NY State Senator Not Quite Sure Which Constitutional Amendment Doesn't Apply When Parents Go Looking for Guns in Their Daughters' Jewelry Boxes


New York State Sen. Eric Adams (D) has taken to the YouTubes with a helpful video about stop gun violence.

Watch the whole thing. You won't be sorry. (Actually, you will be.): 

For those unable to watch the video, Adams' solution is to rifle through your kids' belongings. Using his own home to illustrate his point, Adams suggests searching everywhere for guns—a possibility he illustrates by pulling a small gun out of a pink flowered jewelry box at the video's 2:00 minute mark and from a decorative pillowcase at the 3:30 mark. Half a minute after the jewelry gun find, he extracts a used crack pipe from a backpack. While Adams graciously allows that it's "quite possible" the kid found the pipe on the street, he suggests using it as a "discussion piece." Then he pulls a huge bag of weed out of babydoll's butt.

A sad strings soundtrack rounds out the video nicely, but it's the cut-together kicker than makes the whole sad spectacle politically relevant. Not once, not twice, but three times, Adams—a New York state senator—reminds us that you should feel free to search and seize contraband from your kids because "There are no First Amendment rights in your home."