Militarization of Police

Fullerton Cop Allegedly Bragged About Brutally Beating Homeless Man Kelly Thomas


The savage police beating of schizophrenic homeless man Kelly Thomas gets more bizarre and upsetting by the day. On Friday an anonymous man claiming to be a police officer called the John and Ken Show on KFI AM to express his and other cops' anger at what happened to Thomas. The caller claimed that a street camera controlled by a police dispatcher showed one cop beating Thomas with the butt of his Taser until blood splattered on his arms, and then dropping his knee on Thomas's face and neck.

That same caller called the show again yesterday, this time disguising his voice. According to Carlos Miller, the caller alleged: 

…that it was [a] one-eyed officer doing the beating….He said the quality of the surveillance camera is so good that it could pinpoint the freckles on a person's chest once it is zoomed in.

He said the district attorney's office is choosing to not release the video.

He also said most of the officers know the identities of the officers involved and many are not happy with what took place.

He said they were turned off by how the one-eyed officer bragged about the beating and many officers have not been happy with his "heavy-handed tactics" from before the incident.

Five of the six officers who took place in the beating remain on active duty. The sixth is on some type of medical leave.

The one-eyed officer has been transferred to the undercover gang unit, the caller said.

Friends for Fullerton's Future has identified the one-eyed cop as Jay Cicinelli, who was discharged from the LAPD after a suspect shot him in the eye in 1996, blinding him. Cicinelli was 26 and fresh out of police academy. According to the LA Times trial dispatch from 1998, a letter from Cicinelli's mother was read aloud at the sentencing of Cicinelli's shooter, who received life in prison for attempted murder. Here's what she said: 

"Mr. Jimenez, you have taken Jay's eye, his face is disfigured, you have damaged his arms, his legs and his stomach, his job is gone and his dream of being a police officer is gone."

If Cicinelli was involved in Thomas' death, and gets convicted for that involvement, I'm guessing Thomas' parents–one of whom is a former police officer–will be reading a similar letter. 

More coverage of Kelly Thomas here

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  1. Yeah, how many people here are surprised by this revelation?

    1. I’ll be even more surprised when it turns out that the other 5 cops on the scene were actively participating in the beating instead of pulling this One Bad Apple ™ off Thomas.

    2. Scapegoating Dunphy in 3…2…1…

      1. scapegoating how? this is looking worse and worse. i fucking hate bullies. if this shit is true, i hope this guy gets charged and convicted.

        again, IF true.

        1. “charged and convicted”

          With a normal people crime, or with a special cop crime?

          1. with whatever the EVIDENCE supports. as i have explained before, frequently when juries find cops NOT guilty it is because overzealous prosecutors OVERCHARGE. iow, charge a more serious crime than is warranted.

            i know that runs contra to reasonmemereality. but reality often does

            if there is sufficient evidence to prove murder BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, then charge it.

            1. Dumphuck,

              You keep talking about evidence.

              What I’d like to know is what sort of evidence do you need to believe that these animals committed a crime here.

              Clearly eye-witness testimony, videos taken, a turned-down offer of nearly a million dollars in the hopes that ex-cop dad would shut up, and the fact that nothing was done about this by the police department and the DA themselves* until recently [and that they needed the FBI’s involvement to get things done] isn’t good enough for you, so I have to wonder what, exactly, is.

              *Who were all doing nothing, I’ll bet, in the hopes that it would “all go away”.

        2. scapegoating how?

          As in blaming you for this incident, global warming, Lady Gaga and prunes.

  2. I clicked on my bookmark and got Inside Edition.

    1. is that you’re a retard. There are lots of different types of medicine that can help, but only if you take a ton all at once, when no one else is likely to find you for a while. To maximize the effect, wash the pills down with a bottle of the strongest liquor you can find.

      1. I tried all that and now it looks like the Jerry Springer Show.

  3. “He said they were turned off by how the one-eyed officer bragged about the beating and many officers have not been happy with his “heavy-handed tactics” from before the incident.”

    So their fellow shitpig had a history of “heavy-handed tactics”, but they just looked away. Pity Dunphy wasn’t there; he’d turn the fucker in. Right?

    Thin blue line my ass. It’s fatter than rather.

    1. Thin blue line my ass. It’s fatter than rather.

      The laws of physics make this a virtual impossibility.

      1. How’s about metaphysics?

        1. Concentrate and ask again.

      2. How’s about metaphysics?

        1. Stop lying!

    2. Come on, now. Dan Rather isn’t THAT fat…

    3. I love that I just came in from my 5am run, and this was one of the first things I read.
      Please post a pic of your ass, and we can all laugh

  4. Paging Officer Dunphy….call for officer Dunphy!

    1. Dunphy is so even handed and rational i don’t know why you guys can’t see that?

      He takes a careful look at all the evidence that is not present and ignores all actual evidence then judiciously decides that the cop should go free…cuz in most cases beating a man into coma which leads to death is all part of being a good professional cop.

      Derpy derp derp.

      1. Procedures were followed.

      2. major fail. if these allegations are true – stroking the guy in the head with the butt of a taser?

        get real.

        that could easily sustain a murder charge imnsho

        1. I’m getting the impression from your comments dumphuck that you don’t want any of this to be proven true just so your heroes the cops can go back to jelly donuts and intimidating the general public into acquiescent silence.

      3. when the evidence supports criminal charges, i support it

        as i have done several times.

        something people conVENiently ignore

        1. That’s because you’re the devil.

          1. as the devil, my greatest achievement has been convincing people i do not exist.

            so… i was never here.

  5. It wasn’t me! It was the one armed eyed man.

    1. It wasn’t me! It was the one armed eyed man.

      Around here he is referred to as “Officer Isolated Incident”.

      1. I will only worry about the one-eyed man after I have enacted my vengeance on the six fingered man.

    2. It was the man with braces!

      (Oh dear… I can’t believe I just made a reference to a Season 13 Simpsons episode. I need to go shower now.)

      1. The culprit in ‘High Anxiety’ had braces.

  6. We’re approaching Nancy Grace territory now.

    1. Yup. And where are all those pissy Casey Anthony people now? Ohh that’s right… licking the boots of the state.

      1. I didn’t follow the Casey Anthony thing very closely.

        I don’t get this comment. I’m genuinely curious what you mean by it.

    2. Nancy Grace doesn’t care about homeless schizophrenics being beaten to death with maglites.

      If you aren’t a missing, prepubscent white girl, her producers have no airtime to give you.


    It is a dark time for the [REBELLION]. Although the [DEATH STAR] has been destroyed, [IMPERIAL] troops have driven the [REBEL FORCES] from their hidden base and pursued them across the [GALAXY].

    Evading the dreaded [IMPERIAL STARFLEET], a group of freedom fighters led by [LUKE SKYWALKER] has established a new secret [BASE] on the remote ice world of [HOTH].

    The evil lord [DARTH VADER], obsessed with finding young [SKYWALKER], has dispatched thousands of remote [PROBES] into [THE] far reaches of space?


    1. Nice try but obviously an imposter. Your sentences didn’t make my dyslexia destroy the rest of my brain.

      1. What about me? I’m at least as sleazy and sensationalist as Nancy!

      2. What about me? Am I not sleazy and sensationalist too?

        1. Were you parodied by Boston Legal?

  8. “Mr. Jimenez, you have taken Jay’s eye, his face is disfigured, you have damaged his arms, his legs and his stomach, his job is gone and his dream of being a police officer is gone.

    Sounds like if Mr. Jimenez used a more powerful caliber he would have done everybody a favor.

  9. Is it time to start feeling a little optimistic about some justice possibly being done? This is starting to look really bad for the pigs involved.

    1. Easy there. Let’s not get too excited; it will only lead to disappointment later.

    2. Watch out; you might make our cop-sucking troll retard go full retard, dude. Wait; it’s already full retard. Never mind.

      1. Never go full retard.

    3. It sounds more to me like the other five guys that happily murdered a man are content with blaming the one-eyed freak in the ranks because the teens getting loitering and cigarette smoking citations can’t take them seriously when they’ve got a partner missing an eye.

  10. The one-eyed officer has been transferred to the undercover gang unit, the caller said.

    It’s good to see that Fullerton has such exacting physical standards. In the land of the subserviant the one-eyed police officer is king.

    1. Given the “see no evil” attitude of other cops, I think the original saying is pretty workable as, I dunno, a headline or whatever.

    2. And you have to marvel at the idiocy of announcing that the one-eyed man has been transferred to undercover. Now if I’m selling crack on a corner in Fullerton, I might be a little more suspicious of anyone wearing an eyepatch.

  11. We’re releasing info like this so we can taint the jury pool. Rest Assured that these Officers will receive some therapy and sit in a lecture that will prevent anymore harm to citizens. We have also introduced a new law we want passed so that ordinary citizens cant view film or video of police brutality so they wont think negative of our union paying boys and girls in blue.

    1. Spoof imitates life.

    2. You can’t introduce a law to protect the cop until we know his last name. “One-Eyed Officer’s Law” just doesn’t have the same emotional impact as “Tommy’s Law.”

      1. Cyclops’ Law

  12. The one-eyed officer has been transferred to the undercover gang unit, the caller said.

    Friends for Fullerton’s Future has identified the one-eyed cop as Jay Cicinelli…

    Okay, so much for that “undercover” gang assignment…

    1. Okay, so much for that “undercover” gang assignment…

      Nahh……he’s still golden….. he’ll just dress like a one eyed circus clown instead of a one eyed pirate!

      1. Wait a minute! What if he was undercover to infiltrate a gang of police officers!

        I smell a cable series!

      2. Nah, the pirate has already been done to death.

    2. He should have waited a month or so to drop that little bomb. Let one-eye get “deep” into an assignment first. Save the taxpayer some money.

  13. A talk radio caller? I only trust reliable distorted-voice silhouettes on television.

    1. Stop grasping at me!

    2. Considering one of the officers was supposedly on paid leave following the incident, it might’ve been him calling in trying to pin it all on the guy with the most identifiable feature in order to save his own ass.

      Truth is, when one officer acts like this, if the other five aren’t acting to stop him, they’re fucking accomplices to the crime.

  14. OMG! They identified the officer who’s undercover!

    Can the police get any more asswardsback?

    Isnt there a “Policy” or ”
    Training” in place to prevent releasing the identity of undercover officers?

    He might be held acountable for his actions! /horror

  15. “Five of the six officers who took place in the beating”

    How does one take place in a beating? What does that even mean?

    1. “Five of the six officers who took place in the beating”

      Furious fingers and no editor I imagine. Probably was supposed to be: Five of the six officers who took part in the beating”

    2. Win / Place / Show. A five-way tie for second.

    3. I assume they had some kind of scoring system for the damage/pain done. Allegedly, one-eye got first place.

  16. Just another example of why it is really important that the lowly citizenry be allowed to videotape the police (and other government employees acting in their official capacities).

    1. I agree.

    2. yup. and why we should eb allowed to videotape as well. sunlight is the best disinfectant

      1. Unless the camera turns off. Or the wife of the accused cop is in charge of the camera and the camera “malfunctioned.” Or the video gets deleted from the phone. Isolated incidents, to be sure.

        1. derp derp derka derka

  17. Where is my previous post? I want confirmation that it is not a glitch but a censorious action. If that is the case, that is all it takes for me to walk away from a site forever. Your site but my choice. It was on the level of Ambrose Bierce sardonic and nothing more; if you read it as an advocacy for violence Riggs you are a fucking idiot.

    1. I have a previous post you can use. It’s probably not as good as your original though 😉

    2. Stop whining, you little puke.

    3. Leave already. Now.

    4. an advocacy for violence

      You mean like this?

      The Right Attitude|7.29.11 @ 8:20AM|#
      Whenever I open a paper and a cop somewhere has been shot, I cheer inside.
      When stuff happens like that shooting in Washington where a bunch of cops bought it at once, I cheer OUT LOUD. Golf claps for the shooter all around.

      varados|8.1.11 @ 5:21PM|#
      In a different age, and in a different part of the world, the individual policemen, their wives, children and assorted relatives would have been hacked to death, dismembered, and dragged to a promontory by this man’s family, where wolves and vultures would have performed a clean up. What a shame we don’t live in that age.

      Cheeseburger|8.1.11 @ 5:55PM|#
      Public hanging would be a good option. Then leave the bodies for the crows with a sign saying “New Professionalism”

      Anon|8.1.11 @ 11:06PM|#
      Can anyone get us the names and addresses (or just names, we can get the addresses ourselves) of these murderers? I think there are some people that would like to meet these upstanding members of society.

      m’Artagnan|8.1.11 @ 8:57PM|#
      I hope that upon conviction they too are beaten within inches of death.

      Todd Junker|8.2.11 @ 9:49AM|#
      Execute these thug pig cops NOW. Any police personnel or politician public servant whom betrays the sacred trust of We The People should be executed on national television with extreme prejudice.

      Restoras|8.2.11 @ 11:01AM|#
      This is an unbeleivable, unacceptable, inhuman outrage. The cops that did this went so far beyond the pale that their is no difference between them and any SS camp guard or einsatzgruppe. Eye for an eye – they should be beaten to death with their own flashlights.

      1. Any discussion concerning law enforcement is advocating violence.

        It’s kind of built into the products features.

      2. I see you pulled my quote out of context. The one you should have used is where I compared them to rabid dogs who should be put down for the safety of the community.

    5. I would blame the incompetence of the squirrels, long before any malevolence of the editorial staff.

      Sorry about you losing your post, though.

      1. Thanks, it was a short quip; no big whoop in terms of effort. I’d like to think the same of the editors, and they have only let me down on one occasion that I can recall. It’s only principle involved, and that is only everything.

        1. Pity the martyr.

  18. Did anyone else notice this gem on the website:


    They claim that the DA-appointed investigator is fishing buddies with the police chief. Wonder how often this happens?

    1. if this agency is like most, the police chief has as much in common with the guys who were at the scene as the CEO of GM has with an assembly line worker.

      they aren’t on the same team, and he’s likely a political appointee cop-o-crat.

      many, if not most chiefs would throw any officer under the bus to look good for the public imo. whether it’s warranted or not

      SPD chief diaz recently gave officers 2 and 3 week suspensions for SWEARING (omg) at some hardcore gangbangers who were uncooperative on a stop and threatened the officers.

      3 weeks. FOR SWEARING!

      that’s a political coward

      1. Sounds like they need to join the union.

      2. Seems appropriate to me. Public servants, example, etc. etc. Imagine if the clerk at WalMart swore at some gang-banging customers.

        I manage employees in a warehouse environment (many have criminal records or are work release) I don’t allow it either.

        I’m not one of these folks with an anti-cop hard-on, but your justice scale is not calibrated correctly when you apply it to police officers.

        As a former law enforcement officer, I have a much different perspective than someone that is still immersed in that culture.

        If you want to be put up on the pedestal you feel you deserve, you have to accept not only an average expectation of professionalism, but an enhanced one.

        1. utter rubbish.

  19. Not even to that level. I said if Jimenez used a higher caliber he would have done everyone a favor. Preemptive prevention of an innocent being murdered in other words.

    1. methinks you misposted…I have only seen one proven instance of removal of posts here and that was when we were all having a gay old time with the sheep fucker…he threated suit, reason picked battle, comments removed…we all remember that thread but dude will be a sheep fucker for life. Reason also explained why comments were removed.
      Warty took the blame, it was awesome.

      1. It was there. It was just before:

        Warty|8.2.11 @ 5:04PM|#

        Is it time to start feeling a little optimistic about some justice possibly being done? This is starting to look really bad for the pigs involved.

        I know it was because I get a warm tingly feeling when my post line up with Warty’s. I came back to check up updates after eating Supper, and it was gone. Either a glitch, or some editor took the initiative. I’d like a confirmation whether or not that is the case. If I’m not appreciated by the editors than I need to know if I’m wasting their time.

        1. huh…i have no idea. But I will take this opportunity to say Sheep Fucker one more time.

        2. If I’m not appreciated by the editors than I need to know if I’m wasting their time.

          Delusional much?

        3. Are you sure it wasn’t just there in preview? It’s pretty hard to get bounced around here unless you spoof the staff or make unsubstantiated claims about the sexual proclivities of aviation attorneys.

        4. I remember your post from earlier. You got editpwnd, dude.

      2. Reason also explained why comments were removed.

        Dude! Where do I find the Black Box for that thread?

        1. my reason search google foo is poor indeed. Maybe SF, or Warty can gin it up but I am not capable of finding it.

          1. A Note to Our Commenters

            Holy shit, that was almost a year ago. And I still feel bad about getting them sued.

            1. I Googled a certain combination of words involving said lawyer and had some results blocked. Here’s the cease & desist letter Google received.

              Starting on page 6 it becomes some of the most hilarious legal reading imaginable:

              The Volokh Blog then led to the publication of a second blog (attached as Ex. B)(filed under seal), appearing on a separate website with a headline directly accusing [some guy] of [gently caressing animals]. (Ex. B.) This second blogger states that he obtained the quote for the headline from a source who requested “anonymity.”

              1. Jesus Christ. What a petty little evil prick.

              2. More importantly, the legacy being created for Wolk’s family and loved ones is being horribly corrupted.

                You don’t say.

  20. I’ll give dunphy this – he is willing to engage with people (like us) who disagree with him strongly and are unlikely to be convinced by him. He also does it pretty well.

    If only he could see that he and his profession benefit from a double standard that is toxic. But, the beneficiaries of double standards are usually blind to them.

    1. I agree. There is no way a non-police officer could have done anything to effectively intervene in this situation. The person would be arrested or worse. If he tried physically to stop the beating by pulling the cops off the man, he’d be arrested, without question. To argue otherwise is absurd. If a group of people tried to intervene, the cops would claim the ‘mob’ rioted and the violence would only escalate; if he pulled out a gun and yelled that he’d be forced to defend the victim if the cops didn’t stop, he’d be threatening the police with a deadly weapon, and they’d be ‘justified’ in killing him.

      Imagine if a cop saw 5 or 6 men viciously beating an unarmed man. Do you think the cop would wait until the men no longer felt their lives were in danger, and then arrest the dying man? Of course the men doing the beating would be arrested. It would be for the courts to decide if they were justified in beating the guy to death. (Unless you believe the cop would simply take their names and then start an investigation).

      Sadly, the only recourse you’d have in a situation like this is throught the courts, after the fact. Attempting to intervene could be deadly.

      1. Putting the law aside…is it morally justified to use violence to stop 5 men who are beating to death another man?

        1. Yes

        2. If that’s a serious question, then yes.

        3. Yes. Especially yes, when it is obvious they are killing the one man. Initiating violence to prevent someone from being murdered doesn’t mean you have to kill the perpetrators.

        4. Morally justified? Yes.

          Practical? No. Especially when the 5 men are empowered by law to deliver beatings and death to the public with near-impunity.

        5. 5 men representing the state and with the authority to kill?

          Without question.

          1. But unless your name is V, good luck with that.

    2. Blue Privilege?

    3. Dunphy’s a decent enough dude. Plus, he’s a powerlifter, I think, which gets him some points.

      1. Didn’t he claim to do some producing in the music industry? That’s pretty cool.

        But, he’s a cop, so we have to give him shit. Those are the rules.

        1. i accept it. “it’s a fair cop”

      2. actually, i am working on getting a really high “Supertotal” which is a combined weightlifting AND powerlifting meet in one day, encompassing all 5 events of both sports. I have done one Supertotal, and also did a strongman event at that meet, but i need to get my total up.

        and of course i only PLift (when I plift) RAW. i fucking hate squat suits and all that shit

        1. dunphy’s cool in my book.

          I don’t think he’s a knee-jerk apologist like some people claim.

    4. i’ve never denied there aren’t double standards. i have said they work both ways. often they work AGAINST cops, but those are never acknowledged.

  21. The lesson is clear: we must repeal ObamaCare.

    1. As long as we work our way back to Smoot-Hawley, I’m on board.

  22. I don’t know what happened. All I remember is, it was light, it was dark, it was light, it was dark, it was light.

  23. The Jerry Springer Show used to be my favorite, but now I can’t get enough of H&R.

    Trolls, trannies, bed-wetters, anarchists, cop haters…it’s the train wreck that keeps on giving!

    1. I realize Kelly Thomas’ face looks like it was hit by a train, but he was actually beaten to death by the police… oh wait… you didn’t mean that literally.

    2. I’m not qualified to judge. Scream 3 times “STEVE SMITH RAPE WORLD!!” in a crowded elevator as contrition.

    3. I don’t recall any bed-wetters.

      1. Doesn’t Tony count for anything around here?

        1. You’re right, I missed that.

          Looks like it was a factual statement after all.

  24. “Mr. Jimenez, you have taken Jay’s eye, his face is disfigured, you have damaged his arms, his legs and his stomach, his job is gone and his dream of being a police officer is gone.”

    If only.

    1. ” Criminal fails to stop cops from beating to death innocent homeless man ”

      Our last hope has deserted us…..

  25. So did they get their awards yet?

    1. Yes, they’re back on the job, free, going to restaurants, seeing their kids and breathing air outside of prison.

  26. Good News Everyone!

    Fullerton has Curb Appeal!

  27. The Kelly Thomas story is stomach-churning, for sure, but this report just repeats unsubstantiated claims by an anonymous source. It’s a bit below the standards of what I expect from this site.

    1. And it lets the readers know that the claims are from an anonymous source. Would it hold up in court? No. Is it worth reporting? Yes.

      1. I heard from a guy in a bar that Muslims did it.

  28. Kudos to the cop who phoned it in.

  29. If this source is legitimate, and my gut says he is, then I certainly hope he has conveyed all this same information to the FBI. Unfortunately, until he sacks up and speaks out without hiding his identity, it is just an unsubstantiated rumor, and for all we know it’s altogether fabricated.

    1. He’d probably get fired for divulging inside details of an ongoing investigation, and there wouldn’t be much of a point to it. Hopefully, if he’s real, he has spoken to the FBI, but the appropriate place for him to speak publicly and non-anonymously is on the witness stand.

  30. So I guess the lesson here is that if you get stopped in Fullerton by a cop, especially a one-eyed one, quicky draw and fire.

  31. I can’t help but think that this was really the tragic collision of two people with mental illness.

    The victim was schizophrenic, may have had trouble complying with instruction, may have even resisted or provoked a bad encounter. HAd he been on his meds, he may never have had a problem with the cops.

    The one-eyed cop sounds like he has Traumatic Brain Injury. TBI can change someone’s empathy, even make them more violent. The real scandal may be the loosening of the psych standards to get him another job.

    1. What about the other 4-5 cops?

      1. They got secondhand brain damage from being around Officer Benedict.

        1. There’s a pretty good chance this cop has PTSD even if he doesn’t have TBI. It’s a possibility that’s crossed my mind, too, Abdul.

          1. PTSD from getting shot in the eyeball, I mean.

  32. Kind of makes you weep, doesn’t it? You think you’ll intervene, stop the fucking pigs in their tracks, and save the victim, but there won’t be any noble crowds heading for the county jail to pursue justice and break you out, and there won’t be a courageous official anywhere pushing for your release, or an inspiring news story. None of it. You’ll just get a death sentence for saving a man from murder.

    What sad, pathetic, subservient little pussies we’ve all become, and I’m included in that, because I don’t know if I’d be able to do it — I have a life, I fear death, and I value whatever freedom I have left.

    So what is there to do?

    1. Masterbate

      1. Learn to spell.

  33. Christ, am I on a libertarian website or revleft? You sound like a bunch of butthurt 15 year olds.

    Boo fucking who, the cops killed some worthless piece of trash that had been busy violating other people’s property rights. GUESS THE NUMBER OF FUCKS I GIVE.

    World’s a better place, the streets are a bit cleaner. Deal with it.

    1. You’re on neither. Keep searching, you’ll find it.

      1. Pretty sure it’s a libertarian site.

        1. Anarchist site with the few remaining libertarians still here out of habit.

    2. How do you even know he was violating anyone’s property rights? Everyone the police questions is guilty?

      Even if he had been, is the penalty for such summary execution by severe beating? You see no Constitutional problems here?

    3. Which “libertarian” sites have you visited where unarmed homeless people have no right to trial by jury, and should thus be clubbed to death by the State? I sure hope you’re trolling/spoofing.

    4. “Boo fucking who, the cops killed some worthless piece of trash that had been busy violating other people’s property rights. GUESS THE NUMBER OF FUCKS I GIVE.

      World’s a better place, the streets are a bit cleaner. Deal with it.”

      You tell ’em, Officer Sensitive!

  34. Thanks for the support!

  35. I don’t see how you can fault the cyclops cop in this. With his lack of depth perception he probably thought the curb was 3 feet behind the guy’s head and he was just waving the baton a foot in front of his face, not hitting him.

  36. Glad to see that Nothing Else Happened?.

    Please carry on.

    1. That doesn’t even make sense.

  37. Cycop’s depth perception was probably bad. He didn’t really mean to hit him THAT hard.

  38. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a one-eyed gang banger in Fullerton this week!

  39. Maybe these cops were Libertarians defending private property.

    “Cops must be unleashed, and allowed to administer instant punishment ? unleash the cops to clear the streets of bums and vagrants. Where will they go? Who cares?”

    ~Murray Rothbard
    American author and economist of the Austrian School who helped define modern Libertarianism

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