These Are the Charges That Require the Department of Education to Send a Dozen Armed Agents to Kick Through Your Front Door


So what exactly were the suspected crimes that required the Department of Education to send a dozen or so armed men to execute a search warrant at 6 a.m. on the house of a man who was handcuffed for several hours in front of his three bawling pre-teen kids even though the target of the raid was allegedly his estranged wife who no longer lived there? Now we have a partial search warrant to tell us: Financial Aid Fraud, Conspiracy, Theft of Government Funds, False Statement to Government Agency, Wire Fraud. While some of those charges are classic prosecutorial multipliers, it seems likely given this list of DoE Inspector General activities that the underlying charge will be more elaborate than mere trying to weasel out of loan payments.

Then again, take a good long look at that list of DoE prosecutions, and ask yourself, "Which of these crimes would require a dozen armed men barging down the door of a house where three young kids live?" Here's how one of Kenneth Wright's neighbors described the scene in Stockton:

"They surrounded the house; it was like a task force or S.W.A.T team," across the street neighbor Becky said. "They all had guns. They dragged him out in his boxer shorts, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him." […]

Her young daughter, Valerie, said she counted 13 agents and one Stockton police officer outside Wright's home.

"I felt really bad for those kids," said Becky about agents when they brought out Wright's three children. "They were crying really loud."

The trauma and property damage are plenty bad enough, but of course the real problem with militarized raids to execute search warrants for nonviolent crimes is that they're dangerous, to everyone involved.

And for those asking "What the heck is the Department of Education doing executing search warrants," the better question is: How many of the 30 or so presidentially appointed inspectors general in the federal government actively take advantage of the full police power they were granted by the Homeland Security Act of 2002? By law, the Deptartment of Labor, the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the Tennessee Valley Authority and two dozen other federal agencies with OIGs can send a dozen armed agents to kick down your door. We are truly living in Radley Balko's world:

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  1. General FYI — nice summary of recent cases here, some are kick-in-nuts, some surprisingly good decisions.


  2. You can’t take chances with them Amish.

    1. Trot-by shootings are rife in Pennsylvania these days.

  3. Nobody’s going to push around the Export-Import Bank any more!

  4. We’d like to comment but we’re all dead.

    1. Janet Reno, civil-rights heroine.

      1. Right. She herself said that she took “full responsibility” for what happened at Waco. That made it all better.

        1. I have absolutely no interest in ever again hearing a politician or bureaucrat claim to take “responsibility” for anything. They’ve ruined a perfectly good word.

          1. Usually, a politician claiming he or she is “taking full responsibility” is usually followed by “now let’s move on” which shortly thereafter is followed by “getting back to the work of the American people”.

            1. How else will they “get important things accomplished?”

              1. Let me get back to my internet porn. I look good on my government laptop.

        2. Didn’t lose her job, didn’t cough up any money, but yeah, she said she took full responsibility for what happened.


  5. the real problem with militarized raids to execute search warrants for nonviolent crimes is that they’re dangerous, to everyone involved.

    We’re unapologetic, Mr. Welch. The crimes are more dangerous.

    1. you’re splitting hairs…raids can be justified on so many different levels.

      1. Legal teams are churning out volumes of justifications.

    2. Funny they never seem to be dangerous to the cops.

      1. Balko has documented numerous cases in which the cops have shot each other.

        1. So there are a few good cops.

          1. +1

  6. 14 cops involved, not 15 mentioned yesteday, which changes my math to up to 4.83% of cops MAY be good cops.

    1. Just a quick question on your calculations…. are you assuming the missing 15th cop doesn’t exist, is a good cop, or is a non-bad cop?

    2. was the cop outside making sure no one was taking video of the raid…

  7. Still waiting for the final draft of this breaking story.

    1. We’re working on it.

      1. Sorry. Can’t wait.

      2. Well we have to dock you a grade for it being late.

    2. How about if you wait until then to comment on it?

      1. I will if you will.

        1. Ooh. Good one.

        2. I’ll show you mine if you show me…well, I’ll show you mine.

          1. Don’t forget us!

  8. At first the man with the machine guns scared me but I was relieved after he told me that he was sending me to Cuba.

    1. The only reason you’re literate enough to relay your feelings with the written word.

  9. If that doesnt scream “Police State” I dont know what does. Scary dude.


      1. Don’t taunt Skynet.

        1. Skynet will consume all.

  10. In addition to the property damage, trauma to children involved, dead dogs, and so forth, you also have the massive inconvenience of losing your computer. How many of you need your PC in your daily life? You can bet that these goons know that all the time you spend getting your stuff back is time not spent trying to take down the police state. Even if you are not charged with a crime and told you are free to go, you still lose.

    1. it’s all online, man. just don’t take my community college ID.

    2. Apple’s new iCloud changes all of this. Plus most people keep all of their secret data on Facebook.

    3. Please, children are more traumatized by liberal teachers (including those female child molesters) than by anything that SWAT team did.

      In fact, I think the SWAT taught those kids a lesson about what happens when you don’t respect the law.

      Traumatized? LOL. People are a bunch of pussies nowadays, google “Tyler Clementi” if you don’t believe me. “OMG, I was filmed having sex. Now I must jump the GW bridge. Sorry.”

      I’ve seen Full Metal Jacket, back then even Private Pyle had bigger cojones than all those men with inner-vajajays.

      1. Of course, because we don’t have any problems in this country with black men and fatherhood. Good job, showing these girls just how highly the authorities think of their father, the person who is supposed to provide for them and protect them.

      2. What the fuck???

        Is this a spoof?

      3. I’ve seen Full Metal Jacket

        WOOHOO! He’s a kultured man!

        Did you enjoy it as much as the 23rd time you saw Brokeback Mountain?

      4. Jesus, Greg, if you don’t want people calling you a Nazi you shouldn’t post comments that make you sound like one.

  11. You know, all that boring, clasroom-based training that the OIGs “task forces” get can only go so far.

    To really get a feel for it, you need “in-the-field” training, with live rounds.

    And this training was excellent! What better way to hone that hard-edged thuggery than to traumatize young children! Now they are ready to go!

    I, for one, feel much safer knowing that these guys now have the mental tools to keep me safe.

  12. Accidents happen. Documents get destroyed. Women get shot. You want perfection?

  13. Since this is a federal crime, why isn’t the FBI in charge of serving the warrants?

    1. Are you kidding? Someone could get hurt.

  14. I do hope that Special Agent Howard Nance and Judge Geoffrey Hollows experience a SWAT raid on their homes some day. (When their children are away at camp.)

  15. I call on the SWAT Czar to look into which agencies are underutilizing their tactical policing powers. Those agencies not deploying enough SWAT teams should have their doors kicked in.

    1. You get your SWAT czar after I become the Porno Czar.

  16. “Theft of Government Funds”.

    The irony.

    1. Very nice.

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    1. I think you need to talk to HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN.

    2. Needs more [brackets] champ.

  18. I’m not too knowledgeable about search warrants, but this one appears to simply authorize the search of the house. It doesn’t specify no-knock or SWAT team. Can either or both be used in service of ANY search warrant? I had a very remotely reassuring sense that those types of raids required a more specific warrant. That appears to not be the case. So is it just up to the Special Agent, police chief, or whoever to determine tactics?

    1. I don’t think SWAT or forcible entry requires special permission. No-knock does, but IIRC courts have held there is no requirement for how long they have to wait for an answer. The 5 seconds of police pounding on the door before kicking it in would qualify.

    2. I was under the impression that it required Congressional authorization to engage in an aggressive war. But now I realize there is only rule in the U.S. right now: do what thou will, if you can get away with it.

    3. generally speaking, yes. a judge is the only person who can issue a warrant. that authorizes (technically, it arguably DEMANDS) the cops to enter or search.

      however, ANY force used – whether pursuant to a warrant or not must meet the 4th amendment standard of reasonableness

      using force is almost always a “seizure” (e.g. pointing a gun at someone is a seizure under case law) and thus must be REASONABLE

    4. They DID knock and announce – that’s why the husband looked out his bedroom window! I swear, there’s so many people who seem to be purposely uninformed on this topic…..

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    1. Of course, as soon as I get rid of my Gibberish-English dictionary I’m going to have a use for it. Figures.

    2. You are not well. Visit a hospital.

    3. I’m pretty sure these are the lyrics to a System of a Down song.

    4. Another happy mongoloid!

    5. Thank you, Mr. Vice-President.

  20. Wait. The fucking Tennessee Valley Authority has a SWAT team? What the fucking fuckshit.

    1. If there is ever a “Department of Kittens”, it will probably have a SWAT team.

      (I mean, if your department doesn’t have a SWAT team, you’re just not Law Enforcement Officers, are you?)

      1. Except, the Dept. Of Kittens (DoK) will be in charge of executing re-education camp failures (those camps are run by the Dept. Of Apple Pie). What could the the DoK honestly need a SWAT team for?

        1. “What could the the DoK honestly need a SWAT team for?”

          Dude, when you eventually run out of dogs you have to shoot at something.

          1. The main focus of DoK SWAT use would naturallyve shooting dogs

            1. All along we’ve assumed it was just a disregard for the life of the dog, but really it’s a coordinated effort to eradicate the canine menace. Fuck.

        2. If you don’t give that kitten a cheezburger, you’re asking for a SWAT team to bust down your door, pummel you until you are no longer recognizable, violate your wife, molest your children, and shoot your dog… but your cat will get his damned cheezburger!

    2. Well, at least the authority to have one. Because those goddamned electrons won’t go into the wires peacefully sometimes.

    3. The internet has everything: TVA OIG semi-annual report (pdf), investigations on page 35.

      Looks like a bunch of fraud, stolen credit cards and tools, bad safety reporting and one case the involves GUNS!!! (shooting at power line). Those near-do-wells were captured.

  21. Sure, if the DoE needs a SWAT team to collect deliquent student loans, why wouldn’t the TVA need one to collect delinquent electric bills?

    1. delinquent electric bills

      Talk about wire fraud!

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      1. Hey Warty, I just picked up a stray kitten (calico) a week or so ago and am considering naming it Warty in your honor. I just hope the little fucker does not have the pox.

        1. Calicos are mostly lunatics. Enjoy the crazy little girl.

          1. We have a calico barn cat.

            She is a murder machine when it comes to the mice, rats, birds and gartersnakes around our barn.

    3. Please put on your tinfoil hat and tune to channel 37 for further instructions.

    4. If this had a link, I would be convinced that skynet needs a reboot

  23. Everything that Nixon did to him illegally is now legal.

    1. I aim to keep it that way for “National Security.”

  24. So in other words it’s exactly what I said it was.

    She didn’t pay her loans, and they think she either lied on her application, or took out the money and found a way to not give it to the school.

    There’s no identity theft charge listed, so it can’t be some kind of organized ring stealing identities to apply for huge numbers of loans. It has to be her own loans.

    How using a SWAT team for this is in any way measurably better than using it to pursue a delinquent loan is beyond me.

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  26. Wait. The fucking Tennessee Valley Authority has a SWAT team?

    You’d better keep that Honda generator under cover, you dirty crook.

  27. How using a SWAT team for this is in any way measurably better than using it to pursue a delinquent loan is beyond me.

    1. Wow, someone just said that above. In regular font.

      1. It needed emphasis.

        1. HTML show-off.

  28. I work for an OIG (beancounter side though). The criminal investigators I’ve come across ranged from the very good, dedicated, and very conscious of constitutional rights types to the stereotypical jackbooted thugs to those who would only be a danger to a jelly doughnut. Wish I could say that there were more of the first type than the latter two…

    The OIGs do play an important role to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse (in my 10 years, I’ve identified about $100 million in spending cuts – granted, I’m sure the government spent that money on something just as useless…). But there is no reason they should be using SWAT tactics…

    1. in my 10 years, I’ve identified about $100 million in spending cuts – granted, I’m sure the government spent that money on something just as useless…).

      Hows life on the treadmill?

      1. Hate being a government stooge, but the way I see it, better for me to be there ranting and raving about wasteful spending than some big-government statist who wouldn’t question the expenditures. Don’t know how much longer I can take it though…

        1. i pheel your pain, brotha!

  29. Crap. Even the fucking Fisheries Service has a LEO and it’s been under scrutiny lately.


    May 17, 2011

    U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced today that $649,527 in fisheries enforcement penalties will be returned to 11 individuals or businesses after an independent review of their cases concluded the NOAA enforcement program had in some instances “overstepped the bounds of propriety and fairness.”

    1. Hell, in FL the game wardens are the only policing body that can arrest you ashore or afloat. I love seeing the Fish & Wildlife guys driving around in full-sized truck with a four-wheeler in the bed, towing a boat. All with the DFW branding. Those guys have $100k worth of gear right there.

      1. And since many of the penalties for poaching involve forfeiture of the instrumentalities: guns, boats, cabins/land if it’s an ongoing criminal enterprise—it’s not hard to see why they’re so lavishly equipped.

    2. The shock is that they even admit that there are “bounds of propriety and fairness.”

      1. You don’t want to know what they did to those cofiscated fish.

        1. They probably put them right back in the water. “Be free, little fishies! Be free!”

  30. Wait. The fucking Tennessee Valley Authority has a SWAT team? What the fucking fuckshit.
    You’ve just covered the treatment for the next Steven Seagal movie.

  31. Nice song. 🙂

  32. Actually, the number of OIG’s is SEVENTY-THREE!

  33. Check my blog entry on the growing police state here: http://richardkimmell.wordpres…..ice-state/

  34. “Theft of Government Funds”? They can level these charges with a straight face post TARP, AARA, etc etc?

  35. this warrant was fucking obscene. not surprising it was a federal piece o shit warrant. that stockton officer should hang his head in shame for helping

  36. Why in the world is the OIG doing a criminal investigation? DOE has absolutely no authority to actually do anything even if they find out a crime was committed. What is the OIG going to do, write an audit report saying how bad that person is? Only DOJ can prosecute. They’ll have to refer it to DOJ, and when DOJ finds out that they f’ed up the investigation they person will get off and/or it will take lots more resources to get it right.

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