Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch Talking Jobs Jobs Jobs


Reason's Nick Gillespie, co-author of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America, appeared on Fox Business' Freedom Watch to discuss Obama's upcoming speech about unemployment and what the federal government should be doing, or not doing, to promote job growth.

Air Date: September 1, 2011.

Approximately 4.30 minutes. 

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Read Gillespie's new column on government jobs programs now:

Obama's Jobs Program: If the Choice is Between "Go Big or Go Home," Start Packing Now. 


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  1. Am I the only one who never takes the time to watch the videos they post here?

  2. Unless there is some tiny hint of prurient content, of course.

  3. Will Reasoners ever appear on a non-Fox show again?

    I have no idea how these show appearances are arranged, but I wonder if there has been a steady decrease in interest from non-Fox shows as Obama’s poll numbers drop, libertarian-hate grows on left-leaning sites, and the election nears.

    Nick and Matt have proven to be excellent additions to shows they’ve been on (not to mention Sullum’s epic O’Reilly performance and Tim’s ability to remember to wear clothes). Granted, I may think this because I like their message, but I’d like to think message-haters would at least find them more engaging and entertaining than the average conservative they bring on.

  4. Another month, another jobs report where government layoffs swamp the gain in private sector employment.

    Government payroll shrinks, shrinks, shrinks, and Obama gets the blame for the pain, while his enemies keep claiming the problem is government growth.

    If sanity is defined as the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality, we are no longer sane as a people.

    Gillespie is full of “strawberry ice cream,” as usual. The 99ers have already run out of benefits. The employers offering jobs have already made up their minds that they won’t hire off of the unemployment payrolls- they have the overweening bargaining power to exclude the already-unemployed as a group, and they are doing exactly that.

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