Big Egg Gets in Bed with the Humane Society, Invites Congress for a Threesome


dixie chick

When big business and the big advocacy groups that are supposed to be keeping an eye on them get together and scheme about how to get big government to go along with their plans, be wary.

Last week, the Humane Society of the United States got chummy with United Egg Producers and hammered out an agreement on proposed federal standards for hen housing. The onetime enemies will push for the standards together on the Hill. It's not quite lions and lambs laying down together, but it's pretty darn close. So what's going on?

The environmental website Grist smells a rat (my god, this post is becoming a regular Noah's ark), and not just because the standards will phase in over 18 years. 

As the folks at Big Egg admit, complying with the existing (and increasingly diverse) patchwork of state regulations is annoying and expensive. The goal of the new proposed rules is preemption. The feds will have the final say on chicken conditions, and states or localities won't be able to up the ante. Thus the surprise defense of states' rights smack in the middle of an article about chicken cages:

We learn about what works by experimenting at the state level. That's why states are called laboratories of democracy. Are enriched cages the best method, or might cage-free be better? What about the food safety implications: Do enriched cages reduce risk of bacterial infection such as salmonella? (Remember last year's recall of half a billion eggs?) What about the potential economic impact on small and medium size farmers? These sorts of questions are often better answered at the local level before making national policy decisions. But now, that opportunity has been taken away, maybe forever.

In the end, though, Grist can't resist and winds up pitying the poor, defenseless Humane Society of the United States, writing that because of a "political system that is so heavily tilted in favor of economic interests that groups like HSUS are put in a position where they have to make such huge concessions to see change happen." 

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  1. So one of those egg council creeps got to you too, huh?

    1. "You know, Smithers, eggs have gotten a bad rap recently."

  2. What? Our fifteen minutes is up already?


    1. I lol'ed out loud.

  3. BIG EGG gets tax breaks we little people don't get! Corporate jets! Republicans! BLARGH!

    1. your handle is extremely fitting. What tax breaks are you referring to? Can't think of one that is special for egg producers.

  4. With the possible exception of PETA, HSUS are the biggest collection of worthless cunts in the known universe.

    1. *aHEM*

      1. What Feministing said!

        1. Yoo hoo!

    2. I'd almost say they're worse than PETA, if only because they don't have nearly the same profile, so people don't automatically dismiss HSUS like they should...

      Also, fuck you NOW, Feministing, etc.

  5. I would find it funnier if the Big Green Egg people had gotten in bed with HSUS. Critter - it's what's for dinner.

  6. So if I'm a free range, pastured egg producer, (and I am) does this mean that all my eggs will have to be confined in HSUS approved cages within 18 years?

    1. I miss our free range eggs...don't miss the chickens (stupid things) but the eggs were awesome. Our chicken eggs make the XXL eggs look like a quail laid them. We had ducks too and those eggs are the bomb for baking.

    2. A maximum standard was not mentioned. So far this just means that HSUS will certify each UEP shit-covered, drugged, beakless freak as humanely treated. You small producers must be scaring the UEP.

      1. Virginia - you are so full of crap.

  7. You can't make an omelette without making eggs. If the government wants to promote good hen housing, it needs to shell out the money. The bill has the support of Senator Hatch. This bill is no yoke. This is your government regulating the egg industry, any questions?

    1. PS - what's the difference between an egg and certain people who post on Hit and Run?

      1. Uhh, eggs aren't so RAAAAACIIIIST!!1!

        1. Then why do eggs have whites but not blacks? Methinks the chickens have come home to roost.

  8. United Egg Producers has 90 percent of the market. They obviously are gunning for that last 10 percent.

  9. Remember last year's recall of half a billion eggs?

    No. Is it too late for me to PANIC!!11oneone?

  10. Blargh states rights.... Chicken slavery blargh!!!!!

  11. Herp derp states rights.... Chicken slavery. Herp Derp

  12. So now all UEP chickens and eggs will come with a Humane Society seal of approval? Possibly a strong case study in brand destruction.

  13. When I read shit like this I start thinking maybe I really should start my own flock. Not that hard to do, they eat damn near anything, and if you don't have a rooster (most urban chikkens don't need one), your neighbors won't even know you have 'em.

    1. WE lyk Chik-fil-A! Do itt!!11!

    2. (most urban chikkens don't need one)

      They wear comfortable shoes and drive Subarus?

  14. HSUS is not a real humane society at all, but a front group of PETA which is trying to destroy the meat industry altogether. (See, which has been watching them for decades.) They won't quit until all meat production has been regulated to death. Let's not publicize their crocodile tears as straight news, OK?

    1. What, then, is a real humane society? Let's see, HSUS is a front group for PETA, which is in turn a front for ALF...

      1. You one of them bunny-huggin' terrorists?

        "Animal rights" groups are wholly anti-liberty.

  15. Right, KM-W, because chickens are just like wooden blocks, incapable of feeling pain, and any effort to alleviate their suffering is just dumb.

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