Republicans Against Sharia


About three or four months ago, I was talking about the 2012 presidential field with someone who leans libertarian, and he was all, "What about Herman Cain?" I confessed to not knowing much about the former Godfather's Pizza mogul, but I promised to keep an open mind. Which is more, apparently, than Cain is willing to muster:

Meanwhile, in a brief squib that beloved former Reasoner Mike Riggs correctly flags as sounding "like it came from a crazy person quote generator," renowned intellectual Newt Gingrich takes another brain-dump:

Newt Gingrich "warned that America is headed toward becoming a godless society unless voters take a stand against President Obama and liberal-minded college professors and likeminded media pushing his agenda," the San Antonio News-Express reports.

He also "called for a return to historic, Christian roots he said were critical to protecting the nation's freedoms."

Said Gingrich: "There's a desperation with which our elites are trying to create amnesia so that we literally have generations who have no idea what it means to be an American."

If this is where the Republican Party is at in 2011, the term "lost the plot" does not begin to describe it.