Racial Politicking in California Takes Hilarious Turn


Here's California congressional candidate (and Michael Eisner favorite!) Dan Adler playing the race card to great comedic effect: 

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  1. Is that… real?

  2. What’s a mensch? Ancient Chinese secret.

    1. We use Calgon!

  3. I can’t watch the video. Description please.

    1. Race hustling.

      1. LOL-inducing race hustling.

        1. How about a better description, you lazy bastards?

          1. Friendly race hustling (the good kind!) by seemingly affable but weird looking, Korean loving Jewish guy with no other apparent qualifications or recommendations for office. Medicare.

            1. Shit…reading that saved me 24 seconds…thanks hater!

          2. Has hot, Asian wife, who sucky-sucky, love him long time. And, he got ever’y’ting for only 10 dollar!

            1. 10 dorrar*

              1. Yes, solly.

    2. Stan Adler is talking to tattooed long-haired asain while standing in doorway of dry cleaner. Heavily accented korean woman says “medicale” is an issue for her, and by the way, “I kolean.”

      Adler says he’s jewish, but his wife’s korean, and the old Harobojee tells him that minorities should stick together.

      They go off to eat fried chicken and watermelon while picking a banjo.

      Only one of those things is made up.

      1. Halmonee (sp?). That’s grandma. Harobojee is a grandpa.

        Maybe he is going for all the marbles and capturing the asian transgender demographic?

  4. Remind me again why politicians are forced to pay for crappy TV ads when they could just bribe voters with cool cash? So much more efficient. The local TV station is laughing hardest at this.

  5. But Rudy endorses him!

    1. The Notre Dame guy? He’s in politics?

      1. You watched that?


        1. Watched what?

          1. Your denials are transparent to me. You know what else I know you watched? Toy Soldiers. Don’t even try to deny it.

            1. Wrong again, Episiarch. There is not limit to the crap I have not watched. That you, apparently, have.

              1. No limit! Fuck!

                1. Keep flailing, ProL. Keep flailing. The fact that you would pretend to not have watched everything that Wil Wheaton was in is laughable.

                  1. That may be true, for I did see Stand by Me and most of ST:TNG. That’s his acting career in toto, isn’t it?

                    1. Pretty much.

                    2. Dude, I don’t want to hear trash talking about Stand By Me.

                    3. I like the film. It was made during Reiner’s “good” period.

                    4. Wheaton’s also been in The Big Bang at least once. Played himself. Did a pretty good job.

      2. It’s either him, or that hobbit. Can’t tell.

        1. Or maybe that Rudy Falls in Tennessee?

    1. That one was better! It’s always better when one gets shit done!

      1. Not to stereotype but by the looks of that one guy’s banana hammock, I’d say “it’s true, it’s true.”

        Or he might just have Webster shoved down his briefs.

  6. “My wife’s Korean… you’re Asian… huh, huh, yeah vote for me.”

    1. They all look alike…

    2. This, unfortunately, is how politics actually work in Hawaii.

      Though usually the racism is less blatant. Usually.

  7. Anyone know Korean here? At the 21 second mark, is there some more subtle demographic signaling going on with that guy’s tattoo?

    1. It’s a kimchee recipe. Not a very good one, by the looks of it.

  8. I don’t know if he represents jews or asians, but he’s got the creepy goofball demographic sewn up.

  9. I live in rural east TN. Ethnic minorities are either Mexicans or Yankees. Religious minorities are non-Baptists. Seriously, what’s a mench?

    1. What a mechanic with a cleft palate buys from the Snap-On truck.

    2. It’s a mensch. Sort of like, but not quite the same as a lonsman.

  10. A Mensch is a good, upstanding person.

  11. Is that Korean or Hebrew?

    1. It’s Yiddish. From the German word for human.

  12. Well if John Ratzenberger* of Cheers is supporting him how could Adler be a bad guy?

    *He’s the bearded white male behind the spicette and next to the chink in the second row.

    1. Eh, whatdya think, there Sammy?

  13. But one is racist for suspecting that BO is the affirmative action Columbia and / or harvard admittee.

    Yet, Obama promised that his administration would be the most open and transparent in the history of the presidency. Keep in mind, we still have not seen the transcripts, the applications or the letters of admittance or the thoughts and notes of the admissions flunkies at Occidental, Columbia and harvard.

    How about Obama’s essays in connection with the admission process? Let’s trot them out. How about the blue books? Some of those profs must have kept copies. Wouldn’t you love to read what the young Obama wrote?

    IMO, far too much energy has been expended upon bashing birthers in stead of holding obama accountable. Too many people here think that which the birthers did is far more worthy of contempt than Obama’s failure to abide by his promises to be the most open and transparent of presidenccies.

    I note that Obama did not qualify his promises. They were absolute statements. He did not asseverate that he would not release records that pertained to his academic record or prior professional activities.

    Here is a guy who aspired to be the chief executive officer of a Papers Please Society. Here is a guy who has not hesitated to invade the privacy of hundreds of millions of people.

    Any democrat or republican party politician who seeks office should understand that all of your transcropts, birth certificates, essays, blue book exams, admission applications and the like are fair game.

    Perspective. More time devoted to examining, probing, harassing and shaming politicians, less time devoted to bashing those who are doing such examining, probing, harassing and shaming.

    1. Troll fails at trolling. Time to double up on the meds.

    2. Fucking put it in a godamned book, not as a comment jackhole. Fucking fucks and the fuckers that fuck them.

  14. WTF?

    What did that lady say at the end?

    1. I’ve seen that actress before, her English is California-standard. She’s PUTTING ON THE ACCENT!

  15. I love this. I’m married to a Korean too. I didn’t realize it was some sort of racial get out of jail card though.

    Makes putting up with her hard headed Korean-ness all of these years.

    1. See? Now, when you’re in the doghouse, all you need to do is to provide a card with the video’s URL and say “Sorry, but I married a Korean.” and walk away.

    2. if I had known this, I wouldn’t have married a half-Finnish, half-Irish woman. It’s the Arctic cold mixed with red-blooded temper.

  16. I’m assuming this a joke, but it is an excellent example of how racist your average Californian is. Minorities are great, but NIMBY. Did he have to meet the Asians in a laundry?

    1. It was either that or a carry-out restaurant. Seriously, that was pretty darn funny. The Get Shit Done ones…less so as the obviously were made specifically for the internet only shock value.

  17. Fucking horrible!

  18. Thanks for posting the video – it wasn’t particularly interesting, but the next video in the youtube sequence was a completely different (I presume) Dan Adler playing a great version of All Blues in some Italian restaurant in NYC.

  19. Advisor #1: “Look, we need the Asian vote to win in this district. How can we point out that Dan’s married to a Korean woman so that the Asians will be more comfortable voting for him without asking about his record?”

    Advisor #2: “What if we write a stiltingly contrived conversation in a dry cleaners shop and let the oriental lady bring it up?!!!?!!? Then he can answer and point out that he’s also jewish!”

    Advisor #1: “Man, that’s brilliant! But… Oriental? That’s racist! We’re open-minded Democrats, so you’ll need to watch your language better from now on. No more racism in this campaign, OK? Racism is only something Rethuglicans and Liberdopians do.”

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