Civil Liberties

Torture Update


Two aviation companies that were involved in the U.S. government's "extraordinary rendition" program are squabbling in court over $874,000. Result? Juicy court filings. The Associated Press takes a look:

The private business jets shuttled among as many as 10 landings over a single mission, costing the government as much as $300,000 per flight.

Jets were dispatched to Islamabad; Rome; Djibouti; Frankfurt, Germany; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Shannon, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; Tenerife, Spain; Sharm el Sheik, Egypt; and even Tripoli.

Some flights landed at airports near where CIA black sites operated — Kabul, Bangkok and Bucharest. Others touched down at foreign outposts where obliging security services reportedly took in U.S. terror detainees for their own severe brand of persuasion — Cairo; Damascus, Syria; Amman, Jordan; and Rabat, Morocco.

Whole thing here.

In related news, there are five legal cases working their way up toward the Supreme Court that allege the United States government has tortured American citizens.

Both links via the Twitter feed of Human Rights Watch's Laura Pitter.