Militarization of Police

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  1. Guess we’ll be finding out in the next couple of hours how the markets feel about the downgrade…

    1. my (worthless) prediction:

      Markets will drop today… and perhaps less tomorrow. But they will eventually rise as investors take advantage of the ‘deals’. QE3 kicks in, pouring more free money into the system. Free cupcakes for everyone!

      or I could be 100% wrong on this. ARMAGEDDON!

      1. The markets will fluctuate.

        1. exactly.

          1. I know. That’s because I’m Always Right.

            1. I will not disagree until proven otherwise.

    2. Markets dropping are nothing more than a racist attack on Maobama.

      Good morning reason!

      1. Good morning Suki!

          1. Shut up Suki, you’re dead.

            1. Mourn goodies, Suki. 🙁

    3. Futures are already down over 200 points, so I’m going to guess we’ll see more losses today.

        1. don’t guess


  2. http://www.brownsvilleherald.c…..-home.html

    TX: Shotgun-toting teen defends mom, home from burglars

    A 16-year-old boy used a shotgun to defend his mother from three would-be burglars in Monte Alto early Saturday morning, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

    About 1:45 a.m., with the shotgun in hand, the boy confronted the three strangers who approached and told them to leave. Instead, they shot at him, and he fired back, hitting one in the leg.


    NM: Albuquerque gun store owner challenging ATF rule

    An Albuquerque gun store has sued over a federal requirement that weapons dealers in four border states must report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles.

    Ron Peterson Firearms was among more than 8,000 gun dealers in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California that were ordered last month to report multiple sales of such weapons to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    Peterson filed a lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque, asking a judge to prevent the order from taking effect Aug. 14. It is the third such lawsuit filed this week, all contending that ATF lacks authority from Congress to require the reporting.

    1. with the shotgun in hand, the boy confronted the three strangers who approached and told them to leave. Instead, they shot at him, and he fired back, hitting one in the leg.

      This kid’s made of good stuff but “leg”??

      1. That a 16 year old, under fire, scores a hit with one shot is pretty impressive. I haven’t seen any cops that could do as well. A cop would have emptied the shotgun and shot the neighbor’s dog.

        1. And the dog three houses down

          1. HA HA HA HA HA!1!

        2. Case in point:…..74718.html

          A shotgun and pistol were fired about 1:30 p.m. Thursday as officers descended on the house in the 7200 block of Weyburn that was believed to be a location where drugs were sold.
          Authorities were confronted by an unrestrained pit bull as they tried to enter a chain-link fence surrounding the yard, Houston Police Department spokesman Kese Smith said. A man inside the fence and another in the open garage did not comply with commands to get on the ground. Neither man gave verbal directions to the dog.
          “It happened very quickly. The officers announced themselves, opened the gate and the dog immediately charged ,” Smith said. That’s when officer J.C. Oliver first fired at the animal.
          “In fear of his life and that of his partner, he discharged his HPD shotgun several times, striking the dog,” Smith said.
          When the animal continued to advance, Oliver fired his duty pistol and killed it.

          “At that point in time, they noticed that one of the suspects who’d been in the garage had been slightly wounded or grazed from a ricochet of one of the shotgun pellets,” Smith said. “They immediately gave him first aid and he was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”
          Both men got on the ground after the dog was shot. During the course of the incident, officers discharged a flash-bang ? a distraction device used when executing high-risk warrants.

          I’m sure given the flash bang use, that the occupants were given plenty of time to comply with instructions and grab their dog. One tough dog too, to take a full magazine of buckshot at close range, and still need finishing off with a service pistol. Though the article mentions that both occupants were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, I don’t remember any press release later that mentioned what drugs were found. Draw your own conclusions.

          At least the raid was in the day time. I guess that’s progress.

          I too, think the kid in Brownsville did all right. Hope I never have to do anything similar.

          1. Nothing. Else. Happened.

        3. troll-o-meter: .03

          (for cop obsession)

  3. S&P Seen Surrendering to Tea Party Costing U.S. Taxpayer
    August 08, 2011, 5:49 AM EDT
    U.S. Loses AAA Rating at S&P on Concern Debt Cuts Deficient
    Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) — Standard & Poor’s, the rating company that downgraded the debt of the United States to AA+ from AAA for the first time, now finds itself assailed by investors led by billionaire Warren Buffett for making a political decision that has more to do with Tea Party politics than the financial stability of the U.S.

    S&P officials, shrugging off a $2 trillion calculation error, blamed “uncertainty” in the policymaking process on Aug. 5 when they cut the assessment of the U.S. government’s ability to pay its debt, citing Congress’s failure to agree on as much long-term deficit reduction as the credit-rating company wanted. Buffett, the world’s most successful investor, said S&P erred and the U.S. should be rated “quadruple-A.”

    The New York-based subsidiary of McGraw Hill Cos., whose inflated grades of mortgage-backed investments — paid for by the banks that created the toxic debt — were blamed by Congressional investigators for fueling the financial crisis.…..payer.html

    1. Go fuck yourselves Bloomberg all the rest of you left-wing scumbags out there. The ratings agencies have been warning that this day was coming for the better part of two to three years now. You’re not kidding anybody.

      1. the other 2 agencies did NOT lower their ratings.

        1. Who gives a crap. They don’t act in concert genius, they’re three separate companies.

          1. If they had all downgraded, hysterics troll would be screaming about collusion.

          2. u wrote “the rating agencies” which is plural. only the S&P downgraded.

            1. S&P is the second one now, Egan-Jones downgraded us a few weeks ago.

              And do you do still honestly believe that there is no chance that Moody’s or Fitch will ever downgrade us? If not, then just shut the hell up.

              1. No, not STFU. I’d like to see him state unequivocally that no other ratings agency will ever downgrade U.S. debt again. I’m even willing to let him hedge that by limiting the time frame to, say, within 5 years. But once he puts it down in writing, and is subsequently proven wrong, then he can either admit defeat like an adult or he can STFU.

              2. And Moody’s has had a negative outlook on US debt for a while, even if it is yet to officially downgrade it.

              3. in other words, u were wrong.

                1. No, the others have also been issuing warnings, they just haven’t acted on them yet. Yet again, your tard ass is wrong.

            2. ratings agencies have been warning that this day was coming

              Which is exactly right:

              Of course there are lots more where that came from.

        2. Do these agencies work together? If so, why not just one credit rating agency?

          1. It’s not Highlander.

            Why would you want only one?

          2. because rating agencies are part of a marketplace.

            they produce a PRODUCT

            and compete with each other

            1. Aren’t they all licensed by governments?

          3. er, this was a sarcastic response to OOO

            1. my bad then.

        3. I’ll just put this here

    2. Hey, do you want me to take care of that Tea Party problem for you? I’ve got just the right group of fellas.

      1. Let me be clear, I might take you up on that offer in the not too distant future.

      2. Top Men! Top Men!

    3. The credit quality of a sovereign debtor is determined in large part by political factors, and not just economic factors.

      An analysis that did not take into account the political will of a particular sovereign debtor to make future interest payments would be so flawed as to be essentially fraudulent.

      The people complaining that S&P performed a “political” analysis have no idea that S&P is actually supposed to be analyzing.

      1. Pols and pundits spouting off about that which they know nothing? Nah, never happens.

      2. “The credit quality of a sovereign debtor is determined in large part by political factors, and not just economic factors.”

        Good point. After all Zimbabwe would probably have the ABILITY to have a stable currency and good credit rating. Zimbabwe has lots of natural resources. But the political situation in that country is somewhat worse than even in the United States.

      3. The unspoken part of the downgrade, I think, is the inevitability of a “partial” default through inflation/currency devaluation.

        Sure, we’ll always pay on our bonds, but we’ll pay you with money that is worth a hell of a lot less than what you loaned us.

        1. That’s not a default of any kind. There is risk involved when you buy bonds.

          1. Printing press risk, printing press default. Tomayto, tomahto.

        2. If you own US Bonds, you should have your money taken from you anyway. The last bond I had was a 100$ series E that was given to me when I was born (for being so awesome) and I cashed that bitch out in college…for 250$…yeah great inestment there.
          .29 on a 2 year ? FUCK THAT!

          1. I hear you; I’m just saying it’s not a default or a ‘partial default.’

    4. What’s preposterous about this “$2T calculation error” is that the CBO projections in question are based on incredibly optimistic predictions of economic growth and Congressional frugality for the next decade. So it’s probably not an error at all in reality.

    5. Buffett, the world’s most successful investor, said S&P erred and the U.S. should be rated “quadruple-A.”

      Then he began waxing about the days when he wore an onion on his belt because that was the style at the time.


    NY: Man who survived police shooting sues NYPD

    “NEW YORK ? A man who was shot many times by New York City police officers last year during a fight over a gun at a Harlem block party has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the police department.

    Angel Alvarez, who was hit by at least 15 bullets and spent six months in jail as a grand jury investigated the mayhem, was cleared of all criminal charges. The grand jury also declined to indict the officers involved in the August 2010 shooting that left one person dead and six wounded.”

    I wonder how this’ll play out!

    1. I want to hire Angel Alvarez to just walk in front of me everywhere.

    2. My guess: nothing else will happen.

    3. What about his dog?

  5. Gold vaults over $1,700.

    Hey, how come you won’t post here any more these days Shrieking Idiot? I know you’re out there reading all these threads.

    1. Delusional, paranoid, or both?


    WA: Witness To Skyway Shooting Captures Suspect At Scene

    “A witness to a shooting in Skyway captured a suspect, handcuffed him and made him sit on the ground until deputies arrived on Saturday night, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.

    The King County Sheriff’s Office said there was an argument between two men over a drug deal. Both were carrying guns.

    Urquhart said it was witnessed by a man who was there to use the ATM. He, too, had a gun — and a pair of handcuffs.

    “When we got here, the shooter was searched, in handcuffs and sitting down on the curb,” Urquhart said.”



    TX: Dayton Police Department seeks NRA Foundation grant for new equipment

    With financial support from a nonprofit guardian of the Second Amendment, the Dayton Police Department will bolster its law enforcement toolbox.

    The department is preparing a grant application to the NRA Foundation, a nonprofit arm of the National Rifle Association. Regional grant monies that could support the department and other entities in the foundation’s South Texas region stem from fundraising banquets that the also nonprofit South Texas Friends of the NRA organizes, one of which will be held Aug. 16 in Beaumont.

    1. Dayton is a small (5709 people, per the wiki), extremely rural burg about 45 minutes NE of Houston. I can’t imagine the P.D. having more than about 15 officers, given the town’s size, and that their mission seems to be writing tickets along U.S. 90. Given that size, their wish list in the article:

      If awarded, a $25,000 grant would help the Dayton Police Department protect and serve the community by fulfilling its equipment wish list.
      “We’re looking at getting 700 to 800 radios, some Tasers and some evidence equipment,” Dayton Police Chief Pete Douzat said.

      is a little baffling. Maybe 700 to 800 refers to a model number upgrade? Frankly, I’m surprised that most of the LE activities needed in the areas aren’t performed by the Liberty Cty. Sheriff’s Dept. instead. Hey, it’s the NRA’s money; I suppose they can do what they want with it.

      1. it refers to mhz.

        most agencies around here use 800 mhz


    Ashes to bullets: a different way to spend eternity

    “Some people have their bodies cremated when they die. Others are cryogenically frozen.

    And there are still those who want their bodies to be buried the old-fashioned way. However, Jeanne Moos reports there is now a new option.

    If you’re hunting for a unique final send off, now you can turn your ashes into bullets. It’s a new service offered by a company called “holy smoke.”

    “Are you gonna spend eternity sitting on a mantle?” Not when you can spend it in a bullet. Two Alabama game rangers dreamed up the idea.”

    Holy shit — I want in!

    1. “Go out with a bang!”

    2. This is what Hunter S. Thompson wanted, but they pussed out and shot him up in fireworks instead.

      1. I think there’s a company that’s been doing this with shotgun shells for a while now.

        1. Holy Smoke

          I note that it’s in Alabama.

          1. “You know I’ve thought about this for some time and I want to be cremated. Then I want my ashes put into some turkey load shotgun shells and have someone that knows how to turkey hunt use the shotgun shells with my ashes to shoot a turkey. That way I will rest in peace knowing that the last thing that one turkey will see is me, screaming at him at about 900 feet per second.”

            pure gold right there

  8. University of Cincinatti Police

    Isn’t it Cincinnati?

    1. Racist!

      I figure that’s a safe retort anytime Cincinnati is being discussed.

      1. Cincinnati is Ohio’s Cleveland.

        1. Most Ohioans I know claim Cincinnati is in KY.

          Other than the Reds, we dont want it. We already have the airport and the hofbrauhaus.

          1. We sure as hell don’t want it.

          2. Everything south of Columbus is Kentucky.

          3. Wait, whut? There’s a HBH nearby?!??!?

            1. Newport, KY.

              Unlike, for example, the Las Vegas one, the Newport one brews their own beer. It was also the first one in the US.

              1. epic drunk, staggering sloppy
                night air lost hotel room
                fuck, reds stop shooting off fucking fireworks
                shut up barge shut up

                1. WORST. HAIKU. EVER.

                  1. I wish I knew how to quit you, robc.

            2. Damn, lived in Dayton for a year now… made monthly trips to the in-laws in KY… and now in (beer-free) iRack for a year and just learn this? this sucks.

        2. okay, missed that first pass. The fact that I literally loled 2nd time around means that is a damn good joke.

          1. I’m beginning to think I’m too subtle and this accounts for the general lack of accolades (or lackolades) I get for my jokes here at Hit & Run.

            1. I see what you did there.

              We need not only a font for sarcasm, but also one for subtlety.

              1. Wouldn’t a font for subtlety kind of defeat the purpose?

                1. Wouldn’t a font for subtlety kind of defeat the purpose?

                  Yes, but then it gives you the option of indicating super-subtlety by switching back to a normal font.

                  1. mind = blown

            2. I made a “NBA using Hotbalck Desiato’s lawyers” joke on another website last week [NBA spending 2012 dead for tax purposes].

              It didnt get nearly the praise I expected. I personally thought it was the funniest thing I had ever written on that site.

            3. BTW, just stole your joke and posted it on google+. As Im near enough to Cincy, Im interested to see what kind of comments I get.

              1. I hope we don’t find out it’s not as funny as we thought.

    2. Well, if he can misspell “Tase” I think you have to spot him misspelling “Cincinnati”.


    Don’t Minimize Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Guns Scandal

    “The elite media are at it again. They’re trying to downplay the Operation Fast and Furious scandal that has rocked the Obama administration, and they’re using the scandal to push the same tired calls for more gun control laws.”

    “The Washington Post, for example, which has largely ignored the scandal, ran a front page story recently, but made sure to quote anonymous Obama administration officials who praised the gunrunning strategy and claimed it was ‘unfair’ for Congress to investigate. And the newspaper’s recent editorial quoted an ATF agent who believes that we need more gun laws, but ignored Congressional testimony of other agents who said all the gun laws we need are already on the books.” …


    PA: Ex-Marysville officer pleads no contest to molestation charge

    “A former Marysville police officer serving a minimum 10-year sentence for molesting or propositioning nearly a dozen young women has pleaded no contest to repeatedly having indecent contact with another teen.”

    “Robert Pavlovich Jr., 43, made the plea in Perry County court Wednesday to charges including aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, and unlawful contact with a minor.” …


    MD: ACLU to sue police over wrongful detention, deletion of arrest video

    “The American Civil Liberties Union said it has informed the Baltimore Police Department of its intention to sue on behalf of a man who it says was wrongfully detained and had videos deleted from his cellphone after he filmed officers arresting a friend at the 2010 Preakness.”

    “The ACLU says officers stopped Christopher Sharp and erased his videos, including many of his young son, after he declined to surrender his cellphone as ‘evidence.’ The civil liberties group has requested that the Police Department ‘immediately cease officers’ interference with citizens’ rights to record encounters with police.'” …

    1. The new Johnny Longtorso?

  11. Officers should be wary of wet shocking themselves with tasers, what with all the apparent pissing themselves when confronted with unarmed people.

    1. Depends.

  12. That New Yorker piece is awesome. The ‘look-at-the-yokel-wanting-to-be-taken-seriously’ tone just drips from the first 4-5 grafs. Like the time that noveau riche computer baron tried to invite the Roosevelts and Rockefellers to his party in East Hampton.

    1. ‘grafs. That’s right: ‘grafs. That’s what we call them in the biz.

      1. Nah. Just to lazy to write paragraphs. I’m not anywise related to the business of writing in human language. Computers. They were the plastics of the ’00s when I went looking for a job that actually paid.

  13. National Community Reinvestment Coalition: CRA Commitments (PDF)
    …Since the passage of CRA in 1977, lenders and community organizations have signed over 446 CRA agreements totaling more than $4.5 trillion in reinvestment dollars flowing to minority and lower income neighborhoods.

    Lenders and community groups will often sign these agreements when a lender has submitted an application to merge with another institution or expand its services. Lenders must seek the approval of federal regulators for their plans to merge or change their services. The four federal financial institution regulatory agencies will scrutinize the CRA records of lenders and will assess the likely future community reinvestment performance of lenders. The application process, therefore, provides an incentive for lenders to sign CRA agreements with community groups that will improve their CRA performance. Recognizing the important role of collaboration between lenders and community groups, the federal agencies have established mechanisms in their application procedures that encourage dialogue and cooperation among the parties in preserving and strengthening community reinvestment.

    A CRA agreement is often a comprehensive document that covers a wide range of loans, investments, and bank services. This publication first provides a detailed list, by state and year, of the number of CRA agreements, and lists the banks and community groups signing the agreements. It then covers, in depth, the innovative affordable housing, small business, and other products contained in CRA agreements….

    …Two major factors contribute to the incredible burst of commitments since 1992. First of all, NCRC members and other community organizations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of being able to articulate community needs as well as providing homeownership counseling and other types of services in partnerships with banks. There has been a strong growth in community organizations in the last few years. NCRC started off with a membership of 16 groups in 1992 and now has over 600 member organizations — all of who either use CRA in their daily work or at least believe it is important to preserve and improve the law….

    My blog has the links to the larger PDF file and a few highlights I picked out to save y’all 63 pages of downloading and reading.
    JANAUARY 2011

    …The fact that the credit risk of two-thirds of all the NTMs in the financial system was held by the government or by entities acting under government control demonstrates the central role of the government’s policies in the development of the 1997-2007 housing bubble, the mortgage meltdown that occurred when the bubble deflated, and the financial crisis and recession that ensued. Similarly, the fact that only 7.8 million NTMs [non-traditional mortgages] were held by investors and financial institutions in the form of PMBS shows that this group of NTMs were less important as a cause of the financial crisis than the government’s role. The Commission majority’s report focuses almost entirely on the 7.8 million PMBS, and is thus an example of its determination to ignore the government’s role in the financial crisis….

    ……In the Triggers memo, based on his research, Pinto estimated that Fannie and Freddie purchased about 50 percent of all CRA loans over the period from 2001 to 2007…

  14. Complete threadjack. And I don’t give a fuck. Where is that bastard White Indian?

    Slap me with a wet textbook. How the hell could I have missed something so obvious? To think I wasted time poking holes in what I thought were just silly arguments from a typical misguided crazy, even if it was entertaining?

    Hey Pale Rider, ever heard of the Global Footprint Network? How about Jared Diamond? Or Marshall Sahlins? Let’s cut straight to the chase, what about The Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus? You filthy motherfucker. You disgusting sub-reptilian life form.

    Global Footprint Network is an eco-crazy, Malthusian, “sustainability” group that advocates exactly what he has been blathering about. Same language. Same concepts. I knew that I had heard his brand of bullshit before.

    Their grand thesis is that to sustain our current lifestyle, human beings “would require 1.4 planets”, and they advocate a return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

    Only problem is, it takes about 10 square miles to support each person living as a hunter-gatherer. If 6.8 billion of us tried to live like that, we would need not 1.4 planets, but 18 (54 if we couldn’t exploit the ocean). This would reduce the world population to between 126 and 378 million. I guess the other 6.6 billion of us can just go quietly die somewhere. You probably masturbate to that thought, don’t you, you excreble fuck?

    You kept yammering about the non-aggression principle? It’s probably for the best that we never meet face to face. I have my own version of that principle, and since you are advocating for my demise, I would have to use all of my willpower to resist gigging you like one of your prehistoric heroes did a bullfrog.

    It’s either that, or you’re Jared Loughner’s long-lost brother. Now that you’re claiming that you used to lead the “Vegas-Vail-Acapulco private-bizjet lifestyle”, but that you punted in disgust, anything is possible.

    1. Sounds like the script that was rejected in favor of 12 Monkeys.

    2. Srs bsnss.

    3. What do yu have against modern man gigging bullfrogs?

      Didn’t everyone do that as a kid?

      1. Sure. But I always gave my catch to the old man down the street. Never could cultivate a taste for frog’s legs. Tasted like….satanic chicken sandwich.

    4. If he actually was living the “Vegas-Vail-Acapulco lifestyle” then he was one of the biggest planet rapists of all.

    5. I would like to point out that the pledge of the LP which is kind of used as a NAP in general prohibits the initiation of force for social or political changes…nuttin in there about personal.

      just sayin.

      1. If it involves two people, that’d be “social”. I suppose the NAP says nothing about violence involving only yourself.

        1. Oh, I don’t want to “change” him…just beat the shit out of him.

          1. “Changing” him into a quadraplegic would be somewhat satisfying.

      2. So murdering hookers is still ok? Shit, maybe I should join the LP. Does the pledge actually give you legal immunity?

        1. You have to say it backwards under the light of a blood moon, but…..yeah.


    Deaf man sues Tampa officers, claiming excessive force

    “A deaf man this week filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against four Tampa police officers, saying they used excessive force when they dragged him outside an Ybor City nightclub, threw him into a bench and repeatedly punched and kicked him.

    One of the officers was undercover, so Jacob P. Cowie didn’t know at first he was being subdued by police, said his attorney Michael Maddux. Furthermore, he said, his client is deaf and didn’t hear whether the officers had identified themselves.”

    STOP RESISTIN’!…..ogue-cops/

    LA County To Pay $650K For Lawsuit Alleging Excessive Force By ‘Rogue Cops’

    “LOS ANGELES (CBS) ? The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors agreed to pay $650,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging sheriff’s deputies used excessive force against two men arrested during a traffic stop.

    Two sheriff’s deputies spotted Erick Hoxey driving in Compton without his seat belt on the afternoon of April 12, 2008.

    The deputies said that after stopping him, Hoxey assaulted one of the deputies and several others were needed to subdue him and take him into custody.

    KNX 1070?s Bob Brill reports attorneys for the plaintiffs argued that Hoxey was a victim of racial profiling and that the incident was part of a pattern of violence and racial animosity among deputies at the sheriff’s Compton station.”

    1. They were trying to communicate with Morse Code! On his head!

      1. Stupid fucking neo-Confederate redneck resisting the cops! How DARE he?

      2. “Would you believe I’m trying to stop it?!”

        1. I love me some Bill Hicks.

    2. how do you racially profile in COMPTON?

      find one of the three white guys and pull him over?

      1. OK, I’ll give you that one. That was kinda funny.

  16. “I know everything is on the record these days,” [Bachmann Press Secretary Alice] Stewart said, “but please just don’t broadcast images of her in her casual clothes.”

    And it goes without saying don’t record her when she’s writhing on the ground, debilitated by a migraine.

    1. Or being out-danced by her husband.

    2. I pay well for images of her without casual clothes.

      1. black leather or white lace?

        wait, is that racist?

        1. Why not both?

          1. Why not both?

            Both racist AND sexist. Good catch.

        2. Rule 34 dictates that there be a lingerie shop called White Lace Black Leather to offset the existence of White House Black Market.

          1. I made a horrible mistake. I read your comment about Rule 34 with the TV on, and Rosie O’Donnell was on the screen.

            My neighbor is now typing this for me, as I subsequently put out both my eyes with red-hot knitting needles.

            1. Rosie O’Donnell was in a movie called Beautiful Girls. Were you in a movie called Beautiful Girls? No, I didn’t think so.

              1. re: Beautiful Girls

                “I haven’t seen such a blatant case of false advertising since my suit against the movie The NeverEnding Story.”


              Contains Rosie in BDSM gear so NSFW.

              1. …will NOT click…

              2. Oh snap! I remember that movie. With Akroyd. But she only weighed ~200 then, and was still attempting to pass as feminine.

      2. skinny woman who had 5 kids. evidently ur not gettin enough.

  17. Fullerton residents continue to protest the FPD in honor of Kelly Thomas’ death.

    When the police are outlawed, only the outlaws will have police.

    1. When the police are outlawed, only the outlaws will have police.


  18. University of Cincinatti Police campus police Taze recent high school graduate, recent high school graduate dies.

    “I want to emphasize we don’t know what the cause of the death is at this point,” Corcoran said.”

    I’m guessing it was the god damned tazer, asshole.

    1. Involuntary manslaughter — easy as pie.

    2. underlying conditions, wait till all facts are in, tasers are 100% safe, herp derp.

      1. I always recommend multi-kV electrical charges to the body. The heart just loves it!

        1. Kellog is that you?

        2. multi-kV

          Stop being so sensational, the voltage drops to a couple hundred volts once there’s a load attached.

    3. I’m guessing it was the donut-eating piece of shit at the other end of the tazer.

    4. That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

    5. This is why we need to stop using the euphemism “less lethal” for tasers.

      “Occasionally lethal” is more accurate.

      1. Leathalish.

      2. For some time the phrase was “less than lethal,” but then some jackass went and got his skull caved in with a beanbag round or a Taser stopped his heart for good, or choked to death on some capsaiscin spray, and look where we are today.

    6. Wow, you’re quite the medical examiner.

      “Taser”, like “gun” or “baseball bat” or “anvil”, is not an acceptable cause of death. It may be present in the same causal chain as the actual cause of death, but it is not the cause of death.

      1. Atrial fibrillation temporally proximal to several KV electrical ingestion.

        We never get the medical examiners report anyways, and they work so closely with the cops in most areas that they would rarely risk stepping on LEs toes.

    7. with emphasis on GUESSING


    OH: Woman’s outfit blamed for police-dog bite

    “Police in Cincinnati say one of their dogs mistakenly bit a city parks employee because of what she was wearing.” …

  20. (AIG) claims that Bank of America and its Merrill Lynch and Countrywide Financial units misrepresented the quality of the mortgages placed in securities and sold to investors,

    Yeah, I know that the name of the game is everyone sues everyone for everything but this one rings pretty hollow. I would think that perhaps the major fundamental in the insurance business would be the complete and thorough investigation and understanding of the nature and quality of that which you take on to insure. Surely AIG was as capable as anyone else of making such investigations and assessments.

    1. Well, those same ratings agencies that just now downgraded the US (or are warning of a downgrade) rated those MBS instruments as a safe buy! So AIG had no idea those instruemnst were worthless.

      1. I know. My point was that AIG probably should have.

    2. During the short period I worked for AIG, my main job was to research and point out that, whatever was hot, was shit. They made me do lots of research to “prove” this. We ignored the rating agencies but the honchos were still impressed when the big paperhangers like BoA or Lehmans showed up to push their shit.

      I was too honest to sell the shitty AIG paper though and they hinted that I should find other work.

    3. It raises the issue of whether “You fucked up. You trusted us.” is a defense to securities fraud.

      I kind of doubt it, personally, but we’ll see.


    They’re blaming the woman’s clothing for a cop dog’s attack on her — trolling, or serious?

  22. University of Cincinatti Police campus police Taze recent high school graduate, recent high school graduate dies.

    Nothing else happend… because the victim was dead.

    1. No, don’t you get it? You can’t say “victim” because well.. we really don’t know all the facts yet, and uh.. that would mean the cop was acting like a criminal and we just can’t think like that.. and, yeah.. we don’t know whether the tazing was “justified” so we have to err on the side of caution and assume the brave warrior was absolutely in the right when he felt the need to subdue this criminal.

        1. Say more. You have us intrigued.

  23. I’m just hoping that crude oil’s chart has been technically broken by the price declines of the last few trading days.

    Technicals were keeping that bitch up for a while now. I’d like to see crude trading in the 65 range.

    1. Gold over 1700, oil should be 85 to 170.

    2. prob is the dollar’s falling

  24. Gore bemoans state of climate change debate
    …”The model of media manipulation used then, Gore said, ‘was transported whole cloth into the climate debate. And some of the exact same people ? I can go down a list of their names ? are involved in this. And so what do they do? They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes. Bullshit! It may be sun spots. Bullshit! It’s not getting warmer. Bullshit!’ Gore exclaimed,” the Independent reported.

    “‘When you go and talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap over and over and over again,’ he continued. ‘There’s no longer a shared reality on an issue like climate even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened. People have no idea! ? It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the g—–n word climate. It is not acceptable. They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it.'”…

    1. They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it

      So what you’re saying is that Al Gore is still an enthralling speaker.

    2. even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened

      Before we can share that reality, Al, you still have to show me the exact climate change effects and economic effects of the projected changes in temperature, for individual geographic areas all over the world, down to the zip-code level or (for non-US locations) geographic units of similar size.

      1. But ManBearPig is real! I’m totally cereal!

        1. isn’t is “super cereal?”

    3. What the fuck does “shared reality” mean?

      1. It’s like we’re all in the Matrix, man!

        1. He channels the Agent Smith epistemology well enough.

      2. “shared reality” is Gore’s assertion that consensus reality is one that agrees with him 100%. It is a meaningless phrase employed for rhetoric coercion, like “problematic” or “patriarchy.”

        1. one of ‘dem ‘dere credentialed werdz!

      3. It means there’s a scarcity of reality, and if I get a bigger share, you get a smaller share.

        1. I’m done with it, who wants my share?

    4. …the very existence of our civilization is threatened.

      Not threatened enough for you to stop building mansions and using private jets, as far as I can tell.

    5. The model of media manipulation used then, Gore said, ‘was transported whole cloth into the climate debate.

      I can’t decide if this is an accusation or a confession.

    6. It’s like how you can’t even get your 2nd chakra released in mixed company. We’ve polluted the whole sexual revolution.

    7. Unfortunately, science doesn’t care what color the sky is in his world, just what frequency the light hitting the chromatograph has.

  25. The Washington Post has a Partner’s Share in Terry’s Death
    Instead of reporting on Fast & Furious operation, they were its PR team

    Proposed U.N. Treaty to Regulate Global Firearms Trade Raising Concerns for U.S. Gun Makers
    …It also requires countries to set up their own government agencies to track any guns that could be exported. “Parties shall take all necessary measures to control brokering activities taking place within its territories ? to prevent the diversion of exported arms into the illicit market or to unintended end users,” the draft reads.

    The vague wording leaves room for interpretation, and a U.N. representative for a major U.S. gun manufacturer who spoke to on the condition of anonymity told that he believed it left room for the ISU to declare the registration of all American-made guns to prevent illegal exportation.

    “Does this mean it’s going to impose some international gun registration scheme? That could happen here, under the treaty,” said the gun manufacturer representative….

    …An especially costly potential regulation discussed at the conference last month would require gun makers to engrave sequential tracings on every one of some 3 billion bullets produced in the U.S. each year….

    1. gosh u mean the NRA agiprop deludes only the gunnutz in the states? pass the extended mag please…

      1. Yakka foob mog. Grug pubbawup zink wattoom gazork. Chumble spuzz.

        1. ^typical NRA gunut^

          1. gosh ima so dum branz dmg u no sry

    2. Ummm I’ll say it again, fuck the UN

  26. Stuff Guilty White People Like: Fair Trade Coffee

    “Low consumer demand for Fair Trade coffee means that not all of a particular farmer’s coffee, which will be of varying quality, may be sold at the Fair Trade price,” Colleen Haight writes in “The Problem With Fair Trade Coffee,” an article in the summer 2011 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review. “To maximize his income, therefore, he will choose to sell his lower quality coffee as Fair Trade coffee,” while letting the good stuff fetch even higher prices than the fair-trade price floor.

    1. GASP!

      People who set an artificial price floor don’t get full value for their money!

    2. Stuff Guilty White People Never Grasp: Incentives.

    3. It’s #1 on the list…../1-coffee/

      This is all the fault of #82…..porations/

    4. I’m telling you, my coffee tastes even better this morning knowing that it was grown, picked and shipped by exploited workers.

      1. Its the tears of the children used to pick the beans. Adds a certain savoir faire, no?

      2. I can’t get a caffeine buzz without knowing the burro who carried the beans was beaten by a child laborer.

        1. Well, I always want to know if that child laborer was beaten by one of the Kochs.

          That’s what I call expresso.

    5. “To maximize his income, therefore, he will choose to sell his lower quality coffee as Fair Trade coffee,” while letting the good stuff fetch even higher prices than the fair-trade price floor.

      Profit maximization and market incentives – how do they work, again?

    6. Reason had a good article about fair trade a few years ago. The whole thing is dumb. Basically if you employ anyone who is not a family member, you are an exploiter and can’t get certified Fair Trade. So you might get a decent price for your produce, but you will never have any opportunity to grow or employ other people who need jobs.
      I can’t remember who said it first, but to the stupid lefties who idealize the lives of third world farmers: “the third world is not your fucking museum!”


    Here’s alternet openly discussing terrorist tactics in order to bring down civilization in the name of Gaia.

    No, seriously. And for those wondering, once civilization is brought down (and that includes agriculture) all the people will be fed through pastoralism or hunting/gathering.

    1. Impossible. joe assured me for years that there was no violent or genocidal tendencies in the eco movement whatsoever.

      1. joe….from Lowell?

        1. joe isn’t that tall.

          1. You sure? He looms large, is what I hear.

            1. It’s all stilts and long pants.

    2. They won’t really do anything.
      All talk and no action, like H&R’s frustrated anarchist fringe.

  28. Holy fucking shit:…..ost_viewed

    Documents: Feds allegedly allowed Sinaloa cartel to move cocaine into U.S. for information

    U.S. federal agents allegedly allowed the Sinaloa drug cartel to traffic several tons of cocaine into the United States in exchange for information about rival cartels, according to court documents filed in a U.S. federal court.

    The allegations are part of the defense of Vicente Zambada-Niebla, who was extradited to the United States to face drug-trafficking charges in Chicago. He is also a top lieutenant of drug kingpin Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman and the son of Ismael “Mayo” Zambada-Garcia, believed to be the brains behind the Sinaloa cartel.

    1. Iran-Contra 2: Electric Boogaloo

    2. I thought it was just Reagan who sold crack to the little brown brothers.

    3. They’ve given up the goal of actually stopping the flow of drugs – the last 8 decades have proven that as impossible. But they can still get those big photo op busts that get the budget increases and bonus payments (yes, the feds have pay bonuses).

    4. What the fuck did you think I meant when I said “there’s too much money in it”?

    1. Don’t you mean “too politically connected to be allowed to fail”?

  29. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve has stated numerous times that he has no appetite to assist states. “They should not expect loans from the Fed,” Bernanke said while testifying before the Senate Budget Committee/i>

    , “and fuck the municipalities, too.”

  30. [Jackie Kennedy] became convinced that the then vice president, along with businessmen in the South, had orchestrated the Dallas shooting, with gunman Lee Harvey Oswald ? long claimed to have been a lone assassin ? merely part of a much larger conspiracy.

    A conspiracy surrounding the death of JFK? Someone should have looked into that assassination.

    These days, a Warren Commission report would have focused primarily on the extra-marital affairs and retaliatory affairs, and therefore might have been useful for something.

    1. A friend of mine remians convinced that the Kennedy assassination was not orchestrated by Johnson, but was a message to Johnson: Play ball or get a bullet in the head. He’s fuzzy on the details but it’s no less plausible than many other theories I’ve heard.

    2. Werner Herzog is quite a fan of Warren Commission report. So here he is talking about the jungle.

      1. I just don’t get these metal videos you keep posting.

  31. Can White Men Fix Black Women’s Relationships?

    One might think that it would make sense to examine the factors- economic, social, cultural- that lead to black men being locked up for a long period of time and acknowledge that the difficulty that black women have in finding a romantic partner is a sad side effect of a set of depressing circumstances; a crap cocktail of institutionalized racism in the legal system as well as culturally enforced standards of beauty that idealizes European features. We could use the suffering of black women and, by extension, the black American family, as a starting point in a discussion about reforming law enforcement and the American penal system, as well as cultural attitudes about beauty and attraction.

    Or, we could just tell black women that they should just start going out with white guys. Yes, black ladies: white men will solve all your problems.

    1. Here’s to white men! The cause of … and answer to all of life’s problems.

    2. So this is our fault, right? I’m not exactly sure what I should be feeling guilty about, though.

      1. Contemplate it on The Tree of Racial Woe.

      2. It’s our knack for cunnilingus, dude. It’s all our fault that brothers won’t eat at the Y.

    3. How y’all be doin’?

    4. This might explain my being a week short of 42 and single, but:

      love isn’t a logical decision


      1. It’s not. Because for men, anymore, there is no logical reason to get married. And yet we still do…

        1. IMMIGRATION!!!

      2. Love ain’t logical.

        Hell, I still pine after a woman who I met 10+ years ago who eventually had a kid with another guy. And I’m married. It’s sheer stupidity and I know it.

    5. Sweet. Tally has to be in the top 5 for best looking black women in the US. Would not mind more interest. Of course the set of straight, black, female, attractive, jezebel readers is probably one crazy hot chick in Omaha.

    6. You’re missing the obvious: white men are incarcerating black men in order to get a shot a dating black women.

    7. I like big butts and I cannot lie

    8. Banks presents several oppositions to his far fetched suggestion that women just decide to be attracted to something different than what they’re interested in

      Darn those culturally enforced standards of beauty!

    9. the white man is the cancer of history : susan sontag

      (quoting from memory… so it’s the gist if not the exact words)

  32. The JFK conspiracy theories are fed by people thinking a “great man” can’t die at the hands of some loser.

    1. I find it eminently plausible some lowlife can shoot some other lowlife, though.

    2. Oswald was quite accomplished for a “loser”.

      The shooting of Tippit, followed by Oswald’s protestations he was a patsy and subsequent murder on live TV by a Mob associate all kinda look “fishy”. The absurdities of the Warren Commission and media to “suppress” conspiracy theories only fueled them.

    3. Just a family story here –

      My grandfather was an old-school Illinois Democrat who wrote letters (of a political) nature to various politicians. After his death, I got a chance to sort through some of the reply letters he received. Some nice signed thank-yous from Daley, Truman and LBJ.

      And the strangest – a thank you card from Marina Oswald concerning her recent loss.

  33. to prevent the diversion of exported arms into the illicit market or to unintended end users,” the draft reads.

    Or “civilians” as they are known in the trade.

    1. What do you think of our membership in the UN?

      1. An almost complete waste of time of money.

  34. the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

    Read it and weep, christfags!

    I’ll bet that coffee grower doesn’t even have an MBA; how can he be allowed to practice price differentiation?

  35. Wow, that was a scary read about Bachmann. Would someone please tell me how her vision for America is different than the Taliban’s for Afghanistan?

    1. Her invisible friend goes by a different name.

    2. different clothing.

    3. The Taliban aren’t bought and paid for by the Koch brothers?

      1. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! [strokes white cat]

        Just keep thinking that, SIV.

    4. Oh, I figured it out: her complete and total misuse of the word “liberty”

  36. Well, I set up the Reason Hit & Run J sub D Memorial Fantasy Football League over the weekend, and it’s almost filled up already.

    League ID:  404017
    Password:  reason

    Draft is Saturday, August 13 at 2 pm Pacific (5 pm Eastern).

    It’ll be the most libertarian league you’ve ever played in, and it will be (fingers-crossed), troll-free.

    Srsly, only 4 slots left out of 16. So, if you want an excuse to spend more time with the maladjusted, now’s your chance.

    1. Watch out — the Anti-Defamation League and SPLC is probably going to categorize your league as an “anti-government militia conspiracy movement group” — better play before the feds shut you down!

      1. ADL = JOOZ!!!!!!!!! And since Minge isn’t playing, were gonna be fine.

        I’m a little more worried about the SPLC trying to intervene, especially if anyone has a white quarterback who plays out of the shotgun, since that is obviously a reference to reinstitution of slavery.

        1. The white QB calls the play and then orders the black recievers to run patterns to his liking, then chooses which one he will bestow the ball upon to reach his goal…

          1. But the camera always goes to the white quarterback to identify the brains behind the play, as opposed to the savage doing his dance in the end zone. Therefore, the part the repressed African American man plays is intentionally downplayed to perpetuate the Eurocentric mindset in America.

            Oh, and all the owners are white, so RAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!

            1. I actually had a prof tell me that football was racist because the three most important positions which handle the ball every play were nearly always white. I asked wtf he was talking about and he said “the center, the qb and the kicker/punter.”

              That this guy thought the game glorified centers over running backs or wr’s was all I needed to know.

              1. Actually, the most important “player” in football, is the Joo pulling the strings behind the scenes.

                Agent – Joo
                Commish – Joo
                GM’s – JOOZ

                Yeah, as it was stated in The Blues Brothers, “the Jew is using the black as muscle against you. Well, what are you going to do about it, whitey?”

              2. Did he also play the Jew card?

                After all, all the agents are Jews. All the teams are run by Jews and the league office is run by Jews.

                As in all professional sports, the Hebes are the puppet masters and they are taking their 6% and sending it back to their Zionist masters in Israel.

              3. Player Agents are all Jews. League office is run by Jews. Front offices are all run by Jews.

                Those are the real “three most important positions” in football. And nobody should be surprised who controls them all.

              4. The three most important positions in all of football are:

                The League Office….run by Teh Jooz.
                The front offices….run by Teh Jooz.
                The Player Agents….run by Teh Jooz.

                1. The Players Union – NOT run by Joos

              5. I actually had a prof tell me that football was racist because the three most important positions which handle the ball every play were nearly always white.

                He must have really hated hockey and swimming.

                1. And water polo? Fuhgeddaboudit.

                  Those who like this brand of tripe must MUST read up on Dr. Frances Kress Welsing.

    2. I have a life.

    3. Good job sloopy, and thanks for the invite, but I’m not into fantasy football. I don’t like what it has done to how the game is reported on, it’s atomized the game, individual performances divorced from the team context now dominate the ticker. But I think those who like it should enjoy it.

      Now when the playoffs and bowl games roll around if you set up something for us to make our picks, I’m in.

      1. Oh, and props for the memorialization of J sub. He would have approved. Perhaps his Lions can live up to expectations and do him proud this year, he would have liked that too I think.

        1. One can always count on the Lions to let us down. It’s a Michigan tradition.

          1. I said NFL, not UFL.

            The NFL did send them down the road during the CBA negotiation, right? That was one point all parties agreed upon, IIRC.

      2. I’ll continue in that tradition when the final four rolls back around. A playoff pick-em for pro sports sucks. Not enough teams.

        And the ADL comment above was a joke before you freak out.

        1. ADL comment? W’djew talking about?

    4. Something happen to J Sub D?

      1. You must have been on vacation that week. He has left this mortal coil.

        There was an H&R post about him; use the helpful search facility.

    5. Just entered. Thanks for setting this up.

    6. Last team in! (Go Pack Go)

      What’s up with drafting before the preseason? Can we push it back to at least the end of August? Too many transactions and injuries are going to happen during the second half of August to draft so early.

  37. if you want an excuse to spend more time with the maladjusted

    The 8 hours a day when we pretend to work isn’t enough for you?

    1. Obviously not.

      And I take great offense to that comment. I pretend for at least 10-12 hours a day, thank you very much.

  38. Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

    The KVML will be giving away free copies of Slaughterhouse Five to students from Republic, Missouri’s high school (yes, the school that banned Slaughterhouse Five last week from their curriculum and school library). If you are a student at Republic High School, please e-mail us at i…(at) to request your free copy of the book. Please provide us with your name, address, and grade level. We have up to 150 books to share, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. We think it’s important for everyone to have their First Amendment rights. We’re not telling you to like the book? we just want you to read it and decide for yourself. We will not share your request or any of your personal information with anyone else.

    1. I detested SlaughterHouse Five when we had to read it in high school Billy Pilgrim was the most passive, pussy protagonist I think I’ve ever come across in a novel. Protagonists need not be Randian ubermen, but they have to have some spark that allows us to identify with them imo.

      1. Hmm. I liked the book a lot. Makes a good trilogy with Catch 22 and Gravity’s Rainbow.

        1. Did you actually finish Gravity’s Rainbow? I ask because lots of people claim to, but very few actually did. It’s much like James Joyce in that regards.

          1. Life’s too short

          2. I’ve read them all, and may reread them eventually also.

          3. I tried, I really did.

        2. I really like what I have read of Gravity’s Rainbow, but I have a really hard time sticking with a book where it takes me 10 minutes to read a page. Maybe I should give it another try.

      2. “Billy Pilgrim was the most passive, pussy protagonist I think I’ve ever come across in a novel.”

        I see you are unfamiliar with me.

    2. And so it goes.

  39. OK wow that looks like its gonna work dude.

  40. They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message

    Unlike Al, who has enough money he can afford to do it as a hobby.

  41. A neat graphic I came across listing the amount each administration contributed to our debt and which groups hold what amounts of said debt:…..f=politics

    1. I love how “permanent tax cuts,” as if there is such a thing, is listed as part of the debt.

      “Waaaahhhhh! They didn’t let us take as much of their money, but we kept spending it as if we did!”

      Really, it’s not that hard to figure out how to not run up debt for decades on end.

      1. Well, there are two ways to go into debt. Not take in as much as you spend and spending more than you take in…

        1. How much is enough, MNG?

          1. If you have disposable income you’re not paying your fair share!

        2. No, that’s the same (read only) way.

        3. Those two are the same. I’m feeling charitable, so I will assume that you were deliberately making a joke.

      2. Tax cuts aren’t listed as part of the debt. They are used as an explanation of why debt increased.

        1. Tax cuts aren’t listed as part of the debt. They are used as an explanation of why debt increased.

          Difference without distinction.

          Besides, if you will notice, the legend is: “When the debt was accumulated and what it includes.”

    2. Funny, how that graphic assigns the stimulus package passed after Bush left office to Bush.

      1. Because BOOOSH!!!111!!!!

      2. Funny, how that graphic assigns the stimulus package passed after Bush left office to Bush.

        ??? –
        GWB: tax cuts, the wars, economic downturn, recession.

        Obama: stimulus spending,tax cuts…

        1. Check the dates, NM. The stimulus was passed in early 2009, but Bush gets assigned all FY 2009 spending (through October 2009).

          1. This is one of those right/wrong deals. If there was a budget agreement signed before Jan. 2009, Bush should own all of that spending. All the supplementary spending passed after he left should not.

            1. There wasn’t a deal in Jan 2009, remember? Obama signed the budget deal in his first few weeks in office.

              1. For some reason I thought the Dems only quit passing budgets after Obama took over.

          2. Obama signed off on roughly $400 billion of FY 2009 spending, IIRC.

            1. The stimulus package included 242 Billion in spending between February and October 31 of 2009. (so 400 Billion sounds like a good guess).

              1. Found it–bill was signed into law on March 11, 2009:

                Calling it an “imperfect” bill, President Barack Obama signed a $410 billion spending package Wednesday that includes billions in earmarks like those he promised to curb in last year’s campaign. He insisted the bill must signal an “end to the old way of doing business.”

                From here:…..ding-bill/

                1. To be fair, it’s possible that not all that $400 billion was spent.

          3. Check the dates, NM. The stimulus was passed in early 2009, but Bush gets assigned all FY 2009 spending (through October 2009).

            They used a standard format for all presidents. It is not clear to me that they didn’t include the 0.24 trillion of stimulus spending into Obama’s column. Not sure that 5.86 vs 2.64 tells a much different story.

            And even if you use RRR’s estimate of 0.4 trillion (see below) you get 5.7 to 2.8.

            My guess, however, is that the numbers they give took these things into account. But maybe not.

      3. I’m trying to make a point here!

    3. A similar graphic was critiqued on Cafe Hayek a few days ago; I suspect that this attributes fully to Bush policies that have been continued by Obama (like the wars).

      1. Poor Obama. Bush’s pawn, to this day.

        1. You might even say that he was “pawned”.

  42. “Explosive Jackie O tapes ‘reveal how she believed Lyndon B Johnson killed JFK…”

    Wow! Jackie O. Turns out to be the greatest conspiracy theorist of them all. Perfect distraction from the credit downgrade story, by the way.

    1. I’m sure this release was planned by the EvilMainstreamMedia and/or SocialistGroupthinkCabal of Scientists to distract us from that…

      1. Dude, you got me. It was a totally wild, irresponsible, baseless accusation. I ‘fess to it.

    2. Mike L:

      The Daily Mail is a Brit paper, so if they’re in the pocket of the Big US Gummint, you’re not being paranoid enough. Now as a distraction from the London rioting…

  43. What do you guys think about Cher? Should she have another farewell tour?

    1. I’m certainly in favor of the “farewell” part. The tour, not so much.

    2. And have they sewn on her daughter’s pecker yet?

    3. I think she’s a thief, thief, a tramp, and a thief!

      1. You left out Gypsy.

    4. I like what you did the that “k” there. Awesome shit.

  44. Oh look, the DA is declining to release the security video that shows six police officers beating Kelly Thomas into a coma.

    His reasoning sounds acceptable- that if there is a trial, it wouldn’t be fair if potential jurors had already seen the tape- but let’s say there was a security video of six criminals beating a police officer into a coma, and the police officer later died. I think the chances of that video being “leaked” to the public would be slightly higher, no?

    1. I think it is also possible that he fears the video is so inflammatory it could cause civil unrest and attempted retaliation against the cops.

      1. Sow the wind. . . .

    2. His reasoning sounds acceptable- that if there is a trial, it wouldn’t be fair if potential jurors had already seen the tape…

      This sounds like horseshit. Can’t you just exclude those potential jurors in voir dire? Put a simple couple of questions about it on the jury questionnaire. Hell, if it’s so inflammatory, just move for change of venue.

      I guess the tape must be really damning, and if it’s not, the DA is sure acting like it is.

  45. League commissioner = Jew
    League GM’s = Jews
    Agents = Jews

    We all know who the real most important players in the league are.

  46.…..20110526/2 interview this guy and produce a video tour of his house.

    1. A man’s castle, under code enforcement siege

      Alan Kimble Fahey’s 20,000-square-foot labyrinth of buildings, called Phonehenge West, in Acton is a 30-year labor of love. But county code enforcement officials want him to tear it down, so he’s going to trial.

  47. The Young Entrepreneur Council is proposing a Youth Entrepreneurship Act that would address the barriers that he says young entrepreneurs face. One element would be a program to forgive student loans and debt for young entrepreneurs, which he says would address a major hindrance to recent graduates who want to set up their own shop.

    There is no better indicator of entrepreneurial success than a demonstrated inability to properly weigh the return on investment of a college degree.

    1. Let’s be honest: in these decadent days, no entrepeneur can hope to succeed unless his business plan includes some rent-seeking.

    2. Or they could do like everyone else in history and work a real job while trying to set up their own shop. Fuck work-life balance. You don’t get to have a life if you want to work for yourself.

      1. Fuck work-life balance. You don’t get to have a life if you want to work for yourself.

        I was watching one of the British versions of “Kitchen Nightmares,” and Gordon Ramsey was talking to some kid that couldn’t figure out if he wanted to be a cook or not. “Maybe if I’m as rich as you and not have to work so many hours,” the kid said, to which Gordon responded, “When I started out, there weren’t enough hours in the day.”

        Too many Millenials are enamored with the dotcom bubble era formula for success– they read about these self-made millionaires and think all they have to do is fool the investors long enough until some sucker comes along and buys them out for millions, after which they can live high on the hog. They never consider just how much work goes into making a business viable, and that it’s not simply a pasttime they can enjoy in between videogame and internet porn downloading sessions.

    3. That’s ridiculous. ‘Forgive’, what bullshit. I don’t want to pay off your fucking loans so you can open a Veggie Burrito stand.

      1. Food trucks. Hipsters do food trucks now. And I’m not talking the old roach coach.

  48. the amount each administration contributed to our debt

    This is important, in order to highlight the hypocrisy of everyone here who did nothing but cheer as GWB troweled out the moolah.

    1. everyone here who did nothing but cheer as GWB troweled out the moolah

      Pix or it didn’t happen.

    1. Note the best sentence ever written: As soon as the trusting SS guard gave an opening, Maloubier knocked him down, hurled a motorcycle at him and made a run for it.

    2. Thanks, Warty. That is fucking awesome.

  49. Cincinnati NOT Cincinatti.

  50. I see that now that the debt ceiling brouhaha is temporarily kicked down the road, the US Forest Service/Ad Council is willing to blow cash on banner ads.

    This must have been one of those critical world-saving life-on-this-planet things Pelosi was talking about.

    Also, driving by the AZ Democratic Party HQ the other week I was behind some perspicacious individual with a weathered “War Isn’t Working” bumper sticker right next to a newer “Yes We Did” Obama victory exultation one. When they turned I noted the next car had a Hillary ’08 sticker.

  51. I *love* the stock market!

    my short position is KICKING FUCKING ASS!

    as mentioned three weeks ago, when i entered the short, the markets were overbought and ripe.

    HELL YA!

    ok, gloating over. return to your normally scheduled bickering


    ok, sorry


    1. I always suspected you were a “bear”.

      1. lol. and a bottom!!!


        but seriously, i was a bull when the dow was below 8k.

        iow, buy panic and sell euphoria.

        i still have plenty o longs. and i DCA once a month and have done so for a looong time.

        but takin’ a targeted short was a no brainer

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