No Liberty, Please, We're Republicans, or The Amazing Three-Man GOP Debate


Byron York, in the game of reporting about right-wing and Republican politics for a very long time, delivers a bravura performance of ignoring what's in front of his own eyes with this nearly 2,000 word account of last night's GOP debate that pretty much pretends Ron Paul and Gary Johnson weren't even there.

York literally mentions that Paul was there–and never mentions yesterday's million-dollar man again. Johnson gets cred for sprinting on the stage, where apparently from York's account he then fell through a trap door and never added anything to the very, very fascinating set of fresh ideas delivered by those other three guys, I've forgotten their names.

Expect to have to see a lot more of this transparently pathetic pretending that Paul and Johnson don't exist on the part of those whose precious peace of mind depends on not acknowledging that American politics needs some very serious changes in the direction of liberty, responsibility, and peace, and on pretending not to notice that lots of Americans know that now.

I live-ish blogged the debate last night, managing to discuss all five candidates.