Budget Deficit

L.A. Rabbit Ears Alert: Tim Cavanaugh on Fox 11 News at 10:00 PM (Pacific)


Tim Cavanaugh

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh talks about California's budget breakdown tonight on local Fox TV news KTTV. 

Topic: Gov. Jerry Brown is pulling out every stop to get a budget passed tomorrow and deal with the Golden State's Category 5 fiscal catastrophe. He has failed to bring a single Republican in to vote for his budget proposal, but claims to have a plan that can be passed by Democrats alone.

Will it contain new taxes? Only if you consider taxes to be money that citizens are required to pay to the government for public purposes. 

Will it contain any of the "gimmicks" Brown denounced during last year's campaign and after his election? No, just a bunch of accounting tricks, one-time fees and taxes, and some very odd shenanigans involving general obligation bonds. 

Is it worth a plummeting business climate, and exodus of skilled workers and an anemic level of state GDP growth just to keep the state's public-worker aristocracy in its accustomed style? Why even ask? 

Time: 10 pm Pacific. (Or shortly thereafter.) 

Place: Fox 11 News KTTV. (Channel 11 on your local dial.)

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  1. As horrible as it is, I love that the Democrats can do whatever they want now, thus being forced to bear the full blame when this thing blows up in their face. Reality is a bitch, but they still refuse to learn.

    1. The kulak wreckers and hoarders always get the blame.


      On a national level, see also the 111th Congress: Democratic control of both House and Senate plus a Democrat President didn’t stop people from blaming those evil Republicans for everything.

      Not saying that the Republicans aren’t quite frequently evil, mind you, but there’s this denial amongst Democratic supporters that I’ve frequently come across on the shitty policies of their own team–the poker crackdown immediately coming to my mind. Seems to be the most frequent with what would generally be considered “socially conservative” policies.

  2. Did any Angelinos (Angels? Angelinites? Angelinitos? Morons?) catch it? Did the prison union get discussed?

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    1. Cheeky bloke!

  4. No, just a bunch of accounting tricks, one-time fees and taxes, and some very odd shenanigans involving general obligation bonds.

  5. California can’t even get the lottery right. My cousin sent my Father a bunch of instant lottery tickets. My old man spent 1/2 an hour on one ticket. The object is to get people to go through as many tickets as possible in as short a period of time and still hold their interest.


  6. I liked the other publicity shot more. It has kind of a Damon Runyon vibe.

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