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Steven Seagal: Lawless Lawman


Earlier this afternoon I blogged about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and bloated action hero Steven Seagal raiding a suspected cockfighter (cockfighting manager? cock manager? cocker?) with a tank and a SWAT team. If the story wasn't already outlandish enough for you, you're in luck.

Seems that Seagal told local media that he was piloting tanks and smashing doors with Arpaio's crew while "on loan" from his deputy position with the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff's Department.

Not quite.

According to beefy action film star Steven Seagal's former "boss," Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, Seagal is not "on loan" from Jefferson Parish, as Seagal asserted recently after a massive MCSO raid on a home in Laveen, where one—count him, one—suspect was nabbed for his alleged involvement in raising roosters for the purposes of cockfighting.

Indeed, according to Sheriff Normand, who once played host to Seagal's A&E reality series Steven Seagal: Lawman, the tough-guy Akido master resigned rather than face an internal affairs investigation by the JPSO into allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault raised in a 2010 lawsuit by an ex-employee…

In her lawsuit, ex-swimsuit model Kayden Nguyen accused Seagal of sex trafficking and creating a hostile work environment by groping her and making unwanted sexual advances toward her.

The complaint, which has since been dropped, stated that she was hired through a Craigslist ad to be Seagal's executive assistant as Seagal filmed his reality show in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans.

But Nguyen alleged that, "what the production company really wanted was an `Attendant' to provide sex on demand to Mr. Seagal…"

Supposedly, she was to take the place of one of two female Russian masseuses, as one of them had recently left Seagal's employ.

The lawsuit is bursting with salacious details, all of which Seagal's lawyer has denied to the press, claiming that Nguyen had been fired from her position for illicit drug use. (No criminal charges were ever filed in the Seagal-Nguyen case.)

More at the Phoenix New Times. Seagal appears to be attempting to embody every bad cop cliché all by himself.

(Thanks to Kelly James for the tip.)