Former Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on ObamaCare's Mandate: Sure It's Unconstitutional, But Is That Really Such a Big Deal?


Chill pill, dude.

Former GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist thinks ObamaCare's individual mandate is unconstitutional. But, well, whaddayagonnadoaboutit? Via the Argus Leader:

Frist agrees that the mandate violates the Constitution. But unlike others on both sides of the debate, he thinks parts of the law will inject enough money into health care to make the end result workable even without the mandate.

He said the law benefits from growing public support and that its long phase-in period will allow Congress, passing through several election cycles, to amend it without killing it.

What growing support would that be? According to Pollster.com, the law's favorability numbers have been trending downward for a while:

Look at it grow! Er…

Of course, Frist is biased. In part because he likes the law, more or less:

He called the reform law 70 percent good and 30 percent bad. He had been out of Congress for three years when the law came up for a vote last year, but he urged Republicans to support it.

Also, it maybe, possibly helps that he works for a firm that makes money lobbying for laws like ObamaCare. As Timothy Carney reported last year:

Frist is a partner in a private investment firm that bets on health care companies—and on regulation. The firm's Web site reads: "With deep expertise in the healthcare reimbursement and regulatory environments, the Cressey & Company team has invested in almost every for-profit niche of healthcare."

"Almost every for-profit niche of healthcare." Even the unconstitutional ones? 

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  1. Especially the unconstitutional ones.

    1. Not sure if it was intentional, but I read that in Sideshow Bob voice.

  2. He supports the government paying for goods and services provided by companies into which his firm is heavily invested, even if it is a flagrant violation of the constitution?

    I’m shocked!
    Shocked I tell you!

    1. Copy cat!

  3. He’s from the government, and he’s here to help.

  4. Thank God this asshole actually lived by his pledge not to run for re-election. I hope he understands he will have to run as a Democrat now if he ever plans to be elected dog catcher.

    1. Anybody who accords Frist any credibility on any matter pertaining to health care is either intellectually challenged or a fellow rent seeking piece of shit.

      1. Frist as majority leader was one of the primary assholes who took the existence of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as the perfect cover to steal and run up domestic spending. Congress’ attitude in the 00s was “sure Mr. President we will fund whatever you want for defense and such but we are going to tack on as much pork and theft as we see fit as the price of our loyalty”.

        1. Wasn’t Frist also the asshole who ventured an opinion on the Schiavo (sp?) case “as a doctor” just from seeing that video of her?

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, Republican leadership!

    1. It is the crazies like Bachamann who are ruining the party. The establishment types just think unconstitutional laws are a great idea.

    2. Hey RC you can’t say that about republicans because we, as we are so often reminded, at reason.com we are in fucking lockstep with the conservative republicans on all matters………wait

      Oops sorry.

      Carry on!

  6. B-b-but TEAM RED is better on economics than TEAM BLUE! At least they don’t want to TAX me!

    1. I’m incapable of reading the archives, so I just invent strawmen!

  7. Favor and opposition appear to be declining. It may take longer than other government dicks in our asses, but eventually we’ll assume it’s always been there.

  8. “He said the law benefits from growing public support ”

    Where in the hell is he getting that idea from?

    1. Its all the chatter at the DC cocktail parties, I’m sure.

    2. He thinks we still care what he thinks.

      An untenable position if ever I heard one.

  9. He’s predicting the future. He believes the law will begin to gain support as more and more Americans fall prey to the dependency racketeers.

  10. Frist, go suck your pal Harry Reid’s necrotic cock, you statist puke excuse for a human being.

    And go fuck yourself while you’re at it. Then get run over by a truck and taste your own blood.

    Now I feel better.


    1. Hah! I knew the AGRICULTURAL CITY STATE unhinged you….you should consider moving out of Fresno.

  11. Frist agrees that the mandate violates the Constitution. But unlike others on both sides of the debate, he thinks parts of the law will inject enough money into health care to make the end result workable even without the mandate.

    Team Red douche who makes money betting on companies wipes ass with Constitution. In other news, the sun rose again today, continuing its several million year long record of celestial dependability and excellence.

  12. I presume ObamaCare means money in Frist’s pocket. Follow the bucks and so go the politics.

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