NYC Assemblyman: Prevent Portmanteaux Proliferation!


Dumbo. NoLita. Tribeca. New York City is full of neighborhood-identifying portmanteaux and acronyms; some clever, most faintly ridiculous (the South Bronx as SoBro?). But Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jefferies, providing further evidence that only the dumbest people pursue careers in politics, wants local government to intercede and stop real estate brokers from "raising rents" with their stupid new neighborhood names. You want to call the intersection of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights "ProCro" in a real estate listing? Jefferies' bill would require city approval:  

"It's the Wild West in New York City right now. Brokers are allowed to essentially pull names out of thin air in order to rebrand a neighborhood and have the effect of raising rents or home prices."

And like the mythical "Whole Foods effect," there isn't any evidence suggesting that "rebranding a neighborhood" raises rents. If that were the case, why not simply rechristen East New York (EaNeYo?) and watch the Bugaboo stroller brigades snap up all the former crack houses?

With stupid ideas like these, it's no wonder the Jefferies is considering a run for New York nanny-in-chief.