role, with no fear of reprimand or employment termination for failure of connecting the dots that lead to 9/11.

    Those very same well funded agencies and their dead beat employees continue to implement rules and policies, to cover-up their own lack of common sense while continue to victimized innocent citizens like Ms. Soshana with random detainment and harassment at airports and in-flight.

  42. This lady needs to shut her yap and be grateful that the system is at work to protect, especially on an anniversary. Racial profiling, what an idiot.

  43. Now that all the hub-hub has revealed that this was all an extreme reaction to innocent activity on the part of the 3 “suspicious” passengers, everyone involved needs to take responsibility for their actions. This means not only the authorities who responded should apologize (which has been reported that they did) but the passenger(s) who reported the “suspicious” activity should also apologize and admit that a mistake was made and they instigated the mistake. People should own up to their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. That is a big problem in today’s society – people treat each other with suspicion instead of decency.

  44. Jeez, am I the only one who read both the original AP article and the blog post for accuracy? The original AP article says there was a woman named Ilona Hadjar, who was traveling with a 2 1/2 yr old daughter. The blog poster calls herself “Shoshanah Hebshi” and never mentions a child with her. Given the lovingly lavish details of her supposed account, I’m hard-pressed to see how she’d forget to mention this fact. I dunno. I’m confused. And having flashbacks to “A Gay Girl in Damascus” – you know, the straight white american dude who wrote this whole elaborate fantasy about being a lesbian woman in Syria, and got people so riled up that “she” supposedly was arrested by authorities, and there were extensive international efforts made to get her freed. The “her” who was entirely fictional.

  45. I suspect this whole thing was intentionally provoked by the three people involved.

    That said, the police seem to have overreacted, yes.

    But, this just seems a little too convenient – it reminds me of the US Air Imams stunt from a few years ago.

  46. The police really screwed this up.

    They only had limited authority to detain her, per Terry.

    They could have quickly questioned her (30 minutes), then let her go.

    Instead they placed her in handcuffs, moved her to a jail cell, and strip-searched her.

    None of the above are allowed during a Terry stop.

    ONLY after formally placing someone under arrest.

    Notice in her blog how much the FBI agents tried to distance themselves from the actions of the police.

    The police will find themselves personally liable for their illegal arrest.

    They better hope their employer is willing to write a big enough check to get themselves detached from the upcoming lawsuit.

  47. Yea, yea, whatever. Its because of how I look, o yeah and that other than looking like many other dark complected people in America, I actually happen to be a whiner. The real question is: Would they have treated her differently if she was not sitting between two strange acting men, whom she apparently, as a freelance reporter-editor-mother of twins, didn’t even notice, and during a period of heightened security. Come on, give me a freakin break. How can you be half Jewish, Jews aren’t a race, Judaism is a religion. Heck I’m half catholic and half agnostic. Besides airport security is a joke. Taking your shoes off is like a prophylactic. There are a lot of other places to hide things, that’s why they do body cavity searches. Wonder how violated she would have felt then. Wonder if the security team members were gentiles. I wouldn’t give her a job as a reporter-editor, or mother for that matter, that’s for sure. And what was she doing on her phone sending a play by play. Last time I flew I wanted to kill the jackass in the seat next to me for constantly being on his phone after everyone had been told to secure all electronics devices. If It wouldn’t have grounded the flight, I would have.

  48. It is outrageous that an innocent citizen is wrongfully handcuffed, strip searched and detained six hours merely for flying on an airline. The FBI quickly determined that she posed no threat and released her, so why wasn’t this investigation conducted before they strip searched and jailed her?

    This sort of malicious Government conduct is reprehensible and must be prosecuted. TSA and DHS are a national disgrace. The degenerates responsible for this disgusting violation of her rights should face criminal charges and be held liable for her damages. She needs to sue TSA, DHS and Frontier Airlines for being abused on baseless accusations by incompetent officials.

    Every organization in Government and the private sector is responsible for the conduct of their employees, except TSA. Our military and law enforcement personnel are held to strict codes of conduct but there is no equivalent accountability for TSA. While security is vital, it is not without limits. Air travel security is not a “safety at any price” proposition. If that is the case then simply shut down the airlines.

    9/11 revealed the sad reality of modern America’s lack of character and morality. Too many citizens have been willing to exchange their most basic human rights for an empty promise security. It is a tragic that the nation so readily forfeited liberties that so many have given their lives to preserve in a pathetic display of cowardice.

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