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Tea Party Darling Allen West Ditches ObamaCare Repeal (Sort of)


West Palm Tea Party strategists in the Gunshine State surely choked on their Arnold Palmers upon reading that Tea Party darling Colonel Allen West has given up on repealing Obamacare:

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), who has emerged as an outspoken conservative voice among GOP freshmen, cast a surprising vote last week against a bill to scrap part of the 2010 healthcare overhaul. The legislation would repeal $100 million in funding for the construction of school-based health centers. West was one of just four Republicans to vote against the measure, which passed 235-191.

West spokeswoman Angela Sachitano said in an email that the congressman "believes there are bigger funding issues to be focusing on right now including the numerous developments in the Middle East, concerning Pakistan and whether there is a link to [Osama bin Laden] and the recent unity agreement with the [Palestinian Authority] and Fatah and Hamas."

Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey concedes that it's difficult for Republicans to pass really huge pieces of sweeping legislation when the GOP controls only one-third of the bodies necessary for passing really huge pieces of sweeping legislation. But then, What exactly did West expect?

Let's say for argument's sake that the GOP won four more Senate seats last year and took control of both chambers in 2011.  We'd still have Obama in place to veto any repeal bill, whether it be total repeal or rollback measures.  Would West offer the same counsel?  If so, then why run on ObamaCare at all until 2012?

Great question! Perhaps now is a good time for Tea Partiers to argue that candidates who ran against ObamaCare weren't running just against ObamaCare, but corpulent programs in general? IDK. 

Also: This isn't the first time West–whose supporters were more concerned during the campaign season with defending his controversial military record than, um, anything else–has broken ranks with the Tea Party, it's just the first time anyone on the right has complained about it. In March, the Miami Herald caught West praising a $21 million stimulus grant for the construction of a "much needed, second commercial runway" at the Hollywood International Airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 

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  1. Wow, it didn’t take him long to sellout.

    And people were worried about Rand Paul?


    1. Reason, helping liberals whenever possible!

  2. Not to be RAAAAAAAACIST!, but how awesome would it be if ADAM West was serving as Rep. (B) Fla?

    “We….MUST….repeal Obamacare, Boy Wonder. The very FATE of the Free World is in our…hands. May God help us in our cause….TO THE BAT CAVE!”

    Just sayin’….

    1. And The Shat can’t be Prez, but no reason he couldn’t be a Senator, or Rep or Governor.


      “[These words] must apply to EVERYONE or they mean NOTHING! Do you UNDERTAND?!”

      1. You are not being a racist. If Mr. West supports affirmative action like Obama, he, too, would be a racist.

        1. He is reported to have said that looking at Rosie O’Donnell naked is torture. Racist?

          How about if one asseverates that looking at a nude Oprah, Michelle Obama, Aretha Franklin, Whoopie Goldberg, Esther Rolle, Theresea “That’s My Mama” Merritt Hines or S. Epatha Merkerson is torture?

          1. Are you trying to torture the rest of us with this list?


      2. oops – I think I SugarFree’d that – let’s try again –


      3. Or a mayor in Rhode Island.

    2. Would that mean we get to replace our enemies like Quaddafi and Kim Jong Il with The Riddler, The Penguin, and King Tut?

      I’m totally on board for that.

      1. Josh, if I didn’t know you, I’d suspect that you are racist because any list of Batman badguys which does not include the Joker must mean that you are a stinkin’ gringo.

  3. Meh. West was a flyboy. Whaddaya expect?

    1. As my brother the 101st Airborne Guy called them, “Wingnuts”

    2. Wrong. He was a cannon cocker. Redleg officers are the worst of the worst.

  4. praising a $21 million stimulus grant for the construction of a “much needed, second commercial runway” at the Hollywood International Airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

    Is Hollywood, FL known for anything other than strip clubs?

  5. I predict he’ll get voted out next time around.

  6. Now that’s a man I respect. I will never refer to him as a Mulatto because he’s 100% Black and 100% American unlike the Marxist Mulatto in the White House.

    1. No, if one supports the confiscation of A’s property in order to give it to B, one, by definition, is a marxist.

      If the person supporting income taxation and internal police to enforce property confiscation happens to be white, such a person is a caucasian communist. If the person is black, such a person is a black bolzhevik. If the person is mulattao, such a person is a mulatto marxist. If the person is chinese, such a person is a chi-com.

      1. Glad you have a sense of humor, Libertymike. And I can tell you listen to Rush, he uses the term chi-com all the time.

  7. believes there are bigger funding issues to be focusing on right now

    And how does voting no on this help focus on those issues instead?

  8. He’s from a purple district — in the last four presidential elections, the district narrowly went for Obama, Kerry, and Gore. He took the seat from a two-term Democrat.

    Dunno if going statist R on some bringing the pork home votes is necessarily gonna hurt him when running for reelection.

    1. Not defending the votes, just pointing out the politics of this particular district.

    2. He is big time statist R. Other than Ron Paul, which current officeholder R is not big time statist?

      1. Rand Paul?

        1. Well, the apple to whom you allude has, imo, fallen a little too far from the tree.

          Having said that, and recognizing that my brand of anarcho-free enterprise-individualism may be a wee bit strong for most palettes, your question is not without merit.

  9. Rhinos are a endangered species. For some reason, military personnel do not understand the economics of liberty. John McCain didn’t get it, Colin Powell didn’t get it either.

    1. Imagine that. It’s not like the United States military is the most socialist institution in the federal government, or anything.

  10. The policeman refused to cooperate, so West dragged him outside, pushed his head into the sand, and fired a gun next to his face to get him to sing. “I’d do it again if I had to,” West tells me over tea and a doughnut in Plantation, Florida. “It wasn’t torture. Seeing Rosie O’Donnell naked would be torture.”

    This is a guy who knows how to deal with cops who have gone off the reservation!!!

  11. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but West did join the Congressional Black Caucus. Maybe he has been drinking the Kool-Aid?

  12. This must be devastating to conservatives. This guy is thought of as a legit 2012/16 candidate on Free Republic.

  13. Allen West is my Congressman. I know him well. Hence, I expected this. Cutting government is part of his general rhetorical program, but his heartfelt interest lies in “exerting American power abroad,” a favorite phrase. He is not a real tea party type, just a challenger in the year of the tea party like Marco Rubio.

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