Foreign Policy Brian Doherty on The Forgotten History of the Antiwar Right


"The perception of being antiwar as a strictly left-progressive thing is a holdover, I think, from the Vietnam War," says Brian Doherty, senior editor of Reason.

Doherty, author of Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement, sat down with to talk about the all-but-forgotten tradition of conservative antiwar activism. Tracing its roots back to the American Anti-Imperialist League of the late 1890s, Doherty discusses the evolution of right-wing non-interventionism through the 1930s and into the Cold War of the 1950s, which ultimately led to a lasting rift between conservatives and libertarians. He also addresses the possibility of a resurgent conservative antiwar sentiment in the Obama era.

Interview by Zach Weissmueller. Shot by Alex Manning. Edited by Weissmueller.

Approximately 7:37.

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  1. It took two wars of choice to do it, but I'm firmly in the anti-war conservative camp now. Unfortunately, our overlords are going to generate a big one to fight the depression in the very near future.

  2. I wonder if the modern republican party, including the neocon portion, is ashamed of its anti-war past?

  3. "I wonder if the modern republican party, including the neocon portion, is aware of its anti-war past?"


  4. Looking at the scoreboard, the Democrats have one more "big" war than the Republicans, and are tied with medium and small wars.

    Why poeple single out Republicans as the warmongers is beyond me.

    1. Because when Bill Buckley took the conservative movement in America into Cold War interventionism in the late 50s, early 60s, that became the party of those with hawkish views. The dems have the two major wars, because as this article correctly points out, back then, the right was much more non-interventionist. It's an anti-war "past", because the current party doesn't seem to reflect those same values.

      Since the parties became aligned in the current left-right dichotomy in the 60s, "typically", though not always, republicans try to run as being the party of more assertive foreign policy (re: more apt to increase military spending and the threat to use it).

      1. Eh, it's a lot more complex then that. Wilson's slogan in 1916 was "He Kept Us Out of War". As soon as he was reelected he began maneuvering the US into the war. FDR gave that famous "I hate war, Eleanor hates war" bullshit at the same time he was escorting the merchant shipping of a belligerent with ships of the US Navy. Don't forget LBJ's endless painting of Barry Goldwater as a warmonger in 1964.

        The Left is really good at assuming the mantle of the peace party, but one they're in power they're just as apt to go to war as the Right is.

        The Left's little wars in recent times have a lot less to due with US national interest and a lot more to do with making the right people here and overseas happy. See Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti and now Libya.

    2. corporationswarforoilceogreedycapitalistpigs ad nauseum

  5. Anti-war conservatism died when noninterventionism became an obsolete view incompatible with a globalized world and the Cold War. Neocons filled a void with their own terrible ideas because the only alternative was failed pragmatism. That simple really.

  6. Why poeple single out Republicans as the warmongers is beyond me.

    Because it works. (See above.)

  7. Why poeple single out Republicans as the warmongers is beyond me.

    Clearly you've never been to Free Republic or TownHall.

    The good majority of Republicans want to be considered pro-war. Why do you think Ron Paul is so hated by most conservatives?

    1. I think "single out" was the crux of his biscuit. Democrats can be just as pro-war it's usually just wrapped in a different sort of rhetoric. Instead of wars for "national interest", the hawkish left support wars for "the international community's interest".

      1. I agree with you and see what you mean.

  8. One conservative turned libertarian who opposed the Vietnam war was Karl Hess. He was a co-founder of National Review. He also wrote Goldwater's "Extremism in defense of liberty" speech. Yet all of a sudden he began writing for Ramparts magazine. In 1968 he campaigned for GOldwater again and agreed with him on every issue except for Vietnam and Law and Order. He later became a Libertarian. He died on the same day that Nixon did. Goldwater remarked that he lost a good friend with hess' death.

  9. Even the anti-war right is uneasy for us Libertarians to trust. Sure there are great people like Jack Hunter but there are plenty of anti-war right who are also statist douchebags like Pat Buchanan, Frosty Wooldridge and Chuck Baldwin.

  10. An observation: Brian Doherty refers to the "anti-war right" and avoids the term "isolationism" in this video.

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