Libertarianism Are Dems More Thin-Skinned than Reps? Comedian Sam Tripoli on PC, Ron Paul, and Naughtiness


"I find that, in L.A. at least, opinions hurt your career," says comedian Sam Tripoli.

Tripoli, a national headliner who runs the Naughty Comedy Show at the Hollywood Improv and also hosts the Naughty Show Podcast, is fed up with political correctness in comedy, and his targets include Bill Maher, beer commercials, and easily offended audiences.

Tripoli, a self-proclaimed libertarian, sat down with's Ted Balaker to discuss the state of stand-up, why he digs Ron Paul, and the difference between performing in Blue States versus Red States.

This video contains explicit content, and viewer discretion is advised. 

Camera by Zach Weissmueller, Paul Detrick, and Hawk Jensen. Edited by Weissmueller.

Approximately 9 minutes.

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  1. This video contains explicit content

    Is this code for saying the word fuck?

    1. Except for a ‘NSFW’ heads-up, warnings like this have no place on a libertarian site.

      1. libertarianism != libertinism

        Write it 69 times on the board by morning.

    2. That’s how you know it’s good.

    3. They even bleeped a “dick” at one point. What the fuck?

  2. They should have this guy and showtune performer Ted Montezuma headline at USO events.

  3. I went in to this video expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised.

  4. OT Nick G gets a shout out in this article on Cash for Clunkers 2.…..itol-hill/

  5. Two words: Doug Stanhope. Tripoli’s argument destroyed.

    1. This is true.

    2. Re: Diana,
      I can’t see the video, so I am wondering: Which argument? I know who Doug Stanhope is, so I would have to assume the argument is that there is no other libertarian comic out there besides Tripoli. Correct me if I am wrong.

    3. Stanhope is great, but in Tripoli’s defense, Stanhope doesn’t really have a career in LA anymore. He pretty much tours the UK at this point. He’s certainly not at a George Carlin/Bill Hicks/Sam Kinison level of visibility.

      1. but in Tripoli’s defense

        Hvonhilga, regarding other current events, the black helicopters are now coming for you. They are probably poetically full of marines.

        In other news, yeah, I think that’s what Tripoli was getting at. You can’t be an out and out libertarian and be a Jay Leno, Michael Myers, or Eddie Murphy (Or that hack piece of shit David Letterman). You have to be a pliable sellout that might have had some edge at some point, but ultimately sacrificed it for millions of dollars, mountains of cocaine, and a lot of high-priced hookers which you have to eventually give up or be ashamed of at some point in order to have a legacy etc. etc.

    4. I really hope Stanhope starts getting more exposure. He probably won’t because, like Tripoli said, to have any firm, intractable opinions in show business is suicide.

      P.S. Muslim is not a race, Tripoli.

  6. That was way fucking less explicit than any comment thread here. Be more libertine, please.

    1. Yeah, what the shit-cunt was that fucking baby-fisting shit?

  7. I found his claim that Maher’s a racist because he (Maher) condemns Islam odd.

    Maher’s a militant atheist and mocks and condemns all religion.

    And, obviously, Islam isn’t a race.

    Maher may be a religious bigot but hardly a racist.

    1. I seem to remember Maher being pretty blindly pro-Israel on one of his shows. Methinks, that might be the basis for Tripoli’s criticism. I can’t remember what Maher said specifically, but I do remember having a hard time rectifying what he said (on the order of all the palestinians should get out or die because they lost/don’t exist including the non-violent ones i.e. 95% of them) with his more libertarian leanings(Some neocons might have taken some things too far…sometimes). Oh well, not like I watch his shit anymore anyway. There is far too much internet pornography to commit to memory.

    2. not to mention being a particularly aggregious douchebag

  8. I agree, those recent Bud commercials have just been awful.

    1. I do have to agree with him about the alien Bud Light commercial. “Bud Light – the beer for stupid men and unattractive lesbians” Is that really an effective marketing campaign?

  9. The message I get from the Miller more taste series of commercials is to drink more liquor because drinking beer is emasculating.

    Such are the commercials we get on reason.

  11. He’s spot on about the beer commercials. Can’t stand the bartender/wait staff insult commercials.

    And those Miller ads where the beer delivery man REMOVED the beer from businesses because the clientele wasn’t right for the beer were incredibly dumb. Although the msg is “beer for the common man”, I kind of got a vibe of “Don’t think about buying our beer if you don’t fit our “common man” image”. Odd marketing strategy anyway.

    Let me see, which would I rather have, good beer from companies w/o funny commercials or average beer from companies that make allegedly funny commercials? Decisions, decisions…..

    1. Yeah, I like the occasional shitty beer as a throwback to the college days, but High Life is piss.

  12. I’m glad he recognizes that us folks here in AZ are more Libertarian than people realize. Minus Brewer, Nappy and that stupid fucking Sheriff, us citizens here are pretty fucking awesome. I predict that if Libertarians ever start getting elected to office, the first will be from AZ. I think The Free State Project would be better off in AZ … hmmm …

    1. all righty then…everyone meet in Pheonix at 10:00 next Thursdays for a big fucking rally

      1. I’ll be there. Tempe is a little more fun though.

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