Because You Can Never Have Too Much Criticism of the War on Drugs


Because the war on drugs (or Nixon's war on drugs, or a couple of speeches about drugs that Nixon gave) will only have one ruby anniversary, here is a roundup of additional commentary, courtesy of the Drug Policy Alliance's Tony Newman:

Ethan Nadelmann in The Nation: The Forty-Year Quagmire: An Exit Strategy for the War on Drugs

Maia Szalavitz in TimeTop 10 Unhealthy Side Effects of the War on Drugs

Clarence Page in the Chicago TribuneDump the War on Drugs

Leonard Pitts Jr. in The Miami HeraldTime to End the Drug 'War' 

Syndicated columnist Neal Peirce: Nixon's Drug War: Obama's 'Change'?

Tim Padgett in Time: Four Decades Later, It's Time to Scrap the Dead-End Drug War

Melissa Bell in The Washington Post: War on Drugs: 40 Years Later and No End in Sight

Daniel Abrahamson in the San Jose Mercury-NewsThe Failed War on Drugs Is What's Packing California's Prisons

Stephen Gutwillig in the Los Angeles Daily News: America Needs Strategy to Exit Its Longest War

Emily Kaltenbach in the Albuquerque JournalFour-Decade War on Drugs Has Failed Us in Every Way

Joel Dreyfuss in The RootIt's Official After 40 Years: War on Drugs Is a Bust!

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