Reason-Rupe Poll: Only 17% Approve of Congress' Performance; 58% Think We'd Be The Same or Better if it Met Every Other Year


Some new analysis from the first Reason Foundation-Rupe poll, which was conducted March 24 through April 9 with 1,200 Americans nationwide:

When asked how respondents would rate Congress' job performance, approval barely reached 17%. 18% say they neither approve nor disapprove, and a resounding 61% say they disapprove of Congress' performance….

When asked if respondents believed they would be better off, worse off, or no different if Congress were in session every other year, the most common response at 42% was no different. 36% of Americans thought they would be worse off and 16% said they would be better off. This also indicates that if Congress were to meet every other year, 58% believe there would be no difference or that the country would be better off.

For extensive analysis and complete writeups, go here now. These polls will be released on a quarterly basis and will explore attitudes about government and public policy. For an overview of the project with polling director Emily Ekins, click below.