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Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law Stoned to Death


Michigan's law enforcement authorities have been determined to undo the will of voters who overwhelmingly approved a 2008 ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana. They've looked for every which way to stop patients from accessing marijuana. For example, the law allows patients to possess 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana. However, they've been arresting patients for possessing raw marijuana over that amount, even though it loses 80 percent of its weight once it is processed and dried. And today they took a giant stride forward in achieving their end as numerous medical marijuana dispensaries around the state shut their doors following an appellate court ruling Tuesday.

The court ruled that although the initiative protected the right of registered patients to use "marihuana" (the way the law chose to spell the word), it didn't explicitly authorize the dispensaries. This presumably leaves patients the option of growing and processing their own "marihuana." But won't they need to buy seeds to do so from—err—dispensaries or some commercial source?

There is no doubt that the Michigan law was poorly written (partly to steer clear of the federal ban on marijuana), and has become something of a hornet's nest for patients and communities. Patients are planning to appeal the ruling to the Michigan Supreme Court. And there are plans afoot to clean up the law in the fall legislative session.

However, where there is a will there is a way. Many communities and authorities—including the state's Republican Attorney General Bill Scheutte—are so implacably opposed to allowing dispensaries in their midst that they will leave no stoner unturned for loopholes to exploit. Scheutte, for example, has gone after registered patients who engage in the collective growing or sharing of marijuana plants on cooperative marijuana farms. Why? Because the law, he believes, requires each patient's plants to be grown and maintained in a "separate" enclosed, locked facility that is only accessible to the registered patient or the patient's registered primary caregiver.

This is just, plain hazing—and he didn't even have to toke up to do it.

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  1. Seriously, armed insurrection is our only hope.

    1. You gonna be the new Wovoka?

      No, you’re not that smart. At least he was aiming for a Non-State sociopolitical typology.

      All you want to do is form another agricultural City-Statist society.

      1. Seriously dude you need a hit……

        1. Leave him alone! He’s still in the rapture of the vision.

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      3. Bye, bye, ya hyper-domesticated poodle.

    2. There is no doubt that the Michigan law was poorly written

      Yup. End of story. Go home.

  2. If Michigan had passed an initiative legalizing marijuana they wouldn’t have this problem.

    1. Sure, and if money fell from the sky they’d be rich. You write as if this alternative was attainable.

      1. You’re right. It IS unattainable so long as chuckleheads keep voting for brain-dead hacks….

  3. Michigan’s law enforcement authorities have been determined to undo the will of voters who overwhelmingly approved a 2008 ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana.

    Sounds to me like there are cops who need to be another line of work.

    1. Yes. And I suddenly have the overpowering urge for a BLT.

      1. I suggest you act upon that urge.

  4. I really honestly just do not understand why people are so fucking obsessed with MJ. It is just irrataional beyond imagining. What a testimony to the amazing power of propaganda and cultural brainwashing.

    1. In my cynical moments, I suspect that it’s because pot is so relatively benign. The intrusively moralistic, of whatever stripe, want those who enjoy themselves to pay for it dearly. Since pot, unlike alcohol, has no built in mechanism for that, they have to invent one legally.

    2. why people are so fucking obsessed with MJ

      If you look closely, the same people are obsessed with a lot more than that.

      Coercion is profitable.

  5. Michigan’s law enforcement authorities have been determined to undo the will of voters


    The Serve-and-Protect community have never sought to enhance their power or extend the reach of their authority by manipulating the legislative process! They merely enforce laws passed in a vacuum.

    1. I have been reliably informed by a resident frequent commenter who is also a police officer that this is entirely the fault of the legislature. It is NOT the enforcement arm of the state trying to undo the will of the voters, it is the fault of the voters who did not forsee all the bullshit ways the wording of their law could be twisted. Cops are innocent victims who are compelled to follow orders by computer chips implanted during the academy which detonate if they ever exercise independent judgment in cases such as this.

      1. Well put, Jim. I can see a lot of cops across the country furiously cutting-and-pasting this defense for future use.

      2. No shit, where is Clavin? Already at the bar?

        1. Wouldn’t doubt it. They lead a hard life, you know.

      3. who are compelled to follow orders

        Unless, you know, it’s another cop or something.

    2. legislatures! following orders! doing our dooty! policies are followed! stop resisting, stop resisting! shot the pupp……err dog! shoot the dog!

      1. Spoofing is so immature.

        1. Furthermore, spoofers should be subject to mandatory dog-raping sessions outsourced to a 3rd-world country.

          Also, I love 90s adult contemporary. Metal music is for stupid douchebags.

        2. -10

  6. Well, guess I’m firing up the vaporizer tonight…strictly in a show of solidarity for my brethern in Michigan, of course.

  7. Slightly OT: anybody going to Hemp Con this weekend? I don’t smoke pot, but I’m going to protest the CA piggies helping the Feds raid Med MJ dispensaries. The more the merrier. Especially if it’s not a bunch of patchouli-smelling burnouts.

    1. Bring a camera and post pictures. Hopefully there’ll be tits.

      1. well it is going to being hotter than hell this weekend, so tits are a definite possibility.

      2. A tit inches away from a hairy armpit loses its allure.

      3. The adult film convention is going on in the hall next door. Seriously.

  8. As usual, idiocy prevails. As though there are not enough real problems, they have to create them to throw away money and resources on. Land of the free, home of the brave.

  9. The court ruled that although the initiative protected the right of registered patients to use “marihuana” (the way the law chose to spell the word)

    Federal law actually spells it that way too in a number of places. For example, 18 U.S.C. 802:

    (16) The term “marihuana” means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of such plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds or resin. Such term does not include the mature stalks of such plant, fiber produced from such stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil, or cake, or the sterilized seed of such plant which is incapable of germination.

    1. Oh, you youngsters. Back in the 1960s, “marihuana” was the official spelling used by the Federal Government.

  10. I confirm, as a (pretty much) lifelong resident, that Michigan sucks.

    But you knew this.

    That is all.

    1. Same here. A lot of great, caring people lost a good paying job this week in grand ole Michigan.

    2. It’s not as bad as Illinois.

    3. It’s not as bad as Illinois.

  11. I went to high school with one of the employees from Compassionate Apothecary, he and 11 others are now unemployed, thanks to the government saying that the will of the People, expressed through the ballot box, isn’t good enough to over turn drug laws.

    Apparently the People aren’t intelligent enough to choose for themselves.

  12. But won’t they need to buy seeds to do so from?err?dispensaries or some commercial source?

    OMG… No. The Northern Lights strain was originally grown (developed) in Michigan’s UP (Escanaba). There are enough chronic plants in Michigan generating clones that no one should ever have to buy seeds.

    I say this from experience.

    1. Ok, but a tray of clones is like 90,000lbs* of weed, which is illegal to transfer/sell. So, what now, smartguy?

      *cop measuring devices used

  13. Should be interesting to see how that all turns out. Wow.


    1. Yeah you said it Tuck! Wow!

      1. Hey, the Turing test ain’t easy!

  14. Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Law Stoned to Death

    … “FTFY” Hobbit

  15. There is an upside to all these efforts to “thwart the will of the people” regarding medical MJ. It will make the full legalization push more effective.

    As a CA resident, I was apalled by the P19 bickering. The medical MJ types and the Emerald triangle growers were adamantly opposed to P19 because, “dude, it’s already legal, just get a card… a $100 fine is no big deal… legalization will destroy our wake-up-at-noon, hippy lifestyle”.

    I say fuck the medical MJ types, just legalize it.

    1. IT was a quite interesting variant of the ol’ Baptists and bootleggers.

  16. Republicans never fail to make me do the old eyeroll. How can these nitwits claim to be pro-freedom, pro-individual rights and then do their damndest to keep those things at bay? Azzhats….

    1. The core of the Republican Establishment are the intellectual heirs of the original Federalist Party. The very party that would betray the principles of the Declaration of Independence because the thought of a free people terrified them.

      The Republicans would rather be a minor opposition party feasting off the scraps dropped by the Democrats than to see a free country with no spoils being awarded by the government at all…

  17. Well seeing how America is closer to Iran at this point then a free democracy, “stoned to death” is a perfect description of the situation.

  18. The movement will not have rights, until they organize nationally, and demand those rights. Big pharma is just fingering the lady liberty too hard for her to care about the rights of the people.

  19. Thanks for linking to our blog! This is an important story for Michigan residents and medical marijuana patients and caregivers.

  20. OBSURD!!!! I voted for Obama and I don’t like the way he is running things.(True story) can any lawmakers who agree with me not likeing the way he is doing his job just up and start putting different, NEW, positions in congress, senate, or the White House OR VOTE ON IT AGAIN IN 2012? HMMMMMMMMM….???

  21. PS: If they had taxed mariJUANA (at least us smokers can spell) from the start like I belive this is all about, this problem wouldn’t even exist! It’s all about the $$$ and I REALLY wouldn’t mind the extra 6 cents on the dollar!!!

  22. Oh, I didn’t mention I am from Flint. We have no problems that I can think of that are more troubling in our “wonderful” city then marijuana!!! See, even high I can be sarcastic.(With no delayed reaction time!!) LMFAO!!

  23. It is clear the few in the state of Michigan with power, do not care 63% of Michigan voters want to choose between prescription pills and Marijuana. What is next? Arrest old women for driving to the grocery store on darvocet (which kills), kick in grandpas door, because he’s on morphine (which kills) and owns a gun?? This is simply a few power hungry so called leaders, that cant except change, Michigan passed this law THREE YEARS AGO, and patients still wait up to SIX months for their cards, over 300,000 patients pay $100, to the doctor $100 to the state $10 to the USPS Ect. Ect (look up the truth over 190,000 app. Since 2009 alone, they are missing 1 whole year of information! How can a bill that passes by SIXTY THREE PERCENT, get understaffed to operate properly? It amazes me the press is not running stories about lawmakers that seem to be fighting against the law the people of Michigan OVERWEHLMINGLY voted for! The people of Michigan have spoken, and little action has come from it, what does this say for our lawmakers, judges and police? The people of Michigan want answers, I for one am getting very frustrated with the restriction of information from media and the process of getting this law in effect without raiding every new legal store. I here its federally illegal over and over, that’s what states laws are ALL about, plus the so called federal law states marijuana is a schedule 1 narcotic, AS BAD AS HERION, yeah well how come more people have DIED from Tylenol??????????? McDonalds is more a killer these days is their going to be raids on these places, Bars sell alcohol, which is a huge killer, I demand someone show me one case were any person has died from Marijuana. I demand the proof were this dried dead plant is satins weed, crazy weed, anything, HOW STUPID. Guns, and weed, and alcohol do not kill people folks, people kill people, that is the truth. I Just cannot believe this is what is happening, I feel TOTALLY BETRAYED by my own state and country, what a sad time for this state and country, freedom is a mere dream anymore, I feel like Anne Frank in Germany writing my doom, I do say this I will continue to use this miracle drug, I would rather die before I return to vicodin morphine, for me it does not matter I will live free until they pull me from my home, I will have a puff as they walk to the door, and smile as they haul me to the gas, how sad indeed!

  24. Great article, excellent info about the issue. There are both good and bad sides of using marijuana for medical purposes. Since the debate goes on, there are rising numbers of registered patients who are registered and licenced are taking advantage of medical marijuana. You can find helpful stats and information demonstrating the pros and cons of using medical marihuana for various diseases and pain relief.

  25. sooo, i have my mmmp card. I know it is illegal to DRIVE and smoke.. But is it illegal to RIDE and smoke. kinda like a DD thing lOl

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