Reason.tv: Are Dems More Thin-Skinned than Reps? Comedian Sam Tripoli on PC, Ron Paul, and Naughtiness


"I find that, in L.A. at least, opinions hurt your career," says comedian Sam Tripoli.

Tripoli, a national headliner who runs the Naughty Comedy Show at the Hollywood Improv and also hosts the Naughty Show Podcast, is fed up with political correctness in comedy, and his targets include Bill Maher, beer commercials, and easily offended audiences.

Tripoli, a self-proclaimed libertarian, sat down with Reason.tv's Ted Balaker to discuss the state of stand-up, why he digs Ron Paul, and the difference between performing in Blue States versus Red States.

This video contains explicit content, and viewer discretion is advised. 

Camera by Zach Weissmueller, Paul Detrick, and Hawk Jensen. Edited by Weissmueller.

Approximately 9 minutes.

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