Cavanaugh-Gasparino Rematch on Fox Biz: Thursday 11:40 Eastern


Maybe you need to turn it sideways.

Charlie Gasparino is madder than Ru Paul locked in a Men's Wearhouse as his jihad against banking analyst Meredith Whitney continues to go nowhere. 

The other day, Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh got shanghaied into Gasparino's war on Whitney, and explained why beating up on one woman won't make the truly awful news in the muni bond market go away. 

Gasparino insists on a rematch. 

Time: Thursday 11:40 AM Eastern time, 8:40 Pacific. 

Place: Fox Business News. 

Gasparino's effort to keep attention focused on Whitney's 2010 comments about municipal defaults has been very energetic, and it has brought in his Fox Biz colleagues. Here's a video of the all-stars trying, with no success at all, to get Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina) interested in serving Whitney with a subpoena. Watch at 2:13 for another appearance of the bond-fund performance chart that purportedly shows Whitney's comments causing a market crash, but that, as astute commenter Joshua Corning pointed out the other day, actually does not show this at all: