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One Advantage of Blind Partisanship: It's the Only Thing That Makes Horrible Politicians Even Occasionally Say the Right Thing, Libya Edition


Newt Gingrich, an absolutely 100 percent shoo-in to be one of the guys dropping out of the GOP presidential race in 2012 early, changes his opinion on the value and necessity of military intervention in Libya to make sure he thinks whatever Obama isn't doing is the right thing to do, as documented by David Weigel at Slate.

And rumored Vice President Joe Biden used to think the president should be impeached for what his president just did, as documented on Huffington Post.

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  1. Leave the poor man alone. He’s still in mourning.

  2. Two certifiable loons. What’s the difference between them? One will never be president. The other could be with the cessation of a heartbeat.

  3. Think of all the NewtPAC donations that have been wasted on this campaign when they could have gone to something productive like jackalope ranches.

  4. Wow. I haven’t seen a zit busted that hard since High School. The guy is clinical. Maybe he has a brain tumor or suffered a stroke in his sleep or something?

  5. In fairness to him, Newt’s stance may be impacted by his knowledge of the multi-wife policy of Islam.

  6. as documented by David Weigel at Slate.

    So is Weigel pro or anti-intervention?

    One should note that this hit piece on Newt (not that Newt does not deserve it) is about him flip flopping from being pro-intervention to being anti-intervention.

    Weigel himself was pro-Iraq intervention before he was against it.

    Last note on Newt. Yeah he has been a dick lately but I think he should get some cred for balancing the budget. Apparently his congress was the only one to do it over the past 20,000 years.

    1. And rumored Vice President Joe Biden used to think the president should be impeached for what his president just did, as documented on Huffington Post.

      It should also be noted that Weigel took the time to point out Newt’s flip flop to a position to stay out of a war but he is silent about Obama’s and Biden’s flip flop in their constitutional position to start a war.

      This makes me suspect Weigel supports war….if not then what the fuck is he doing aside from TEAM BLUE cheerleading?

  7. I’m sure this spontaneous eruption of love of peace and country will inspire Newt to bang one of his staffers.

    1. Hilarious, very funny!

      But is it actually a spontaneous eruption of love of our constitution? Or is it just self-serving? No, he’s dedicated to serving the country and its people, so couldn’t be…

  8. Newcular Titties has my vote when he makes the name change I’ve advised many times.

  9. Bush’s adventure in Iraq was NOT UN sanctioned.

    Obama’s no fly zone participation is. There’s a huge difference between those two situations.

    Since when has a “no fly zone” considered a war? It’s not, not even close.

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